Plant Sim Series 1 - Episode 01 - Flower Power

Everyone sitting comfortably? Sure? Don't want another cushion? Ok.

Hey, pipe down everyone. I'm going to start.

This is the story of the greatest adventure you will ever know. The adventure of me! Ok, glare at me all you like, but I stand by what I just said!

My story begins in the quiet little village in the middle of the Serene Forest. Having a huge hunk of trees around you doesn't help with publicity, I can assure you. Anyway, I lived on the Serene Farm, with my Mom and Pop.

It was a nice house. I was born there, raised and grew up there. I had never been anywhere outside the forest, so I knew nothing about the outside world. Unfortunately this also gave me a rose-tinted view of social aspects as well.

I started working on the farm when I was only 13 years old. I'd got my strength from my Pop and so was determined to earn my share.

The kingdom that Serene Forest resided in was part of Callah, which was ruled over by the King and Queen, and their daughter. Many people had told me that they lived not too far away, but a good few day's walk. They told me the royal palace was huge, with many towers and a lake full of swans and tress full of candy. I didn't quite believe them to begin with, but as I imagined the palace, I started to wonder exactly what it could be like as a royal...

But my work was cut out for me in the farm. Pop had done his back in enough times that he was forced to put up the hoe for good, forcing me to take on the job fulltime. This didn't really bother me, because there was nothing better for me than working on my farm.

Oh, and by the way. My name's Keith. Keith McDowling. Nice to meet ya!

Now, since I was an only child, I had no one to play with as a kid. I was apparently "born too late" as my Pop used to say to my Mom. All the other kids had grown up and left by the time I was 18. So, at the age of 25 I felt I was more or less ready to take on the world. Of course, I didn't want to let my parents or the farm down, so I was content simply with daydreaming about a great adventure.

At least I thought I was.

Until I met her...

I'm guessing from some of the retching noises going on that many of you have guessed it. Princess Alynna, of the Callah palace came visiting one day to Serene Forest. Some royal thing, I suppose. She stopped off to the farm, to see how it was doing.

Well, I think if anyone here believes in love at first sight, then they'd be right. To me, she was the most beautiful goddess of all. Her soft brown hair looked divine, and her baby blue dress looked so good on her. Little did I know that I was also just having a rush of hormones from seeing a pretty young thing for the first time, but I didn't care. I remember our conversation clear as anything.

Alynna: Erm, excuse me...

Keith: Hmm? YIKES!!!
Alynna: Oh! I'm so sorry! Please forgive me for startling you like that.
Keith: Nah, ma'am, it's alright. Forgive me for being so...startled. It's just, I've never really seen a girl around these parts before.
Alynna: Oh really? Do you not recognise my face?
Keith: In all honesty, ma'am, I wish I could, but then again I think I'll remember it for the rest of my life!

Alynna: I suppose I shall have to tell you. My name is Princess Alynna.
Keith: Wha- Princess?? Seriously?! Well, I guess I should have guessed from the clothes and all, but-
Alynna: Er, yes. But, it's a pleasure to meet you. What is your name, kind subject?
Keith: Subject? I can't be taught at school (laugh). Well, my name is Keith McDowling, ma- I mean, your highness.
Alynna: And this is my escort, Charles. We're taking a look around the village, and we'll be gone by this evening, so don't worry about us being in the way.
Keith: mean you're not staying?
Alynna: I'm afraid not.

From the way my heart was beating ten thousand times faster than normal, and my palms were getting sweaty, and my face was going bright could only mean love. I didn't want her to go, yet she said she'd be gone by the evening. I had to do something to see her again - anything.

Alynna: Whoah! What're you-
Keith: Your highness, I beg of you, return to me someday!
Alynna: What are you talking about-?
Keith: I must confess! Since I first gazed into those beautiful eyes of yours, I fell deeply in love with you! Please promise me you will return to me...
Alynna: Erm, I...well...

Alynna: Well...Keith? I promise you I shall return someday. For now, I shall bid you farewell.
Keith: Oh, your highness...
Charles: Erm, Princess...should you be doing this in the public eye?
Alynna: Charles, shut it.
Charles: Yes, Princess.

And so Alynna and Charles left to visit other homes, and I proceeded to dance around the farm, making "Boom-chakka-lakka" noises.

I was so eager to see her again. I guess I was expecting her to come straight away the next day. But I was naïve then.

My parents, having been told countless times by me that Alynna would return, grew impatient and desperate.

Mom: Keith! You need to tend to the vegetables more often! You can't just sit around and daydreaming all day!
Keith: But Mom, if I get my dungarees dirty and Alynna comes, what'll she think of me then?
Mom: Oh for Pete's sake! I expect she was promising to see you again just so she could leave!
Keith: That's what you always say (sniff) But I'm not going to believe you!
Mom: Fine, whatever, just waste your life away.

I waited. And waited. And waited.

Summer turned to Autumn. Autumn turned to Winter. Winter was very short and we had Spring freakishly early, meaning the birds and insects were very confused, and finally Summer returned.

My expectations were declining. But I still had a glimmer of hope that one day she would ride past in that golden carriage and take me away with her...
And then I would feel guilty for abandoning Mom and Pop and the farm. It was the snake of doubt and uncertainty writhing around in my stomach.

After a year of waiting, I had almost given up hope. And it was back to tending with the summer vegetables. Little did I know that life was going to change drastically that very day...

Witch: Hey! You! Mortal!
Keith: Er, me?
Witch: Yeah! I knocked on the door but there was no one in! What's up with that!?
Keith: Er, well, my parents are out for the day...
Witch: Never mind that! I, the great Witch Luna must never be ignored!
Keith: (with a voice that loud, it'd be hard to...)
Witch: I shall ask you, you blabbering saucepot! Who here is Keith McDowling?
Keith: Oh, that would be me.

The witch Luna. I had no idea who she was at the time. Nowadays I wish I had. Her skin a rotten green, and her face contorted in a scowl, she was pretty but in a revolting way.

Luna: Now look here. What's this you're doing about proposing to my cousin?!
Keith: Er...what?
Luna: Alynna!
Keith: Princess Alynna? I didn't propose to her, ma'am, I just asked her to come back to me.
Luna: Hah! Just as I expected! Another mortal foolishly in love!
Keith: Well, I...what's it to you! I bet you haven't even been in love before!

Luna: Why, you'll regret those words!
Keith: You can't stop a human being in love!
Luna: Can't stop a human, eh? Kehehe...we'll see.

Luna: Running away, are we?
Keith: N-no, just going to check on my turnips...
Luna: Not so fast! I can't stop a human being in love...but let's see what else can be in love?!
Keith: No! Please! Have mercy on me!
Luna: It's too late for apologies! Take that!

Keith: What...hey...what's happening to me?! What're you doing?
Luna: Kehehehehe...
Keith: Help! Someone!

Keith: Aaaah! My body! It's pulsing with...sunlight...and water...

Luna: Ahah. You're so attached to plants; let's see how you like being one yourself...

Keith: head...what's that thing attached to my legs? It vines...

Keith: And my feels like it's got things sprouting out of the top...

Keith: What? What am I wearing?! What happened to my clothes?! What happened to my skin?! I-I-I...

Keith: Oh heck...I'm a plant! An actual, living plant!!!

It scared me so much, suddenly having all these new sensations that I ran inside as fast as I could and went straight into bed. But it didn't feel right. Bed didn't anyway. It was like I wanted to dig my feet into some soil! (laugh)

My parents came back and I called down and said I wasn't hungry, and that I had a bad cold and didn't want to pass it on. Thankfully they didn't come up to check on me.

But that didn't solve my problem. Even after trying to sleep, I was still the same. I was looking at being a plant forever...

Pop: Keith, son?!
Keith: (from upstairs) Yup?
Pop: What's wrong son? Don't you want any breakfast? It's your Mom's speciality, scrambled eggs!
Mom: Dear, don't force him. He has a bad cold.
Pop: A bad cold? Too much sitting around in the rain singing "boom-chakka-lakka" if you ask me!
Mom: Dear, he's only 26.
Pop: Listen, your mom and I are going out again. Make sure to not burn down the house!
Mom: Keith's never done that.
Pop: Well, there's a first time for anything!

Hearing the door close made me face facts. If I didn't want them to see me this way, I would have to leave now. But where would I go? I then remembered: Luna said she was Alynna's cousin. Maybe that meant Alynna had magic powers of her own? This was a good opportunity to see her, and to get back to normal.

She'd understand, I was sure she would.

So, with a heavy heart, I wrote a note to my parents and left the farm, in the direction of the exit of the forest. To start my journey that I would never forget...