Plant Sim Series 1 - Episode 02 - The City Of Rorane

And so the valiant warrior set off on his epic quest to destroy the evil Guaro and stop his plot to destroy the Sun...

Erm, I mean, I went off to find the Princess. Ahahah.

It was a long hard trek; especially for someone like me who's only form of exercise was growing crops and tending the farm. Therefore, my lower body strength was lacking just a little bit, causing me to stop multiple times and gain my breath back.

After what seemed like ages, the sun set in the west, and I found myself walking slower and slower. No, of course it had nothing to do with me being afraid of the dark...not at all.

I just kept walking and walking, with the sky as dark as a goblin's hole. After that, the grass I familiarly treaded on dissolved into gravel, and the path met with a strange concrete concoction. I felt compelled to walk down the dotted line in the middle, fearful that if I lost my balance, a bear would come and eat me, and wouldn't that be a snag?

I gazed down from a large cliff, and saw the path curve round to a large city. The sounds and smells drifted up to me as I walked down towards the giant structures. They overtook the skies, their menacing leer petrifying me at times. I knew I had to stop somewhere for the night.

Little did I know exactly what the city had in store. I passed people hiding in dark places, looking round for life, shiftily breathing in substances. It looked like they were eating sugar, and I was just about to ask for some when they ran off on the sight of me. I felt very sad that they had run off without giving me a taste of their sugar. Darn those sugar-keepers.

Looking up, you could only see a couple of stars. Everything else was mist, produced by the strange oval lighted on top of large poles. Of course, at the time I had never seen street lamps before, so I was very curious as to why the light was so up high. A god people worshipped, perhaps?

I knew that I needed to find somewhere to stay, so my first objective was to find out just where the heck I was. I found a strange building accompanied with bright glowing lights, flashing temptingly at me. I could hear some sounds from inside; surely that couldn't have been called music, it was far too loud and boom-boomy to enjoy listening to!

I covered my ears and eyes in the hope that my new headache would go away. I saw the lights inside my eyelids and whimpered out for my mummy. This was a strange new sensation and I was right in the middle of it. Luckily a passer-by stopped and asked if I was alright.

Man: Hey, are you ok?
Keith: Oh thank goodness! Someone's come to rescue me!
Man: Erm...rescue you from whom?
Keith: The evil boom-boom monster who's residing in my gut! Help!
Man: Dude...that's just the beat of the music reverberating.
Keith: River-bra-ting?
Man: Erm, you're not from here, are you?

Keith: Kind blue-haired friend! Please tell me where I am!
Man: What? You're in the city of Rorane, the city of Eternal Nightlife.
Keith: Nightlife? You mean...things that go bump in the night?
Man: Er, you could say that.
Keith: Save me, blue-haired friend! I must escape this prison!
Man: Hey, get off of me! Since when was I your friend, you weirdo?

Keith: must be cursed too, right?
Man: What do you mean, cursed?
Keith: I mean, you have blue hair, that must mean something's wrong with you-
Man: Hey! My hair is my choice! At least it doesn't have strange ball things on top of it, and it's not moving by itself, either!
Keith: Are...are you insulting me?
Man: No, wait-

Keith: I'm sorry! I'm sorry I wasted you time! *wail*

Ashamed by my rash behaviour, I ran down the next corner, only to find a dead end.

There, in almost complete darkness apart from more glowing lights, I sat there and tried to think about what to do next. I decided that the people of this city were controlled by some evil power, who had forced them to change their hair colours and to seek refuge in the sweet sweet sugar.

I knew I had to put a stop to this! I must save these people before it is too late. And maybe if I was good enough, I'd become a hero and be able to see Princess Alynna again!

I started to venture back onto the street and came across two youths, purchasing what seemed to be compressed tubes of sugar. One of them was wearing no top clothing, making me wonder whether he was very chilly like that. His torso and arms were covered in drawings, which had no doubt been done by the evil force, using the young man as a doodling pad.

Thug: Hey, check out the green dude over there.
Friend: Dude...what did he smoke?
Thug: Beats me...maybe too much green.
Both: Hurr hurr hurr hurr...

Keith: My dear ones, I am sorry for your loss.
Thug: Loss? What're you spouting about, green dude?
Keith: The way that evil power has gripped you! Used you as his pad of concentrated ink!
Friend: Hey dude, I think he's dissing your tattoos.
Thug: You dissing my tattoos?!
Keith: Dis-sing? How can I dis-sing? And I'm not sure what your tat-twos are, but I'm sure they're evil magic!

Thug: I think it's time we put green dude to sleep.
Keith: Oh, time for bed? Sounds good.
Thug: No you moron, the other sleep! The eternal sleep!
Keith: What is that, some torture method? It sounds quite fun-
Thug: GET HIM!
Keith: -eep.

Keith: HEEELLP!!!!
Thug: Come back here, man!
Friend: You'll regret dissing his tattoos man!

Unluckily my strength seemed a little weaker than usual, so I could only dash round the corner before I felt like I needed a drink. I knew that they were going to put me to "eternal sleep" and reflecting on it, if I was in eternal sleep, I wouldn't wake up again! I knew this can't be a good thing so I tried to find a hiding place.

Around the corner was a graveyard, eerily quiet. It was dark, and scary, and who knew what I would find there...I could hear the possessed men coming near, so I darted into a small building in the corner of the graveyard, hoping they wouldn't see.

Thug: Dude! I think the green dude's gone!
Friend: I told you to forget about your shoelace, dude!
Thug: But, dude, I might have fallen on them and cracked my skull, man!
Friend: This is boring. Let's go laugh at old ladies.
Thug: Sounds good to me!

Keith: Thank goodness, I think they're gone now...

Hidden in the small building, which was completely empty, I decided to stay here for the night. My only problem was that I was so scared that the men would come back, so I stared at the door for a while. I suddenly heard a noise, and in fear, stepped back...

Little did I know this one step back would change almost everything.

The floor suddenly gave way, as if the stones had magically disappeared. I fell, shrieking down floor upon floor of the same room over again.

I landed flat on my face onto freezing cold stone. Not a very nice experience, I must add. After a few seconds of silent self-consoling, I stood up and looked up. The hole I had fallen through had disappeared, replaced by a ceiling. I was a little worried that I would not be able to get back out, but then I noticed a small staircase surrounded by dark railings.

Gulping slightly, I walked down the stone steps, coming into what seemed to be a small chamber. I glanced around, expecting the evil force to come out and get me, but nothing happened.

There seemed to be several dishes on pedestals, all with something different in them. I was amazed as to how they worked, but then a large object in the end of the room caught my attention.

It was what looked like one of those boxes they put dead people in. I wondered if this was another part of the cemetery for really important people, but something about the way the fires were lit tempted me to see inside.

Keith: No one will mind if I have just a quick look, I mean such a powerful person might have a powerful weapon I can use against the evil power! Lemme just hold onto this handle here-

Lightly lifting the lid, I saw the body inside was not decomposing or skeletal, it was in fact very whole...and very real.
The mist poured out of the box in swirls, and I stood back as I sensed something was not right.

Suddenly the body started to move! It started to sit up, and it scared the heck out of me. I stood, petrified, my legs rooted to the ground (literally!).

I was soon to discover exactly what I had done, when curiosity had taken over.