Plant Sim Series 1 - Episode 04 - Flower Power

While Keith seems to have gone to the little boy's room, I'd better fill you all in. My master Phideus, a high warlock residing in the City of Rorane, commanded me to lead two unlikely companions towards the Land of the Pixies.

One was Keith, obviously, a human transformed into a living plant by the evil witch Luna. The woman was a vampire named Rhiannon, an old friend of my master who had been asleep for six years when Keith accidentally burnt down her sanctuary.

We travelled for a number of three days. It was awkward coming away from the eternal night of Rorane, for Rhiannon was not used to the growing sunlight, but we managed to find her shade wherever we could. Thankfully her form was not fully vampire, therefore she could not be harmed by the light.

Soon the mountains grew natural and topped with forests and grass. The industrial Rorane was far behind us, and the countryside loomed further than ever before.

Before long, we were in the Land of the Pixies, and the mushrooms and flowers towered over our heads, reminding me of that song that was very likely induced by drugs.

After a while we arrived at our destination, the village where the Pixies lived. The cottages were small and overgrown with nature.

Keith: Ah, now this is the life.
Darwin: You seem to be having fun. I'm guessing you love the sunlight.
Keith: Of course! I'm a plant, aren't I? I feel much more relaxed with the sun shining down on me and moisture from the earth than I was in that concrete jungle before!

Rhiannon: Hnn, it's easy for you to say! I'm boiling over here!
Keith: Come out, Rhiannon! Come and enjoy the wonderful sunshine!
Rhiannon: Thanks for the offer, oh brainless one, but I'm perfectly fine where I am in this nice shade.
Keith: Aw, spoilsport! Why not?

Rhiannon: I'm a vampire, remember? Or is your memory wired to only ten seconds?
Keith: .....Eh?
Rhiannon: (sigh) I can't spend too long in direct sunlight or I die! Kaboom! Wham! Sizzle! Barbecued vampire for dinner!
Keith: Really? I love barbecues.
Rhiannon: Gah!!

Keith: Whoah! Rhiannon, watch out!
Rhiannon: Watch out for what...?
Keith: Look at the size of that thing!
Darwin: Yes, that's a mushroom.
Keith: Blimey! Imagine something like that growing in my farm! And look at those flowers too! They must have grown as we were travelling here!
Darwin: I think you'll find we've actually grown smaller. The magic of the Pixies has worked on us, and now we are no bigger than a ladybug.
Keith: But I'm not a lady...

Rhiannon: How much longer do we have to live with this pansy?
Darwin: Oh, Rhiannon, my master told me about you. The one with the short temper and sarcastic nature.
Rhiannon: Oh did he know? Well I can reveal quite a bit about your wonderful master, such as what he was up to at the age of 7!
Darwin: Erm...tell me later. Anyway, we need to go see the Pixies and tell them about what has happened and then we can find Starla.
Rhiannon: Good because I can't stand being the only female here!

Keith: I love it here! All the nature is speaking to're a long way from home...hey?! I don't need a giant mushroom to tell me that! Hey guys, have you noticed how there are bits of road around here, and yet we're nowhere near Rorane? Why is that?
Darwin: Well...
Voice: Yoo-hoo!
Keith: Hey, look over there-

The three of us stood with different faces; Keith was clueless and confused, Rhiannon immediately seethed with dislike, and I just stood there rather indifferently.

By the fountain nearby were three breathtakingly beautiful women, all giggling to themselves. I knew at once that they were nymphs, creatures with the form of a beautiful lady. I also knew the dangers of them, but I decided to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Rhiannon: You didn't tell me that bloody nymphs were here!
Darwin: I assure you, Miss Rhiannon, I did not know of their presence here.
Rhiannon: Didn't Phideus tell you how much I hate those show-offs?!

The nymphs stood up and started walking towards us, their eyes locked on Keith. I knew something was up, but I was too amused at the fact that they were advancing on Keith, of all people. Rhiannon was happy simply to just sulk behind us.

Nymph: Hi there, handsome. My name's Amber! (giggle)

Nymph: Nice to meet you. My name's Ruby!

Nymph: I'm Sapphire! I'm the youngest. (giggle)

Amber: So what's a gorgeous guy like you doing here?
Keith: Er, gorgeous? Me? I, er, don't know what you're talking about.
Rhiannon: Oh, brother. Trust him to fall under their spell.
Amber: If you're stopping here for a bit, why not hang out with us? We can show you how to have fun.
Keith: I know how to have fun! I can play...erm...card games, a book-

Pixie: Hey! Amber! Keep away from those strangers, little missy.
Amber: Oh darn. Just when things were getting interesting.
Pixie: Hi there strangers. What are you doing around here?

Darwin: Hey Flora? It's me, Darwin.
Flora: Apprentice to the great Phideus? We've been expecting you. Take no heed of the Nymphs and come up to my house.
Darwin: Thanks, we really appreciate it.
Rhiannon: Yeah, finally...

Rhiannon: Now I can retreat!
Keith: From what? Me?
Rhiannon: No, I just can't be in the sunlight, remember?
Keith: ....Whatever for?
Rhiannon: ...I hate you.
Keith: I'm sure with some getting to know me-
Rhiannon: Shut it!

Amber: Pay no attention to her; she's just jealous of us.
Keith: Yeah, she can be a bit mean.
Amber: (giggle) Listen, I'm guessing you're staying here for a you'll probably see us later.
Keith: Oh, really? Sounds fab.
Rhiannon: Hurry up and get upstairs, pansy!

We entered Flora's house and sat down on what appeared to be a table and chairs made of flowers. It looked fragile, but felt strong and sturdy when we sat on them. Keith looked dazed almost, which didn't douse Rhiannon's inner fury at all.

Keith: Wow, that Amber sure was pretty.
Rhiannon: You're kidding me, right?
Keith: No, she really was nice. I hope we see her again soon!

Rhiannon: Ok, listen to me, nil-brain-o. Nymphs are dangerous creatures and are not to be trusted!
Keith: What are you talking about? I can trust Amber-
Rhiannon: Just stay away from them!
Keith: Why should I? You're just jealous.
Rhiannon:! What about Alynna? I thought you were head over heels in love with her!
Keith: I-I am! It's just...I...

Flora: Sorry for the wait. I've asked around for Starla and our Elder Pixie but it seems they've gone out for the day. They're not due to return until tomorrow morning.

Darwin: In that case, I suggest we stay the night here and wait until tomorrow morning, when we meet up with them. Agreed?
Rhiannon: Yeah, whatever.
Keith: ...Agreed.

We all retired for the night. Keith seemed a little upset, probably from his argument with Rhiannon. I hoped that they would someday get along, but I guess I would be asking for too much.