Plant Sim - Series 1 - Episode 05 - Oh! My Nymph!

I’m back now! I needed that. Now, where were we? Oh, did Darwin say all the bits about the Pixies and Nymphs, ya-de-ya? Oh, we’re up to there. Ok then.

We had been given a place to sleep, and Rhiannon and Darwin were sleeping silently in their beds.

I on the other hand was finding it hard to sleep. I couldn’t stop worrying about things. Like, if I was so in love with Alynna, which I would always be, why did Amber attract me so? I guess it came from seeing a Nymph for the very first time, but it worried me as to how much she affected me…

I sat on a small mushroom, looking out at the tranquil nature. I seemed so at peace here, with the wind whispering softly about what the weather forecast would be for the next day, or the leaves singing about how good it felt to be blown about like that- but that’s not for here.
It seemed all still and silent as everyone else slept. Well, so I thought.

Amber: Keith? Are you there?
Keith: YAAARGH!! I mean…HELLO!
Amber: I didn’t mean to scare you Keith.
Keith: How do you know my name? And how did you find me?

Amber: Well, I heard your name from your friends. And I knew you were here because you’re sitting right next to my house.
Keith: Oh…well, I guess that makes sense.
Amber: You do trust me, Keith, don’t you?
Keith: Listen Amber, I know you’re very pretty and I do like you…it’s just I’m already in love with someone else.

Amber: Oh? And who would that be?
Keith: Do you know Princess Alynna? I met her once, and I fell madly in love with her.
Amber: I see…
Keith: I’m sorry Amber.
Amber: No, it’s alright…

She kept taking a step closer, making me nearly lose my nerve.

Amber: But she’s not here, and she never actually said she would come back for you, did she?
Keith: I…she did! She promised!
Amber: But where is she, Keith? For all you know, she could have returned to your home and found you….gone.
Keith: Oh…oh my goodness! You’re right!
Amber: Forget her, Keith. Be with me. Please…

And with that she suddenly leant forward, grabbing and her mouth cam crashing onto mine in a passionate kiss. My first kiss, which was a bit embarrassing as I had no idea what to do or put my hands, but she was so talented, I guess she made up for the both of us…

As I got more comfortable, I felt myself forgetting all thoughts of Alynna, or Rhiannon or Darwin. All I could think about was Amber and this moment.

But I could also feel something draining away.
Keith: Hey, Amber…I feel pretty weird…yikes!
Amber: Oh, Keith, my love, are you alright?
Keith: I don’t think so…I feel really light-headed!
Amber: Fufufufu…

I looked up with effort and saw her face contorted into a malicious grin. Suddenly Rhiannon’s warnings didn’t seem so stupid after all…

Amber: You stupid little boy. Did you really think I loved you? I can’t believe I kissed a weed like you! You don’t know the true nature of a nymph, do you?
Keith: Wha-what?
Amber: The nymphs attract their victims, and then drain the energy out of them to grow stronger! So your precious energy has made me stronger!

Suddenly a bright light surrounded Amber and glittered into the darkness as she ran away with a tail behind her legs…at least she would have, if she had a tail. Which she didn’t…it was just a figure of speech- oh never mind.

Anyway, I was sitting on the floor still, breathing heavily and wondering what had happened to Amber.

I could feel myself starting to lose consciousness, as little dots appeared in front of my eyes and my vision lost focus. Everything went black as I passed out, doomed for all eternity…

When I woke up, it was morning, and I was in a house I hadn’t been in before. I could tell I was still in the same area, due to the trees and flowers growing around the room. I was lying on a bench that was quite hard and yet comfortable, and I sat up, rubbing my still aching head and wondering where the heck I was.

Girl: Ah, I see you’re finally up then.

The girl who spoke was sat at another bench the other side of me. She looked young and fresh-faced, and was dressed in clothes that reminded me of hideous Phideus for some reason.

Girl: Did you sleep alright? You snored pretty loudly.
Keith: Erm…where exactly am I?

Pixie: Don’t worry, you’re nowhere harmful.
Keith: Yikes! Where did you come from?
Pixie: The front door, obviously.
Keith: That’s not what I meant-
Pixie: Please, relax. You’ve had quite an ordeal.

Keith: Who exactly are you?
Pixie: I am the Elder Pixie, Tulippa, and the girl over there is my daughter Starla.
Keith: Wait, you’re Starla?
Starla: Is that a problem?
Keith: N-no, it’s just an honour to finally meet you. We’ve been looking for you for a while now.
Starla: Oh…

Tulippa: I have been informed from Flora about your curse and Luna. I must say this is a grave business and so I fully agree to your decision to go in search of Alynna. Before you do go on your way, is there anything you wish to know about the area?
Keith: Erm, there is one thing…
Tulippa: You may ask.
Keith: Erm, I found that in most areas, the roads that were in the industrial cities like Rorane are around here too, but in areas like here, there are still roads but they’re in bits…why is that?
Tulippa: That story begins a long time ago…before your time.

Tulippa: Many many years ago, when I was a young child, the world was full of industry and prosperity. The natural earth was covered in concrete, and skyscrapers were built, reaching the height of our dreams and hopes. But we got too arrogant, and believed we could create a world of technology and metal.

Tulippa: In return of our sins and neglect for nature, a great fire broke out, spreading across all the large cities. The tall buildings melted down into rubble, and roads were mostly demolished.

Tulippa: Flying over the ruins and flames were demons of evil, jeering at us with seething faces and dooming us all. They were a sight that frightened me deeply, and wished never to see again.

Since then, we had to rebuild our lives. Places like Rorane tried to build the metal structures once more, but no more has been done in the fear that the demons would return. The rest of the land grew oddly, such as this village, where gigantic mushrooms and flowers tower over us, in a similar way the skyscrapers did. Since the ruin, magic has flourished even more, with a number of people being blessed with magical abilities. This was the result of the distortion of the Great Ruin.

Keith: Gee, I had no idea.
Tulippa: You are from a farming community, are you not? I’m sure there are some ruins nearby that are proof of the past.
Keith: I never really noticed. I’ve been stuck in my farm all my life.
Tulippa: Which is a reason why you have ventured out into the world, to find a cure and to find yourself!

Starla: I know that Luna is at large and I want to help. I may not be able to cure you, but maybe Princess Alynna can find a way. And besides, if Luna does come back I can be there for protection along with Darwin!
Keith: Really? You don’t mind?
Starla: Of course not.

Keith: I have the feeling this could be the start of an incredible friendship.
Starla: Eh?
Keith: Never mind.
Tulippa: Good luck to both of you, and your companions.