PlantSim - Series 2 - Episode 8 - Tell Everybody I'm On My Way

Ok, so let’s have a little recap:

The beautiful Princess Alynna visited my village in the Serene Forest, and I instantly fell in love with her and begged her to return. She agreed so I was pretty chuffed at, er, pulling I think is the word?

A year passed and no Alynna, but I got her angry cousin, the witch Luna. She hurled some insults at me before casting a spell…

…into a hideous plant thing! Well, ok not really hideous…Anyway, I knew if I went to see Alynna in the castle of Callah she could change me back, so I left home and the farm into the big bad world.

There I met the scary Rhiannon, a vampire whose house I accidentally burnt down. She wouldn’t listen when I attempted to tell her I was trying to stop the evil sugar powers from taking over the city of Rorane. I told her to come with me to see if Alynna could find her a new house so she agreed after talking it over with her friend Phideus. We set off on the trail with Darwin, Phideus’ apprentice.

We reached the land of the Pixies and the Nymphs, and I met the GORGEOUS Amber. The others were none too proud. I felt something connect with Amber despite my love for Alynna, but then I found out Amber was a greedy soul-sucking webbed-toe cretin.

I got saved from Amber by the young witch-in-training Starla, the daughter of the head Pixie, and she offered her services to guard us on our way to the palace. I accepted of course, you never know when Amber might come back…………

We got to the palace and the Queen very kindly told us that Alynna had been kidnapped by Luna. I was furious of course and when Luna appeared in front of us, I tried to stare her down. It didn’t work.

Luna ended up waving her wand and we all got separated into different places, luckily Starla arrived with me so she could explain what was going on…

Keith: And there we have it. Does everyone understand the story now?

Keith: Whaaaat? Aww, come oooon! I worked really hard on those drawings!
Girl: Those drawings were rubbish, I could do better.
Keith: Hey! Shut up or I’ll tell your dad you’ve been the one peeing on his zen garden.
Girl: I’ll be good!

Well, things got a little crazy since we all got separated from each other by Luna.

Starla told me that she managed to cast a spell so she clung to me while we were transported which is why she ended up in the same place as me. I’m glad because if it weren’t for her I would’ve frozen to death out here. We ended up on the befittingly named Snow Mountain, an Oriental style temple-shrine-thingy up in the high mountains. The monks took us in.

Yukito was the elder of the village, and the wisest. He taught us about inner peace or some kind of weird mumbo-jumbo. He also gave us shelter while we considered what we were to do.

His wife, Chiyaki, also helped us out by teaching us to meditate. Her eyes were pretty funny, and she explained that the elder’s wife must take on the spirit of their ancient ancestor to peacefully guide the community. I thought that was funny since there didn’t seem to be anyone else on the mountains but each to their own I guess…

We would meditate everyday in the shrine room, containing a little house where the ashes of the community’s founder sat. I found this a little creepy at first, and the room was like a freezer but after a while we got used to it.

Keith: Er, Starla?
Starla: Yes, Keith?
Keith: How long do we need to keep doing this for?
Starla: Until Chiyaki says we’re ready.
Keith: Oh, darn…

Chiyaki: Ah, I see you are hard at work.
Keith: Please don’t bring the snow in, it makes the room colder!
Chiyaki: It is tradition to bring snow into a holy place.
Keith: *mutter* I’ll tradition you in a minute.

Starla: Chiyaki, when will you know that I am ready?
Chiyaki: Ah, young one, you are so impatient. Do not worry yourself; the answer will come very soon.
Starla: Right…another thing I’ve been meaning to ask, you see that picture over on that wall? Who exactly is it?

Chiyaki: Are you speaking of this one here?
Starla: Yes, that’s the one.
Chiyaki: That is my son.
Starla: Taichi? But it looks nothing like him-
Chiyaki: Not Taichi, but his brother, my other son; his name was Satu.

Chiyaki: Satu learnt everything from us, and was ready to become a great elder if Yukito passed away; but as he grew older, he grew greedier and his power increased until he could no longer stay in the temple. It was hard, but he was sent away for his bad deeds.
Starla: I see…I’m sorry I asked.
Chiyaki: Do not be. We have his picture up to remind us never to experience the unknown without knowing the full consequences.

Starla: Do you ever miss him?
Chiyaki: I know that he is doing well. The ancestors within me tell me so.
Keith: Alright, ancestor, I hope you will grant me good luck on my journey.

Keith: Darn! Missed the pot again.
Chiyaki: My young ones, it is time for some tea. You may change and return to the house now.
Keith: Oh thank goodness…

A staple event of our day was sitting with Yukito and Chiyaki with tea, and conversing about things.

Yukito: Did you enjoy your morning meditation?
Starla: Same as always.
Keith: Yeah, it wasn’t too complex this morning.
Yukito: I am glad to hear that.

Yukito’s tea was amazing. It was just right and hit you where you most needed it. Gah, if only I could have some tea now…tea craving power activated.

Yukito: Starla, it has been a month since your arrival at the temple. How do you feel you have progressed?
Starla: I feel fantastic, like I’ve really done some maturing. Learning inner peace and keeping a calm mind will really help later on.
Yukito: And you, green one?
Keith: Well, I can’t say I’ve grown for the better, but I know a lot more about the world now than I did a month ago.

Chiyaki: I am pleased with the growth of both of you. Luckily, I believe that Starla has the power within her now to cast the counter-spell.
Starla: You think so, after so long?
Chiyaki: Yes. I think it is wrong to delay it any longer; the spell will start to fade away quicker and quicker by the day. The window of opportunity for a counter-spell will close if you do not act soon.
Starla: I think I understand. When do you think I should cast it?
Chiyaki: Tomorrow I think.
Keith: That soon…

I was a little saddened that we would have to leave so early; the temple and the residents had grown on me. However, Chiyaki was right, we had to try and find our way back and then find our friends before facing Luna.

Starla: The koi look really happy despite being under frozen ice.
Keith: Yeah, you do wonder how they survive down there.
Starla: Keith, no matter what you say I think you’ve matured a lot too. You’re less annoying than you were.
Keith: Oh, gee, thanks.
Starla: Oh, sorry! Well, you know what I mean.

Keith: Well, you know, I’ve been thinking about how I rush into things and if I’m going to save Alynna from Luna I don’t want her thinking I’m a complete wuss, you know what I mean?
Starla: Yes, I do. Well, hopefully tomorrow everything will go to plan.
Keith: And then we can see our friends again!

I wondered then, just what were our friends doing, and what had they been up to in the last month?