Sim Sketch - Series 2 Cast

New Faces

Jennifer J. Snazz is a useless Hollywood agent, who does business with the biggest stars (yeah, right...). However, she seems more content with repeately changing her plastic surgery and gatecrashing the Oscars than any agent work.

Jennifer J. Snazz

Susie Sharp claims to be a top seller, oh yeah, the best in the real estate business, however, she does have one flaw - she hates selling houses, and will do absolutely anything in (and beyond) her power to put people off buying a house.

Susie Sharp

Veronica Vague runs her own Speedy Dating Service, which hopes to match lonely singletons up with their perfect partner. However, she doesn't appear to know how to handle a dating agency at all and ends up doing silly things such as trying to match gay men to women (oh dear...).

Veronica Vague

Mr. and Mrs. Hope are a newly married couple. Mrs. Hope is a hard working housewife who keeps her home gleaming. Her beloved husband, however, is useless around the house, (so when Mrs. Hope takes it upon herself to try and teach him householdy things... it has disasterous consquences) and he is insensitive to the max, especially around his wife's overweight mother...

Mr and Mrs Hope

Jordan Upperton-Crust has just come out to his posh, upper class mother. She took the news well, however, she tries just a little too hard to get on with Jordan's boyfriends, often asking rather personal questions about their sex life...

Jordan Upperton-Crust

Librarian Lucy likes her library to be as quiet as a church mouse, and insists that nobody makes any noise whatsoever. If they dare to even let a peep out, all hell will rise...

Librarian Lucy

Captain James Blight served in the Royal Air Force and is one of the top, most celebrated pilots in the world. he now flies passenger planes filled with happy holidaymakers. However, if the cabin crew should dare to not give him his morning cup of tea, there's no telling what he'll do...

Captain James Blight

Greedy Schoolgirl is an eight year old schoolkid, who loves her sweets and chocolate. When her father asks her what she wants from the shop however, he'd better be prepared for a long wait...

Greedy School Girl

Returning Faces

Vicar Lorraine is back! After she was forcibly removed from her church at the end of the first series, she took up a job as a radio host, for a cheap Peckham radio station, broadcasting her mad interviews and rather outlandish views across wide areas of people.

Vicar Lorraine

Gay and "Straight" Teachers return once again. Mr. Campton got turned down by Mr. Blankford at the end of the first series, but it doesn't end there. Now he's moved in next to Mr. Blankford and his wife to try, once again, to win him over. Will he get him this time?

The Gay and 'Straight' Teachers

Sally Sisco returns again to nosy in people's business. From lesbian couples to weddings, Sally will stop at nothing to get her story, and have a bit of fun at the same time.

Sally Sisco

The Teens have moved out of their mother's gloomy council flat and have pooled together to buy a small apartment above a shop. This time, Becky has an obsession with a handsome pizza delivery boy and tries all she can to get her hands on him, despite both her sister's repeated claims that she's being stupid.

The Teens