Crystal Town Series 2 - Episode 13 - A Lunch with the Ladies

Ross: Morning!
(No responce)
Ross: Alright then.

Ross: Hey guys I'm home. Oh hey Jay.
Jason: Where have you been?
Ross: Erm... nowhere.
Jason: Picking up something my birthday eh?
Ross: Yeah, you caught me. But I'm positive you won't find it (laughs).
Jason: Ok, I wont look in the cupboard under the sink.

Ross: Damn!

Hannah: What the hell just happened outside Tina? Why was that grave dug up?
Tina: Yes, It was the grave of Bruce. I really don't understand why.
Hannah: Good lord.
Tina: Yes... anyway you should try the chocolate cake. It's absolutely fantastic.
Hannah: I'm not much of a chocolate fan really.
Tina: Oh I am, I used to be fat because of it.
Hannah: No way, I'm finding that hard to believe you look amazing now!
Tina: I knew I liked you Hannah.
(Both laugh)

Kacey: (Singing) A moment like this, some people wait a life time for that one special kiss, oh I can't believe..
Eddie: I hardly think you're gonna be the next X-factor winner, eh?

Kacey: Oh Eddie, my god I didn't see you there.
Eddie: (Laughs) Don't worry about it. You should see me in the shower, I'm terrible.
Kacey: I sure would like to!

Kacey: I gotta erm talk to Stevie about the specials.
Eddie: And err yeah I think I need to phone erm.. Cindy yeah.
Kacey: Ok! Bye.

Megan: Where you going, I thought you had today off?
Ryan: Yeah I'm going out with Dave from work. we're gonna go to the pub in Lakeside for a while.
Megan: But I'm going out for lunch! Sharon will have to stay here by herself.
Ryan: No way! Sorry.
Megan: What?
Ryan: She's in a delicate place right now Megan. I don't want her being alone. You understand right?

Megan: You know what?
Ryan: What?
Megan: I couldn't give a toss!
Ryan: Excuse me?
Megan: For the love of god, it was half a year ago!
Ryan: Megan that's my father you're talking about!

Megan: Well I'm not cancelling on Tina.
Ryan: Then take Sharon with you.
Megan: What? No!
Ryan: See you later.

Megan: Mother fu..

Mina: JASON!
Jason: What?
Mina: Get off the phone! I wanna call Danielle!
Jason: Wait, I'm on the phone to Henry. I gotta find out when our exams are so just wait...
Mina: No give me the phone!
Jason: Mina for Christ's sake, I'm on the phone! It's more important!
Mina: Give me the phone!
Jason: No! Hey Henry, it's me Jason I was wondering when our first science exam starts, Wednesday? Ok thanks. By the way are you going to Emily's party tomorrow? You are? Good well... would you mind...
Mina: Jay get off the phone!
Jason: Wait Mina! Ok get the door, then phone back, ok bye.

Mina: Let me have the phone now!
Jason: Mina, five minutes.. please. Henry is gonna call back.
Mina: Give me it!
Jason: Get lost Mina, your such a selfish cow.

Mina: JASON! No!

Mina: Oh god... please... no...

Mina: Dad! Dad! PLEASE HELP! Jasons' tripped down the stairs!

Megan: Hey guys, sorry I'm late I had to bring Sharon with me.
Sharon: Had to? Makes me sound like some sort of chore.
Tina: Well that's alright but this table only sits three...
Megan: Sharon you wouldn't mind sitting by yourself would you?

Yes for once in her life it seemed Megan had outdone her mother in law...

But Sharon, was even better.

Hilary: Kayleigh honey, would you like some breakfast, some pancakes? .... Come on Kayleigh, talk to me love.
Kayleigh: My life is ruined!
Hilary: Oh sweetheart come here, you'll get through this!
Kayleigh: (Sobs).
Hilary: Come on honey, calm down.

Kayleigh: This is the end for me mum!
Hilary: Don't be silly, you'll get through this, we're gonna be here for you, me and Chris, I promise.

Chris: Hello.
Karina: Hey babe, it's me Karina, are we still on for lunch?
Chris: Oh, no sorry something has came up.
Karina: Oh ok, have you heard about that officer getting shot dead a few blocks away?
Chris: ...Yeah... terrible.
Karina: Isn't it just, how about tomorrow, you free then?

Chris: No.
Karina: You don't seem to want to spend time with me anymore.
Chris: (Sighs) I'm gonna be honest Karina, it hasn't felt right for me for ages.
Karina: Oh.
Chris: I think it's time we ended our relationship I'm sorry.
Karina: Oh.
Chris: I really am sorry Karina.

Chris: Damn, she hung up.

Cindy: Hey Karina, about yesterday... I am so sorry for snapping at you like that... What's wrong?
Karina: Chris broke up with me.
Cindy: Oh, I'm so sorry.
Karina: Am I really so un-likeable?
Cindy: Oh sis come here.

Cindy: Come on. You can stay for dinner round mine tonight.
Karina: You sure?
Cindy: Of course! Your my sister and Jennifer can get kind of boring to talk to at times... she's only just started talking.
Karina: Ok, thank you.

Ryan: Marie!
Marie: Ryan? Ryan! Oh my god, Ryan!
Ryan: Marie how are you?
Marie: Oh my god I can't believe it's you (laughs). This is unbelievable!
Ryan: I can't believe it either.

Yasmin: (Laughs) Am I missing something here?
Marie: Oh sorry Yas, this is my old friend from college - Ryan, Ryan this is my girlfriend - Yasmin.
Ryan: Girlfriend?
Yasmin: Yeah, something wrong with that?
Ryan: Oh no no, nothing at all.
Marie: Ryan, how's Megan?
Ryan: She's great. We're married now!
Marie: Oh congratulations! I'm so pleased for you!

Ryan: Thanks, what are you doing in Crystal Town?
Marie: Me and Yas moved in down the street from you I guess, with my daughter Stella.
Ryan: You have a daughter too, and your moving in! This is great!
Marie: Yeah, me, you and Megan defiantly need to catch up.

Sharon: Where is our pizza? I'm starving!
(Phone rings)
Hannah: Excuse me ladies. Hello... yes this is Hannah... I'm his mother... what? Oh my god...

Tina: Hannah are you ok?
Hannah: I need to go home now! There's been an accident.
Sharon: Oh dear.

Megan: What's going on?
Tina: Let's go see what's wrong.
Megan: Good idea.
Sharon: You two go ahead. I'm gonna stay here my legs are playing up.
Megan: Ok.

Louise: Your meals.
Sharon: Oh...

Sharon: Well alright then (laughs). This is gonna be fun!

Megan: Oh my god.
Tina: Cindy what's going on?
Cindy: It's the Johnson kid. He took a fall I think.
Tina: Oh my god, poor Hannah.
Karina: He's in the back of the police car, the ambulances haven't arrived but they have a doctor in there with...
Police Officer: Time of death, three twenty five pm.
Karina: Oh god.

Hannah: No my baby's not dead!
Ross: That's my boy! (Sobs)
Hannah: No.. this can't be happening. Please god...

As we leave the Johnson's and the other residents, we see a family who have lived in Crystal Town for two years... but keep their lives private... very private.

Jean: John, I think the son of the new family, just died.
John: You've been outside?
Jean: I heard noises.
John: Jean you don't leave the house unless I give you permission. I thought we made that clear.
Jean: I know, sorry.
John: Don't let it happen again.

Jean: Can I go shopping tomorrow?
John: No.
Jean: John you can't keep me prisoner in my own house!
John: Watch me. Now make me dinner.