Crystal Town Series 2 - Episode 15 - Fallin' Florida

Jenna: Kacey! Hey!
Kacey: Hey sis I've missed you so much, sorry I haven't been in recently.

Jenna: It's ok. How is James?
Kacey: He's good, he's starting to walk now.
Jenna: I wish I could be there to see it Kace, sorry.
Kacey: Hey don't worry, remember if you behave in here you could be out in six months.
Jenna: I know, thank god dad wrote about him killing Officer Sammy before he died, it's saved me years in jail.
Kacey: Dad... oh yeah him.
Jenna: Are you alright?
Kacey: I have something to tell you...
Jenna: Oh?
Kacey: The other day, I opened the door to find Mum standing there.

Jenna: Wha? That's impossible, Mum's dead.
Kacey: No Jenna she's not, dad lied to us.
Jenna: What?
Kacey: Dad thought Mum had an affair as he found boxers in their bedroom, they weren't dads nor Tim's. When they went on holiday to Spain Dad told us she died and then threatened to kill her if she ever came back to Crystal Town.
Jenna: I don't believe this.
Kacey: It's hard I know.
Jenna: Mum died.
Kacey: I know how weird this is Jen.
Jenna: It's so weird!
Kacey: Yeah.

It's two weeks on since the death of Jason Johnson, his sister Mina has came along to the church.

Vicar Keith:
Hello Mina, come to visit your brother again?
Mina: Actually I've come here to sort of confess...
Vicar Keith: Oh very well, let's go inside.
Mina: Ok.

Mina: Whatever I tell you...
Vicar Keith: Will remain confidential, yes.
Mina: Really?
Vicar Keith: I promise you Mina, I will not say a word to anyone. The only ones who'll know will be the three of us.
Mina: Three?
Vicar Keith: Yes, you, myself and God.
Mina: Oh yeah, right.
Vicar Keith: What would you like to confess Mina?

Mina: My brother Jason.. I sorta.. well...
Vicar Keith: Yes my dear?
Mina: I pushed him and he fell down the stairs and.. he died...
Vicar Keith: Good heavens!

Mina: Vicar please don't tell anyone. It was an accident!
Vicar Keith: Goodness gracious!
Mina: Vicar please!
Vicar Keith: Ok! Ok! I will not tell anyone, but Mina why?
Mina: We were having an argument over the phone.
Vicar Keith: Mina, why did you feel the need to tell me this? Was it because you would like me to tell someone who could help you? Would you just like to confess it to god?
Mina: No... none of them reasons.
Vicar Keith: Then what?

Mina: I need you to...
Vicar Keith: Yes?
Mina: Help me say goodbye to him... I... I can't do it... please.
Vicar Keith: Of course I will Mina.

Tina: Honey, lunch is ready!
Aaron: Cool, what have we got?

Tina: Just some sandwiches today I'm afraid, I need to run to the store later.
Aaron: Meh, sandwiches rule.
Tina: (Laughs) You seem to be in a better mood.
Aaron: Have you seen the angel who moved in down the street?
Tina: Who?
Aaron: Her names Marie. My god Auntie Tina, she is perfect!
Tina: Aaron, she's a lesbian, she has a girlfriend, and you are a bit too young for her... so that's like, what.. a one in like a hundred chance?
Aaron: And that small percentage?

Tina: If she becomes desperate, no in all seriousness you are too young for her.
Aaron: I'm eighteen next month Auntie Tina.
Tina: Oh yes about that, would you like a party?
Aaron: I'd defiantly like some of that Marie.
Tina: Aaron honey, come on. (Laughs).
Aaron: I'm gonna go over and say hi.
Tina: What? Your just gonna go over there and randomly say hi?

Aaron: No I'm going to return her mail.
Tina: It was accidentally delivered here?
Aaron: Nope I took it, so I'd have an excuse. See ya in a bit!

Tina: My god, he is like his mother.

Cindy: Morning Karina, I thought I'd swing by...
Karina: Hey.
Cindy: Oh my goodness this place is a mess!
Karina: Oh yeah, I haven't had a chance to clean up yet.
Cindy: Karina you can't live like this honey.
Karina: I wish Chris was still with me.
Cindy: Oh babe, I wish you would get over him. I know it's hard, as you were going out for a year, but please try and move on. How about me and you go clubbing tonight? I can get Eddie to babysit.
Karina: I suppose.
Cindy: Good, be ready for around eight, yeah?
Karina: Ok, thanks Cindy your the best sister ever.
Cindy: (Laughs) I know.

Eddie: Louise, will you ask Kacey to order some more crisps were running low?
Louise: Why don't you ask her, I bet you can't get her out of your head.
Eddie: Why do you feel the need to make comments like that all the time?
Louise: Come on Eddie, Kacey told me about your kiss.
Eddie: It was a mistake.
Louise: Of course it was.
Eddie: Louise for the last time! I am not in love with Kacey!
Louise: Eddie I was a marriage counsellor for five years. I know true love and I'm sorry but there's love between you and Kacey.
Eddie: Your wrong Louise.
Louise: No Eddie, I'm not, I'm off to work in the restaurant. I'll see you later.

Eddie: (Screams of frustration) Grrr I've had enough!

Eddie: Kacey! Kacey!
Kacey: Eddie, everything ok?
Eddie: Do you love me?
Kacey: Sorry?
Eddie: Do you love me?
Kacey: Where is this coming from?
Eddie: Just answer it.

Kacey: I... I don't know...
Eddie: I'm sorry, what?
Kacey: Well you did ask me.
Eddie: I assumed you would say no!
Kacey: What brought this on anyway!?
Eddie: Your mother, she's saying we love each other.
Kacey: She said what!?

Eddie: Yeah, she's been making remarks for weeks about us two being in love.
Kacey: Oh well... I dunno.
Eddie: 'I dunno' what?
Kacey: Well since we kissed when my dad was in hospital, I've sorta.. liked you, then it got stronger...
Eddie: Oh my god.
Kacey: I'm sorry.
Eddie: I have to go.
Kacey: Eddie come back!

Eddie: Kacey!
Kacey: What?

Kacey: Oh my god...

Marie: So how did it go?
Yasmin: She was fine. Her teacher seemed lovely.
Marie: Oh man, I hope she has a good day. It's her first day of school after all.
Yasmin: Don't worry about Alice, Marie. She'll be fine! She makes friends very easily.
Marie: Yeah you're right!
Yasmin: I'm just going to the store. I'll be half an hour.
Marie: Ok honey.

Aaron: Hi there, I'm Aaron Stripe from down the road.
Marie: Hi there Aaron. I'm Marie. It's nice to meet you.
Aaron: You too. I got some mail delivered to my door by accident.
Marie: Oh is that why yesterday morning I saw you in your boxer shorts running out of your house getting a letter from my mailbox and then running back?
Aaron: Erm.. well... erm.

Marie: (Laughs) That is so cute, but sorry, you're too young for me.
Aaron: I thought that would be the least of my problems you have a girlfriend and you're a lesbian (laughs).
Marie: Yeah I have a girlfriend but I'm not a lesbian.
Aaron: Oh.

Aaron: Sorry I couldn't help it. You're just so beautiful.
Marie: Aww, your chances are still zero (laughs).
Aaron: Yeah, I thought so!

Yasmin: What is she doing!?

Tina: I'm off to the store Aaron.
Aaron: Ok Auntie Tina, see you when you get back.

Yasmin: Hey you!
Tina: Hello, Yasmin may I help you?
Yasmin: You keep your nephew away from my girlfriend!
Tina: I'm sorry I don't understand!

Yasmin: I saw him flirting with her! Keep him away or so help me, I will do something I will regret!
Tina: Oh don't be so silly, he's a just a kid with a crush. It's not a big deal.
Yasmin: Keep him away from her bitch, this is your last and only warning!

Jean: Hey are you ok?
Tina: Jean? Hi! I haven't you seen you around in a while.
Jean: I saw her threaten you. Are you ok?
Tina: Yeah I'm fine thanks, I'm just off to the store.
Jean: Oh right.
Tina: Want to join me?
Jean: Really?
Tina: I don't see why not.
Jean: Thanks.

Mina: Hi Jason, it's me... I just wanted to tell... tell you...
Vicar Keith: Come on Mina be strong.
Mina: I... I....

Mina: (Sobs) I'm so sorry! I'm so sorry!
Vicar Keith: Come on Mina, let's get you inside.

Later that day

Jean: Thanks for lunch Tina. Today has been great!
Tina: Oh no problem! It's good to have someone to do this with, Hannah is upset over her son, Megan is busy with Sharon, Kayleigh isn't in the best place and Kacey is always busy, so...
Jean: Well I hope we can become good friends.
Tina: Yes, so do I Jean. That would be great!

Tina: Isn't that your husband?

John: Jean what are you doing here?
Jean: Having lunch with Tina.
Tina: Take a seat if you like John. Me and Jean would happily have the steak again. (Laughs)
John: Jean! Get home now!
Tina: Excuse me?
John: Go home Jean!
Jean: I'm having lunch with Tina!

John: GO HOME!
Jean: No! You can't keep ordering me around!
Jean: Fine I won't talk!

Jean: I'll slap!

Louise: Ooh good girl.
Kacey: Mum hush!

Tina: Oh my god! Jean!
Eddie: Oh my goodness!

Kacey: Get out! You're barred! For life, I never want to see you in here again!
John: Oh yeah?
Louise: You touch another one of us and I will call the police, now go on, get out!

Tina: Jean are you alright?
Jean: I can't take this anymore!
Tina: Come on Jean, it's alright. You can't go back home.. you can stay on the sofa round mine if you like...

Jean: You don't understand Tina, I have to go home now.
Tina: Jean come back! Jean!

Bob: Am I getting me beer or not?

Sharon: Ah that's series four of Knots Landing over... gonna start five now!
Megan: Sharon, can we please watch something else?
Sharon: Sorry?
Megan: All me and Ryan get to watch is this show, which I can safely say makes me want to slit my wrists.
Sharon: Ah, you've made me want to watch it even more now!
Megan: Sharon, you used to be so nice to me... we got along so well and I thought of you as my own mother. Why are you being like this towards me?

Six Months Ago

Sharon: I'll see you when I get back from Florida Howard.
Howard: Should you be going to Florida? It's meant to be Ryan's honeymoon!
Sharon: I have no intension of getting in their way. I'm even staying at a different hotel honey. I'm dropping my luggage off there then going off to their hotel to surprise them. Then maybe we can have lunch before I'll go on my own way. I can do with a holiday myself.
Howard: Ok, well, have a nice time.
Sharon: Thank you Howard, I'll call you when I land.

Later that day

Sharon: Here already... not a long walk. Oh there's Megan walking up the hill.

Sharon: Who the hell is that!?

Sharon: (Yells) Megan! Hey Megan! Damn she can't hear me... oh my god, he just pushed her!

Sharon: I need to help her! Oh my good lord!
Megan's voice: What have I done!?

Sharon: Hello, I need a taxi to the airport, straight away, please!

Megan: We used to get on so great Sharon, why throw that away?
Sharon: I guess I've just changed my mind...