Crystal Town Series 2 - Episode 16 - Welcome to the Family

Kacey: Keria, what are you doing here?
For gods sake Kacey, can't you listen for once in your life? I want to see Tim.
You can't.
Why not? Is he not living here?
He's dead Keria.

Keria: No... how?
He was pushed down a hill by a serial killer and he hit his head and died.
Oh... my gosh. Where's Bruce and Jenna?
Jenna's in jail because she shot the woman who killed Tim. Dad's also dead after shooting himself and a police officer dead so that Jenna could escape from facing jail.

(Long pause)
Kacey: Yeah, alot can happen in just four years. So what is it you wanted?

Keria: I have some news I've kept from you for fifteen years. I had Tim's child fifteen years ago, he's called Craig and when I dated Tim again I planned to tell him about Craig, but when he broke up with me I decided not to tell him. And I've think I've done enough child raising... so Kacey, you have a new family member joining you.

Keria: And you're right it's amazing what can happen in just a few years.

Tina: Well did you guys have fun tonight?
Aaron: Yeah it was good thanks Auntie Tina.
Robert: I had a great time thanks mum, I gotta get up at eleven for universty tomorrow mum so get me up then please, I have a lecture at one.
Tina: Ok Robert, no problem. Now you both best be off to bed.
Robert: Night mum.
Aaron: Goodnight auntie Tina.

Tina: Who's that?

Tina: Oh my god!
David: Heeyyy Tinnnaaa.... (laughs) you loook sillly.
Tina: David!

The Next Day

Tina: You knocked on my door last night, drunk!
David: Oh I'm so sorry, I had nowhere else to go.
Tina: Why what happened? I thought you had a job outside Riverside?
David: I did but I kinda got fired.
Tina: Why?
David: I slept with my sectary.
Tina: That's not much of a big deal...
David: She's married to my boss.
Tina: Oh then it is... how stupid are you!? Why would you sleep with a married woman!?

David: I didn't know she was for goodness sake! She kept her maiden name so I had no idea.
Tina: Right, have they split up?
David: I dunno, he just smacked me and said I was fired, so I left.
Well sorry but you gotta go soon. I'll do you some breakfast first though.
David: Why do I?
Robert is furious with you! You practically abbanonned him.
David: I tried ringing him numerous times!
Tina: He's got a new phone.
David: Oh I see.

David: I'm such a selfish idiot, but I have nowhere else to go. I can't go back to my old house and stay there because my boss lives a few doors down from me.
Tina: Fine, you can stay. But Robert is going back to universty at eleven so I want to hide you when he comes down.
David: Why?
Tina: As I said, he's furious. I'll tell him when he comes home for Christmas that you're back.
David: (Sighs) I was looking foward to speaking to him.
Tina: Oh well, it's your own fault.

Louise: You can't be serious!
Kacey: I know Mum! I know!
Louise: She's dumping him here!? Why?
Kacey: Because she thinks it's our turn to do some raising.
Louise: But we had no idea Craig even existed.
Kacey: I know, but you know what Keria's like. I wish I never introduced her to Tim.
Louise: You were best mates with her for ages while Tim was living with my mother.
Kacey: Yeah, I know.

1st February 2002

(Keria is slamming her locker)
Keria: Damn it! Damn it! Damn it!
Kacey: Don't take it out on the locker door. I guess my idea to take you swimming didn't cheer you up!
Keria: I can't believe him!
Kacey: Hey calm down!

Keria: I hate his guts Kace! It's the second time he's dumped me now!
Kacey: I told you the first time you dated him that Terry was a loser, but you didn't listen.
Keria: Meh, I know Kace. I guess I've got to spend valentines day on my own again!
Kacey: I will be too.
Keria: Yeah well you have a family! People you can enjoy the holidays with, I have no one except for Megan and we don't get on.
Kacey: Hmm, on valentines day my brother is coming to our party in the pub because he can get time off University and when he's not at university he stays at my nans 'cause its fairly close, but he's graduating soon, so I'm sure I can hook you up with him.
Keria: Oh thanks so much Kacey!

Kacey: It's no problem!
Keria: You're my best friend ever.
Kacey: (Laughs) Same to you.

(Door bell rings)
Kacey: That should be the bitch.
Louise: You getting it?
Kacey: Yeah, I will.

Kacey: Hey.
Keria: Hey Kacey, I'd like you to meet your nephew, Craig.
Kacey: Erm hi Craig.
Craig: Hi, thanks for looking after me while my mums in chemo.
Kacey: Chemo?
Keria: Yes Kacey, as I told you last night I am very ill. Now go in and look around Craig, I'll be inside in a minute.
Craig: Ok.

Kacey: Chemo? Chemo!?
Keria: Ok I lied!
Kacey: He thinks you have cancer?
Keria: Yeah, I shouldn't have said it. But hey this means after I will, let's say "get better" I can take him back.
Kacey: You sick bitch!
Keria: Hey, I deserve a break!
Kacey: Then just go on holiday for a week or two. There was no need to dump him on some relatives doorstep and tell your own son you have cancer when it's untrue!
Keria: I'm going now, tell Craig I said bye.

Kacey: But you haven't given him a kiss or anything.
Keria: Meh he's a big boy. See you.

Kacey: Son of a bitch...

Marie: Morning Yasmin.
Yasmin: Morning sweetheart.
Marie: We're going round Megan and Ryan's later for dinner.
Yasmin: Why?
Marie: They're old friends Yas, it should be fun!
Yasmin: Whatever.

Marie: Ok, what have I done wrong now?
Yasmin: Why don't you tell me about these things eh? Why do you always make decisions without consulting me?
Marie: Sorry, you haven't got to go if you don't want to.
Yasmin: I hardly get a say with anything to do with Alice either.
Marie: Well Yas, she is my daughter. 
Yasmin: I'm getting some breakfast.

Alice: Mum are you walking me to school today?
Marie: Actually sweetheart, Yasmin is going to take you today. I'll pick you up ok?
Alice: Oh ok.
Yasmin: No, you take her Marie.
Marie: But...
Yasmin: She's your daughter...

Yasmin: Not mine.

Alice: What was that about?
Marie: Never mind, what do you want for breakfast.
Alice: Pancakes would be nice please.
Marie: (Laughs) I don't have time to do pancakes, I cook them for you on weekends what about some toast?
Alice: (Sighs) Ok.

Kayleigh: Morning mum!
Hilary: Well someone is in a good mood.
Kayleigh: Me and William had such a great time last night, I really like him.
Hilary: Aww honey I'm so pleased. I also have news of my own.
Kayleigh: Ok, what is it?
Hilary: Howard's moving in!

Kayleigh: Oh mum that's terrific! I'm so happy for you!
Hilary: Aww, thank you honey. I don't think Chris is happy about it though.
Kayleigh: Well that's Chris we all know how selfish he can be. Also William is coming round later for dinner.
Hilary: Oh good! He's such a pleasant young man!
Kayleigh: Things are starting to look good for me again!
Hilary: Aww honey come here!

Ross: You're up early.
Hannah: Oh hi babe, I was just a bit hungry so I came down.
Ross: Ok, well I'm off to work. I'll see you later.
Hannah: Bye honey I love you.
Ross: Love you too.

Ross: God I miss having sex.
Hannah: Yeah, me too.
Ross: We haven't had it in weeks, I'm gagging for it.
Hannah: But is it right? I mean Jason only died a while ago.
Ross: We shouldn't stop our lives because of it Hannah, Jason woulden't of wanted us too.
Hannah: I guess you're right. Well I'll try and get Mina out of the house later on then (laughs).
Ross: Sounds good to me!

Louise: Do you wanna watch some TV?
Craig: Yeah that would be cool thanks.
Louise: So what are you into then?
Craig: I like football.
Louise: Oh yes, your father liked football too.
Craig: (Smiles) My dad, really?
Louise: Hell yeah! His trophies and stuff are still upstairs, wanna go see them?
Craig: That would be nice.

Hannah: Hey Kacey.
Kacey: Oh hi Hannah, how are you doing honey? I haven't seen you for a while.
Hannah: I know thing have been pretty tough at home.
Kacey: Well, something unexpected has came up to me and my mum too!
Hannah: Oh really, what?
Kacey: Come on in babe, we'll have a chat.

Hannah: So what's happened to you?
Kacey: Well, my brother's ex girlfriend turned up.
Hannah: Oh dear, didn't she know he was dead?
Kacey: Nope, she came straight in asking to see him, I told her he had died almost a year ago now and she told us that she had given birth to her son fifteen years ago which Tim nor us had any idea about.
Hannah: No way!
Kacey: Yeah I know, and she lied to her own son and told him he has to stay with us because she has cancer and won't be able to look after him during her medication.
Hannah: That's sick!
Kacey: I know, so he's gotta stay here for a while and god bless him he really does not feel comfortable here.
Hannah: Aww bless him.

Kacey: So what's going on with you?
Hannah: Well me and Ross are gonna well... spice things back up again tonight.
Kacey: Oh right, is Mina going out then?
Hannah: Well that's the thing, I feel really bad asking but...
Kacey: I'll look after her for a few hours Hannah.
Hannah: Oh thank you so much Kacey! But are you positive you don't mind?
Kacey: It's fine, honestly. You two have a nice night.

Hannnah: You're such a good friend Kace.
Kacey: Don't mention it sweetie.

Megan: Hey Marie!
Marie: Hiya Megan! Oh this place is lovely.
Megan: Well thank you. I don't believe we've met, you must be Yasmin.
Yasmin: Yeah...hi.
Megan: Let's all take a seat and start eating.
Marie: Sounds good to me!

Ryan: My god Megan this lunch is lovely.
Marie: Yeah it's brilliant. By the way I see the knots landing DVD's over there, I loved that show!
Sharon: Oh really me too! I've watched up to season twelve!
Marie: That's awesome, would you mind if I borrowed the first season?
Sharon: Yes that would be fine!
Marie: Aww, thanks Sharon.
Ryan: So Yasmin what do you do for a living?
Yasmin: I'm a real estate agent.
Ryan: Wow, that's pretty impressive.
Yasmin: Yeah...
Megan: Ok it's time to get the champagne out!
Marie: (Laughs) Whoo!

Yasmin: I thought we weren't staying long.
Megan: Oh right.
Marie: Oh come on Yas, Alice is round her friends so lets make the most of this eh? A glass for me please Megan.
Megan: Coming right up!
Yasmin: Ok, that does it!

Marie: Yas! Where the hell are you going!?
Yasmin: Home! Stay here with your friends!
Marie: Yas, no wait!

Sharon: Oh my god...

Sharon: This fork is filthy!

William: Hey guys, the door was unlocked so I let myself in sorry I couldn't change I got off work late today.
Kayleigh: Hey babe, take a seat.
William: I have news for you Kay.
Kayleigh: Oh what is it?
William: Well I was speaking with John, the head teacher at Crystal Town high and I got you an interview!
Kayleigh: Oh I can't go to that, I'll just be let down again.
William: Nope, I don't think so, I showed him some of your art work and he says its very good and that you'd be perfect for a teaching assistant job in Art.
Kayleigh: Oh I dunno...

Hilary: Go on Kayleigh, this would be good!
Kayleigh: Well ok then (laughs) when's the interview?
William: Next Wednesday.
Kayleigh: Ok that gives me time to prepare and thanks so much honey. I really appreciate this!
William: No need to thank me at all!
Hilary: Well I'll get dinner on eh?

Marie: You are so embarrassing!
Yasmin: Excuse me?
Marie: How could you storm off like that in front of Megan and Ryan!?
Yasmin: Listen...

Marie: Don't speak to me! I've just had it with you.

Mina: Hi Kacey, thanks for having me.
Kacey: Hey Mina.
Craig: Who's this?
Kacey: Oh Craig this is Mina who lives opposite, Mina this is my nephew Craig.
Mina: Hello!
Craig: Hey there it's nice to meet you.
Kacey: Well let's go upstairs eh? Maybe you two could watch a movie.
Craig: I'd like that.
Mina: Yeah... me too!

Ross: For gods sake Hannah, what is taking so long?
Hannah: Give me a second!
Ross: I've given you a second, seven minutes in fact!
Hannah: Alright, here I come.

Ross: Oh... my... god.
Hannah: (Laughs) I went into town to get some stuff... think I over did it?
Ross: How did you know I liked red heads?
Hannah: Oh please, you always glared at Kacey whenever we saw her.
Ross: (Laughs) Is that a wig?
Hannah: Yep, we gonna spend all this time talking? I'm desperate for it!
Ross: Get here now!
Hannah: Oooh so demanding! (Giggles)

Everybody has many different emotions.

It may be two young people having their first kiss.

It may be two lovers long lost passion returning.

It may be anger for being betrayed by someone you love.

It might be guilt for hurting someone you care about.

It might be hope for the positive future.

It might be excitement as you watch something you love.

But there are those few people who feel no emotions.... none at all.