Crystal Town Series 2 - Episode 17 - Flaming Hell!

Kacey: Morning mum.
Louise: Hey honey, what's wrong?
Kacey: Craig's been here for two days now and I tried ringing Keria because I want him to go to school I don't want him missing out on his education.
Louise: I couldn't agree more.
Kacey: I can't get hold of her though, and I need to because I don't know how long she plans for Craig to be with us.
Louise: Well, knowing that selfish cow I'm gonna say a while.
Kacey: Yeah, I'll try again.

Keria: Hello?
Kacey: Finally! Keria it's me.
Keria: Oh for god's sake, what do you want?
Kacey: How long do you plan to keep Craig with us?
Keria: As long as I want to!
Kacey: I'm going to send him to school, he shouldn't miss out on his education because of his selfish mother.
Keria: Heh, yeah selfish!

Kacey: Well goodbye enjoy your "break".
Keria: Bye bye Kacey.

Dominic: Wouldn't it be easier Keria, if you told her the truth?
Keria: No it wouldn't.
Dominic: Why can't you tell her you actually do have cancer?

Keria: Because I don't want the pity alright?
Dominic: Alright babe, but you heard what the doctor said you're going to survive this.
Keria: I know, do you know where my wig is?
Dominic: Yeah it's in the bathroom.
Keria: Thanks.

Tina: Oh my god... Robert!
Robert: Mum I thought I'd stop by, seeing as I'm teaching a class at the school today, so... dad?
David: Oh dear.
Robert: What the hell is he doing in here!?
Tina: Robert calm down, we can explain!

David: Robert... please son.
Robert: I never wanna speak to you again... David.
Tina: (Shocked) Robert he is your father!

Robert: Bye mum!
Tina: Robert wait!
David: (Sighs) Just leave him be Tina, it must of been a shock for him.

Hilary: Hey look at me.
Kayleigh: I'm really nervous (laughs).
Hilary: Don't be, you're going to do great!
Kayleigh: Well I have to speak to John, we all heard what he did to his wife in the Crystal Inn.
Hilary: Don't be silly! You've got some amazing art work to show him. Just do your best honey, ok?
Kayleigh: Yeah I will, thanks mum!
Hilary: It's no problem, I'll have lunch ready for you when you get back.
Kayleigh: Ok.

Hilary: Good luck sweetie, knock him dead!

Eddie: (Laughs) This is so risky!
Kacey: I know, look Mina's gonna be here soon.
Eddie: Why?
Kacey: She's coming to get Craig so they can walk to school together.
Eddie: Oh damn can you hear something?
Kacey: No.
Eddie: Listen!
Kacey: Crap it's Stevie!

Eddie: Oh not again! Hey what are you doing?
Kacey: Hiding!
Eddie: We both can't hide here, and this is your room, now move!
Kacey: Whoa!

Stevie:Miss Wellington? Oh my god!
Kacey: Stevie for goodness sake!
Stevie:I'm... I'm sorry!
Kacey: What gives you a right to walk into my house!?
Stevie:You said I could!
Kacey: Out! Out! Out! Now!

Eddie: (Giggles).
Kacey: Are you happy now?
Eddie: (Laughs).
Kacey: I'm glad you find this amusing.
Eddie: Sorry, it was kinda funny!
Kacey: Get dressed!

John: I'm off now.
Jean: Ok have a good day.
John: If I hear you've been out of the house you'll regret it, understand?
Jean: Yes.
John: Good, now goodbye.

Jean: No!

John: Jean... give your a husband a kiss.
Jean: I don't want to.
John: Now!
Jean: No!

John: Have a good day darling!

Yasmin: Marie, you haven't spoken to me in two days. Please I'm sorry forgive me.
Marie: You better take Alice to school Yasmin, otherwise she'll be late.
Yasmin: Marie please... I've said sorry a hundred times, I know how embarrassed you must of felt. Please just don't be like this with me anymore.
Marie: You best take Alice now.
Yasmin: Marie please.
Marie: Alice will be late!

Yasmin: Marie wait!
Marie: I'm going to the store.

Kacey: So I heard you and Craig have been getting along well eh?
Mina: (Giggles) You know about that?
Kacey: Yep.
Mina: Please don't tell my mum, she's coming round for lunch later isn't she?
Kacey: Yeah, I'm having a few people round. Why can't I say anything?
Mina: Whenever I get a boyfriend mum just freaks out!
Kacey: Really? It's normally the dads who do that (laughs).
Mina: My dad is fine with me having boyfriends as long as you know, they don't muck me around.

Kacey: Well your mums protective of you sweetheart that's a good thing.
Mina: Yeah but she's too protective, please don't tell her.
Kacey: Don't worry sweetie I won't.
Mina: Oh thank you! Where's Craig? He's taking his time.
Kacey: (Laughs) He's a bit nervous I think.
Mina: He'll be fine.
Kacey: Yeah.

Craig: Ok I'm here, ready to go?
Mina: Yeah.
Kacey: I think she was ready hours ago (laughs) you two better hurry or you'll be late. Have a good day guys.
Craig: Bye auntie Kacey.
Kacey: Bye honey.

Later that day:

Craig: Mina we shouldn't be bunking off lessons! It's my first day!
Mina: Stop being such a wimp, I did it on my first day. God it's hot in here!
Craig: If we get caught...
Mina: We won't! They don't normally have the heating on this hight. I'm practically sweating!
Craig: Maybe if we go to lessons now.... we could say I got lost or something and you had to find me which is why we were both late.
Mina: (Laughs) You're such a goon.
Craig: But I don't wanna get into trouble.
Mina: Come on let's go in the toilets.
Craig: Why?
Mina: To make out of course!

Kacey: Well thanks for coming ladies.
Tina: Oh Kacey, are you sure you don't mind hosting this?
Kacey: Don't even mention it, you always host our get together's. It's my turn! (Laughs).
Tina: (Giggles) Well if you're sure.
Megan: Oh wow Kacey, what's that smell in here? It smells fantastic!
Hannah: Yeah what is that?
Kacey: Room freshener.
Hannah: Oh it's lovely.

John: So what makes you want to work here?
Kayleigh: Well the school itself is lovely and looks like a great please to be and also teach the children.
John: I heard you tried getting a job at Crystal Town's private school?
Kayleigh: Yeah that's correct.
John: Well, I'm not surprised you didn't get it.

Kayleigh: I'm sorry?
John: Well, no offence but I don't think you're qualified enough.
Kayleigh: Actually I attended University and have A levels.
John: Well I'll have to think about this decision Kayleigh.
Kayleigh: Yeah, of course.

John: Well it as a pleasure meeting you.
Kayleigh: You too Mr. Smith.
John: Oh hang on. We've missed something.
Kayleigh: Oh?
John: I haven't looked through your art work yet.
Kayleigh: Oh yes, I completely forgot (laughs). Hmm, can you smell burning?
John: Nope.
Kayleigh: Oh, must just be me then.

Kacey: No way!
Megan: I'm telling you, I came home from shopping and Sharon had got locked out the house in just a towel (laughs).
Hannah: (Laughs) How the hell did that happen?
Megan: She went outside to pick up the paper and the door shut and locked her out!
Kacey: Oh that's hilarious!
Tina: The poor dear (laughs).
Megan: I came backabout four hours after she got locked out and she was hiding behind the car.
Hannah: (Laughs) I wish I could of seen!

Kacey: I'm going to get our lunch ladies, excuse me a...
Louise: Kacey I have terrible news!
Kacey: Mum? Is everything alright?
Louise: There's been a fire at the school!
Kacey: What!?
Louise: They've got it on the radio, most of the students managed to get out alive and have been taken home. They've just read out a list of people who've got out.
Kacey: Craig, is he alright?
Hannah: What about Mina?
Tina: Robert's teaching a class there today!

Louise: Oh my god... in a science room?
Tina: Yes why?
Louise: That's where the explosion occurred, in a science room. They've confirmed that if anyone was in there they'd be dead.
Tina: No! No! Robert!
Megan: He might not be dead Tina! It might be a different room!
Tina: (Sobs)

Hannah: What about Mina!?
Louise: Her name wasen't called out...
Hannah: So she's still in there?
Louise: She must be...
Hannah: Oh no!
Louise: Craig's name hasn't been called out either.
Kacey: Oh god, can we go to the school?
Louise: They're letting families stand a little bit away from the school.

Kacey: Well then, let's go I'll drive us.
Louise: But I wanna go..
Kacey: You can't! Look after the pub and James.
Louise: Ring me ok?
Kacey: Yeah! Come on girls let's go!
Hannah: I need to call Ross!

Fireman: Miss are you alright?
Miss. Collins: No! I'm trapped in here with three of my students!
Fireman: And the rest of your class was...?
Miss. Collins: They managed to get out but the fire trapped us four!
Fireman: Miss, if you don't get out of that part of the school, all four of you will die!
Miss. Collins: I think we can get out the back way.
Fireman: If you can, then get out of there as soon as possible.
Miss. Collins: Alright.

Miss. Collins: Kids, we gotta run out of the back door and into the playground, ok?
Harry: I want my mummy!
Alice: Miss. Collins are we going to die?
Miss. Collins: No we're not Alice, now follow me out the backdoor and stick together!

Alice: Miss! We'll be burnt!
Miss. Collins: If I thought that Alice, I wouldn't risk it. Now come on, we can get out!

Tina: David... it's me, you need to get back from Lakeside now! It's Robert, he's trapped in a fire at the school. I don't know... just come back please. I...
Hannah: What if I lose her Ross? I can't lose her! Not after losing Jason!
Ross: We're not going to lose her. She'll be out before you know it alright?
Yasmin: Someone you know trapped in there?
Jean: Yes, my husband John. He's the head teacher here.

Yasmin: My girlfriends daughter is still in there, I can't lose her! She's practically like my daughter now too.
Jean: I'm sure everyone will be out safely.
Yasmin: I'm not too sure, this fire is spreading way too fast.
Jean: Trust me, they have firemen in there and they're putting out the fire.
Yasmin: They're doing a lousy job!
Jean: They're not, apparently there was a fault with the gas which caused an explosion in a science lab... and my husbands office was right next to it...

Yasmin: All we can do is wait and pray I'm afraid.
Jean: Yeah, lets hope for the best.

Hannah: It's been minutes! Why isn't she out yet?
Ross: Hannah babe, please calm down! She'll be out in a second I know it!
Hannah: How do you know?
Ross: Our daughter is a fighter, she'll be out soon!
Hannah: How can you be so strong?
Ross: One of us has to be.
Hannah: I can't lose both my kids!
Ross: You won't, I promise.
Hannah: Don't promise something unless you know she will be safe. I tell you if she dies, we're moving from this stupid town!

Tina: Traffic all the way here? You gotta be kidding.
David: Nope I'm not it goes from here all the way through Riverside and into Crystal Town.
Tina: Well how long are you going to be?
David: At this rate a couple of hours.
Tina: You can't be serious! David our son is trapped in a huge blaze!
David: I sodding know Tina! There's nothing I can do!
Tina: I know, I'm sorry I'm just really scared!
David: Me too, ring me if you hear anything more.

Miss. Collins: See kids! I told you we'd get out ok!
Alice: How do we get out of the playground?
Miss. Collins: We may have to climb over! Just stay by me kids and don't get close to the school understand?
Sally: Why?
Miss. Collins: Just do what I say!

Alex: Ok, I want everyone out of there this fire is becoming out of control!
Cathy: Me and Terry are going in to try and battle the flames near the headmasters office, we believe he is still alive.
Alex: Alright, be careful!

Kacey: Please be ok Craig.

Hannah: This has gotten to big, she's dead!
Ross: She's not dead!
Hannah: How the hell would you know!?
Ross: Hannah please...

Tina: Come here Hannah.
Hannah: I'm so scared Tina.
Tina: Everyone is honey, but don't take it out on Ross he's only trying to help you.

Hannah: She's right, I'm sorry Ross.
Ross: I'm scared too honey but we've got to be strong!

Fireman: Excuse me Miss?
Yasmin: Yes?
Fireman: You asked us about your daughter?
Yasmin: My partners daughter yes.
Fireman: The fire struck there first if she hasn't gotten out then I'm afraid she would of been dead minutes ago.
Yasmin: No! No! No! No!
Fireman: I'm so sorry!

Yasmin: I'm going to go and get her!
Fireman: Hey stop her!
Policeman: Come back here lady!
Tina: Oh my god Yasmin come back!

Yasmin: No! I will not let her die!

Yasmin: Aggh! Nooooo!

John: Oh god this is the end of us!
Kayleigh: Don't say that!
John: I can't believe this is the... (cough) I can't breathe!
Kayleigh: I hardly can either, just save your breath!
John: I cant...cant.. breathe!
Kayleigh: John!

Terry: Alright, we're in!
Cath: Follow the corridor lady and get yourself out of here!
Yasmin: (Cough) Ok!

Tina: Oh my god!
Megan: Kayleigh!

Tina: Are you alright?
Kayleigh: No I'm really shaken up!
Tina: Well the good thing is you're safe!

Kacey: What were you doing in there anyway?
Kayleigh: I had a job interview, I was talking to John when it happened.

Jean: Did you say John?
Kayleigh: Yeah.
Jean: Is he?
Kayleigh: He said he couldn't breathe and he collapsed.
Jean: Oh....

Kayleigh: Look they've brought him out now!
Tina: See Jean he's alright!

Jean: Is he alright?
Terry: I'm sorry Miss, your husband's dead.
Jean: But... but...
Terry: He inhaled too much smoke, I'm sorry we got him out of there as quickly as we could.

Terry: Miss come back!
Tony: Leave her, take his body away please.

Kayleigh: I just phoned my mum. She's on her way.
Tina: I rang Marie, she'll be here soon. How are we going to tell her that her girlfriend and her daughter are dead?
Hannah: Look!

Miss. Collins: We're safe kids, we're safe!
Tina: It's the kids!

Hannah: Mina!
Ross: They're out!
Megan: Oh great everyone's out!

Tina: Thank god!
Hannah: Mina! Over here honey!
Ross: Oh thank god, I thought I had lost her (sobs) thank god! 
Hannah: She's alright! Thank you lord!

Kacey: Craig! I'm so glad you're ok!
Craig: Me too, I thought I was dead for sure!
Kacey: How did you get out?
Craig: Me and Mina found Robert and we ran into the teachers staff room and ound a corridor which led to the main entrance so we could escape!
Kacey: Thank god.

Mina: I'm fine dad!
Ross: I was so worried! I couldn't stand to lose you!
Mina: Don't worry dad, I'm out. I'm safe!
Hannah: I've never been more happy!

Chris: Kayleigh, we're so glad you're ok!
Hilary: I had no idea what happened until you phoned me! I am so glad you're alright.
Kayleigh: I have to go to the hospital soon though, just to get checked over.
Hilary: I'm so happy!

Robert: Hey mum, hey Megan.
Tina: I was so worried I've never been more relived in my entire life.
Robert: Where's dad? Abounded me again when things got tough?
Tina: If you must know he is in Lakeside stuck in traffic and he's been worried sick about you but at least your alright. Robert: Yeah.

Tina: Thanks Megan, for being here to support me.
Megan: No need to thank me!

Marie: Alice! Are you ok honey?
Alice: I'm fine mummy.
Tina: Marie, I need to tell you about Yas...

Fireman: It's gonna blow!

Tina: Oh my god!
(Everyone screams)

Ross: Dear god!

While we leave the sadness, the relief, the guilt, the sadness and the tragedy of Crystal Town High....

We see that someone who had lost someone dear to them...

Jean: I'm free! I'm free! (Yells) I'm free!

Was a little happy, to have lost them.