Crystal Town Series 2 - Episode 18 - Crime and Punishment

Tina: Robert sweetheart, come downstairs I've made your favourite- pancakes!
Robert: Mum why do you keep doing this?
Tina: Sorry?
Robert: You've been so over protective of me since that fire. It was two week ago now, I'm fine!
Tina: I haven't been over protective at all.
Robert: You won't even let me get the train to university anymore!
Tina: Those things can be dangerous! Those doors fly right out!

Robert: See what I mean?
Tina: Oh my god you're right.
Robert: Thank you!
Tina: I'm one of them mums who make there kids come in when the street lights go on...
Robert: Well...
Tina: Ignore me sweetheart I'm just gonna lie here for a while.
Robert: Yeah you do that, robot mum I'm going for a ride on my bike.
Tina: Alright Robert and honey...

Robert: Yeah?
Tina: Wear a helmet!
Robert: You can't help yourself can you?


Ross: Excuse me young lady watch your tone.
Mina: This is so unfair, tell her how unfair she's being dad.
Hannah: I don't want you around that Craig Wellington anymore alright?
Mina: This is so unfair.
Ross: Honey you are being too over protective...
Mina: No! Mrs Stripe down the road is over protective but she got Robert that new bike and she lets him have parties and she got him that new plasma TV and she gives him lifts everywhere, whereas my stupid mother won't let me see a guy I'm crazy about.
Hannah: Now hang on...
Ross: I have to admit that is one nice bike.

Mina: Daddy focus here! I really like Craig. Why won't you let me see him?
Hannah: I said so! Not another word about it now go and do your homework young lady!
Mina: My school burnt down I don't think I'll be getting homework anytime soon.
Hannah: Well go upstairs and study then! You're missing education time after all.
Mina: I hate you!
Ross: Mina honey wait...
Mina: And you too!

Hannah: I'm not a horrible mother am I?
Ross: I'm going to the store.

Hannah: You were meant to say no!

Mina: Yeah I know, she's being totally unfair.
Craig: I need to see you Mina, I haven't seen you in days!
Mina: I know I really want to see you too but my mum is so crazy about me having boyfriends.
Craig: Maybe she doesn't have to know...
Mina: What do you mean?
Craig: You have a lock on your door right?
Mina: Yes, why?
Craig: Just lock the door and write a note saying you're a bit upset and want time to yourself, then stick on some music and leave.

Mina: Wow that's a good idea, can you get away tonight?
Craig: Say when and where babe.
Mina: Now at the park.
Craig: I'll be right there.

Malcolm: Honey I'm home!
Hilary: Hey darling! I'm so glad you've moved in!
Malcolm: Ah, me too. Now come on, we've got our dancing class soon. We need to be at the community centre by twelve.
Hilary: Let's go and practice!

Megan: Aww, ain't that sweet?
Sharon: Yeah, that Malcolm is one lovely looking fella.
Megan: (Laughs) It's a shame he's with Hilary, eh? You could of asked him out... oh well come on let's go get that drink.

Sharon: It's never too late for romance baby!

Alice: Mum I'm hungry!
Marie: I'm sorry sweetie mummy doesn't feel like cooking tonight.
Alice: So we're having a takeaway again!?
Marie: I can order pizza?
Alice: No we had that two days ago!
Marie: I'll cook you some spaghetti then.
Alice: Thanks mum, I'm going back on msn.
Marie: You're welcome and I told you mummy doesn't like you going on that!

Marie: Oh hey Chris.
Chris: Hey Marie, I stopped by to see how you were doing.
Marie: That's very sweet of you, Chris. Yeah I'm doing just fine thanks.
Chris: You sure?
Marie: Yeah, thanks for stopping by. It was very thoughtful.
Chris: Oh ok you're welcome. You have my number so...

Marie: Wait Chris!
Chris: Yeah?
Marie: Do you want to come in and have some coffee? I've got to make Alice dinner, and I could use the company.
Chris: Yeah sure, that would be nice.

Kacey: Where are you going?
Craig: Just out for a while.
Kacey: Don't be too long please, your nan is cooking dinner!
Craig: Yeah ok! I'll be back in an hour!

Kacey: Hey, look who it is.
Eddie: It's been dead in here tonight! What do you say me and you go upstairs and have a little fun?
Kacey: (Laughs) Isn't that kinda risky?
Eddie: That's the whole idea baby.
Kacey: Let's go then (giggles).

Cindy: Thanks for coming over.
Karina: What's up Cind?
Cindy: I don't know. I've just been so bored, Jennifer has slept none-stop and I've done all the housework and I've realised, what the hell am I doing with my life? So I thought about it and I should become an author.
Karina: Ok, what an earth has brought this on Cindy?
Cindy: I don't know, I always tell Jennifer stories and I guess... I'm good at it.
Karina: Well if you want to do it then go for it sis.
Cindy: I plan to... by the way I need your help with something though.
Karina: Oh?
Cindy: I'm going out to buy some paper and stuff so stay here and look after Jennifer please, help yourself to anything in the kitchen. Bye!

Karina: You're welcome! I guess...

Hannah: Well look who's back.
Ross: Don't start Hannah. I'm making lunch do you want anything?

Hannah: (Sighs) I'll have a cheese sandwich then please. Oh my god, Mina's outside!?
Ross: How did she get out?
Hannah: She must of climbed through her window... the sneaky little...

Hannah: Mina Johnson you get back here now!

Hannah: Right, that's it give me your car keys.
Ross: Hannah just calm down, she's hardly going to run away.
Hannah: I told her not to see that boy, but she didn't listen to me!
Ross: Hannah, just calm down. If she's not back within an hour I'll go out and look for her alright?
Hannah: I bet Kacey helped them, I'm going over there!
Ross: Don't be stupid. Please Hannah, you and Kacey are good friends. Don't ruin it!
Hannah: I will if she's helping them in this!

Ross: Hannah for goodness sake!

Hannah: Where is she? I'll just let myself in then!

Eddie: Oh this is so much fun!
Kacey: (Giggles) Eddie we shouldn't be doing this! Anyone could walk in!
Eddie: Who cares?

Hannah: Oh my.... I can't.... I need to ... oh my god...

Cindy: Hey Hannah, how are you? I came by to see Eddie. Is he in?
Hannah: You can't go in there!
Cindy: Oh my god, why not?
Hannah: There's erm... a rat problem.
Cindy: What's going on Hannah?
Hannah: You can't go in there!
Cindy: Watch me, now if you'll excuse me...

Hannah: No wait!

Cindy: Oh my god!
Hannah: Oh dear.

Eddie: (Gasps) Cindy!
Kacey: We didn't want you to find out this way!
Hannah: I think I'm going to go home now...

Cindy: How could you!? You promised me you would never cheat on me!
Eddie: Arghh!

Kacey: Cindy please listen to us! Aggh!
Cindy: You're just as bad! I thought we were friends Kacey!

Cindy: How could you do this to me!?
Kacey: Do you want me to leave you both alone to talk?
Eddie: Yeah.
Kacey: I'll be in the pub.

Kacey: I guess you saw that too, eh?
Hannah: To be fair, I tried to get her to stay out.
Kacey: Thank you.
Hannah: I didn't do it for you. I didn't want Cindy to get hurt, now if you excuse me...

Kacey: This has ruined everything!

Cindy: You love her?
Eddie: What?
Cindy: Kacey. Do you love her?
Eddie: Cindy please...
Cindy: Answer the question Ed!
Eddie: Yeah I do, I really do.
Cindy: Who do you love more? Her or me?
Eddie: I can't... don't do this...
Cindy: Just answer and tell me the god damn truth for...
Eddie: Kacey. I love her so much Cindy. I'm really sorry. I didn't want you to find out this way. I am so sorry.

Cindy: How long has this been going on?
Eddie: A few weeks.
Cindy: And to think, Karina warned me about you! She was always "don't trust the guy Cind he's a jerk" I never believed her, but she was right.
Eddie: I'm so sorry.
Cindy: I don't care, it doesn't make a difference.
Eddie: Cindy, I didn't ask for this to happen!

Cindy: Are you going to stay with her?
Eddie: What?
Cindy: Are you going to stay and be with Kacey?
Eddie: Yeah, I am.
Cindy: Collect your things tonight, I'll pack everything for you. You're not to come near Jennifer until we make arrangements.

Eddie: Cindy please!

Eddie: Are you alright?
Kacey: We're terrible people!
Eddie: We're not... we fell in love. We couldn't help it. We tried denying it for half a year!
Kacey: I guess this is it between us?
Eddie: What?
Kacey: You're hardly going to ditch your wife and your daughter for me.
Eddie: No Kacey, I'm staying with you. Although there is no way I am ditching Jennifer.

Kacey: I love you so much!
Eddie: I love you too!

Karina: Welcome back, by the way I ate some of the... Cindy are you alright!?
Cindy: Eddie's left me!
Karina: What!?
Cindy: I caught him kissing Kacey and he's leaving her for me!
Karina: I can't believe him, I'm going over there to kick his...
Cindy: No please, enough is enough now! Just be here for me please.
Karina: Of course Cindy, come on lets go and sit out in the garden for a while eh?

Lindsey: Hey guys, welcome once again to our weekly dance class, now who is going to perform for us first? Malcom? Hilary? You two?
Hilary: Oh Lindsey that would be...
Sharon: ...wrong!

Sharon: You should let your guests go first!

Lindsey: Oh everyone it looks like we have a new member!
Malcolm: Isn't that?
Hilary: It's Megan's mother... Sharon!
Sharon: Well can I show you what I got?
Lindsey: Go ahead!
Man: Wow!
Lady: Amazing!
Lindsey: You can certainly dance!

Sharon: Now you dance with me!
Malcolm: I don't know.
Lindsey: Go on Malcolm!
Hilary: (Shocked) Lindsey!
Lindsey: What? Oh Hilary chill out dear it's a bit of fun!

Hilary: Fine, get off him and bring it on!
Malcolm: Hilary.
Hilary: Yes?
Malcolm: What are you doing?
Hilary: About to prove that nobody dances with my man...

Man: Wow!
Hilary: Except me!

Malcolm: Honey that was amazing!
Lindsey: Well done Hilary!
Man: You still got it, that's for sure!
Malcolm: That last move was terrific.

The sad thing about Sharon Grey was... she knew she had been defeated...

Tina: Hey boys, oh my gosh. You two... laughing... together?
David: We're getting along again Tina!
Tina: Oh that's fantastic I am glad.
Robert: Anyway, I best be off to university.
Tina: Do you want a lift?
Robert: Sure.
Tina: Ok honey, let me just grab my...

Robert: Actually dad, can you take me?
David: I'd be glad to son!
Robert: Let's go! See you mum.
Tina: Take care honey.

Ryan: Where the hell have you been mum?
Megan: And why are you dressed up?
Sharon: Did any of you notice something strange about Malcolm?
Ryan: Hilary's new boyfriend? Nope he seems nice enough. He helped pick up some paper work I dropped yesterday.
Megan: Yeah, he's a nice guy he brings over mail the stupid mail man always sends to their house. Why do you ask anyway?
Sharon: Nothing he just looks a little familiar that's all.
Megan: Ok, well we best be off.
Sharon: Where are you two going?

Ryan: Just out for a drink, we'll be back in a hour ok?
Sharon: Yeah, that's fine.
Megan: You gonna be ok here on your own?
Sharon: I'm a grown up woman Megan, I can take care of myself.
Megan: Well alright then, we'll see you later.
Sharon: Bye guys.

Sharon Grey knew something was odd with Malcolm as soon as she came face to face with him. Was it an ex boyfriend? Was it a someone from school? Had she met him at Bingo? Did he attend her wedding? No... it finally occurred to Sharon exactly how she knew Malcolm... and decided to make a call.

Sharon: Hello, this is Ray yes? It's Sharon. I have a new task for you my dear... Find out as much as you can about a man called Malcolm Henderson.