Crystal Town Series 2 - Episode 19 - Men? Who Needs 'em!

Karina: Jennifer for goodness sake, you've puked all over your cot eww, that's disgusting!
Jennifer: Daddy!
Karina: How about Karina, can you say Karina?
Jennifer: Daddy!
Karina: Ah I give in.

Cindy: Hey.
Karina: Afternoon sleeping beauty. Look Jenny, mummy is finally up.
Cindy: Hey sweetie.

Cindy: Has Eddie been over?
Karina: Yeah, he collected his things.
Cindy: He's probably gone back over there to have sex with that stupid woman.
Karina: Don't worry. I don't think Eddie will be sleeping with Kacey anytime soon.

Kacey: She kicked you...
Eddie: In the balls, yep!
Kacey: Why did she do that?
Eddie: It's Karina, she would of done it while me and Cindy were together, if she had a good excuse.
Kacey: What gives her a right to do that? I'm going over there.
Louise: Don't be silly Kace.
Kacey: She kicked my boyfriend... well there!
Louise: And I did it too, to Bruce a number of times to... and look, three kids! Just put some ice on it you big wimp. I'm gonna open up.

Eddie: Does she have any idea how much this hurts?
Kacey: Try being in labour for forty two hours!

Seth: Don't worry buddy I've been there.
Eddie: Ah it really hurts.
Seth: Yeah... anyway I put the pasta and the bread for the pizza in the storeroom. I'll see you next week, then?
Eddie: Yeah alright!
Seth: Ah it must be bad.
Eddie: It really hurts!
Seth: Don't worry, the next time you'll see me it'll be wearing off!

David: Is there a reason why you're looking out the window?
Tina: Trying to spot Jean.
David: The red head who lost her husband?
Tina: Yeah, her. I'm really worried. I haven't seen her since the fire. I know she's home because Megan saw her collect her paper yesterday.
David: Well, go and check if she's alright.
Tina: Yeah, I think I'm going to.

Hannah: Morning Tina.
Tina: Oh hey Hannah, how are you?
Hannah: I'm good thanks.. well, Mina's being a bit of a sod.
Tina: Oh right.
Hannah: So anyway, see you later yeah?
Tina: Yeah, I'll swing by later.
Hannah: Alright then.

Tina: Who's that...?

Jean: No! Not my TV please!
Man: I'm sorry Mrs. Smith but you haven't been paying your bills so we have permission to take some of your things.
Jean: My husband died and he didn't leave a flaming will! How the hell can I take care of myself?
Man: Try getting a job, take the TV away please Kiran.

Tina: Jean... what's going on?
Jean: These men are taking some of my stuff.
Tina: Oh, why?
Jean: I haven't been paying my bills. Why did this have to happen to me?
Tina: Come on, let's go inside and make some of your lovely coffee using your great machine eh?
Jean: They kinda...
Tina: Oh right... well let's go and feed your fish in that lovely tank, I just love the fighting fish!
Jean: (Rolls eyes)
Tina: Ok they took that too... let's just go and have a drink of water.

Chris: I'm telling you, this show is absolute rubbish!
Marie: Shut up Chris, this is one of the best things on (laughs).
Chris: You can't be serious, they all link arms because they want a low number to be in a certain box, it's stupid!
Marie: (Laughs) Well, what do you like?
Chris: SimTV Sports.
Marie: Erm, no.

Chris: Give me the remote!
Marie: (Laughs) No!
Chris: Don't make me get it off you!
Marie: No don't Chris!
Chris: Ha! Someone's ticklish!

Alice: Mum, what are you doing?
Marie: Oh sorry honey, why aren't you in school?
Alice: You forgot we had a teachers training day today.
Marie: Did you? I wasn't aware.
Alice: Well we have. So thanks for making me walk all the way back on my own!
Marie: You could of called, I would have picked you up.

Alice: No, too busy with your new boyfriend.
Marie: (Shocked) Alice!
Chris: It's alright Marie, just leave her.

Marie: I don't know what's got into her... ever since Yasmin's death.
Chris: She's finding it hard to cope, she was in the blaze too you know. She's lucky to be alive.
Marie: I know Chris, I know. And I'm so glad I haven't lost her too!

Megan: Right, so that's the washing up done. Would you like a drink Sharon?
Sharon: No dear, I'm just popping out.
Megan: Where are you going?
Sharon: Just... out for a while.
Megan: I'd rather know where you're going incase me and Ryan get worried...
Sharon: I am an adult Megan. I'll be back in a few hours.

Karina: Look, you really need to do something babe. I got to go to work soon so you should really...
Cindy: You're still going to work in the pub?
Karina: Yeah, I need too.
Cindy: What!? After everything they've done to me!?
Karina: Cindy, don't argue with me over this! If I quit then I'm gonna lose my house, and you were the one who told me to extend my hours!

Cindy: Yeah you're right, I'm sorry.
Karina: Look I don't like Kacey, and I hate Eddie, but I need to keep my job. You understand that, right?
Cindy: Yeah I know.
Karina: Hey how about tonight we go clubbing?
Cindy: Who will look after Jennifer?

Karina: I can ask Kayleigh. Jennifer and her get along greatly!
Cindy: Yeah, alright then that's a good idea.
Karina: Good, I'll go and ask her on the way to work.

Craig: About time what the hell has taken you so god damn long!?
Mina: I had to try and get my mum to let me out, she's going a bit more easy on me now, heck maybe she likes you?
Craig: No, I don't think your mother would ever like me.
Mina: She would if she knew the real you.
Craig: Explain something to me...

Mina: Alright, what?
Craig: You've been here for almost a minute, so why the hell haven't you kissed me yet?
Mina: Oh yeah, I knew I had forgot something!

Hannah: (Gasps) Mina Johnson!

Craig: It's your mum...
Mina: Unbelivable!
Hannah: Go home now young lady!
Mina: No, I'm staying here with Craig, whether you like it or not.
Hannah: I come to ask you if you would like to go shopping with me, and I find you here with your tongue down his throat!
Craig: Mrs. Johnson, honestly I'm not mucking Mina around. I really like her!
Hannah: I've heard it all before!

Mina: Mum please, you're making a scene!
Hannah: Yeah and I couldn't care less. Now get your butt home or else I shall call your father!
Mina: I hate you.

Hannah: I...Mina...I...

Craig: You pushed her to say that.
Hannah: Don't go near my daughter ever again, understand?
Craig: Mrs. Johnson you're being silly.
Hannah: No I'm being a mother!

Marie: You'll be back later then?
Chris: Yeah, I've just got to go home to speak to my mum, but I'll be back. I promise.
Marie: Alright, I'll see you then.

(Phone rings)
Marie: Hello.
Teacher: Hello this is Mrs Urnbeark from Alice's temporary school.
Marie: Oh hello, how is she fitting in?
Teacher: She was doing well yesterday, and she knows plenty of other students as a few other's came from her old school too.
Marie: Oh that's good.
Teacher: Anyway Miss Peacock, I noticed Alice was not in school today? Is there a reason for this?

Marie: She came home at lunch and told me she had a teacher training day...
Teacher: That's not true.
Marie: She lied to me!
Teacher: I heard about your partners death, and I'm very sorry for your loss but I'm concerned about Alice and how she is reacting to this whole thing. Do you think you could talk to her about it?
Marie: Yeah, I will. Don't you worry!

Alice: Mum can we have pork chops tonight?
Marie: Alice, why did you come back at lunch?
Alice: I told you... teachers training day.
Marie: Don't lie to me young lady. A teacher at  your school just called me and told me that you weren't in today and wanted to know why, and she told me you didn't have a teachers training day!
Alice: I.. just... didn't want to go to school.
Marie: School is not optional Alice Roseanne Peacock, it's a privilege!

Alice: I want some time off!
Marie: Why?
Alice: Because I miss Yasmin, ok!? I want her back! But you don't care that she died, you're too busy with that new guy!
Marie: Alice how can you say that? I loved Yasmin very...
Alice: Then why did you slap her!?
Marie: What?
Alice: A few days before Yasmin was killed, you slapped her!
Marie: We had a falling out.

Alice: I don't want to speak to you again!
Marie: (Cries) Alice please darling!

Jean: Well the good news is I won't have to stay in this stupid town for long.
Tina: What do you mean?
Jean: I haven't paid the bills, I'm going to get evicted. So... I'm going to go and live with my sister. She's got a lovely apartment in Canada. We don't get on at all though... oh well.
Tina: Why don't you stay with us?
Jean: I'm sorry?
Tina: We have a spare sofa, and I'm sure the boys and David won't mind.
Jean: Tina I can't do that.

Tina: Of course you can! You're a friend and I don't care if you say no. You're moving in with us until you get back on your feet.
Jean: Thank you so much Tina, you're a star!

Robert: She's moving in here!?
Tina: Yeah, she'll be staying on the sofa.
David: I'm on the sofa!
Tina: We have two sofa's David, and I already told you a new bed has been ordered, so when it arrives we can put it in the spare room. You and Aaron can stay in there.
Aaron: I have to share with him?
David: Come on buddy, it could be worse...
Aaron: How's that?
David: You could be sharing a room with Tina... and she farts while she sleeps!

(David and Aaron laugh)
Tina: (Slightly annoyed) Anyway... like it or not Jean is living with us.
Robert: Why? Just let her go to Canada.
Tina: Robert! How could you be so heartless? She just lost her husband!
Robert: Yeah a husband who slapped her about. I'm bet she's glad he's dead.
Tina: Don't talk silly...
Robert: I don't want her here!
Tina: Tough! Aaron and David don't seem to mind, and may I remind you all this is my house!

Aaron: Where are you going?
Tina: Upstairs to have  a bath... in my house!

Robert: Dad...
David: Yes son?
Robert: You married her why?

William: Hey honey.
Kayleigh: Hey.
William: Aww who's this little angel?
Kayleigh: It's Jennifer, Cindy's daughter. She asked me to baby sit while her and Karina go out tonight.
William: Aww, she's just adorable.
Kayleigh: (Laughs) Isn't she?
William: Yeah, I'm gonna stay and help you I think.
Kayleigh: Wow she seems to like you (laughs).
William: Yeah I love kids, I can't wait to have some of my own!

Kayleigh: (Awkwardly) When do you want kids?
William: A year... maybe two.
Kayleigh: And do you plan for me to be there mother?
William: I don't plan on breaking up with you... so it depends.
Kayleigh: Alright, we've been on three dates and you're already discussing kids?

William: Honey, I didn't say we had to have them now! I just want them in the future! Don't you?
Kayleigh: Yeah of course but not for a while...
William: Alright, when?
Kayleigh: When I'm about forty...
William: Forty!? You'll be in your late fifties when they go college!
Kayleigh: That's normal.
William: I want kids soon...
Kayleigh: Well maybe I don't.
William: Are you breaking up with me?
Kayleigh: No.... of course not. I love you and you've been the best thing to happen to me in a long time.
William: Same with you... and if you don't want kids yet then I'm fine with it. I wouldn't want kids this early on anyway.
Kayleigh: Let's just take things slow, ok? We're only young.
William: Yeah, ok. I love you.
Kayleigh: Love you more!

Tina: Welcome to your new home!
Jean: Tina I can't thank you enough for this.

Robert: Hey.
Tina: Jean this is my son Robert. Robert this is my friend Jean.
Jean: It's nice to meet you.
Robert: Yeah alright, mum what's for dinner?
Tina: Robert, you say hello to our guests politely.
Robert: No.

Jean: Maybe me staying here wasn't a good idea?
Robert: No it wasn't so why don't you go and live in Canada, yeah?
Jean: Maybe that would be the best...
Tina: Nonsense you're staying. Robert get upstairs. You are grounded. How dare you be so rude!
Robert: I'm sorry mother...
Tina: It's alright but in future...
Robert: I didn't mean to offend your new girlfriend.
Tina: Robert!
Robert: Forget dinner! Your meals are always crap anyway.

Tina: How dare you...


Jean: I'm erm...
Tina: I am so sorry about my son, I will get David to have a word with him I assure you.
Jean: It's fine.
Tina: I mean how silly calling us two girlfriends (laughs). It's ridiculous. I will be back soon.

Jean: (Sighs) Ridiculous for you maybe.

Life... holds so many wants and dreams.

The dream that one day our very own children will be brought into this world.

The dream that one day you will be able to move on.

The dream that one day your children will realize that everything you do is for them.

The dream that one day you'll be able to be together with no complications.

The dream that one day you will finally get the person you love.

Although some of us have dreams...

Which would never come true.