Crystal Town Series 2 - Episode 21 - Stabbing Pains

Malcolm: Hello father, decided to wake up?
Henry: You've had your fun Malcolm, if you're going to kill me, just do it now.
Malcolm: Now why would I want you dead father?
Henry: (Tuts) My estate you stupid bastard!
Malcolm: Now now father, remember who has your medication.
Henry: Get out.
Malcolm: I'll come by and visit you later, ok old man?
Henry: Don't bother....

Megan: Are you ready honey?
Ryan: Yeah, do I look ok?
Megan: You look so handsome. Now come on we don't want to be late.

Ryan: What did I do to derserve this Megan? Losing both my parents in a space of a year.
Megan: Oh honey, I know how it feels.
Ryan: Not only that -Tim died a year ago! My best friend and my parents gone in a blink of an eye... I pray you're not next.
Megan: Don't be daft I'm not going anywhere.
Ryan: That's what my mother always said...
Megan: Come on let's give your mother the beautiful send off she deserves, ok?

Rick: Hello... Matilda?
Millie: So you've gotten it into your thick head to use code names now then?
Rick: Just listen, when do you plan to be rid of Kayleigh Kim?
Millie: I don't.
Rick: Why not?
Millie: Is there a point? You're in jail now!
Rick: Look I can get a great lawyer! If Kayleigh wasn't here to give a statement then I have a good chance of being out by the new year.

Millie: And you want me to kill her for you?
Rick: Yes, do it tonight!
Millie: Rick, can't we just let it go? You'll be out in two years.
Rick: Two years is exactly my point... imagine if Annie and the others found out, eh? I'll be a dead man!
Millie: (Grunts) Fine, I'll kill her tonight.
Rick: Good, make sure you leave no evidence and if anyone else gets in the way.
Millie: I'll kill them...
Rick: I need to go now.
Millie: You know we wouldn't of been in this position if you hadn't of raped the bitch!

Vicar Keith: We are gathered here today to celebrate the wonderful life of Sharon Grey. We will always remember Sharon as being caring, kind, honest and extremely intelligent. She shall be missed greatly by her family. Ryan would you like to say a few words?

Ryan: Yes please.


Ryan: My mother, was a great woman. She cared for her family more than anything else in the world. I would like to thank...
Police Officer: I'm really sorry to disturb the service... Mr Grey can we have a word with you please? In private.
Ryan: I am just about to bury my mother!

Kacey: Oh dear.
Eddie: What do you think's going on?
Kacey: No idea.

Police Officer: It's about your mother actually...
Ryan: What's going on?
Police Officer: I am so sorry Mr. Grey but we're going to need to take your mothers body away for further testing.
Ryan: What!?
Police Officer: It turns out she did not die of a heart attack after all. She was poisoned.
Ryan: What!? Who would poison my mother?
Police Officer: I'm sorry Mr. Grey...

Police Officer: Megan Grey I'm arresting you for the suspected murder of Sharon Grey. You do not have to say anything but anything you do say...
Kacey: That's crazy! Megan would never do that!

Ross: (Whispers) Honey are we in an episode of Eastenders?
Hannah: Would seem it...

Police Officer: Anything you do say may be used in evidence.... come with me please.
Megan: This is crazy! I would never be able to kill someone! You've made a mistake!
Police Officer: Don't cause more trouble than you already have! Now go on, out!

Tina: This is absolute rubbish David! Megan would never do this! She's been framed.
David: I couldn't agree more Tina.


Keria: For gods sake, we have the baby and the pub to look after! It's too much.
Dominic: Take a chill pill babe, Kacey's been really nice to us. She's letting us stay for Christmas. It's the least we can do.
Keria: Yeah well, I do have cancer.
Dominic: Really? Since when!?
Keria: Oh haha, you just make your stupid little jokes, when I get better I am going out partying non stop.
Dominic: Won't we find our own place if I can get a job? Then once we get settled we can have Craig back?
Keria: Well I don't know.
Dominic: Keria, you've got to act a little more mature. You have a life threatening disease and a teenage son. You can't go out partying.
Keria: Well what do have to look forward to then?
Dominic: A lifetime of happiness with your loving boyfriend and your son.
Keria: Oh yippie (!).

Keria: You're home early...
Kacey: Well.. it was a short ceremony to put it bluntly. Me and Eddie got changed in the car on the way back because some stupid guy drove through a puddle and soaked us!
Dominic: Why was it short?
Kacey: Megan got arrested for murder.
Keria: What!? My sister's not capable of killing anyone!
Kacey: I know that, in fact it's Sharon. She's been charged with murdering her.

Dominic: I thought she died of a heart attack?
Kacey: They thought that at first but turns out she was poisoned.
Dominic: Oh my...
Keria: Oh it's Sharon... yeah Megan would kill her.
Kacey: What?
Keria: They hate each other. And Sharon really knows how to make someone snap, and Megan is easy to break like a twig. I think she could have...
Eddie: That's ridiculous. Megan is not capable of doing something like that.
Keria: Anyone would kill Sharon if she practically forced them.
Kacey: I don't appreciate you talking about one of my best friends like that alright? I'm going for a nap.

Dominic: Had to open your big mouth didn't you?
Keria: Oh come on babe, when have you ever known me to shut it?

David: Tina, come on. We can visit Megan soon.
Jean: Maybe she won't even be in there long, eh? She is innocent after all.
David: Jane's right.
Jean: Jean...
David: Sorry, Jean's right though if Megan is innocent. She'll be out before you know it. I got to go to the store. I'll see you in a bit.

Tina: Everything's just fell apart Jean... first Robert plays up out of nowhere and he's leaving home and now my best friend is arrested for a murder she didn't commit!
Jean: Oh Tina come on everything's going to be fine. Come on give me a hug!
Tina: Thanks Jean, you're a great friend.
Jean: I know, so are you.

Tina: What are you doing!?
Jean: I'm sorry...
Tina: Why did you do that?

Jean: I'm so sorry, I'm going... oh I'm sorry!
Tina: Jean wait!

Hilary: Me and Malcolm are going out for a meal tonight. Are you sure you're going to be ok on your own?
Kayleigh: Yeah, William's coming round so I'll be fine. And Mum may I say you look lovely!
Hilary: Oh thank you sweetheart, I'm going to meet Malcolm at the pub then we're going to a fancy restaurant just outside Riverside.
Kayleigh: (Laughs) Well you two have a lovely time!
Hilary: We will!
Kayleigh: Oh yeah what's Chris doing tonight?
Hilary: He's working late then staying at Marie's I think.
Kayleigh: Alright, see you tomorrow mum.

Tina: Jean, I wanna talk.
Jean: I'm so sorry for what I did Tina. I just couldn't hold it back any longer.
Tina: You have feelings for me?
Jean: At first yes, but they've gotten a lot stronger.
Tina: I don't understand. I mean, you had a husband!
Jean: I never loved him, he never loved me. When I was nineteen I slept with our maid, and I fell in love with her. We decided to run away together, but my mother found out and she wasn't happy to say the least. John was obsessed with my mother, he loved her. She loved him too but she couldn't be with him, she had the families wealthy reputation to think about, so she gave him the thing which looked just like her... me.
Tina: What happened to the maid?

Jean: Found dead in a ditch a few weeks later.
Tina: Oh my god!
Jean: I knew they had done it, both of them. I took them to court but there was no evidence against them. I wanted revenge and by god I got it. At first I was just going to bankrupt my mother but one night I broke down after drinking, and she started to hit me and punch me and called me a disgusting woman and daughter. I got up and went to run out the door, but she threatened with me with a knife. I grabbed it off her but I accidentally slashed her chest and she died straight away. John helped me cover it up because he knew he wouldn't receive her money. But after that he would beat me every now and again and I couldn't do anything about it... because he said if I went to the police he'd tell them I killed my mum.
Tina: Don't you worry now Jean! They're both gone, and they're not going to harm you again!
Jean: Tina, I need to tell you something.
Tina: Oh?
Jean: I started the fire at the school.

Tina: What!?
Jean: I knew there was no classes taking place on the left side of the school so I poured some petrol, lit it and and ran out. The fire spread more than I thought and then it part blew up. John's office was next door and I had no idea Kayleigh Kim was also in there. I knew Robert was in a completely different side of the building. I knew the nursery wouldn't of been affected nor any of the other classrooms, and I knew there was no one else around.
Tina: I can't believe it...
Jean: I'm so sorry Tina.
Tina: Yasmin died Jean!
Jean: I know and I feel so terrible about that! Are you going to go to police?

Tina: I should... but I won't. Marie seems to be getting over Yasmin now and if I drop this bombshell on them it would make things ten times worse for everyone, especially you.
Jean: Thank you.
Tina: They're not going to bother you again.
Jean: I've decided to go and live with my sister.
Tina: You sure?
Jean: Yeah, thanks for everything.
Tina: I'll miss you Jean!

Later that night:

Jean: Take care of yourself, yeah?
Tina: You too. Please come back and visit some time!
Jean: I will Tina, you'll see me again.

Tina: I hope so...

William: Kayleigh, I'm madly in love with you... I want to be with you forever!
Kayleigh: Oh William I...
William: Let me finish. Kayleigh, you're all I've ever wanted...

William: Kayleigh, will you marry me?
Kayleigh: Oh my...

Kayleigh: Yes! Yes! I will!
(William laughs)
William: I love you so much!
Kayleigh: I love you too!
Kayleigh: Meet me upstairs in five minutes! I feel like making love to me hubby to be!
William: (Laughs) Do hurry!

William: (Sings) I'm gonna get married. Oh whipped cream...
Millie: Ooh with strawberries?
William: What the!?

William: Ugh!
Millie: Sorry Porter. I know this is not your battle. But after Kayleigh's gone you'll have to go too I'm afraid.

Kayleigh: (Yells) Ok I'm ready...
Millie: (Mutters) So am I!
Kayleigh: I'm coming down...

Hilary: What a great night!
Malcolm: (Laughs) Where's your bag?
Hilary: Oh Crap! I left it in the pub, can you be a dear and go and get it?
Malcolm: Yeah, I'll ask to use their loo too. I'm desperate!
Hilary: Charming!

Kayleigh: Millie! No! Put the gun down!
Millie: Sorry sweetheart. I have to do this!
Kayleigh: Don't please... I'm pregnant!

Millie: What!? (Chokes)
Kayleigh: Oh my god! Mum!

Hilary: Now that's enough!
Kayleigh: She's dead!
Hilary: I know, I'm the one who stabbed her in the back.
Kayleigh: Mum you've killed her!
Hilary: She was going to kill you! And my grandchild!
Kayleigh: What are we going to do?
Hilary: I know exactly where to hide her body....

William: What...Kayleigh... have I... oh... what is!?
Kayleigh: She hit him over the head... are you ok?
William: My head.. hurts.. oh my god!

William: Hilary... did you!?
Hilary: Yes, and I don't regret it!
William: But... why?
Hilary: She was going to kill Kayleigh and your child.
William: You're pregnant!
Kayleigh: I was going to tell you earlier!
Hilary: Malcolm's back..

Hilary: Hey, change of plan.
Malcolm: Huh?
Hilary: Kayleigh's really ill, I've got to take care of her. I'll visit you tomorrow alright?
Malcolm: Alright honey, tonight's been fun.
Hilary: Yeah it was, thanks so much honey.
Malcolm: I'll see you tomorrow then.
Hilary: Yeah.

William: What are we going to do?
Hilary: Get rid of the body of course.
William: How?
Hilary: Get me a black sack... I'll do the rest.

A few minutes later...

Kayleigh: Well?
Hilary: The body is gone for good.
William: But how did you?
Hilary: The Community centre is collecting rubbish in a tip, you can chuck anything down there and it's all getting burned and dumped and slashed into pieces. Not even an ounce of a human body would remain. We're safe.
William: I'm not happy about this.
Hilary: Neither am I! But she was going to kill my baby, and that is something I will not allow! Especially after losing one of my kids!

Malcolm: Oh you're awake, I hoped we could do this while you were asleep.
Henry: I heard about Sharon Grey, you murderous bastard! You killed her didn't you?
Malcolm: Yeah, but don't worry father. You're going to see each other. Right about now...

Malcolm: I wished we could have had a better friendship...
Henry: You're going to get...what'
Malcolm: Oooh I hope not!
Henry: You''re next!

Malcolm: Hello Stewart? Get up here please!

Stewart: Sir you... is Mr. Henderson dead?
Malcolm: Our father has left us Stewart, get people to take his body away and bury it in the yard. Have a tombstone laid there in his place.  And I want this room locked, nobody is to come in here.
Stewart: Very well sir...

Before some of us go and pass on to the next life, we decide to try and leave a little bit of trouble behind for those who remain.