Crystal Town Series 2 - Episode 22 - Not a Good Day

Kayleigh: Mum, are you alright? You've hardly said a word since last night.
Hilary: I killed a woman in cold blood Kayleigh, so sorry if I'm a little mute.
Kayleigh: Mum, she held me and my baby at gunpoint! She was going to kill us, anyone would of done it.
Hilary: Yeah but they would of regretted it.
Kayleigh: What do you mean?
Hilary: Not one part of me feels bad about what happened, she deserved it and she was going to kill my family. And I won't let anyone harm them. Have you seen what's down the road?
Kayleigh: No, what?
Hilary: A moving van. A new family are moving in. Quite a big family too.
Kayleigh: They're moving in on Christmas Eve?
Hilary: I know, weird right?

Chris: Come on say yes please!
Marie: I have to look after Alice.
Chris: Come on! It will be so much fun, you haven't had a night out in ages.
Marie: What's the point of drinking in the pub, let's just have a drink here.
Chris: Now where's the fun in that? It's Christmas Eve baby! Let's go out and have fun!
Marie: I guess a few hours wouldn't hurt, and the party at the Crystal Inn does look quite good.
Chris: It will be!
Marie: Alright, I'll ask Tina to look after Alice.


Lennie: Did Elliot take in the box with the china?
Amelia: Yeah, I think so.
Lennie: That's clever, let our clumsy son carry in the box of china my mother got us as a wedding gift!
Amelia: Sorry, but Ruby and Vanessa were inside picking their rooms.
Lennie: (Laughs) I'll go check if they've survived our sons stupidness.

Louise: Hey there!
Amelia: Oh hi!
Louise: I'm Louise, it's nice to meet you.
Amelia: Thanks, I'm Amelia and it's great to meet you too.
Louise: So I see a large car... big family?
Amelia: Yeah, huge! We have three kids.
Louise: Wow, I had three.
Amelia: Had?
Louise: That's not a story I should get into right now... or ever, I mean one is dead and the other is in jail.

Amelia: Oh.
Louise: But hey this neighborhood is great!
Amelia: (Laughs) I know my nan used to live here. I loved it here.
Louise: Oh really, what was her name?
Amelia: Beverley Wingate.
Louise: No way!
Amelia: What?
Louise: My mother was friends with her!
Amelia: Wow, small world, eh?

Louise: Yeah! Hi I'm Louise.
Lennie: Hi there Louise, I'm Lennie. Amelia's husband.
Louise: It's great to meet you! I run the pub down the road there and we're having a Christmas party tonight. It would be great if you could join us.
Lennie: That would be great, thank you. We shall be there!
Louise: Oh great it starts at eight!
Lennie: Ok see you then.

Ruby: Mum do you need help with anymore boxes... oh hi.
Louise: So this is one of your kids, hey there sweetie I'm Louise.
Ruby: I'm Ruby.
Louise: That's a lovely name.
Ruby: Thank you.
Lennie: I chose it. Amelia was completely against it at first.
Amelia: (Mutters) Why would anyone want to name their daughter after a precious stone?
Louise: Well Amelia was just talking about your kids.

Lennie: Yeah... four huh? Pretty hectic.
Louise: But you said you had three...
Lennie: Oh yeah sorry my mistake!
Louise: (Laughs).
Amelia: We had three honey, trust me I counted them coming out of me.
Lennie: Well we best get back to unpacking.
Louise: Sure, well I look forward to seeing you tonight.
Amelia: You too.
Lennie: Take care.
Ruby: Bye.

Lennie: Been here almost five minutes and almost blown our cover.
Amelia: Close call eh?
Ruby: So you guys are pretending Michelle doesn't exist? You're actually doing this?
Amelia: Honey, keep your voice down.
Ruby: She's my sister, why can't you mention her? What could she have possibly of done!?
Amelia: Get into the house young lady... now!
Ruby: Fine!

Officer: You have a visitor.
Megan: Oh my god Tina!
Tina: It's alright honey, I've hired the best lawyer in town!
Megan: Thank you so much!
Peter: Hello there.
Megan: Hi, thanks for helping me.
Peter: Don't you worry Mrs. Grey I'll have you out of here in no time!

Ryan: Don't be too sure.
Tina: Ryan!?
Megan: Honey, I'm glad you've came!
Ryan: I'm not here for you! I'm here to see you get put away for what you did.
Tina: Ryan! You can't seriously believe Megan is capable of doing such a thing...
Ryan: Where do I start you
Officer: Excuse me...

Officer: Mrs Grey.
Megan: Yes?
Officer: You're free to go.
Megan: Yes! I told you! Innocent!
Peter: (Laughs) Looks like I wasn't needed! I'm still getting paid right?

Ryan: What!? She killed my mother.
Officer: No Mr. Grey she didn't. A small bottle with some poison in it was found outside your house, in some bushes. It had fingerprints on it... and they aren't Sharon's, your's or Megan's.  She was murdered by someone completely different.
Ryan: Who!?
Officer: I'm afraid we don't know.
Megan: Well thank you for a lovely night in prison. I'm going to be off now.

Ryan: Megan wait!
Megan: Forget it Ryan, I want a divorce!
Ryan: What!?
Megan: Expect some papers from my lawyer soon.
Ryan: Megan please!
Megan: Have them papers done by next week Peter, and I'll pay you double!
Peter: I will get right to that Mrs. Grey.
Megan: It's Miss Harding now.

Hannah: Where are you going?
Mina: Out with Craig!
Hannah: No!
Mina: (Yells) I've had enough!
Hannah: Mina calm down!
Mina: (Screams) Stop telling me what to do! I live my own life! I choose what I do! You don't control me!
Hannah: Mina stop!
Mina: (Yells) I'm going to see Craig... weather you like it or not!

Hannah: Mina!
Mina: I'll see you tonight!

Karina: Hello?
Kacey: Karina it's me.
Karina: Yeah?
Kacey: Can you work tonight?
Karina: Me and Cindy are coming to the party anyway, so yeah.
Kacey: Alright speak to you soon.
Karina: Whatever.

Cindy: Who was that?
Karina: The bitch.
Cindy: Kacey?
Karina: Yeah.
Cindy: I'm not even going to look at Eddie or Kacey tonight. So don't start conflict alright? I just wanna have a good Christmas, and tonight's our last night here for a month or so because we're going to mum and dads for Christmas tomorrow.
Karina: Yeah, did Mum get Jennifer back to her house ok?
Cindy: Yeah, they're fine.
Karina: Good.

Eddie: Me look after James? Why?
Kacey: Stop moaning! I have to work.
Eddie: I wanted to party.
Kacey: Aww, tough. You're looking after James tonight, and you know he doesn't like loud music.
Eddie: Great (!).

Eddie: Hey Ryan, mate. Oh what's wrong?
Ryan: Megan's leaving me.
Eddie: Oh mate, come here.

Eddie: Let's get you a drink, yeah? We can talk.

Later that night:

Chris: Wow someone looks hot!
Marie: Thanks, you're not so bad yourself!
Chris: Well the parties already started so let's get going!

Tina: Aaron, why don't you go and put the television on for Alice?
Aaron: (Tuts) Do I have to?
Tina: Yeah, me and Megan need to chat about something private.
Aaron: (Grunts) Alright then.

Aaron: God they do my head in, they're always so private.
Alice: I don't want the TV on.
Aaron: Oh good, then we can go back down.
Alice: They won't be able to chat!
Aaron: So?
Alice: Think about it dumb head! Haven't you ever secretly listened to other peoples conversations?
Aaron: I haven't really had to, my mum would tell me everything.
Alice: Just do what I do and don't say a word!

Megan: I'm just so mad at him, Tina! I have a right to be, right?
Tina: Yeah he thought you killed his mother!
Megan: Yeah, well so did the police...

Tina: Only because she had some of your food which had the poison in it.
Megan: I don't understand how it got there though...
Tina: You and Ryan never left the room the whole time you made the meals?
Megan: No we didn't... oh my god.
Tina: What?
Megan: Ryan went to get his phone which he left at Eddie's and there was a time when I went upstairs to get Sharon to eat the dinner. I was up there a few minutes.
Tina: Then there you go.

Aaron: (Whispers) We shouldn't be doing this.
Alice: (Whispers) Shut up!

Tina: I'm just going to get a drink.
Aaron: Crap!
Alice: Go back up...
Aaron: I can't she's coming.
Alice: Ah ha! The back way...

Tina: Aaron? Were you listening to our conversation?
Aaron: No, I was just getting a glass of water.
Tina: Right, go upstairs please and if I catch you being nosy again you're in trouble.
Aaron: Ok, sorry Auntie Tina.

Tina: Now go on sling your hook! (Laughs).

Aaron: Thanks a lot.
Alice: (Laughs) Can I watch TV now?
Aaron: (Tuts).

Eddie: Oh come on James, the music isn't that bad... oh for goodness sake. Stop crying please!

Amelia: You always forget something.
Ruby: Sorry mum.
Amelia: (Laughs) It's alright, no harm done but hurry up once I open the door. I want to get back to the party.
Ruby: Alright.

Craig: Are you sure they won't find us in here?
Mina: I'm positive! Mum and dad want for a "quiet" Christmas.
Craig: I'm so pleased I've met you, you've made my year.
Mina: You've made mine too. I love you so much.
Craig: I love you more.
Mina: Impossible!

Cindy: Kacey, do you mind if I have a chat?
Kacey: Erm... ok.
Cindy: I'm not happy about what's happened, I thought we were friends and I thought I could trust you.
Kacey: Cindy please, I really tried hard not to let this happen for your's and Jennifer's sakes but I...
Cindy: Please let me finish! But there's no point starting a new year with conflict. We will most likely never be friends again but I forgive you.
Kacey: Thank you so much Cindy and I'm so sorry. I never meant to hurt you.
Cindy: I know you didn't.

Seth: I still got the moves.
Stevie: Jeez old man, ain't you got family to spend Christmas with?
Seth: Yeah, my wife and kids are at home. I just fancied a night out for once and Kacey promised free drinks.
Stevie: Well, I don't really like being away from here. My mum died last year and my dad treats me like crap, so I love being here.
Seth: Oh I'm sorry to hear that son.

Cindy: Where's Tina?
David: She's at home with Megan, Aaron and Alice.
Cindy: Oh, so Tina's looking after Marie's kid?
David: Yeah.
Cindy: Where's Robert?
David: It's a long story, but we kind of kicked him out.
Cindy: Oh I see.

Hannah: Do you think I'm a horrible mother?
Ross: No of course not.
Hannah: Don't lie to me please Ross, please be honest.
Ross: I am being honest, you're not a horrible mother what so ever.
Hannah: I just feel like I've failed as a mum. Jason died and now Mina has gone of the rails and is dating some guy.
Ross: Jason dying was in no way your fault and Mina was of the rails before we moved here (laughs).
Hannah: Ross, I'm being serious!
Ross: Yeah, I know sorry. Listen just try and not let it bother you. And let's have a  great Christmas yeah?
Hannah: Sound's like a plan to me.
Ross: Good good.
Hannah: Now tell me what you got me.
Ross: (Laughs) You'll have to wait until tomorrow.
Hannah: That sucks.
Ross: (Laughs).

Eddie: For gods sake James, please enough is enough!
Dominic: Hey, are you alright?
Eddie: Hey Dominic, yeah I'm fine.
Dominic: Is he alright?
Eddie: Yeah, he just doesn't like loud music.
Dominic: I see, can I do anything to help?
Eddie: Yeah, would you mind watching him for a second? I got to run to the bathroom. I'll be right back.
Dominic: Alright.

Hilary: Thanks so much for this Malcolm, I really love it.
Malcolm: No need to thank me at all Hilary.
Hilary: I'm really sorry to hear your father died.
Malcolm: Oh I saw it coming, he was a very old man.
Hilary: Yeah I guess.
Malcolm: Would you like some champagne?
Hilary: Oh, yes please!
Malcolm: Very well... Stewart!

Stewart: Yes sir?
Malcolm: Get me the finest champagne please, and also the flowers on my balcony need doing.
Stewart: Of course Sir.
Malcolm: Thank you.

Hilary: (Laughs).
Malcolm: What?
Hilary: You're rich!
(Malcolm laughs)

Eddie: Hey babe.
Kacey: Wait, why aren't you with James?
Eddie: Dom's looking after him. I've got to use the loo.
Kacey: Ok babe. Now give me a kiss.
Eddie: (Laughs).

Cindy: Sorry Karina, I'm going.
Karina: You haven't even finished your second drink yet.
Cindy: I thought I could do this but I just can't.
David: Are you alright?
Karina: Cindy wait! Come back!

Karina: Why do you do it?
Kacey: Huh?
Karina: My sister... you went and kissed him right in front of her face!
Kacey: Oh.. I'm so sorry!
Karina: Forget it Kacey, all you do is cause trouble. I quit!
Kacey: Karina wait!

Kacey: Seth look after the bar please.
Seth: Alright.

Kacey: Karina I didn't mean to upset anyone!

Cindy: (Cries) I might as well just jump off and end it!

Louise: Ah, so relaxing!

Madeline: I'm sorry were moving to our new house on Christmas Eve Mark.
Mark: Whatever.
Madeline: Look, I know you loved it in Lakeside but my career as a model is through. We had to move to smaller quieter town. All my friends said Crystal Town was lovely!
Mark: Yeah yeah...
Madeline: If you're going to keep up that attitude then I won't talk to you.
Mark: Fine. I ain't bothered.
Madeline: (Tuts).

Kacey: Karina please...
Karina: Why are you following me?
Kacey: Look if you'd just let me explain...
Karina: I don't need your explanations whore!
Kacey: I am not a whore!
Karina: Don't give me that crap. Now get out go on!

Kacey: Karina this is... did you feel that?
Karina: Shut up! Whoa!
Kacey: What the?!

Keria: I thought I'd find you out here.
Dominic: Oh hey honey.
Keria: Wow, he's taken a liking to you hasn't he?
Dominic: Yeah, I love kids. I can't wait to have some of my own.
Keria: Oh... you want kids?
Dominic: Yeah of course.. don't you?
Keria: Well to be honest no.
Dominic: What? Why not?

Keria: What's the point all they do is waste your money, ask for food, put you through nine months of tortue, ruin your love life for the next eighteen years and poo!
Dominic: I can't believe this. I thought you wanted kids!
Keria: No I... don't...
Dominic: I can't believe this take him!
Keria: Wait where are you going?
Dominic: For a walk!

Chris: Are you alright love?
Marie: No, I feel quite sick.
Chris: Maybe you've had too much to drink, eh?
Marie: Yeah, maybe.
Chris: Should we go home?
Marie: No let's stay here for a bit longer, it's Christmas eve after all.
Chris: Alright then babe.

Hannah: What's happened?
Ross: The powers gone off (laughs).
Hannah: I swear the floor just moved.
Ross: (Laughs) Don't be daft, I'll go turn the electricity back on.

Hannah: No leave it please! Don't touch it.
Ross: Bah, nothing will happen.
Hannah: Ross don't!

Ross: Aggh!
Hannah: Oh my god Ross! Ross! No!

Hannah: No, don't die on me!

Madeline: Can you pass me a sweet please?
Mark: Get it yourself!
Madeline: Oi boy! Stop talking to me like that
Mark: Meh.
Madeline: I tell you what young man, if you carry on like... wha!?

Mark: Oh my, mum what's happening?
Madeline: I'm losing control!
Mark: Mum look out!

Amelia: Aggh!
Ruby: Mum!
Amelia: Oh my god.

Kacey: Karina move!
Karina: (Screams)

Cindy: Aggh!

Karina: Oh my god! No! Cindy! No!
Kacey: It's an earthquake!
Karina: Is she dead!?
Kacey: For gods sake, get away from there! Stand in between the door!
Karina: Shit!
Kacey: The earths rising!

Hannah: Wha!?

Kayleigh: Oh my god... what's happening!?

William: Kayleigh are you alright? Whoa!

William: Aggh!

Keria: Oh my god!
Dominic: Keria!? Are you ok babe!?
Keria: Dom help!

Dominic: (Screams)

Keria: NOOOO! DOM!

Tina: Oh my god... get down to the basement everyone, it's made of pure concrete. It won't go anywhere. Hurry before this place falls!
Megan: Come on Alice quick!

Madeline: Oh my god!
Mark: Mum you're driving straight for the...

Life always brings up those unexpected surprises. Whether it's being trapped with an enemy, a not so great welcome to a new start in life, a piece of equipment which could reveal secrets that were meant to be known by no man or the fact that...

Keria: Dominic! (Cries) James be quiet honey, it's alright.

Keria: Oh my god! Oh my god! The pub! (Screams). Craig!

That you may very well be... the only one left alive.