Crystal Town Series 3 - Episode 23 - The Aftershock

Keria Harding had been through alot in her life, but when an earthquake struck her new home on Christmas Eve she was full of shock and worry.

You're most likely wondering what happened after the dreadful earthquake in Crystal Town, well all is about to become clear. Was Keria Harding really the only resident who had survived the earthquake?

Two months before

Keria: Craig! Craig! Oh my god... this can't be happening!
(James cries)
Keria: Honey please be quiet, I need to listen out!

Kacey: Karina, are you alright? ... ... Karina you're going to need to talk to me here! (Coughs).
Karina: My sister is dead... because of you!
Kacey: How the hell is it my fault? I'm to blame because the flaming town decided to shake? Just be lucky you're alive.
Karina: It should of been you.
Kacey: Karina, I didn't want any of this.
Karina: Well you have nothing to worry about anymore do you? She's gone... you can't hurt her anymore!
Kacey: I never wanted to hurt Cindy.

Karina: Shut up you haven't got the right to say her name!
Kacey: Look sit down and let's wait for help!
Karina: I don't care if I die! I'd be happy to, if I was taking you down with me!
Kacey: But what about your parents... and Jennifer?
Karina: Oh my gosh... Jenny... she's lost her mum! (Sobs).

Kacey: Come here.
Karina: We need to get out! I need to take care of Jennifer, it's what Cindy would of wanted.
Kacey: Look, help should be here at any second! Does anyone know you and Cindy was here?
Karina: Yeah, David knew.
Kacey: Let's hope he's ok then!

Louise: Arghh my arm...
Stevie: (Coughs) Mrs Wellington is that you?
Louise: Stevie? Are you ok?
Stevie: Yeah, my leg just hurts a bit and I think my face is cut. Are you alright?
Louise: Nope, I think I've broken my arm.
Stevie: Well don't move... where are we? I can hardly see a thing.
Louise: We're in the kitchen, how did you get in here?
Stevie: I was getting a drink for Seth and then the whole pub started to shake, and the roof gave way. I managed to run in here. But a bit of the door cut my face.
Louise: The roof gave way!?
Stevie: Yeah. We're lucky we are in here.
Louise: There were so many people in the pub!
Stevie: (Sighs) I know.

Megan: Tina!? Aaron!? Alice!? Can you hear me? (Coughs) I thought we managed to get to the basement... Hello? Is anyone there?
Megan: Hey, where are you? Hello?

Megan: Oh my god Aaron!

Aaron: (Coughs) Megan...
Megan: You're alright sweetheart, just take it easy, ok?
Aaron: Where's Tina and Alice?
Megan: I don't know, have you seen them?
Aaron: (Coughs) I heard someone scream... but I (coughs) think it was from... outside.
Megan: The doors blocked... we might have to take the back way.
Aaron: I can't get up.
Megan: Don't worry, I'll help you!

News Reporter: The earthquake has destroyed many houses in Crystal Town including the Mansion owned by the wealthy Malcolm Henderson and the Crystal Inn pub.
Jenna: Oh my god...
Police Officer: Jenna, you need to go back to your cell.
Jenna: I'm being released in two months Miss, and my sister owns the pub which has been destroyed in the earthquake. All my friends and family are there, please can I watch this?
Police Officer: Alright, but up to forty minutes is as much as I can give you before I have to lock you up.
Jenna: Thanks.

Jenna: Please be ok Kace.

Malcolm: Hilary! Hilary! Sweetheart where are you!? HILARY!

Hiliary: Malcolm! Oh thank god you're ok!
Malcolm: Oh thank lord. I thought you were dead...
Hiliary: We need to go back to the street, I need to make sure Kayleigh and Chris are alright.
Malcolm: We shouldn't go anywhere. The ground might not be stable...
Hiliary: I'm going Malcolm, you can come with me or you can stay here. But I need to make sure my kids are safe!
Malcolm: Ok fine, I'll go with you.

Hiliary: I'm sorry about your house.
Malcolm: It's alright, it's only the back that's really been destroyed. It shouldn't be a problem to re-build.
Hiliary: Oh my god! Malcolm look!

Malcolm: It's Stewart...
Hiliary: Is he?
Malcolm: Yeah, he's dead.
Hiliary: Oh my gosh... he must of fallen from the balcony.
Malcolm: (Sighs) He might of been alive if I didn't order him to wash my plants on my balcony.
Hiliary: It's not your fault Malcolm, you wasn't to know this would of happened!

Megan: Arghh, I can't carry you anymore. I need to let you go.
Aaron: It's ok I think  I can walk ok now... I think I've just hurt my ankle.

Megan: Oh my god Alice!
Aaron: (Sobs) Is she dead!?
Megan: She doesn't look good at all! Phone the ambulance! I'm going to check for a pulse.
Aaron: Ok!
Megan: Come on Alice, love don't leave me... yeah I've got a pulse!
Aaron: Thank god!

Kacey: The fire's spreading quickly... we need to get out of here soon!
Karina: The phone line's dead as expected.
Kacey: It's so strange how the ground has rose around the house...
Karina: Can't we break a window?
Kacey: They'd be no point... the land is covering it all up.
Karina: We're going to die!
Kacey: No we won't! Someone will get us out of here soon!

Stevie: Mrs Wellington we're going to need to get out of here now.
Louise: Can't we wait for people to help us?
Stevie: They're going to work on people in the pub first and there's obviously a fire somewhere, and the smoke is coming in here, we'll choke to death soon!
Louise: Alright... I can hardly see though.
Stevie: I've got a mobile, I'll use the light on that. If it is still working.
Louise: Let's hope so eh?

Marie: Arggh, Keria! Is that you!?
Keria: Marie! Are you alright?

Marie: Yeah I'm just a bit battered and bruised... how about you? Is James ok?
Keria: Yeah we're both fine.. have you seen anyone else Craig? Mina? Chris? Ryan?
Marie: No none of them... but I swear I heard the Appleton girl yell for help earlier.
Keria: Ruby?
Marie: No she went home with her mum. It was the other one.
Keria: Vanessa?
Marie: Yeah I think that's her name! Is Dominic alright? I swear he went outside.
Keria: No he's dead.. when the earthquake happened he fell through the road.
Marie: I'm so sorry Keria.
Keria: Yeah.

Amelia: Oh my god Ruby!
Ruby: (Moans in pain) Mum...
Amelia: Are you alright sweetheart?
Ruby: What happened?
Amelia: You took a fall down the hill. Are you ok?
Ruby: No I've hurt my back.
Amelia: Ok let's try and get you up ok?
Ruby: Is the pub ok? Dad, Elliot and Vanessa were in there.
Amelia: I don't know honey my main cause of concern is getting you away from our burning home, now can you move your arms?
Ruby: Yes.
Amelia: Ok, grab hold of me and I'll pull you up!

Kacey: Can you hear that?
Karina: Hear what?
Kacey: Sirens!
Karina: Oh thank god helps here!
Karina: HELP!

Roger: Can you hear that?
Matt: Yeah I can. It's screaming coming from the house!
Karina: HELP!
Matt: There are people in there!
Roger: Alright we're lucky there's no land in the way of the door, ok let's break the door down, put out the fire and get them people out!
Matt: What about the residents in the pub?
Roger: More help is on the way. Let's get these people out first!

Madeline: Arghh.. my head. Mark sweetheart are you ok? ... ... ... Mark! Mark!

Hannah: Thank god you're here!
Freddie: We came as soon as we could Mam. Is your husband alright?
Hannah: He's still breathing but he got shocked badly!
Freddie: Ok, the road on the way to the hospital is damaged so we're gonna have to take the long way.
Hannah: Alright, let's hurry please!

Aaron: Hey! Help us! This girl is badly hurt!
Grant: Is she breathing?
Megan: Yeah, but her pulse isn't strong.
Grant: Alright, this one's gonna have to be rushed to the hospital straight away.
Aaron: Ok, do you want to go?
Megan: Yeah, go to the pub and help the firemen. See if Marie got out! If she's alive and well then get someone to take you to the hospital.
Aaron: Ok!

Aaron: Hey! Keria! Keria!
Keria: Aaron are you ok?
Aaron: Where's Marie?
Keria: She's been taken to the hospital to be checked over, but she'll be fine. Why?
Aaron: It's Alice.
Keria: Oh no is she dead?
Aaron: No she's not dead, but she could die anytime. Her breathing has slowed down dramatically.
Keria: (Sighs) That's not good.
Aaron: Keria, look!

Kacey: Keria! Where's Mum? Eddie? Craig?
Keria: Kacey thank god you're alright.
Kacey: You too, who's got out?
Keria: Marie so far, she's ok.
Aaron: Me and Megan are alright but Alice was badly injured. They've taken her to the hospital. Where's Cindy isn't she with you Karina?
Karina: (Sobs) She's dead.

Tina: Hello? (Coughs). I need some help here! I can't see a damn thing... Arghh my arm hurts...

Tina: Oh my god, Aaron!? Alice!? Megan anyone!? Aaron's outside!

Tina: Aaron! You're ok!
Aaron: Oh thank god Auntie Tina, me and Megan thought you had died.
Tina: Is Megan alright?
Aaron: Yeah she's fine. She's gone with Alice to the hospital.
Tina: Oh what's happened?
Aaron: Alice isn't too good... she can hardly breathe.
Tina: Oh dear god.

Kacey: Have you found anyone yet?
John: We'll let you know when we... hey I found someone!
Kacey: Who is it!?

John: Take it easy kid.
Mina: Arggh, my head aches.
John: Can you walk alright?
Mina: Yeah I think so.
Tina: Mina! Are you alright?
Mina: Yeah I'll be fine, I just feel like my skull is on fire! Has Craig got out?
Kacey: Not yet honey.

Megan: Well Doctor?
Doctor: We've discovered Alice took a blow to the head. She's got some swelling and she could have brain damage.
Megan: Oh no!
Doctor: That's a might, she might recover and her memory might be fine.
Megan: Is she gonna live?
Doctor: It's too early to tell Mrs Grey.

Megan: Hello?
Aaron: Megan it's me!
Megan: Hey Aaron, has anyone else got out?
Aaron: Yeah Karina, Kacey, Mina and Tina have all got out safe. Keria and James are fine too.
Megan: Oh good! What about Marie?
Aaron: Apparently she's already at the hospital, Keria said she's fine though.
Megan: Oh.
Aaron: How's Alice?
Megan: Not good I'm afraid.

Kayleigh: Hey someone help!
Tina: Kayleigh are you ok?
Kayleigh: It's William he needs help! Quick! He took a fall down the stairs and he's hit his head really badly!
John: I'm on my way!

Hiliary: Hurry up!
Malcolm: I'm going as fast as I can Hilary! Oh look!
Hiliary: We need to help them!

Malcolm: Are you alright love?
Madeline: No! My son's knocked out... I need help! The doors jammed.
Hiliary: Get a big rock and hit the window! Get her out!
Malcolm: Good idea.
Madeline: No get my son out first!
Malcolm: It's not a good idea to move him if he's unconscious...
Madeline: Just do it!

Megan: Excuse me I'm looking for a woman called Marie Peacock. Can you tell me what room she's in?
Deidre: Do you know her?
Megan: Yes I went to college with her and I've brought her child to the hospital. What room is she?
Deidre: Are you related?
Megan: For gods sake woman give me the room number!
Deidre: It's room fourty.
Megan: Thank you! Where's room forty?
Deidre: Take a right and go up the stairs, then it's on the left.
Megan: Thank you.

Madeline: Thank you so much. Is my son alright?
Malcolm: Yeah, he's just knocked out. I can't see any major damage.
Madeline: I'm Madeline Baker, we were moving into Crystal Street.
Hiliary: Not a nice welcome then?
Madeline: No it's not... are you sure my sons ok?
Malcolm: Yes he's coming round as we speak. Should we move him?
Madeline: Where to?
Hiliary: There should be ambulances in the street.
Madeline: Alright then, let's go!

Hannah: Hey Keria, are you alright?
Keria: Hi Hannah, how's Ross and Mina?
Hannah: Mina's fine and Ross is at home.
Keria: What are you doing here anyway?
Hannah: I'm here because I dropped my mum off for a blood test.
Keria: Oh right.

Hannah: Listen it's been two months... but don't give up hope ok?
Keria: I lost my boyfriend Hannah, now my son is in a coma. I can't say I've got much hope left in me.
Hannah: He might pull through.
Keria: No he won't... he could be brain-dead!
Hannah: Look... a few people died that day. Ryan, Cindy and Seth died, but Craig might not be one of them.
Keria: He might as well be if he's brain-dead.
Hannah: Oh don't say that...
Keria: (Sobs) I can't lose my boyfriend and my son.

Hannah: Oh sweetheart come here!
Keria: I just want my Craig back!
Hannah: I want him back too, as much as I was nasty to him when he was with Mina... she truly does love him.
Keria: I know.

Doctor Cortez: Excuse me Miss Harding?
Keria: Yes?
Doctor Cortez: It's Craig.
Keria: Oh he's dead! I knew it!