Crystal Town Series 3 - Episode 24 - Under Lock and Key

Doctor Cortez: Excuse me Miss Harding?
Keria: Yes?
Doctor Cortez: I need to talk to you about Craig.
Keria: What is it?

Doctor Cortez: Your son is awake.
Keria: Oh... thank the lord!
Hannah: See I told you he might be alright!
Keria: Oh this is fantastic, can I see him?
Doctor Cortez: For an hour or so yes, but after that I want him to rest.
Keria: Of course, thank you doctor!

Keria: Do you want to come in with me?
Hannah: I'll go back and get Mina! She's going to be thrilled!
Keria: Ok!

Keria: Craig it's me! I've missed you so much...
Craig: Mum... you look different.
Keria: Yeah well I have cancer believe it or not (laughs).

Kayleigh: Hey guys.
Hilary: Hey Kayleigh, have you been to the hospital?
Kayleigh: Yeah.
Malcolm: How is he?
Kayleigh: The doctor said there's a big chance he might wake up soon. because he's been moving his fingers.
Malcolm: Fantastic!
Hilary: That's great! I'm so pleased William will be alright.
Kayleigh: Yeah the force really want him back too apparently. He was very close to discovering who killed Sharon Grey.
Malcolm: Really?
Hilary: Good, whoever poisoned that innocent woman deserves death!
Kayleigh: Yeah poor Megan, she was really affected by Sharon's death. Would you mind giving me a lift to William's house Mum? I need to get a few things for him.

Hilary: Oh honey I can't, I've got work in ten minutes can't you ask Chris?
Kayleigh: He's out with Marie and Alice.
Hilary: Oh right.
Malcolm: I'll take you.
Kayleigh: Are you sure?
Malcolm: Yeah it's no problem. Your mother is starting to bore me anyway, all she seems to talk about recently is Sim Street.
Hilary: (Tuts) People can't appreciate a good drama!

Madeline: Mark! Come downstairs please. I need to talk to you.
Mark: What is it mum?
Madeline: You've been up in your room all afternoon. Don't you ever think of coming down to say hi?
Mark: No, why should I?
Madeline: Because I'm your mother and I want to know how school was.
Mark: You don't care about me.
Madeline: Excuse me?
Mark: Well let's face it... you ruined my life.

Madeline: Where is this coming from?
Mark: Well lets see... you take me away from my life which I loved for no reason by the way, we were happy, I had friends and I was doing good in school but then you go and make us move for like the seventh time in my life. You don't even give me a good reason as to why we move!
Madeline: Look Mark, I'm sorry you had to give up your life but...
Mark: No buts woman! I've had it with you and your crap.
Madeline: You really don't think I care about you?
Mark: No you don't!
Madeline: That's funny because when we crashed into a ditch on our first night here, I told the man who was rescuing us to get you out first while our god damn bonnet was on fire!
Mark: You just want to give a false image to these people.
Madeline: How dare you!?
Mark: Well let's face it, you're plastic just like your breasts!

Madeline: Go upstairs now.
Mark: I'm happy to!

Lennie: Wow, you've done a good job!
Amelia: Thank you! Now do you believe that women can do equally as good at a job than men?
Lennie: Yeah, I guess I knew that all along anyway (laughs). I like the walls.
Amelia: Yeah, I'm pleased things are going well for us now, especially after what's happened to us over the past year.
Lennie: Now come on, let's talk about something else.
Amelia: I miss her you know...
Lennie: Amelia please.
Amelia: Maybe we can bring her home?

Lennie: We can't! It would be too risky, you know what she did!
Amelia: Maybe it won't be risky maybe they've got over it!
Lennie: Look she's staying away from us and that's final. Don't discuss this again especially infront of the kids.
Amelia: Yeah I guess you're right.
Lennie: I am! Imagine if they found out what their sister did.

Vanessa: Hear anything?
Elliot: Yeah, mum said she wanted to bring Michelle home, but dad said no.
Ruby: What the hell is going on? I want to know where she is!
Elliot: Then dad said "Imagine if they found out what their sister did".
Ruby: It must of been something bad!
Vanessa: We need to keep this between us three. If it's something which is making Michelle live nowhere near us then it obviously has to be important.
Ruby: Yeah you're right.
Elliot: I'll be able to keep my mouth shut.
Vanessa: You better had.

Hannah: Hey babe, how are you feeling?
Ross: I'm alright now (laughs) stop fussing over me.
Hannah: Sorry, have you seen Mina?
Ross: She's upstairs I think. What are you so happy about? Where's your mum?
Hannah: I dropped her off at her house so she could get more clothes for when she's staying here. I' came back quickly... Craig's woken up!
Ross: Fantastic! Mina's going to be delighted.
Hannah: Yeah she is... Mina come down here please!

Mina: Yeah?
Hannah: We're going to the hospital.
Mina: Why?
Hannah: Craig's woken up!
Mina: Oh my god! Yes! I'm so happy! Oh thank god! Let's go! Bye dad!
Ross: Bye love.

Mina: Come on mum let's go!
Hannah: Start up the car. I've left the keys in it. Will you be ok Ross?
Ross: Yeah of course, go on go. Don't keep her waiting. She'll drive herself if she has too.
Hannah: (Laughs) I'll be back in an hour.

Jenna: Suprise sis!
Kacey: Jenna, oh my god you're back!
Jenna: Yeah! They let me off early. I see this place is slowly getting back together.
Kacey: Yeah it's taking a while, we have to stay at Malcolm's while the house is bring re-made. It's almost all done.
Jenna: Malcolm?
Kacey: Oh the rich man who Hilary's dating.
Jenna: Oh I see. How have you been?

Louise: Jenna, is that you?
Jenna: Mum.
Louise: How... erm how are you?
Jenna: I'm good, glad to get out of prison finally. Killing that bitch who murdered Tim was worth it. How are you?
Louise: I'm alright, just a bit sad about the pub being destroyed.
Jenna: Well I... erm.
Kacey: She missed you Jenna.
Jenna: You did?
Louise: Yeah you're my daughter, of course I missed you.
Jenna: Then why didn't you ever visit?
Louise: I didn't think you'd want me there.. you know because of all he business of pretending to be dead.
Kacey: That was dads fault mum. Not yours.

Jenna: Well I missed you too mum.
Louise: I'm so glad I've got my girls back. I just wish Tim and your father were here too, even though he did ruin a year of my life I still love him.
Jenna: Don't worry us four will be fine.
Kacey: You mean five.
Jenna: Five? Me, you, Mum and James.
Kacey: Actually I forgot to mention something...
Jenna: Which is?

Eddie: Hey babe, do you know where the police put our... oh hey Jenna.
Jenna: Eddie, what are you doing here?
Kacey: Well me and Eddie are kind of a thing.
Jenna: Oh. For how long?
Eddie: About four months.
Jenna: Well I'm pleased you've found someone Kace.

Tina: Hey David.
David: Hey, how are things here?
Tina: They're alright, me and Aaron are getting this place done quickly and sharply. Are you doing alright in Lakeside?
David: Yeah I'm doing fine, I miss you and Aaron though.
Tina: You miss me?
David: Yeah of course I do, when I was living with you for those weeks Tina I kind of learnt that I still do love you and it reminded me of when we first met.
Tina: What?
David: I still love you Tina.
Tina: No you can't abandon me and then come back months later and say you still love me!
David: I know and I'm so sorry but...
Tina: You broke my heart David! No one had any idea how much pain I was going through but I had Ariel, Robert and Aaron to take care off. Then Ariel got hit by a bloody car and then Robert turned into the son from hell and then...
David: I'm so sorry Tina, I made a mistake when I left you.
Tina: No, don't even go there. Go home. I'll speak to you later.
David: Tina please...

Aaron: Auntie Tina, are you okay?
Tina: Yeah I'm fine.
Aaron: Are you sure you look a little...
Tina: I'm fine!
Aaron: Alright, there's no need to snap at me.
Tina: I'm sorry love. I guess I'm just a little uptight about things.
Aaron: You can talk to me about it you know.
Tina: I know mate come here.

Tina: Any luck finding a job?
Aaron: Nope I've asked Kacey. She said she won't need anymore staff when the pub re-opens.
Tina: Ah, don't worry you'll get something soon.
Aaron: I hope so.

Mrs Daniels: Oh hello Megan sweetheart!
Megan: Oh Hi Mrs Daniels, how are you?
Mrs Daniels: I'm fine sweetheart, just doing a bit of shopping. We lost quite a bit of stuff in our house when the earthquake struck.
Megan: Yeah, my house was one of the very few left standing. A wall was missing and there was a fire upstairs, and a few things got broken but other than that it's fine.
Mrs Daniels: Ah, you lucky thing.
Megan: Not really, my husband Ryan was in the Crystal Inn at the time.
Mrs Daniels: Oh my goodness! I heard the roof fell in, is he ok?
Megan: No his body was found a few hours after the earthquake.
Mrs Daniels: Oh honey I am so sorry.
Megan: Yeah me too. Anyway I best be off now.
Mrs Daniels: Ok love, take care.
Megan: You too give my love to the family.
Mrs Daniels: I will do dear.

Megan: Oh my god Barry? Barry Morant?
Barry: Yeah that's me... who are you? ... Oh my gosh, Megan Grey!
Megan: Oh my goodness Barry, it's been so long!

Barry: I haven't seen you in years!
Megan: I know it's been too long.
Barry: I miss the college days.
Megan: Yeah me too, life was so simple then.
Barry: I heard about Ryan, I'm so sorry he's gone Megan.
Megan: It's alright, I'm moving on.
Barry: Good, I'm glad to hear you're coping alright, but other than that how have you been?

Megan: I've been alright I guess, just busy with work and stuff.
Barry: Oh what do you do?
Megan: Well I did write children's books but at the moment I'm in advertising.
Barry: Oh right, what do you advertise for?
Megan: Well it depends, some times for shops and stuff. What do you do?
Barry: I'm a doctor.
Megan: Wow really?
Barry: Yeah, I have been for quite some time now. I worked in Pleasantview for a while but I've been re-located to stay here.
Megan: How are you settling in?
Barry: Pretty well thanks, my flats not the greatest of places anyway.
Megan: Why are you living in a flat if you're a doctor? Don't you like have loads of cash? (Laughs).
Barry: It's a long and complicated story. Anyway would you like to get some coffee sometime?

Megan: Yeah, that would be great! You free now?
Barry: No I gotta get back to the hospital, some silly kid has a bin stuck on his head (tuts).
Megan: (Laughs) How about tomorrow lunchtime?
Barry: That would be great, here's my number...

Chris: Did you girls have a good day?
Marie: Yeah it was great thanks Chris.
Alice: That ice cream was so nice! Can we go there again?
Marie: If you're good.
Chris: Had no headaches today Alice?
Alice: Nope, not one!
Chris: Good, your head must be getting better now then.
Marie: Park carefully babe. The drive was pretty mucked up when the earthquake struck.
Chris: You were lucky your house stayed up.
Marie: Tell me about it, the Montredge house and the Crystal Inn were completely destroyed!

Marie: Alright Alice, go upstairs and finish your homework now please.
Alice: But mum... you said I could watch some TV.
Marie: I said you can watch some TV after you do your homework. Now go on...
Alice: Ah fine.

Marie: Just me and you then.
Chris: Ah Marie I love you I do.
Marie: You... you love me!?
Chris: Yeah I have for a long time.
Marie: That's good because I love you too.
Chris: I've been so happy since I've been with you.
Marie: Same with you, I shouldn't say this but you've made me as twice as happy Yasmin ever made me feel.
Chris: Aww babe, you don't know how much that means to me.

Mina: I'm so excited mum! He's awake!
Hannah: Alright love, slow down this a hospital!
Mina: I don't care! I need to see Craig!

Mina: Craig!
Craig: Erm... hi.
Hannah: What's the matter Keria?
Keria: Let's step outside for a second both of you.
Mina: But...
Keria: I'll explain.

Hannah: What's going on?
Keria: It turns out the damage to Craig's brain is worse than the doctors first thought.
Mina: What do you mean?
Hannah: Is he gonna be alright?
Keria: Yeah he'll be fine but he can't remember anything since a year ago.
Mina: So he don't remember me...
Keria: No I'm afraid he doesen't.
Hannah: Will he get his memory back?
Keria: The doctors said there's a small chance of that happening.

Mina: (Sobs) I can't believe this!
Hannah: Mina wait!
Keria: Leave her be for a while Hannah, this has been a shock to me too. She just needs time to think.

Kayleigh: Thanks for doing this Malcolm. It means a lot.
Malcolm: It's no problem. Can I help to collect anything?
Kayleigh: Yeah I'm gonna get some of his shaving things. Can you go into his bedroom and pick out some clothes?
Malcolm: Sure.
Kayleigh: Thank you.

Malcolm reads a page which reads:

"Dear Diary, today's been quite crazy I must admit. I visited an old friend of mine called Henry Henderson he told me his son is poisoning him! I was so tempted to go to the police but Henry warned me not too. I'm confused about what to do.

Love Sharon xox

Malcolm: Well... well... well looks like William is gonna need taking care of!

Malcolm: Alright everything's in the car ready to go?
Kayleigh: Yep, lets go.

Adam: Who are you and what are you doing in this house?
Kayleigh: I could ask you the same thing!
Adam: Are you Kayleigh?
Kayleigh: Yeah, who are you?
Adam: I'm Adam. William's brother, I was meant to be coming down for your wedding.

Vanessa: Mum is something going on you can't tell us about?
Amelia: Like what sweet heart?
Vanessa: Something to do with Michelle.
Amelia: Please tell me you kids haven't discussed this with anyone else!
Vanessa: No we haven't! It must be important if it forced us to move here!
Amelia: Yeah it was. Just please give it time and me and your father will tell you guys the truth.
Vanessa: Promise?
Amelia: Yeah I promise.

Rose: Ross! Ross!
Ross: What's wrong Rose?
Rose: Where's Hannah disappeared too?
Ross: Oh she's gone to the hospital, Mina's boyfriend woke up from his coma.
Rose: Ah yes, it's Craig isn't it?
Ross: Yeah that's right.
Rose: I can't say I'm delighted to hear Mina's dating.
Ross: Oh it doesn't really matter.
Rose: Well I'm sure your parents wouldn't approve. Where are they anyway? I haven't seen them in years.
Ross: Erm, they're at home in London.
Rose: Really? Then what did they spend their money on?

Ross: How... how did you know about that?
Rose: Saw it in the paper.
Ross: Look please don't tell Hannah!
Rose: Why? Was it because that happened when you and Hannah were...
Ross: Yes you haven't got to remind us! But to be honest, you didn't exactly give us anything to help.
Rose: And who's fault is that?

Ross: What are you trying to say Rose?
Rose: Isn't it obvious? It's like I've always said, you're not and will never be good enough for my Hannah.

Jenna: Wow this place has sure changed a lot.
Kacey: Yeah we had to completely re-model after the earthquake.
Jenna: That must of taken ages!
Kacey: Yeah it took some time. But the insurance company were amazingly fast with giving us money.
Jenna: Wow that's good then, eh?
Kacey: We've missed you Jenna, especially me. I can't say how badly I needed you when Dad died. I thought all four of you had gone and left me.
Jenna: Well, it's in the past now yeah? And look what a family you've got now. You've got me, mum, Eddie and James.
Kacey: Yeah I guess that's true. I've got to use the loo hang on.

Kacey: Mum are you going?
Louise: Yeah hang on, just tidying up my hair.
Kacey: Why? It's down the road...
Louise: Honey she's a model I get intimidated.
Kacey: (Laughs) I got to use the loo.

Marie: Hey Diane!
Mrs. Daniels: Hey there Marie! Daily run?
Marie: Yeah! I'm absolutely knackered! I'm heading home, take care.
Mrs. Daniels: Yeah, you too love.

Mrs. Daniels: Oh Evan I do miss you.

Louise: Hey Madeline can I ask you something?
Madeline: Yeah sure.
Louise: Can I borrow your lawn mower?
Madeline: I erm.. don't have one.
Louise: But Kacey said she saw you do your lawn a few days ago. Then you put it in your shed.
Madeline: It broke.
Louise: I could get Eddie to take a look at it if you want?
Madeline: Nope that's alright. A new one is in order.
Louise: Well alright, thanks anyway.
Madeline: Sorry I couldn't help.

Madeline: (Sobs)