Crystal Town Series 3 - Episode 25 - Shoot the Button

Jenna: Kacey!
Kacey: What's up Jen?
Jenna: It's Eddie! He's been singing upstairs for half an hour while he showers! I'm trying to get some sleep!
Kacey: It's eleven he has to work in the pub soon.
Jenna: But I'm tired. I need a decent nights sleep, if it's not Eddie in the mornings then it's mum snoring, James crying or you and Eddie making love!
Kacey: Crap, you can hear that?
Jenna: Oh please, Tina Stripe down the road can most likely hear it!
Kacey: (Laughs).

Kacey: That's Karina!
Jenna: I thought you said she was going to live with her parents.
Kacey: I thought she was.
Jenna: Why is she going to knock here?
Kacey: I don't know.
Jenna: Need any help?
Kacey: No it's alright.
Jenna: Good cause I'm going back to bed.
Kacey: God you're so lazy. Eleven in the morning is like the middle of the night for you.
Jenna: Exactly!

Kacey: Hey Karina, what are you doing back here? I thought you were staying with your parents.
Karina: Actually I've decided to stay in Crystal Town but my mum and dad are staying with me for a while to help me get Jennifer settled back in. She's missing Cindy.
Kacey: (Sighs) I can imagine. The poor child, how are you and your parents?
Karina: We're moving on, but it's hard. I'm actually here to talk to Eddie.
Kacey: Oh?
Karina: Is he in?
Kacey: Yeah just hang on.

Eddie: Hey Karina.
Karina: I need to talk to you Eddie, it's about Jennifer.
Eddie: (Delighted) Is she back here?
Karina: Yeah, and you can come and see her whenever you like.
Eddie: Oh thank you so much!
Karina: I'm not doing this for you, that poor little girl has already lost her mum I'm not about to make her lose her father too.
Eddie: Karina...
Karina: Yeah?
Eddie: I'm so sorry.
Karina: Yeah, I know.

Kayleigh: Morning guys.
Hilary: Honey, I thought you were in bed?
Kayleigh: No I've been to the hospital.
Malcolm: Has he woken up?
Kayleigh: Not yet, but the doctors positive he will make a full recovery.
Malcolm: Good.
Kayleigh: I really could do with some company when I go at lunch today though.
Hilary: I'll go with you honey, darling would you be able to give us a lift?
Malcolm: Yeah no problem.
Kayleigh: Thanks Malcolm, you're a star!

Madeline: Mark, can you get up please!
Mark: Mum leave me alone, its the weekend.
Madeline: It's a beautiful day and I don't want you stuck up in your room. Now come on please get up.
Mark: You're so evil to me.
Madeline: For goodness sake, why the hell do you think I'm so nasty to you?
Mark: Well maybe it's because you are!
Madeline: I'm not nasty to you sweetheart, if I was you you'd know about it.
Mark: Who's that?
Madeline: I don't know but don't come downstairs until you're dressed you lazy little git.

Madeline: And that is not an invitation to go back to sleep!
Mark: Damn it!

Madeline: Hello Eddie, what brings you here?
Eddie: Hey Madeline, you're looking lovely today. I'm here to fix your lawn mower.
Madeline: How did you know it was broken?
Eddie: Louise mentioned it to me. Don't worry you won't have to pay a thing. I'll do it for free.
Madeline: It's fine, I've got a much better one on order. It should be here by next weekend.
Eddie: Well I can still look at it, maybe you could sell it after?
Madeline: It's erm... beyond repair.
Eddie: I can fix anything.
Madeline: No it's fine. Thank you anyway.

Eddie: What's going on?
Madeline: Ok the truth is, it was stolen.
Eddie: Oh dear.
Madeline: Yeah someone broke into my shed and just took it.
Eddie: Well we can't have that. Have you called the police?
Madeline: No, no. There's no need to get the police involved.
Eddie: Well we should call a meeting about this then.
Madeline: A meeting?
Eddie: Yeah the neighbourhood watch, Tina Stripe runs it.
Madeline: No that's alright...

Eddie: Well there's a meeting today at four so I'll just bring it up.
Madeline: You haven't got to...
Eddie: Don't be silly, plus it will be good to see if anyone saw who did it.
Madeline: Where is this meeting being held?
Eddie: At Tina's house.
Madeline: Right, I'll be there for four.
Eddie: Alright then. Don't worry we'll find the punk who did this.
Madeline: Let's hope so eh?

Eddie: Hey there Mark! Lay in, eh?
Mark: Hi Eddie, yeah I guess you can say that.
Eddie: (Laughs) Anyway I'll see you both later on.
Madeline: Bye Eddie, thanks for stopping by.

Madeline: What did I tell you about getting dressed?
Mark: That was a lie...
Madeline: What?
Mark: Our lawn mower is in the shed. I saw a quick glimpse of it.
Madeline: I told you not to go in the shed.
Mark: I just saw you put it in there yesterday!
Madeline: Go upstairs, get dressed and then you can do some chores.

Mark: And people think having a mum who's a model is fun!

Hannah: Hey Megan, wow you look amazing!
Megan: Thank you (laughs).
Hannah: Let me a guess, a date?
Megan: Well yeah...
Hannah: Aww, I'm pleased for you babe. You heading out now?
Megan: In about ten minutes yeah, why?
Hannah: I was just gonna pop over for a chat.
Megan: Oh right, I miss our girly chats with us five. But no ones been in the mood since the earthquake.
Hannah: Yeah. Maybe I can have a dinner party for the neighbourhood tonight?

Megan: Now that is a great idea!
Hannah: Yeah I'll invite all the adults and no kids will be allowed!
Megan: (Laughs) Mina driving you nuts?
Hannah: Like you wouldn't believe!
Megan: Sounds like a plan, can I bring a date?
Hannah: Ooh you most defiantly can.
Megan: (Laughs) Thanks.
Hannah: I'll see you later, hope you have a nice time.
Megan: Cheers Hannah.

Mina: Hey dad.
Ross: Hey sweetheart, how are you feeling?
Mina: I'm still so gutted Craig can't even remember who I am!
Ross: I know it's hard honey, but there's still a chance Craig might get his memory back.
Mina: I feel like crap, he was the only thing keeping me happy.
Ross: Well you have me and your mother you know.
Mina: Yeah I know. I'm just depressed.
Ross: Well at least it's the weekend eh?
Mina: Meh.
Ross: Oh don't go back upstairs love... oh dear.

Ross: It's gonna be a nice and relaxing weekend for me that's for sure.

Hannah: Hey babe.
Ross: Hey Hannah.
Hannah: By the way, we're throwing a dinner party for the whole neighbourhood tonight. I'm going to invite people. Could you please write a list of what we could need. I'll be back soon to go to the store.

Ross: (Sighs) Can't a man catch a break?

Eddie: Hey honey, what's up?
Kacey: I'm just a little busy at the moment, I'm going to go and visit Craig in hospital shortly and we've been invited down to Hannah's for a dinner party tonight, she just rang me.
Eddie: Who did she invite? Me and you, or your mum and Jenna as well?
Kacey: Just me and you. All the couples are going.
Eddie: Ah, that should be fun.
Kacey: Yeah it will be, I'll meet you there later on, ok?
Eddie: Alright babe, I'll see you later.
Kacey: Also could you try and get Jenna up?
Eddie: After last time!?
Kacey: I'm sure she won't hit you again.

Later that day...

Amelia:: Hello everyone and welcome to this month's neighbourhood watch meeting, Tina is visiting her mum for a few days so I am here to take her place as speaker and leader for today. Does anyone have anything they'd like to bring up?Mrs Daniels: Yeah I do!
Amelia:: Okay?

Amelia:: Diane... what is it?
Mrs Daniels: Aaron, can I use the bathroom?
Aaron: Erm.. sure?
Mrs Daniels: Cheers kid.
Amelia:: Okay then, let's not go into detail about Diane using the loo. Anyone got anything else to say?
Eddie: Actually I do Amelia:.
Amelia:: Oh? Go ahead...

Eddie: Well Madeline had her lawn mower stolen.
Amelia:: Oh dear.
Eddie: Some idiot broke into her shed and stole it, did anyone see who had done it?
Eddie: I guess not.
Madeline: It doesn't really...

Amelia:: Well not to worry, we'll all keep our eyes out for your lawn mower Madeline.
Madeline: Thank you Amelia:.
Amelia:: It's what neighbours are for. Anyone else have something they'd like to bring up? Oh wait, I myself have a small complaint. And it's about you Eddie.
Eddie: Oh?
Amelia:: Of a night time would you and Kacey try to keep your noise to a minimum?
Eddie: Umm, how the hell can you hear that!?
Hilary: So you can hear it too, I thought it was just me!
Amelia:: I heard it while sitting in my garden.
Eddie: Oh...
Malcolm: (Laughs) Maybe you could just play music over it?
Madeline: You're all actually getting the hump over this?

Amelia:: Sorry?
Madeline: I mean come on, a young couple having sex. It's natural.
Hilary: Not the stuff I've been hearing! "Oh harder Eddie harder!".
Malcolm: Ok dear, I think that's enough.
Hilary: Oops sorry.
Amelia:: Well sorry Madeline, but quite a few members seem to have an issue with this.
Eddie: I'm sure me and Kacey can cut out the noise...

Madeline: Now hang on a minute. If you don't like it don't sit outside at night.
Amelia:: And I don't wish to hear the disgusting sounds coming from your house either. Such as the blaring loud music. And why shouldn't I sit outside, I like to look at the night sky.
Madeline: More like howl to it.
Eddie: Ladies...
Hilary: That's enough Madeline.
Amelia:: Don't worry Hilary I'm not bothered what some stupid bimbo thinks of me.
Madeline: (Laughs) A stupid bimbo?
Amelia:: Yes you heard right.
Ross: Ladies please, can we calm down here?

Amelia:: Yes Ross, I apologise. As we all know Tina has decided to step down as leader so seeing as no one else is currently going to campaign to be leader I guess I'll be doing it as second in charge.
Madeline: I'll do it.
Amelia:: I'm sorry?
Madeline: I'll give this job a go.
Amelia:: You want to run against me?
Madeline: Yeah, why is that scary for you?
Amelia:: (Laughs) Not as scary as your over sized cheap plastic breasts.
Lennie: Ok this is immature. Ladies please, Amelia: I expected better from you.
Amelia:: You're right dear I'm sorry if my words offended anyone.
Madeline: Oh so now you're playing the perfect housewife card to win you votes? Ah very clever.
Amelia:: And what role are you playing, the slut of the street?
Madeline: I'm not the one with three kids.

Madeline: Ouch!
Lennie: (Shocked) Amelia:!
Hilary: That was uncalled for!

Amelia:: Madeline I'm sorry!
Madeline: Well, all in favour for Amelia: as leader?
Lennie: Erm, aye?
Madeline: And for myself?
All: Aye.
Amelia:: (Sighs).
Madeline: Ok then it's settled, I am now in charge of the neighbourhood watch. And from now on the meetings will be held at my house every Thursday afternoon at two starting next week. Does anyone have anything else to bring up?
Madeline: Alright, then that's the end of this weeks meeting.

Megan: Thanks for lunch today, it was lovely.
Barry: That's alright, I really like spending time with you Meg.
Megan: Yeah I do with you too.
Barry: Well I'm gonna go.
Megan: Don't you want to come in for a while, for some coffee?
Barry: Yeah, okay. That would be cool.

Barry: So how have you been doing?
Megan: I'm doing fine. I think I'm finally getting over Ryan...
Barry: I'm here for you anytime you need to talk.
Megan: Yeah I know, I would be a wreck if it wasn't for you.
Barry: Aww, to be honest you've made me a lot happier as well.
Megan: That means a lot to me. By the way my friend Hannah's having a dinner party tonight, for all the couples. You want to come as my date?
Barry: Yeah, that would be cool thanks.

Rose: Afternoon all.
Hannah: Hey Mum where have you been?
Rose: Ah just popped to the hospital to pick up my medicine.
Hannah: Oh right, okay. Well I've got to pop to the store again! I completely forgot about the wine. I'll be back in ten minutes.
Ross: Alright love.

Rose: How are you today Ross?
Ross: (Sighs) What do you want Rose?
Rose: Now, now. There's no need to be rude.
Ross: I have nothing to say to you.
Rose: Well that's a shame, I want to chat with you.

Ross: Goodbye Rose.
Rose: Have I offended you Ross?
Ross: Don't you remember what you said to me last time we spoke?

Rose: No do remind me dear.
Ross: That I'm not worthy to be with Hannah.
Rose: Ah yes that. Well sorry dear but I'm telling the truth. Now if you don't mind I'm going to get Mina up.
Ross: Leave her alone please, she's having a rough time.
Rose: I may have been too late to help Jason, but I will not make the same mistake with Mina.
Ross: What the hell is that supposed to mean?
Rose: Well, you must be partly to blame for Jason's death!
Ross: You bitch!

Rose: Don't talk to me like that!
Ross: Arghh!
Mina: Hey leave him alone!
Rose: Oh I see someone's up!
Mina: I hate you! Your the worst Nan on earth!
Rose: It's a shame I'm still here then isn't it? Now if you don't mind... I'm off for a nap.

Mina: Are you okay dad?
Ross: I'm fine love.
Mina: Are you sure? She really slapped you!
Ross: I'm used to it, I'm married to your mother remember.
Mina: Why did she do that?
Ross: Ah don't worry about it.
Mina: Tell me dad.
Ross: No it's not important.
Mina: Well alright. You can tell me stuff you know dad, it's not like I'd tell mum.
Ross: You'd lie to your mother?
Mina: In case you ain't noticed dad, I'm more closer to you...

Karina: Is she still crying?
Susan: Yeah, she misses Cindy don't she?
Karina: Yeah, well so do I...
Susan: Look honey we all miss her, but you've got to start getting used to looking after Jennifer.
Karina: I shouldn't have too! Cindy should still be here mum.
Susan: Yeah I know sweetheart! But the thing is she's not, now come on, try and get her off to sleep.
Karina: Okay.

Michael: Well?
Susan: We're gonna have to stay for a while longer, I don't think Karina's ready to be left alone.
Michael: For goodness sake,  I understand she's hurt and everything, we all are! But we were meant to be going on a cruise soon!
Susan: Michael! Our daughter has just died and left her infant child behind and a sister who depended on her! We're not going anywhere.
Michael: (Sigh) Fine.

Later that evening:

Hannah: Hey Eddie, wow you look very smart.
Eddie: Thank you Hannah, you're looking stunning yourself.
Hannah: Ah thanks, where's Kace?
Eddie: She's gone to the hospital to visit Craig, she should be here within half an hour.
Hannah: Oh right, well make yourself at home. I think Ross is showering at the moment but Marie and Chris are already here.
Eddie: Oh I see, thanks for this Hannah. It's nice for everyone. This place has been so tense since the earthquake!
Hannah: Tell me about it!

Lennie: Are you three sure you'll be alright? We'll only be gone a few hours.
Ruby: Dad for goodness sake I'm seventeen, I'll be fine.
Lennie: Yeah isn't it funny that the oldest children are the most immuture?
Ruby: Oh aren't you hilarious!
Lennie: (Laughs) What's taking your mother so long.
Elliot: Dad don't you know mum at all?
Lennie: What?
Vanessa: She had her hair done earlier.
Elliot: Which means she could be another hour just sorting it out.
Lennie: For goodness... Amelia: will you hurry the hell up!

Amelia:: Alright, I'm here! You three behave yourselves!
Lennie: Yeah if I find out there's been noise coming from this house you'll all be in trouble, understand?
Vanessa: Yeah.
Ruby: Just go already!
Amelia:: Don't worry we are. Elliot you're in charge!
Elliot: As usual.
Lennie: Be good you guys.

Elliot: Well, anyone fancy a game of scrabble? I got the new edition.
Vanessa: (Laughs) Geek, I'm gonna go listen to my iPod.
Ruby: I'll play with you Elliot.
Elliot: Really?
Ruby: No! I'm going for a bath.
Elliot: Idiot siblings!

Kacey: Hey you two, I thought you three would be here.
Kayleigh: Hey Kace, visiting Craig?
Kacey: Yeah, he should be out in a few days.
Kayleigh: Good, the doctors think William might wake up soon.
Kacey: Fantastic! That's great news! Are you two heading off?
Hilary: Yeah, you?
Kacey: Yep do you mind if I catch a lift? I had to get a taxi before because Stevie borrowed the car.
Hilary: Sure, no problem.
Kacey: Cheers.
Hilary: I'm gonna go look for Malcolm, he went to get a coffee I think.
Kayleigh: Alright mum, I'll meet you in the car.

Kayleigh: Damn I forgot my purse! It's in William's room!
Kacey: I'll go get it. I need to use the loo anyway.
Kayleigh: Alright, cheers Kace.
Kacey: I shouldn't be too long.
Kayleigh: Ok babe.

Malcolm: I'm sorry William, I really wish I didn't have to do this. You're a good man and you made Kayleigh happy, I just can't risk losing everything. You understand right? I'm sorry William, I truly am but... as they say every man for himself.

Kacey: Malcolm!? What are you doing!? Did you just turn William's machine off!?!

Kacey: Arghh! No!
Malcolm: You shouldn't of come in.

Lennie: (Laughs) I love that joke!
Marie: It's one of my favourites too!
Eddie: Would you guys excuse me for a minute please?
Ross: (Laughs) Sure!
Lennie: Look at Chris he's cracking up!
Marie: I was like that first time I heard it.
Amelia:: I still don't get it!
Lennie: Same old Amelia:.

Hannah: Hey Eddie, are you alright mate?
Eddie: It's Kacey, I've tried ringing her but there's no answer. She has to get a taxi back so I'm worried.
Hannah: I'm sure she'll be fine. Alright? Would you like a drink?
Eddie: Yeah alright.

Eddie: Sorry about that...
(Phone rings)
Eddie: Hello? Kayleigh? Why are you on Kacey's phone? What!? Oh my god!

Megan: Eddie are you alright?
Eddie: I need to go.
Hannah: Ed what's wrong?
Eddie: William's machine has been turned off and Kacey has been shot.
Hannah: Oh my god!
Chris: Are they okay!?
Eddie: I've got tp go to the hospital!
Megan: Barry I'm sorry but I've...
Barry: It's alright Meg, just go! I'll be fine.
Hannah: I'm gonna go too.
Ross: Alright love. Ring me later on.

Eddie: Let's go!