Crystal Town Series 3 - Episode 26 - One Month Ago

Eddie: I need to find out what room Kacey Wellington is in! She's been shot!
Deride: Do you know her?
Eddie: Yes I'm her boyfriend and these are her two best friends! Could you find out please!?
Deride: Alright sir... she's in room two just down the hall.
Hannah: Thank you.

Kayleigh: Eddie you're here! What took you so long!?
Eddie: Traffic. Is she alright?
Kayleigh: We don't know, they took her as I was calling you, we haven't heard anything since.
Eddie: (Sobs) I can't lose her!
Megan: Come on Eddie, Kacey's a fighter!
Eddie: (Sobs) I love her so much!
Megan: Let's go get you a drink of coffee, eh?
Eddie: I can't drink! My girlfriend could be dying!
Megan: Look, let the doctors handle it come on...

Hannah: Have they found out who did this?
Hilary: Nope they have no idea. CCTV footage hasn't shown anything.
Hannah: That's not good. Is William alright?
Kayleigh: Yeah the doctors just checked on him he's fine. He still has a large chance of waking up.
Hannah: Good!
Hilary: Are you alright Malcolm, you've gone quiet?
Malcolm: I'm just thinking about Kacey, I hope she pulls through!
Hilary: We all do honey.

Eddie: I can't have Kacey die on me! Not after Cindy's death!
Megan: I know how hard it is Ed, I'm missing Ryan like crazy, but stay positive, yeah? Kacey might be alright.
Eddie: She might be! It's not certain and knowing my luck this past year I'm gonna lose her!
Megan: You can't be sure of that.
Eddie: You can't be sure that she's going to wake up!
Megan: I know Eddie, but you can't be sure that she won't. All we can do is wait and prey.

Later that night:

Doctor Cortez: Hello all.
Eddie: Doctor! Is Kacey alright?
Doctor Cortez: We've managed to take out the bullet and stop the bleeding. Kacey will make a full recovery!
Eddie: Yes!
Kayleigh: Thank god!
Hilary: Do you still not have any news on the bastard who did it?
Doctor Cortez: Nope, the police have no leads at this time.
Malcolm: Well... the important thing is that Kacey is gonna be alright.
Hannah: Yeah! Can we see her?
Doctor Cortez: No, not tonight, for now I wish for her to rest. But you can all come back tomorrow as the police will be talking to her first thing in the morning.
Eddie: Ok Doctor thanks a lot!

Eddie: I best call Keria, Jenna and Louise and tell them that Kacey is alright.
Hannah: Yeah, I best get back too. Knowing Ross he's decided to get drunk and make a complete fool of himself.
Megan: We're all heading off now. We'll visit Kacey in the morning.
Malcolm: Darn I forgot my wallet, give me a second!

Malcolm: Kacey?
Kacey: Oh my god! It's you! Please don't hurt me!
Malcolm: I think we need to have a good chat don't you?
Kacey: Please don't kill me Malcolm! I have a kid!
Malcolm: Shut up and listen. Now, if you promise not to tell anyone what you saw or the fact I shot you for that matter then I'll leave you alone. But if anyone finds out anything bad about me. I'll kill you and your family understand?
Kacey: I... I...
Malcolm: Understand?
Kacey: Yes!
Malcolm: When the police arrive tomorrow you'll tell them that you didn't see who shot you.
Kacey: (Sobbing) Ok.
Malcolm: Now, you really should get your rest.

Malcolm: Hello Doctor.
Doctor Cortez: Visiting time ended ten minutes ago sir.
Malcolm: I know I forgot my wallet.
Doctor Cortez: Alright, so you visiting someone?
Malcolm: My girlfriend's daughter's fianncé.
Doctor Cortez: Ah yes William Porter?
Malcolm: That's the one.
Doctor Cortez: Well we're very positive that...

Doctor Frans: Doctor Cortez!
Doctor Cortez: Doctor Frans what's wrong?
Doctor Frans: Porter's woken up!

Doctor Cortez: William how are you?
William: Hmm what am I doing here? What happened?
Doctor Cortez: You hit your head in the Crystal Town Earthquake.
William: Earthquake? What earthquake?
Doctor Cortez: The fall you took down the stairs...
William: What? (To Malcolm) Have I seen you before?
Malcolm: Yes it's me, Malcolm!
William: Do I know you?
Malcolm: Oh dear.
Doctor Cortez: William what's today's date?
William: Urm... 17th December 2007.
Doctor Cortez: Oh dear... I'll have to speak to Sylvia about this.
Malcolm: William, do you know who Kayleigh is?
William: Kayleigh? Yeah I'm gonna ask her to marry me! Malcolm it's you!
Malcolm: Looks like your memory is a little muddled up.
William: Yeah completely! So what exactly have I missed?
Malcolm: Well... you and Kayleigh are engaged!
William: Oh my god! That's great!

Kayleigh: (Screams) Today's the day! Today's the day!
Hilary: I see someone's excited! (Laughs).
Kayleigh: I'm getting married today mum!
Hilary: Yeah, that's right sweetheart.
Kayleigh: I'm so excited.
Megan: Hey babe, has your dress arrived?
Kayleigh: I don't know! I'm gonna go shower! Oh my god I'm getting married today!

Megan: I better go find out where the dress is then!
Hilary: Yeah, the stupid store is always late! Weren't they late on your wedding day with Ryan?
Megan: Yeah, Karina had to go and pick it up.

Tina: Aaron are you sure you don't want to go to Kayleigh's wedding? You were invited.
Aaron: No it's alright thanks Auntie Tina, I'm gonna stay here. I have my girlfriend coming over.
Tina: Well alright, you two have fun and don't do anything you shouldn't do.
Aaron: I'm eighteen years old! (Laughs).
Tina: I know you're growing up too fast!
Aaron: Have you heard from Robert recently?
Tina: Nope, not since he moved all his stuff out.
Aaron: You should ring him.
Tina: No.
Aaron: Why not?
Tina: He's a horrible boy I refuse to have anything to do with him.

Aaron: But Auntie Tina, he's your son.
Tina: Yes, but I've lost any emotion I did have for him.
Aaron: I guess he was pretty bad.
Tina: Pretty? He was a nightmare! He practically forced Jean out of the house, not only that he caused a lot of trouble between us and David!
Aaron: I suppose that's true.
Tina: Well I'm going to go and pick up David, I'll see you later tonight.
Aaron: See you later Auntie Tina. Hope you have a good time.
Tina: Thanks honey.

Adam: William!
William: Adam! How are you?
Adam: I'm alright thanks bro. Life's been crazy in LA though.
William: (Laughs) Who would of thought it... my little brother Adam a Hollywood actor.
Adam: Well I haven't really been in anything major.
William: Well it means the world to me that you're here!
Adam: Yeah it means a lot to be here. I can't wait to meet your bride.
William: She's beautiful Adam!
Adam: I'm so pleased for you Will.

William: Thanks, I'm pleased too.
Adam: I heard about Alison getting shot, what happened?
William: Well we were going to arrest a rapist and his sister, and the sister shot her in the chest. It was quick death so she didn't suffer.
Adam: (Sighs) I'm so sorry bro.
William: It's alright Kayleigh has helped me so much. Alison was a great friend and I'll miss her always, but I'm looking forward to my new life with Kayleigh and our upcoming child.
Adam: Yeah I'm so excited I'm gonna be an uncle!
William: Well you are already.
Adam: Well.. we haven't heard from Lizzie in years. Ever since she went missing in...
William: Let's not bring that up eh? Kayleigh doesn't know about that.
Adam: Oh alright. I guess it would be best if we forgot about it.
William: Yeah.

Marie: Babe I really don't like that suit.
Chris: What's wrong with it?
Marie: It's the colour it just looks odd.
Chris: Well I like it.
Marie: Once again, you look odd.
Chris: Thanks a bunch! I happened to say how beautiful you looked!
Marie: Sorry babe but I'm picking you out another suit! You can't be wearing that on your sisters wedding day!
Chris: (Sighs) Fine.

Alice: Hey mum.
Marie: Hey sweetheart, where have you been?
Alice: I just went to ask Kacey if I could borrow some clips for my hair.
Marie: Alright, go up and shower please. We have to be at the church within an hour.
Alice: Ok, I won't be long.
Marie: Alright love.
Chris: I still don't see what's wrong with this suit!
Marie: You're not wearing it!
(Chris sighs)

Eddie: Wow you look stunning.
Kacey: Thank you, you don't look bad yourself. I best be off now Kayleigh will be expecting me.
Eddie: Are Keria and Jenna almost ready?
Kacey: Well...

Jenna: Get out of the bathroom! It was my turn in there!
Keria: No! I'm in here! Use Kacey and Eddie's bathroom!
Jenna: I can't, my mum is having a bath in there! Please Keria! I need to use the bathroom!
Keria: Tell someone who cares!
Jenna: Look, don't make me break down this door!
Keria: You wouldn't dare!
Jenna: You'd be surprised, now open the god damn door!
Keria: Oh ok
Jenna: Really?
Keria: No.

Eddie: Hey, what's going on here?
Jenna: Keria's hogging the bathroom!
Keria: Give me ten more minutes.
Jenna: I need a shower! Open up!
Keria: Oh I can't now, bugger I forgot where the lock is!
Jenna: Open up!
Eddie: Alright Keria, enough fooling around. Let Jenna use the bathroom now.
Keria: Alright hang on.
Eddie: See.
Jenna: Thanks Eddie.

Keria: (Singing) Singing in the rain just singing in the rain!
Jenna: Son of a bitch!

Madeline: Mark honey can you hurry up please! We'll be late for the wedding!
Mark: I need two more minutes!
Madeline: I swear to god Mark, I got you up at nine this morning so you could be prepared and ready on time and I think it's appalling how you can just ignore everything I say!
Mark: Mum do you know where my belt is?
Madeline: (Sighs) Prime example.

Madeline: They should be in the laundry room honey.

Madeline: Who's email adress is that? Oh my...

From: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Sent: (9th March 2008) 9:56am

To: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Hello Maddie, it's been a while. How's the boy? I heard you're living in Crystal Town now I might stop by and pay you and the boy a visit sometime. He's missing you two alot and he wants me to swing by to see how you are doing. I might just do that.

Take care of yourself now Madeline.

x x

Mark: Ok mum, I'm ready to go. Mum? Mum!?
Madeline: What? Oh sorry honey, erm yeah let's get going.
Mark: Are you alright? You're acting weird.
Madeline: I'm fine, let's just go to the church ok?

Karina: Thanks for agreeing to go with me to the wedding mum. I won't feel like a loner now (laughs).
Susan: It's alright honey. I haven't been to a wedding in years! Maybe yours will be next eh?
Karina: I'm not even dating someone at the moment mum.
Susan: Well I could fix you up with someone. How about The Labertons son?
Karina: The son of the old couple who live next to you?
Susan: Yeah.
Karina: No I'm not dating him! He's about fifty!
Susan: Karina, there's no time to be fussy!
Karina: Mum I'll find myself someone when I'm ready thanks!

Karina: Do you think dad will be alright with Jennifer?
Susan: Yeah he was always good with you and Cindy when you were little.
Karina: Didn't he leave Cindy in a supermarket when she was six months old?
Susan: Well, erm, he's still good with kids.

Michael: Honey, which way does the dummy go in?
Susan: Alright maybe we'll take Jennifer with us!
Karina: Yeah that would be a good idea before he puts Jennifer to sleep in an oven instead of the sodding cot!

Lennie: Alright guys, be on your best behaviour today please.
Ruby: Why did we even have to go to this stupid wedding? We don't even know Kayleigh that well.
Amelia: Because it's polite and we were invited.
Elliot: This suit's all itchy.
Ruby: It's because Vanessa touched it and got dog hairs all over it.
(Lennie, Elliot and Ruby laugh)
Amelia: Don't be a bully Ruby.
Vanessa: She is a bully!
Ruby: Shut your face!
Vanessa: Don't take the piss then!
Lennie: Alright, that's it! Vanessa go back indoors, you're not coming!
Vanessa: But dad! It was Ruby's fault.
Amelia: Why are you punishing her Lennie?
Vanessa: Screw you guys! I'm obviously not family!

Amelia: Why can't you learn to shut up Ruby?
Lennie: Leave her alone Amelia it was a joke.
Amelia: I'm not going, I'm staying with Vanessa.
Lennie: Don't be daft love, just get in the car we're late as it is.
Amelia: No! I'm going to check on my daughter.

Amelia: She's locked the door.
Lennie: Just leave her! Come on we're going!
Elliot: Can I change?
Lennie: No.

Adam: So almost time, you nervous?
William: Yeah I'm so scared, I don't think I can do this!
Eddie: Don't be daft mate of course you can!
William: Is it normal to be this nervous?
Adam: Hey don't look at me! I don't plan to get married for a good few years yet!
Eddie: Yeah it's the most nervous I've ever been. But don't worry it will all be worth it!
William: I hope Kayleigh's not having second thoughts.
Eddie: She won't be!

Tina: David, you do know that we've only come together as friends and that this is not a date right?
David: Yes, as you have said about fifty bloody times.
Tina: Sorry I just wanted to make sure.
David: (Sighs) I know. Where's Aaron?
Tina: He's staying at home, he's got his girlfriend coming over.
David: Oh right.
Tina: I'm off to go to speak to Kayleigh. I'll see you later. I'm so excited! It's great being a bridesmaid!
David: See you.

Hannah: Mina cheer up please, this should be a great day.
Mina: Why should I cheer up mum? My boyfriend can't remember who I am.
Hannah: I know sweetheart and I understand it's painful but you need to move on.
Ross: Hannah! Give the girl a break at least she's here.
Hannah: Yeah I guess you're right, I just want you to be happy Mina.
Mina: Well I'm not.
Ross: (Whispers to Hannah) Just give her time.

Mrs Daniels: Hey Ross, looks like I gotta sit with you!
Ross: Oh hey there Diane.

Megan: I'm so pleased you managed to get a day off from the hospital today.
Barry: Me too, this obviously is important to you.
Megan: Yeah Kayleigh's one of my best friends.
Barry: I was thinking maybe after the wedding I can come over for some coffee?
Megan: (Laughs) I'd like that a lot.
Barry: Fantastic.
Megan: I gotta go to Kayleigh, now I'll see you in a bit yeah?
Barry: Alright babe.

Adam: Ok, bro it's time to go out. I think Kayleigh's here and all the guests are here.
William: (Breathes heavily) I'm so scared.
Eddie: Just take a deep breath alright, imagine it's just you and Kayleigh there ok?
William: Yeah I guess...
Adam: How the hell can you be this nervous? You've been held gunpoint numerous times by thugs, yet you're pooing your pants!
William: I know!

Chris: Wow, just wow.
Kayleigh: Hey Chris.
Chris: I can't believe my baby sister is getting married.
Kayleigh: You happy for me?
Chris: Yeah of course I am... I'm over the moon for you sis. You know when we was younger I always used to force you to break up with your boyfriends?
Kayleigh: Yeah?
Chris: Well, I didn't do it this time. Because I know you and William are meant for each other.
Kayleigh: Oh Chris, don't. You'll set me off.
Chris: I couldn't ask for a better sister, you're amazing Kay. I love you so much.
Kayleigh: I love you too.
Chris: Alright, you go get married!

Kayleigh: Alright, let's get this day started, eh?
Hilary: Oh honey (cries) you look so beautiful!
Marie: Yeah you look stunning.
Kayleigh: Thanks girls, oh mum don't cry you'll wreck your makeup.
Hilary: I'm sorry dear I'm just so happy!
Kayleigh: Well come on then my beautiful bridesmaids let's go in yeah?
Megan: I'm so happy for you Kay.
Kacey: Me too.
Kayleigh: Thanks. Now come on let's get married! (Laughs).

Later that night:

Kayleigh: Thank you so much for letting us have the reception here Malcolm. It means a lot to us.
Malcolm: Don't mention it Kayleigh, you wouldn't let me pay for the wedding nor the honeymoon so this is my present to both of you.
Kayleigh: I'm so glad you're with my mum Malcolm you've made her so happy.
Malcolm: No, she's made me happy she's all I ever wanted and more.
Kayleigh: Over these past months Malcolm, you've been like a father to me. I just wanted to say I love you.
Malcolm: I love you too Kay, and I wish you and William a life time of happiness.

Kayleigh: Oh come here before you make me cry!

Megan: I love this song.
Barry: Me too.

Hannah: Hasn't today been great?
Ross: Yeah, best in a while.
Hannah: It's just been such a romantic day. I loved all of it.
Ross: Where's Mina?
Hannah: I don't know, I hope she's having fun. I'll look for her in a minute.

Elliot: Hey...
Mina: Oh hi.
Elliot: Are you okay? Were you crying?
Mina: No I'm fine.
Elliot: What's wrong?
Mina: It's just... my ex boyfriend, Craig, he can't remember who I am. I loved him.
Elliot: Aww, come here. Give me a hug.

Mina: Thanks...
Elliot: It's no problem I... wahh!
Mina: I'm sorry.
Elliot: Did you mean to do that?
Mina: Yeah, sorta.

Kayleigh: I love you so much.
William: I love you too... Mrs Porter.
Kayleigh: (Giggles) That feels so nice.
William: Kiss me.

Keria: God everyone is so loved up... I hate it.
Jenna: Yeah, ain't it just the worst.
Keria: Oh well, we don't need fun.
Jenna: Yeah! I'm drunk! I can do whatever the hell I want!

Keria: Amen! Cheers!
Jenna: Cheers!

Keria: Oh screw it...

Jenna: Let's not do that again!
Keria: Lets not!

Eddie: We gonna make a move soon? I can imagine Louise wants to go to bed. She's been looking after James and the pub all day.
Kacey: Yeah, give me ten minutes.
Eddie: Have I got time for another drink?
Kacey: Yeah, knock yourself out.
Eddie: Whoo!

Kacey: Kayleigh I need to talk to you.
Kayleigh: Oh babe can't it wait I'm about to have a drink with my aunt.
Kacey: No it can't and it's kind of important, can we go somewhere private?
Kayleigh: There's a bedroom upstairs which isn't being used.
Kacey: That's good enough, come on!

Kayleigh: Kace what's going on?
Kacey: Look I need to tell you something...
Kayleigh: Yeah I kind of gathered that's why you took me up here.
Kacey: Ok the truth is...

Kacey: Please don't kill me Malcolm! I have a kid!
Malcolm: Shut up and listen. Now, if you promise not to tell anyone what you saw or the fact I shot you for that matter then I'll leave you alone. But if anyone finds out anything bad about me. I'll kill you and your family understand?

Kayleigh: Well?
Kacey: I... I...
Kayleigh: Kacey just spit it out!
Kacey: It doesn't matter...
Kayleigh: Kace what the hell is going on with you ever since you've came out of the hospital you've been...
Kacey: Is that a video camera?

Kayleigh: Kacey, I'm going back downstairs now. My family and friends are waiting for me.
Kacey: Wait Kay!
Kayleigh: What?
Kacey: There's a tape in here...
Kayleigh: So what?
Kacey: It's labelled "Watch this and discover Sharon Grey's killer" in capitals.
Kayleigh: Oh my god... is it on a tape?
Kacey: Yeah...
Kayleigh: Put it in the VCR!

Malcolm: Oh you're awake, I hoped we could do this while you were asleep.
Henry: I heard about Sharon Grey, you murderous bastard! You killed her didn't you?
Malcolm: Yeah, but don't worry father. You're going to see each other. Right about now...
Henry: You're going to get...what' .. you..
Malcolm: Oooh I hope not!
Henry: You''re next!

Kacey: Oh... crap.
Kayleigh: I need to get my mum.