Crystal Town Series 3 - Episode 27 - Confrontation

Jenna: Kacey? Eddie? Could you get the door please! Hello is anyone in? Ah damn they're all still at Kayleigh's reception aren't they. Damn I'll have to get it then.

Jenna: Hey can I... oh my god. Max?
Max: Hey Jenna, long time no see. I kinda need a place to stay.
Jenna: So why the hell have you come here?
Max: I thought that maybe I could stay here with you.
Jenna: You've got to be having me o,n right?
Max: No why would I be?
Jenna: You walked out on me you son of a bitch! You broke my heart! I loved you! I never had the chance to do this so...

Max: Arghh! Jenna please! I was a kid then! I've grown up! It was five years ago!
Jenna: Go away Max, I don't want to see you again!
Max: Jen, babe please!

Kayleigh: We gotta show this to my mum!
Kacey: No we can't!
Kayleigh: Kace my mum is dating a serial killer I think I do need to let her know!
Kacey: No he doesn't seem to want to hurt Hilary... maybe we should let it go?
Kayleigh: Kacey, why are you trying to defend him?
Kacey: Alright the truth is... he shot me.
Kayleigh: What!?
Kacey: And he was the one who turned off William's life machine, I caught him. He pulled out a gun and shot me in the chest.
Kayleigh: But Kace... why didn't you tell anyone?
Kacey: Later that night before I could tell a soul he came into my room and threatened to kill me and my family should his secret be let out.
Kayleigh: We need to tell my mother Kace.
Kacey: Yeah I guess you're right.
Kayleigh: Don't worry he will not be hurting your family! We'll have him locked up! I'll go get my mother.

Hilary: No need girls, I heard everything.
Kayleigh: Mum how did you...?
Hilary: I came up to go a toilet and I heard you guys talking. Malcolm was also up here, he heard everything then he just ran off. I'll see you girls later.
Kacey: I don't understand...

Kayleigh: Mum where are you going?
Hilary: I got a man to break.

Later that night...

Hilary: Malcolm, you really think you'd get away from me?
Malcolm: Go Hilary! I don't wish to harm you!
Hilary: You're not going to... maybe you should give yourself in... the police are looking for you.
Malcolm: Hilary, just go.
Hilary: How does it feel Malcolm? How does it feel having innocent blood on your hands?
Malcolm: Stop!
Hilary: You're own father... how could you be so cold? I bet he haunts your dreams now doesn't he?
Malcolm: Stop it!
Hilary: Not only that but Sharon Grey, a poor innocent old lady. I suppose that must be tearing you up inside too huh?
Malcolm: (Screams) Get lost!

Hilary: Arghh!

William: That does it! Freeze! You're under arrest!

Malcom: Gahh give me the gun!
William: Wahh!?

Hilary: Oh my god William!
Malcolm: This is the end for you Hilary, any last words?

Voice: Sorry Malcom, it's not the end of Hilary.

Malcolm: Arghh!

Voice: It's the end of you.

The next day...

Tina: Aaron honey I've made you some pancakes... oh my god!
Aaron: Auntie Tina!
Jade: Oh my gosh!
Tina: I'm erm... sorry!

Jade: That's not good.
Aaron: Damn, I knew you should of left last night.
Jade: Don't get mad at me!
Aaron: You're the one who was begging to stay over!
Jade: What's the problem here? I thought you wanted me to...
Aaron: I did but you invited yourself.
Jade: You better start being nicer to me Aaron Watson. I'm not a girl to be messed with!

Alice: Mum is that... oh hey Chris.
Chris: Hey sweetheart, what's up?
Alice: Oh nothing I'm just abit hungry that's all. I'll just have some cereal.
Chris: Do you want me to do you some pancakes? I'll do my best making it in this small kitchen. But we have to wait until the builders finish the new one.
Alice: Nah that's alright, you haven't got to go through all that trouble.
Chris: It's no trouble love, I was gonna make some for myself and your mum anyway.

A while later...

Alice: Ah, these are lovely thank you.
Chris: No trouble sweetie.
Alice: Chris, you do love my mum don't you?
Chris: Yeah, I do. I really do. And I know it must be hard for you seeing as your mother was with Yasmin all of your life but I really do love your mother and I want you to be happy.
Alice: Well, I just wanted to say thanks.
Chris: What for?
Alice: Always being there for my mum, she was really upset when Yasmin was killed in the fire and I didn't exactly make life easy for her. You were there for her when she was grieving and for my terrible tantrums.
Chris: You're welcome honey, I just wanted to help you and your mum.
Alice: I know and thanks.
Chris: I best get these pancakes up to your mum.
Alice: Alright.

Tina: Hello.
Megan: Hey Tina it's me.
Tina: Hey Megan, how are you?
Megan: I'm... alright. Can you come over for lunch?
Tina: Didn't you have plans with Barry today?
Megan: Yeah I did, but I'll cancel.
Tina: No you don't have to do that, we'll go out another day.
Megan: No I'm doing this for today.
Tina: Megan are you alright honey you sound awfully tense...
Megan: Be here for one.

Tina: I wonder what's wrong with her...

Kacey: Hey Jenna, what's up?
Jenna: Nothing, I'm fine.
Kacey: No you're not, I can tell.
Jenna: How can you tell?
Kacey: You're not in bed.
Jenna: Ha ha! You're hilarious!
Kacey: What's up Jen?
Jenna: Max knocked on the door last night.
Kacey: Oh my god, are you alright?

Jenna: Yeah, I'm fine. It was just a shock seeing him you know? After the way he left me.
Kacey: What did he want?
Jenna: He asked if he could stay here.
Kacey: He's got some nerve!
Jenna: Yeah I know.
Kacey: What did you do?
Jenna: I told him to piss off and then I slapped him.
Kacey: Good, if he comes here again I'll give him one as well!

3rd April 2003

Jenna: Morning dad.
Bruce: Hey honey, you alright?
Jenna: Yeah I'm great. Where's Max this morning he wasn't in bed.
Bruce: He hasn't got up.
Jenna: What?
Bruce: I've been up since five love, and he hasn't been in here.
Jenna: Where the hell is he then?
Bruce: Did he come in last night?
Jenna: Yeah, he was!
Bruce: I don't know then love. I wouldn't worry.
Jenna: Well I am.
Bruce: He might of nipped out somewhere, maybe I didn't hear him.
Jenna: Yeah, maybe.

Tim: Jenna, where did Max go last night?
Jenna: What?
Tim: I got up at like three last night to get a drink of water and he was leaving in his car.
Jenna: What? Surely not?
Tim: It's what I saw.
Bruce: Have you tried ringing him?
Tim: Yeah I did earlier. He didn't reply.
Bruce: Go check if his stuff is in the wardrobe.
Jenna: Alright!

Bruce: Well?
Tim: Is his stuff there?
Jenna: He's gone!

Kacey: Do you want any breakfast babe?
Jenna: Nope, I'm fine thanks sis.
Louise: Morning girls. Jenna what's up?
Jenna: Nothing I'm just... tired.
Louise: (Laughs) No change there.
Kacey: Alright mother, why are you in such a good mood?
Louise: I've decided to go speed dating tonight.
Jenna: What?
Kacey: You are joking yeah?
Louise: No, why?

Kacey: Mum you have to be pretty desperate to go speed dating.
Louise: Well in case you haven't noticed I'm not getting any younger and no offence to your father, but I need a man!
Kacey: Well if that's what you wanna do then go for it mum.
Louise: Thanks dear.
Jenna: Why do you want to replace dad so much?
Louise: Sorry?
Jenna: Whatever.
Louise: Jenna wait!

Louise: I thought she got over Bruce's death.
Kacey: She did, but this morning she kind of got a flash from the past.
Louise: What happened?

Jenna: (Sobs).
Eddie: Jenna are you okay?
Jenna: Leave me alone!
Eddie: Sorry I asked.

Louise: Oh my god...
Kacey: What?
Louise: Haven't you seen the paper?
Kacey: No why?
Louise: It's Malcolm... he got shot and he died.
Kacey: Oh... who did it?
Louise: It just says his body was found on a bridge.
Kacey: Oh... right.

Lennie: Elliot did you take my shaving things again?
Ruby: Why would he need them? He most likely hasn't even hit puberty yet.
Elliot: Shut up!
Mina: (Laughs).
Ruby: I don't see what you see in my brother Mina, that Craig Wellington was hot. You shouldn't of left him.
Mina: Yeah well, his heart isn't great and he has memory loss so he can't remember me. So.. I think I should move on.
Lennie: Elliot did you take it or not?
Elliot: (Sighs) It's upstairs in my wardrobe.
Lennie: Alright.

Ruby: God Elliot, you're such a goon.
Vanessa: Ignore her Elliot, she probably took the shavers for you. She has nan's hairy legs.
(Mina, Vanessa and Elliot laugh).

Bonnie: Now now. I hope that's Lennie's mother you're talking about.
Vanessa: Oh my god!
Elliot: Nan!
Bonnie: Hey kids, I need to speak to your parents are they in?
Ruby: Mum's in town shopping. Dad's upstairs, what are you doing here?
Bonnie: Could you just go and get your father please dear.
Ruby: (Tuts) Alright.

Bonnie: Hello there dear I don't believe we've met.
Mina: Hi, I'm Mina. Elliot's boyfriend.
Bonnie: Wow Elliot has a boyfriend, I always thought he'd end up being one of those benders.
Vanessa: Nan!
Bonnie: Well, nice to meet you dear.
Mina: (Awkwardly) Yeah, you too.

Ruby: Dad I need to talk to you.
Lennie: Sweetheart can't it wait? I'm about to take a bath.
Ruby: Dad, nans downstairs.
Lennie: Ah, my mother planned a surprise visit eh? I thought she would. Is dad with her?
Ruby: No dad it's not Nan Sue... it's Nan Bonnie.
Lennie: (Shocked) What!?
Ruby: What's wrong with that? Dad!

Lennie: Bonnie!
Bonnie: Ah hello Lennie. How well you look.
Lennie: Kids go upstairs please.
Elliot: But nan just got here.
Lennie: Upstairs now! And Mina could you please go home sweetheart.
Elliot: Dad!
Vanessa: What's going on?
Lennie: Please.
Mina: Erm, ok sure.
Lennie: Thanks love.
Vanessa: Dad what is going on here?
Ruby: If something's going on we wanna know about it.
Elliot: You can't just kick Mina out like that!
Lennie: Upstairs, now.
Ruby: Grr!

Lennie: Why are you here Bonnie? Where's Michelle?
Bonnie: She's in the car with a blanket over her.
Lennie: Don't you have any idea how much Michelle is wanted?
Bonnie: Look, listen to me here...
Lennie: Why did you bring her here!?
Bonnie: Listen Lennie.
Lennie: Don't you understand how...
Bonnie: They found us.
Lennie: What?
Bonnie: My home in Manchester, they found us and we had to leave.
Lennie: Oh my god, did you?
Bonnie: We both got out fine. But I can't do this alone anymore.
Lennie: Thank you Bonnie, and don't worry. Me and Amelia will take it from here...

Madeline: Hey, oh hey Jasmine. Yeah I miss you guys too. But hey my career as a model is through. Yeah yeah I understand. Look I gotta go, I'm busy, I'll see you later ok? Alright bye babe. Bye.

Madeline: I gotta put my mind off this email.. I've got to do something else...

Kacey: Oh hey Madeline, how are you?
Madeline: Hey Kace. I just wanted to know if I could put a flier up in here?
Kacey: Sure, what for?
Madeline: A fashion show I'm going to run next week. All the girls of Crystal Town can enter so... can I?
Kacey: Yeah of course, not only that, I'm gonna take part and I'll give my friends a call too, I know they'll be up for it.
Madeline: Thanks alot Kacey. I appreciate it.
Kacey: No problem.
Madeline: I'll see you soon cause it looks like you've got another visitor.
Kacey: Yeah, see you.

Kacey: You've got some nerve Max!
Max: Kacey please, I just wanna talk to Jenna.
Kacey: After what you did to her? Forget it!
Max: Kacey please let...

Jenna: Don't worry Kace. I'll handle this. Go inside.
Kacey: Are you sure?
Jenna: Yeah.
Kacey: Call me if you need me.
Jenna: I will do.

Max: Jenna please listen to me...
Jenna: Why do you need to stay here Max?
Max: I lost my job and my house, my mum and dad died in a car crash three months ago and my sister wants nothing to do with me. I have nowhere else to go. Please Jen, I didn't mean to hurt you. I did love you, I was an immature kid who got freaked out by our relationship. I loved you deeply Jenna, I just wasn't ready for commitment and I am so sorry I broke your heart.
Jenna: (Tears in eyes) You really have nowhere else to go?
Max: Are you crying?
Jenna: Do you have anywhere else to go Max?
Max: No, no I don't.
Jenna: Keria is having the spare room, so you can have the sofa in the lounge.
Max: Jenna, thank you so...
Jenna: Don't mention it.

Kacey: How did it go?
Jenna: He's staying in the lounge.
Kacey: (Shocked) What!?
Jenna: Don't argue Kacey, just let him.
Kacey: Well... alright. But we already have enough people here.
Jenna: Oh stop bloody moaning Kace. Dominic's dead and Craig's not gonna be coming out of hospital anytime soon, so just shove off!
Kacey: Jen... wait!

Max: Hey Kace.
Kacey: Just because you're staying here doesn't mean I will talk to you. There's a spare wardrobe upstairs you can put your stuff in there. But you will work in the pub three times a week to pay for when you stay here.
Max: Alright, thank you.
Kacey: (Quickly) Don't mention it.

Aaron: Where are you going Auntie Tina?
Tina: I'm going round Megan's for lunch.
Aaron: Alright, have a good time.
Tina: I will do, see you later love.
Aaron: Bye.

Jade: Hello Aaron.
Aaron: Jade, I thought I said we were over.
Jade: Oh Aaron, we're no where near over.
Aaron: What's your game Jade?
Jade: Oh... come on. You have to admit last night was good.
Aaron: Yes it was but...
Jade: No buts... just kiss me Aaron.
Aaron: Jade...
Jade: Shhh.

Later that Day...

Tina: Megan we've been sitting here for a good eight minutes and you haven't said a word. What's wrong?
Megan: I... don't know what to do Tina.
Tina: Megan, what's wrong?
Megan: (Sobs) I'm pregnant! With Ryan's child.
Tina: What?

Kayleigh: Mum, do you not know who killed Malcolm?
Hilary: No. I don't.
Kayleigh: Mum. Did you do it?
William: No she was with me the whole night!
Kayleigh: Look if something's going on here I want to know about it!
William: Nothings going on Kay, leave it yeah? We never found him.
Kayleigh: Don't lie to me!
Hilary: Kayleigh, enough.
Kayleigh: I dunno why I bother with you two! Last night was my wedding night and you both went and left me!
William: Kay, please babe.
Kayleigh: I wanna know the truth! I wanna know everything!