Crystal Town Series 3 - Episode 28 - Work it!

Hannah: Hey honey, your breakfast has been ready for ten minutes.
Ross: I know babe, I just gotta use the bathroom.
Hannah: Well hurry up! Your pancakes will get cold.
Ross: Alright honey, I'll be quick. Damn I forgot my toothbrush!

Hannah: Hey Mina. You seem to be a lot happier recently.
Mina: Yeah I am. I'm kind of seeing Elliot.
Hannah: The Appleton boy?
Mina: Yeah, please don't be mad...
Hannah: I'm not mad.
Mina: Oh, really?
Hannah: I learnt a lesson after Craig, Mina. I now know how much of a horrible mother I was. You made the right decision with Craig and I think you've done the same with Elliot.
Mina: Thanks Mum.

Ross: Arggh oh my god! Rose! Oh my...
Rose: You should knock next time!
Ross: You should lock the door!
Hannah: What the!?
Mina: What they yelling about?

Ross: Oh for goodness sake...
Hannah: Honey what's wrong?
Ross: I just walked in on your mother Hannah. Naked!
Mina: Urgh that's gross!
Hannah: (Laughs) Oh that's hilarious!
Ross: Hannah don't you think it's time she went back to Spain?
Hannah: I don't know Ross. She seems to be attached to this place.
Ross: Well, it's up to you honey. I'm not gonna make you make her leave.
Hannah: Good. Eat your pancakes.
Ross: Oh great they're all dry and wrinkly!
Mina: Just like nan then.
Ross: Oh thanks alot Mina!

Madeline: Alright, Mark the fashion show's tonight. Are you gonna come or are you staying here?
Mark: I'm staying here.
Madeline: Really? I'd prefer it if you come out with me tonight.
Mark: Mum you know fashion shows aren't my thing.
Madeline: Mark, I'm not asking now I'm telling. You're coming!
Mark: No I'm not Mum. I'm thinking of going round the Appleton house. Ruby's having a small party tonight.
Madeline: A small party? How small are we talking?
Mark: Only a few mum. It's not going to be big. I think Lennie's gonna be there.
Madeline: Oh, that's alright then. I'll see you later champ. My phone's gonna be on all the time ok? So if you have any trouble...
Mark: I'll just ring...
Madeline: Good. See you later son.

Max: Hey Jenna, you're up early.
Jenna: Yeah.
Max: Oh come on don't be off with me! I've apologized loads of times!
Eddie: Lay off her Max. Alright?
Max: I'm just fed up with it. It was five years ago!
Eddie: Excuse me! You're lucky we're letting you stay here!
Jenna: I'm not off with you Max. I'm just really tired.
Max: That's always your excuse.
Jenna: Max, just leave me alone.

Max: I just want us to be friends!
Eddie: You walked out on her and broke her heart for the love of god, give her time.

Doctor Frans: Doctor Cortez, I have bad news.
Doctor Cortez: What is it?
Doctor Frans: It's Craig.
Doctor Cortez: What's happened?
Doctor Frans: He's had a heart attack and I'm afraid he's died.
Doctor Cortez: We need to call his mother.

Keria: Hey girls.
Madeline: Oh hi there Keria. How are you?
Keria: Just on my way to visit Craig at the hospital. But I should be back later on for the fashion show.
Karina: Oh yes about that, Madeline is there a chance I could be part of it?
Madeline: Karina, you don't even need to ask. Swing by the community centre with me later and we'll pick you out a gorgeous dress.
Karina: Oh thanks so much. I just need to find a baby sitter for Jennifer. Mum and dad are on a romantic get away whatever the hell that means.
Kacey: I'm sure Eddie can do it.
Karina: Yeah, I thought he'd just be a bit busy with the pub.
Kacey: Nope, I mean he's got my mum, Jenna and Max to help him anyway.
Karina: Who the hell is Max?
Madeline: Is he the red head?
Kacey: (Laughs) It's a long story.

Keria: Yeah trust me I heard it. Anyway girls I best be off.
Kacey: Keria, I haven't seen Craig in two days. Can I come with you?
Keria: Yeah course you can. See you later girls.
Karina: See you.
Madeline: I'll see you later my little models! (Laughs).

Jenna: Mum, what's wrong you've been more depressed than me since last night. Didn't speed dating go well?
Louise: Oh Jenna, it was horrible. All the guys there were jerks! I expected people my... age would act a little more mature.
Jenna: Oh mum how bad can it be?
Louise: One guy asked if he would let me whip him. Another guy told me he takes his rabbit's ashes with him everywhere for good luck and another guy...
Jenna: I think I've heard enough.
Louise: Yeah.
Jenna: Don't worry mum you're gonna find someone who is perfect for you!
Louise: I hope so love.
Jenna: Don't worry mum, you will.

Louise: How can you be so sure? I think I'm destined to be alone forever.
Jenna: Mum you know that's not true.
Louise: Do I? I've been searching for love for ages now.
Jenna: Mum you are not destined to be alone forever, can't we just let this go?
Louise: Think about it though Jen, maybe I was... I mean mine and your father's marriage didn't exactly work out well did it?
Jenna: Mum that ended by an accident and dads stupid mistake. You're not to blame for that at all.
Louise: I know I just wanna be happy.
Jenna: You're not happy?
Louise: Yeah I am. It's just I want to find someone special.
Jenna: Trust me mum, you will.

Kayleigh: Hey I diden't expect you to be in.
William: I got off work early today.
Kayleigh: Oh well that's good cause I need to ask you something.
William: Right?
Kayleigh: I'm having an old college friend round for dinner tonight and she works at an art museum so I'm thinking... invite her to dinner then maybe hint about a job?
William: That's a good idea babe. Want me to join you?
Kayleigh: Yes of course I do. You're my husband. God it feels so weird saying that.
William: Good weird.
Kayleigh: Yeah! Fantastically weird! (Laughs).

Adam: Morning all!
William: Morning bro.
Kayleigh: Adam? You've just got up?
Adam: Yep, sorry I kinda came in late last night. Might of had one too many.
Kayleigh: But didn't you go out partying the night before? And the night before that?
Adam: You only live once Kayleigh.
Kayleigh: Yeah that's why you should take care of your liver.
Adam: I'm young. I can do what I please.
Kayleigh: Do you think that's considerate though? Coming in at four every night?
Adam: Well get your own place then!
Kayleigh: Excuse me!?

Adam: You two are married, I find it hard you live with your mum.
Kayleigh: How dare...
William: Alright, that's enough. Adam we're having a dinner party tonight so you're allowed out tonight but don't come home, stay in a hotel or something. But as from tomorrow you're going to stop the partying and you're going to look for a job so you can find your own place. So enjoy tonight as it will be your last night at a nightclub until you move out of here. Do you agree with me dear?
Kayleigh: Yep, that sounds fair enough to me.
Adam: That's not fair!
William: You were only meant to be coming down for our wedding Adam. Out of the goodness of our and Hilary's hearts we let you stay. It's only fair you return a favor.
Adam: Grr! Fine!

Kayleigh: Will?
William: Yes honey?
Kayleigh: I am so glad I married you!

Tina: Hey Megan I dropped by to see how you're doing.
Megan: Oh hi Tina.
Tina: You alright sweetie? You look tired.
Megan: I am I've been sick all morning.
Tina: Ah, that's morning sickness for you. I can't believe how big you've gotten! I still find it hard to believe your that big, you're not even...
Megan: I can't believe this... I'm gonna a single mum raising this baby alone!
Tina: No you will not, I will be here for you as will everyone else on this street. Barry will help too.
Megan: Oh please when Barry finds out I'm knocked up he'll abandon me.
Tina: Meg, you really should give him more credit than that. I don't think he's that kind of person.
Megan: And we didn't think Malcolm was the sort of man who would kill his own father.
Tina: That's different... none of us really knew Malcolm that well. But you've known Barry for years...
Megan: I just can't believe it... I finally got over Ryan and then I find out I'm having his kid.

Tina: Maybe it's a good thing?
Megan: Hah yeah right!
Tina: I'm serious.
Megan: Tina, please explain how this could be good?
Tina: This would help you move on! A child will change everything...
Megan: Maybe I don't want things to change. Maybe I like things the way they are.
Tina: But you don't... ever since Ryan died you haven't been yourself. Yeah Barry has helped you cheer up... but I'm your best friend and I know for a fact that you are not happy. You can't get anything past me. I know everything about you.
Megan: (Laughs) You really don't.
Tina: Alright try me.
Megan: Alright then, Tina. If you know me so well did you know that I shot Malcolm Henderson over a bridge two nights ago?

Hilary: Arghh!

William: That does it! Freeze! You're under arrest!
Malcolm: Gahh give me the gun!
William: Wahh!?

Hilary: Oh my god William!
Malcolm: This is the end for you Hilary, any last words?
Voice: Sorry Malcolm, it's not the end of Hilary.

(Three gunshot's)

Megan: It's the end of you.
Hilary: Megan!

Hilary: Oh... my... you killed him!
Megan: He deserved it.
Hilary: Maybe so, but why did you do it?
Megan: He killed my mother in law who was an innocent old woman. That also ruined my marriage and Ryan went to his grave thinking I hated him.
Hilary: What are we going to do?
Megan: I need to hand myself in don't I...
Hilary: You can't do that!
Megan: I did this, I should accept the consequences.
Hilary: No you shouldn't! Not in your condition.
Megan: Sorry?

Hilary: I know you're pregnant.
Megan: What? How?
Hilary: Earlier on at Kayleigh's wedding I was in a toilet cubicle. I heard a woman crying and when I got off the toilet I saw you walk out. You dropped a positive pregnancy test on the floor.
Megan: (Sobs) I can't do this Hilary... I can't raise Ryan's child.
Hilary: Look, when William wakes up I'll tell him exactly what's happened. But you should go. Leave the gun here. I'll wipe the fingerprints from it and dump it in the woods. I'll also wipe away any foot prints on the soil.
Megan: I'm not trying to be nasty Hilary, but how do I know I can trust you?
Hilary: If I hand you in then you can hand me in.
Megan: What for?
Hilary: I killed someone too. A woman called Millie Myers.

Megan: Oh my god...
Hilary: Recognize the name?
Megan: Millie? No. But Myers... wasn't that the surname of the guy who raped Kayleigh last year?
Hilary: Yeah Millie was his sister. Last Christmas she came into the house and knocked William out. She was going to shoot Kayleigh in cold blood. So I threw a knife into her back. And threw her body into a tip.
Megan: Whoa.
Hilary: So... my secrets safe?
Megan: Yes of course.
Hilary: Good, then so is yours. Now go on go. And don't tell anyone you were anywhere near here. If your car has left tire tracks on the soil... wipe them away.
Megan: Alright.

Ruby: I'm so pleased to have you back Michelle.
Michelle: I'm pleased to be back too sis.
Ruby: Why do we have to hide the fact Michelle's here from everyone?
Lennie: Lets not get into that.
Ruby: But...
Lennie: I said lets not get into that.
Ruby: Fine.
Michelle: (Laughs) I can see you get that mouth from me.
Vanessa: Elliot that was such a crappy move!
Elliot: I suck as this game!

Lennie: Elliot I'd like a word with you please.
Elliot: I'm playing a game...
Lennie: Now!
Elliot: Fine. Can someone take over?
Ruby: Hah! Me play video games? Don't think so.
Michelle: I will. Better than watching...

Elliot: What is it dad?
Lennie: It's about Mina.
Elliot: Oh dad please don't make me stop seeing her.
Lennie: I won't.
Elliot: Good because I really like her!
Lennie: Well here's the thing... don't trust her with everything.
Elliot: What do you mean?
Lennie: Don't tell her about Michelle. I'm telling you Elliot if anyone ever found out Michelle was here, we'd have to pack up and leave again, just like last time and you'd never hear from Mina again. You wouldn't want that would you?
Elliot: No of course not.
Lennie: Good. When she comes round later and while we all go to the fashion show you make sure no one goes upstairs alright?
Elliot: Why not?
Lennie: Because Michelle will be up there. Do you understand?
Elliot: Yeah dad. I do.
Lennie: Good lad.

Hannah: You know what, my mum being here has made me think.
Ross: About what love?
Hannah: We haven't heard from your parents for over a year. Think we should give them a call?
Ross: To be honest, I don't know where they are.
Hannah: How can you not know where they are?
Ross: Well, they have their home in London but they travel the world all the time. Last I heard they were in Mexico and that was four months ago.
Hannah: Wow. How do they pay for all that?
Ross: Erm, I dunno.
Hannah: They've been around the world and you don't know how they've had the money to do that?
Ross: I guess they've just saved up...
Hannah: Honey, your parents aren't rich. Your mum used to save the wrapping paper from presents.

Ross: (Laughs) Yeah that was pretty funny.
Hannah: So where did they get the money from?
Ross: Bah, doesn't really matter does it?
Hannah: Ross, are you keeping something from me?
Ross: Alright, but don't freak out.
Hannah: Okay. Just say.
Ross: Well... they won the lottery last year.
Hannah: Oh my god, how much?
Ross: Eight million.
Hannah: Holy crap! Why didn't you tell me.. oh my god when about last year?
Ross: Erm... April time.
Hannah: You son of a bitch!

Ross: Look just calm down okay?
Hannah: That was the time we had a huge debt!
Ross: Yes I know... please listen!
Hannah: Why didn't they lend us any money? Didn't they give us any? I knew your mother hated me!
Ross: No it's not that!
Hannah: Then what the hell is it!? We were hugely in debt, so much we had to sell the house I loved and move here! All because of your gambling problem!
Ross: You promised not to bring that up.
Hannah: That was before I heard this.
Ross: I didn't want the money.
Hannah: Why the hell not? I cannot believe this!
Ross: Hannah! Wait! Where are you going?

Hannah: To the community centre. To get ready for tonight's show! I'll speak to you later. There's some chips in the freezer so you can have them for dinner!

Kacey: Erm... blueberry. Actually chocolate. No wait... the blueberry one looks... oh wait I dunno...
Keria: Will you hurry up! It's a muffin!
Kacey: Oh I don't know...
Keria: Get both!
Kacey: No that's greedy.
Keria: For gods sake, I'll meet you at Craig's room okay?
Kacey: Okay.

Keria: (Mutters under breath) Honestly, muffins!
Barry: Excuse me.
Keria: Oh. Sorry.

Keria: Hey Doctor Cortez. How's my boy today?
Doctor Cortez: Keria I...
Keria: Is everything alright?
Doctor Cortez: I'm so sorry Keria. Craig's heart gave in this morning.
Keria: What? No! No! Why wasn't I called?
Doctor Cortez: We have been trying all day.
Keria: No this can't be happening!
Doctor Cortez: I'm so sorry.
Keria: (Sobs).

Kacey: Alright I'm here I settled for the chocolate but it was so good I ate it before I reached the... Keria what's up?
Keria: (Sobs) This can't be happening!

Kacey: Keria! Come back!

Kacey: What's going on?

Tina: Megan? Are you in? Open the door! Oh... no she wouldn't have...

Tina: Hello is this the hospital.
Deidre: This is Deidre speaking at reception, how may I help?
Tina: Look has a woman called Megan Grey booked to have an abortion at your hospital?
Deidre: I'm sorry Miss that's private.
Tina: Look I'm her best friend. Please she's about to make the worst mistake of her life! Please!
Deidre: I'm sorry Miss I can't...
Tina: If you did not give me an answer within the next five minutes I will come down there and there will not be enough medicine in that hospital to fix the pain I will inflict on you!
Deidre: Okay she has! It's booked for ... right now.
Tina: Oh my god!

Tina: I gotta get to the hospital.

Doctor Franz: Megan are you sure you want to abort this baby?
Megan: Yes. It will just remind me of Ryan and it will hurt so much. I don't think I'm ready to be a mother.
Doctor Franz: You don't think you're ready? Are you certain though? This is a huge decision to make...

Later that afternoon...

Tina: Megan there you are!
Megan: Hey.
Tina: Megan thank god you haven't done it!
Megan: Don't worry I wouldn't.
Tina: Oh good! You would of regretted it.
Megan: I'm scared Tina.
Tina: You have no reason to be!
Megan: I can't do this alone!
Tina: Listen to me, I've said this to you again and again you will never go through this alone! Understand?
Megan: Yea... thanks so much Tina.
Tina: Come on, let's get you home eh?

Louise: Oh my gosh. You can't be serious!
Jenna: Craig died?
Kacey: Yeah this morning.
Jenna: Where's Keria gone?
Kacey: I don't know. I'm going out to look for her.
Jenna: Want me to come with you?
Kacey: Yes... actually no, you need to look after the pub.
Jenna: Oh yeah Eddie's took James and Jennifer out.
Louise: I can do it.
Kacey: No mum you need to go and tell Madeline we can't make it tonight.
Louise: Right, okay. (Sniffs).
Kacey: I'll be back later alright? Ring me if you hear from her.
Jenna: I will do!
Jenna: God, that's horrible. He was such a nice...

Jenna: Oh my god! Keria!
Max: She's over dosed! She must of snuck in from the back. Quick call an ambulance!

Madeline: Wow Karina, that's a great dress. Good choice.
Karina: (Laughs) Thanks. I like what your wearing! I’m gonna change mine though.
Madeline: The one I’m wearing is from Paris.
Karina: Whoa.
Madeline: I'm going next weekend you can always join me?
Karina: Wow, I'd love too!
Madeline: (Laughs) Good, it should be a good weekend.
Karina: Thing is I won't be able to buy anything...
Madeline: Ah don't worry about that, I'll buy you something and plus I'm best friends with one of the shop owners so I can get dresses for free!
Karina: Wow, thanks!
Madeline: No problem.

Madeline: Ah! What are you doing backstage?
Lennie: Oh hey Madeline I...
Madeline: No men allowed here sweetheart. Women are trying to change.
Lennie: I just wanna see what my wife’s wearing.
Madeline: Why?
Lennie: Incase it's a bit... too revealing.
Madeline: Ah don't worry about it Lennie, I've seen what your wife's wearing its a long and beautiful dress which covers up everything from the neck below.
Lennie: Ah okay, thanks.
Madeline: That's alright, now go back outside!

Louise: Excuse me Madeline!
Madeline: Hey Louise, you and Kacey ready?
Louise: That's the thing, we can't do the show.
Madeline: What? Why?
Louise: There's been an accident.
Madeline: Oh my god, what's happened?
Louise: It's Craig, his heart gave in this morning and he passed away.
Madeline: Oh Louise I am so sorry.
Louise: (Sighs) Yeah, he was such a good lad. Just like his father.
Madeline: Look, why don't you go home and be with the family yeah?
Louise: Yeah thanks for understanding.
Madeline: Don't worry about it, take it easy yeah?
Louise: Alright thanks.

Karina: What happened?
Madeline: Craig died.
Karina: Oh. That's a shame he was a nice boy.
Madeline: Yeah. Now where the hell is Tina and Megan!?
Karina: They must be running late!

Kayleigh: Babe, leave Miss Whiskerson alone now… Cassie’s here.
William: Alright.

Kayleigh: Cassie, hi!
Cassie: Oh Kayleigh, it's great to see you again! Thanks for inviting me over.
Kayleigh: It's no problem. Cassie this is my husband William, William this is Cassie an old friend of mine.
William: Hey there, great to meet you.
Cassie: Hiya, you too.
Kayleigh: Now lets all sit down and eat yeah?
Cassie: Sounds good to me!
William: Lobster all right?
Cassie: Wow, yeah that's great!

Cassie: So Kayleigh, tell me what you've been up too. Other than preparing for the new delivery on the way eh?
Kayleigh: (Laughs) Yeah. We've just been trying to find our own place here in Crystal Town. We were both born here so it means a lot to raise our family here.
Cassie: Yeah, I understand that. I wish I grew up here, the town I lived in was a complete dump. I got pretty lonely too. I was an only child and at school I'd just hide in the library from bullies.
William: Ah but trust me you don't want too many siblings!
Kayleigh: What, you only have Adam?
William: Erm, would anyone like a drink?
Cassie: I'm fine thanks...
Kayleigh: But why have I only met Adam then?
William: We'll discuss this later okay?
Kayleigh: Okay fine. I guess I just don't know much about the family I married into as I thought.
Cassie: So William what do you do?

Hilary: Hey guys, oh you have company! I'll go upstairs and watch TV and get out of your hair.
Kayleigh: Thanks mum. Mum this is Cassie, Cassie this is my mum. Hilary.
Hilary: Hi sweetheart, it's nice to meet you.
Cassie: You too Hilary.
Hilary: Well I'll be going upstairs. I'll see you three later. I’ll get the cat out of your way too… she likes to bother people when they eat.
Kayleigh: Thanks Mum.

Cassie: Wow, you have such a nice family.
Kayleigh: Yeah. Do you remember my brother?
Cassie: Oh yes Chris. How is he?
Kayleigh: He's doing great. He's got a job in advertising and he's moving in with his new girlfriend.
Cassie: Aww, good for him.
Kayleigh: So Cassie, I've got something to ask you...
Cassie: Oh right.

Adam: Hey guys! Whoa what's going on here? Why... why... why... wasn’t I invited to this...erm thing!
Kayleigh: Adam!
William: Cassie this is my brother Adam, who needs to go upstairs!
Adam: Hey sweetheart, don't you look beautiful.
Cassie: Erm thanks?
Adam: You have such beautiful eyes... and your breasts! Mmm! You can come in my love boat anytime you like!
William: Adam!
Kayleigh: Cassie, I'm so sorry about this.
Cassie: It's alright...
Adam: So baby you wanna go out some time? I'd show you a right good time.
Cassie: Okay, I'm gonna go.

Kayleigh: Cassie wait!

Kayleigh: He passed out?
William: Yeah.
Kayleigh: He's leaving first thing tomorrow.
William: What? He hasn't got anywhere too...
Kayleigh: I don't care! He's ruining our lives Will! I want to get a job so me, you and the baby will have a real home! And he keeps messing everything up! I've made my choice he's leaving. Do you support me in this?
William: Yes, I stick by what you say Kay.
Kayleigh: Thank you.

Madeline: Grr! Where's Tina and Megan they're on in two minutes!
Karina: I've tried ringing Megan, there's no reply.
Madeline: Oh man now we're four models out this is gonna be a disaster!

Megan: Okay we're here!
Tina: We're so sorry we're late.
Madeline: Thank god, quick go and change! Hurry!

(Man Waves)

Madeline: Oh... my... god...

Karina: Hey you did great girl! I think people can see who the real model was eh?
Madeline: Yeah...
Karina: Madeline, are you okay?
Madeline: Yeah... I'm fine.
Karina: You sure? You don't seem very...
Madeline: For gods sake Karina, I'm fine!

Mina: So Mark, how are things with you?
Mark: They're alright. My mum is seriously annoying me lately though.
Mina: Yeah, my parents have laid off me a bit now.
Mark: I only have my mum, my dad died years ago.
Mina: Oh I'm sorry.
Mark: That's alright. Mum said it happened before I was born.
Mina: Excuse me a minute, I gotta use the toilet.
Mark: Alright.

Elliot: Mark! Where did Mina just go?
Mark: She said she had to go to the bathroom. Why?
Elliot: Oh crap!
Mark: What's...
Elliot: Just stay here!
Mark: ...wrong?

Mina: Erm hi who are you?
Michelle: Oh shit.
Elliot: (Gasps). Oh no!
Mina: Elliot, what's going on? Who's this?
Michelle: Erm...
Elliot: Mina.
Mina: What?
Elliot: Can you keep a secret?

Madeline: What are you doing here?
Man: Ah Madeline it's been a while.
Madeline: You can't be here Tom! Please just go away!
Tom: I can't do that. Your husband asked me to come here, and he's my brother so I do as he says.
Madeline: Ex-husband more like!
Tom: Now, now Madeline! God does not agree with divorce.
Madeline: Yeah and gods not too fond on adultery or murder either!
Tom: I'll be seeing you real soon Madeline. You and Mark.
Madeline: You keep the hell away from us!
Tom: Take care.

Madeline: You bastard!

Ross: Oh my god dad!
Sid: Ross, I'm so sorry son.
Ross: What's happened?
Sid: It's your mum. She's gone.

Mark: Thanks for tonight Vanessa it was fun.
Vanessa: That's alright see you later yeah?
Mark: Yeah.

Michelle: So, Mina do we have your promise?
Mina: Don't worry I won't tell anyone a thing about you.
Michelle: Thank you.

Tom: My, my, my. Hasn't he grown up to look just like his father...