Crystal Town Series 3 - Episode 29 - Where is she?

On an early Wednesday morning Crystal Town woke up to a large mystery. Tina Stripe had gone missing.

Vern: When was the last time you saw her?
David: Two days ago. How could she of just gone? She would never just leave!
Vern: Mr. Stripe this could be very serious, given the circumstances we are assuming that your wife is in trouble.
David: But she's only been gone a night!
Vern: Yes but nothing has been taken, she wasn't seen for the majority of last night, the car is still here, no clothes have gone, no money has been taken, no ID, nor her passport. Nothing.
David: When was she last seen?
Vern: I'm not sure. I'm going round the whole street later to see when your neighbors last saw her.
David: You... you don't think she's dead do you?
Vern: We'll speak to you later Mr. Stripe.

David: I'm so worried Aaron.
Aaron: Me too, it's not like Auntie Tina to just vanish. Especially overnight.
David: I know son, something's not right here.
Aaron: I hope she'll be alright.
David: So do I mate.
(Doorbell rings)
Aaron: Who's that at this time of the morning?
David: Might be the police again, maybe they forgot something.
Aaron: Don't worry I'll get it.

Aaron: Jade!
Jade: Hey Aaron.
Aaron: I thought I told you we were finished!
Jade: Ah I don't think so Aaron. You don't want anyone knowing what you did.
Aaron: What?
Jade: To your mum... you ran her over right?
Aaron: How did... you...?
Jade: I heard you talking to your auntie. I heard she went missing.
Aaron: Do you have anything to do with...
Jade: No of course not! I just want us to be together Aaron.
Aaron: Sorry but that's not gonna happen. I'd like us to just remain friends.
Jade: Ah that's the thing, I can't do that.
Aaron: Jade, please.
Jade: I'll be popping by later for dinner.
Aaron: Jade don't do this...
Jade: Ah don't worry yourself Aaron. You'll learn to love me, just like I've learned to love you. And don't worry your secrets safe, for now.

David: Who was it Aaron?
Aaron: Just a friend. She's coming round for dinner tonight.
David: Okay. Hopefully your auntie will be back before then eh?
Aaron: Lets hope so.

Later that day...

Kacey: Hey, now take it easy okay?
Keria: Stop worrying yourself Kacey. I'm fine now!
Kacey: I know, I was just so worried.
Keria: Have we picked a date for Craig's funeral yet?
Kacey: Yeah in two days time.
Keria: Is it alright if I say something?
Kacey: Yeah of course it is. Just take it easy and chill out yeah? Let me know if you need anything.
Keria: Thanks Kace.

Jenna: Kace, haven't you heard?
Kacey: Heard what?
Jenna: Tina's gone missing.
Kacey: What!?
Jenna: She went missing last night. She hasn't been seen since.
Kacey: Oh my god.

Barry: Hey you, ready for our...
Megan: Sorry Barry but our dates off.
Barry: Oh, why? Is everything okay?
Megan: No it's not. I'll speak to you, later yeah?
Barry: What's going on?
Megan: Nothing. Don't worry.
Barry: Megan? Please.
Megan: Tina's gone missing.
Barry: Oh my goodness, when?
Megan: Since last night, I'm going out to look for her.
Barry: I'll come with you.
Megan: You haven't got to...
Barry: I want to.

Megan: Let's take my car.
Barry: Where are we going to go?
Megan: Around town. She's got to be here somewhere.
Barry: Megan, calm down. Stop panicking.
Megan: My best friend is missing Barry! I gotta get her home safe!
Barry: Okay, let's go.
Megan: And Barry...
Barry: Yeah?
Megan: Thanks.
Barry: Don't worry about it, we best get going.

Sid: Hey son, are you alright?
Ross: Mum's dead dad. So of course I'm not alright. How can you be so... so calm?
Sid: I saw it coming son, your mother wasn't a well woman.
Ross: I know that. It's just I never got to say goodbye to her.
Sid: Oh Ross, come on boy. Your mother knew you loved her.
Ross: No, no. She hated me since... you know I ruined Hannah's life.
Sid: Now that is not true!
Ross: It was my fault dad! It was all my fault!

Sid: Ross, it was a longtime ago now.
Ross: I put myself in debt! Because I couldn't help but put some coins into a machine and place a bet on some stupid horses!
Sid: It's all fine now. You have a good job, you've got a lovely house.
Ross: No. I will never forgive myself for what I've done.
Sid: Ross you're being silly! It's forgotten son! Ross!

Rose: Morning Sid.
Sid: Hey Rose.
Rose: You look lovely today.
Sid: Cheers, you look good too.
Rose: Yeah, it's been a while hasn't it?
Sid: Yeah. Last time we saw each other Marge and Fred were both still here.
Rose: Ah Fred had a good long life. Plus I was getting tired of him yapping on about how he survived the war!
Sid: Rose!
Rose: Well it's true. To be honest with you, the last few years we had together were the worst.
Sid: Oh now.
Rose: What about you and Marge?
Sid: Ah, she was my everything. Now she's gone it feels like I've got a huge hole in my heart.

Eddie: Ah Jennifer, play with James nicely please.
Max: Hey there.
Eddie: Oh hi Max.

Max: Aww, who's this little angel?
Eddie: This is my daughter Jennifer.
Max: Ah, I didn't know you had a daughter man.
Eddie: Yeah, with my ex-wife.
Max: Oh who's she?
Eddie: Her name was Cindy.
Max: Was?
Eddie: She, erm died.
Max: Oh mate I'm sorry.
Eddie: It's alright, we were separated at the time but you know...
Max: Yeah I'm sorry for bringing it up.
Eddie: It's okay, hey would you watch her for a while? I want to find out the score on the game.
Max: Alright, no problem.
Eddie: Cheers.

Mark: Mum you've been looking out the window for ages. Are you okay?
Madeline: Yeah I'm fine champ.
Mark: You don't seem fine...
Madeline: I'm fine alright?
Mark: If you say so... I'm going round Elliot's later.
Madeline: No you can stay in for today. Help me around the house.
Mark: Mum that is so unfair!
Madeline: Sorry love, but you're staying in.
Mark: Why!? Why do you always have to ruin my life!?

Madeline: Upstairs...
Mark: Mum!
Madeline: Didn't you hear me! I said go upstairs please. Go on your X-box or something.
Mark: Grrr!

Madeline: Bastard...

(Doorbell Rings)
Madeline: Who the... oh god... don't be him... don't be him...

Karina: Hey neighbor!
Madeline: Oh, hey Karina.
Karina: Are we still on for today?
Madeline: Sorry?
Karina: Today? You said I could come over and we could have some cocktails?
Madeline: Oh yeah, that. Come in. Come in.
Karina: Thanks.

Madeline: Now what do you want we've got...
Karina: Anything that contains booze!
Madeline: Piscola it is.
Karina: Wow, never heard of that one before.
Madeline: It's very popular in Chile and Peru.
Karina: Wow, how do you know all this stuff.
Madeline: I'm a model... I've... been places.
Karina: Well if its got alcohol in it then fill me up!

Madeline: Hang on can you just give me thirty minutes? I got to take Mark somewhere.
Karina: Erm, okay sure.
Madeline: And whatever you do don't experiment with these. One tonic in another wrong tonic could lead to a night of throwing up. So just wait.
Karina: (Laughs) Alright.

Mark: Mum! Where are we going!?
Madeline: I'm taking you to Lennie and Amelia's.
Mark: Thanks, but why?
Madeline: Because I want you to.
Mark: Alright... mum are you okay? You look really pale.
Madeline: Come on....

Madeline: Lennie! Amelia! Hi.
Amelia: Hey Madeline, what's up?
Madeline: Look Amelia, I know me and you don't really see eye to eye but is it okay if Mark stays here tonight? I'm in a bit of...
Lennie: No problem at all.
Madeline: Ah thank you.
Amelia: It's no problem we enjoy having Mark round.
Madeline: Aww thanks Amelia.
Amelia: Go on mate, go and find Elliot and the girls they're upstairs. I think Mina's here too.
Mark: Okay. See you later mum.
Madeline: Alright, honey be good.

Amelia: What's going on Madeline?
Lennie: Is everything alright?
Madeline: It's just a spot of trouble, nothing to worry about. But can you make sure Mark is with you the whole time... please...?
Lennie: Madeline you've gone really pale...
Amelia: Maybe you should lie down?
Madeline: I'm fine... argh.

Amelia: Oh my god! Madeline! Is she alright love?
Lennie: Yeah she's just fainted. Let's move her onto the sofa.

Vicar Keith: Alright guys. I'm here let's talk about funeral arrangements.
Keria: Thanks for letting us have the funeral so early with no notice Vicar.
Vicar Keith: It's no problem. Now... is anyone going to say anything at his funeral?
Keria: Yes I will.
Vicar Keith: Alright, anything else we should add?
Kacey: Maybe Mina would like to say something?
Vicar Keith: Mina is?
Keria: No she will not be talking at Craig's funeral. She won't even be invited.

Kacey: Keria! She loved Craig!
Keria: Yeah because she's so heartbroken at the moment, isn't she? Where is she again? Oh yes round that Elliot Appleton's house. Sorry but I'm not having her at my sons funeral. Hannah and Ross can come but Mina is not.
Kacey: Keria that's so childish!
Vicar Keith: Ladies, please. As Craig's mother I think it's right that Keria has the overall say.
Kacey: Fine!

(Doorbell Rings)
David: I'll get it.
Aaron: If that's Jade, tell her I'm sick.
David: Erm okay. Don't let it be the police, don't let it be the police.

David: Oh my god!

Jean: Hey David, good to see you again. Is Tina here? I really need a place to stay!

Keria: Why the hell would we play Westlife at my sons’ funeral?
Vicar Keith: Ladies... please.
Kacey: Because it was his favorite band!
Keria: Well I don't think it's appropriate.
Vicar Keith: If Craig had loved the music, I see nothing wrong with...
Keria: Are you here to give your opinion?
Vicar Keith: No but I...
Keria: Well then, just shut up and stick to your job!
Kacey: (Shocked) Keria!
Keria: Forget it Kace! You just plan the whole sodding thing!

Vicar Keith: Well that was...
Kacey: Yeah I know Vicar... she's gonna go to hell!

Barry: Megan, I got us some coffee... Megan? Megan?

David: I can't believe you're here...
Jean: Let me get this right, Tina's missing?
David: Yeah she hasn’t been seen last night!
Jean: Oh my god, that's not like her at all!
Aaron: We know, that's why we're so worried.
Jean: I can imagine...
David: What happened to living with your sister in Canada?
Jean: Ah, she kinda kicked me out. She got a new boyfriend and we didn’t exactly get on.
David: Has Tina tried contacting you at all?
Jean: Nope, haven't heard from her in weeks! I'll go make us all of some tea, yeah?

Aaron: Wow, it's a shock that she's back, ain't it?
David: Yes, it's very convenient.
Aaron: What do you mean?
David: Your Auntie goes missing and ten minutes later Jean appears out of nowhere. She was supposed to have been across the other side of the world.
Aaron: What's that got to do with...
David: And if I remember correctly, Tina mentioned to me that Jean had a crush on her.
Aaron: Right...
David: I know I wouldn’t be able to back it up, but I know one thing Aaron. Jean has something to do with this!
Aaron: What are we gonna do?
David: Act normal, don't make her suspicious... but one way or another. I'll get answers!

Later that night...

Barry: I thought I could find you here.
Megan: Hi.
Barry: Look, Tina hasn’t been found yet. We should go home.
Megan: No. I want to sit here for a while.
Barry: Okay, do you want me to leave you?
Megan: It's up to you, you can sit here if you like.

Megan: I miss him you know.
Barry: Yeah, I know you do. You were in love for years.
Megan: We were only married for a year... then he was taken from me.
Barry: Oh Megan...
Megan: I loved Ryan so much Barry. More than anything. I can't help but feel as if...
Barry: Feel what?
Megan: I dunno as if...
Barry: You're cheating on him?
Megan: (Cries) Yes.
Barry: Well, we don't have to be more than friends if you don't want us to.
Megan: I do though. I really do.
Barry: Well, I'm glad you do.
Megan: Should we go home? It's getting cold.
Barry: Yeah I'll go start the car...
Megan: Okay.

Megan: Goodbye Ryan.

Hannah: Hey babe. Sorry I'm back so late. Work was so hectic.
Ross: Ah that's alright. It's good to have you home.
Hannah: Where's Mina?
Ross: She's staying round Vanessa's tonight.
Hannah: Ah good... oh damn it I was just about to say just us two then I realized my mum and your dad are here with us.
Ross: Yeah, I can't wait for them to leave!
Hannah: Neither can I...  you know the funny thing is I don't think they like each other.
Ross: Nah my dad was never really fond on your mother.
Hannah: (Laughs) My mum didn’t like your parents either. But then again when did my mother like...

Hannah: ...anyone?
Ross: Dad!
Hannah: Mum!

Lennie: Hey. Is Madeline okay?
Amelia: Yeah, she's sound asleep. She might have to sleep here tonight if she doesn’t wake up soon.
Lennie: Ah that's no bother. Yum that smells great! Is it pizza?
Amelia: Yeah go and tell the kids it's ready please.
Lennie: Alright love, I will do.

Elliot: Hey Michelle.
Michelle: Elliot what the hell are you doing here during the day! I know there's other people here aside from us...
Elliot: It's okay, it's just me and Mina.
Michelle: Oh well, you should be more careful!
Elliot: Don't worry. My friend Mark is playing on the computer with Vanessa. We're okay.
Mina: Hey.
Michelle: What do you guys want?
Elliot: We just wanted to see how you were doing.
Michelle: Look I'm fine. Just go back okay? If we get caught Elliot... we'll have to move...

Elliot: That's the thing...
(Mina shuts the door)
Michelle: What? What are you doing?
Elliot: All we know is that you’re in hiding from something or someone, and if you get caught we'll be forced to move. But we wanna know why you're hiding Michelle.
Michelle: Elliot there is no time for this!
Mina: This wasn’t my idea by the way... I'm not that fussed about knowing...
Elliot: Well me, Vanessa and Ruby are!
Michelle: Look I really can't say Elliot!
Elliot: Then we're gonna be here for a while.

Lennie: Hey guys, glad you came down. Wait a second where's Elliot and Mina?
Vanessa: Erm, we don't know.
Ruby: Yeah err, what's mum made?
Lennie: Girls where are they?
Ruby: Dad... (Ruby nods towards Mark).
Lennie: Oh they've just gone out for a bit okay. Well you guys best get downstairs for dinner. It's pizza do you like that Mark?
Mark: Yeah it's great!
Lennie: That's good then!

Lennie: What's she telling them...

Michelle: And then I was held hostage at the bank, I was petrified the man already shot a woman dead, so I tripped his partner up and aimed the gun at the hostage taker - but he fired at me first. It missed me though... and hit a man next to me which killed him. I then managed to kill the hostage taker and then I got into this big fight with his partner. He grabbed hold of the gun and... I accidentally pushed on the trigger and we shot an officer dead too... then the other hostages helped me over power him and then... without thinking of the consequences I just killed him...
Mina: Oh god...
Michelle: Look guys you cannot tell anyone a thing... okay Elliot? Not even Vanessa and Ruby!
Mina: Alright, don't worry your secret is safe.
Elliot: I won't say anything either.

Lennie: Hey guys, dinner's ready.
Mina: Okay...
Elliot: Let's go.

Lennie: That was a good lie Michelle.
Michelle: We've used that cover story a dozen times... I'm used to telling it.

Madeline: What? What happened?
Amelia: Hey you're awake! You just fainted. Would you like some water?
Madeline: How long have I been out?
Amelia: About an hour. Haven't you slept well recently?
Madeline: I gotta go!
Amelia: Wait Madeline! Come back!

Madeline: Oh my god! Karina! I told you not to experiment with drinks you stupid... what? She's been hit!

Tom: Very observant aren’t you?
Madeline: Tom! If she's dead!
Tom: She's not. She'll live. It's lucky I hit her from behind, that way she won't know who did it.
Madeline: Please Tom, put the gun down.
Tom: Sorry honey, you know I can't do that. He wants Mark, he is his father afterall.
Madeline: Then why isn’t he here then eh? Instead he's getting his brother to do all his dirty work!
Tom: Hell, my brother helped me out big time. Broke me out of prison in Madrid. Let's say I owe him.
Madeline: Well if you want Mark... then you're going to kill me?
Tom: Yeah, is that okay?
Madeline: I'll never tell you where Mark is.
Tom: If you tell me, I'll let you live. Your choice.
Madeline: No I'd rather die then let Mark go with you!

Tom: Very well... I'll have to go and shoot some of your neighbors then won't I...
Madeline: Tom! No! Don't shoot anyone!
Tom: Then tell me where the boy is...

Tom: Arghh!
Karina: Give it ere you bastard! Argh!
Tom: Stupid bitch! Get off me!
Karina: Quick Madeline pick up the gun!

Karina: Alright he's down... let's call the police...
Karina: (Gasps) Oh my god!

Karina: Why did you kill him? We had him! Madeline! Why did you kill him!?
Madeline: Because, if I hadn’t. He would of been arrested and this man has done some nasty things. He shot twenty innocent people dead in Spain, then he escaped from prison and shot three officers whilst he was at it. Being arrested wouldn’t be a good enough punishment for this man....
Karina: What... what are we gonna do?
Madeline: We're gonna bury him.
Karina: Madeline... who is this?
Madeline: It's my brother in law.