Crystal Town Series 4 - Episode 30 - Bitter Baker


When being stalked by a demon from her past…

Madeline shot it back down.

Amelia and Lennie hid their daughter from the world.

David suspected Jean as Tina went missing.

Megan struggled to deal with the fact she would have to raise her child without Ryan.

And Kayleigh got pregnant.

22nd July 2007


Joan: Finally you’re here! They’ve been waiting hours for you!
Amelia: Oh good, I like to arrive late.
Joan: You mean so you can make an entrance?
Amelia: Ah Joan, you know me too well.
Joan: Look you need to get your cake over there and quick! They’re not gonna wait forever you know, not even for you!
Amelia: Alright, tell them I’ll be over in a minute.
Joan: Amelia, the contest was meant to start fifteen minutes ago!
Amelia: Oh for crying out loud…I’ll be a minute! I have to get the chocolate gateau out from the car.

Vera: Oh, well look who decided to make a grand entrance! I’m surprised you haven’t brought along a red carpet.
Amelia: I wouldn’t… it would clash with your hair.
Vera: You’ve took the prize every year, don’t you think its about time you let somebody else have a turn?
Amelia: Well… if someone is so sure they’re better than me they’re more than welcome to have a try… or should I say… stupid attempt?
Vera: Well you’re not gonna win this year.
Amelia: Who’s gonna beat me? You? Don’t mean to brag but you’ve come third every year.

Vera: Not me – Monica Walliams.

Amelia: What? She’s back in town? I thought she moved to Pleasantview.
Vera: She did. But her husband got relocated… ah even you lost out to her the year before she moved away… (sighs) it will be such a shame to get second for a change eh?

Amelia: Well I’ve got better.
Vera: I’m sorry did you mean better or bitter?
Amelia: Well I may be bitter my dear but at least my man isn’t a raving alcoholic!
Vera: No you’re right… by the way I saw you’re daughter Michelle earlier… running from that café she works in. She was having a scrap with another girl…

Amelia: What!?
Vera: Ah… I’ve got my man in rehab. Maybe its time you controlled your loved ones? Cheerio.

Joan: Amelia! Amelia where are you going!?
Vera: Oh dear, I guess she got cold feet.

Present Day

Lennie: Honey… honey…
Amelia: What? Sorry?
Lennie: It’s your turn.

Amelia: Oh right yes, I was just thinking about what to do next.
Elliot: Mum are you okay?
Vanessa: Yeah, you have been kinda weird with us lately.
Amelia: I’m fine, just a little distracted that’s all. Who’s turn is it now?

(Crowds cheering)
Reporter: Madeline! Madeline! Hey over here!
Woman: This way! Madeline! Madeline! Excellent! Beautiful!

Man: Miss Baker, its time to go inside.

Door man: Welcome.
Madeline: Thank you.

Fern: Maddie! Thank heavens, you’ve made it!
Madeline: Why? Whats up?
Fern: (Silently) Nothing, cept this parties a drag!
Madeline: Well, we’re surrounded by hundreds of rich guys be happy.

Fern: I would but I’ve got a blister the size of a fricking… hey Mr. Gellar!
Mr. Gellar: Hello, ladies. Glad you could make it. Madeline, you look as stunning as ever.
Madeline: Thank you, now if you’ll excuse me I’m going to help myself to a drink.

Madeline: I’ll have a glass of red wine please. Fern, wait! Where are you going?
Fern: To the bathroom.
Madeline: But if you leave me I’ll die of boredom!
Fern: But if I don’t leave you I’ll pee!

Barman: Here you go…
Madeline: Thanks hun.

Karina: Hey!
Madeline: What the!? Karina! What the hell are you doing here?
Karina: I came to talk to you, you’ve been avoiding me for months!
Madeline: How the heck did you get in here?
Karina: What, I’m not fancy enough to get in?
(Madeline rolls her eyes)
Karina: Alright, I snuck in through the back, big woop! Anyway, I need to talk to you.
Madeline: Can’t it wait? I’m at a very classy party at the moment.
Karina: No! You’ve been avoiding me since we…
Madeline: Shut up! Okay… okay lets go in here and talk!

Madeline: What is it?
Karina: You’ve owed me an explanation for too long lady!
Madeline: Sorry?
Karina: First, you shoot some guy dead right in front of me, then you get me to help you burry him, then Mark suddenly goes missing…
Madeline: He’s with friends.
Karina: Oh really who?
Madeline: (Becomes tearful) Please Karina, leave I’ll talk to you tonight okay?
Karina: What Madeline… I didn’t mean too…
Madeline: Bye!

Builder: Alright, we’ve finished bulldozing the house now Mr. Stripe. We’ll be in first thing tomorrow to start work building your new house.
David: Okay, thank you.

Tina: Hey…
David: I thought I told you to leave me alone!
Tina: David, look I’m sorry okay?

David: Oh you’re sorry! Tina’s sorry! If little miss perfect Tina is sorry then she must be forgiven! Go away, I have no time for this!
Tina: David, please let me explain.
David: What is there to explain? You took off someday last year, the police gave up searching for you and everyone thought you was gone! You turn up three weeks ago and expect a festival on your return!
Tina: I needed to get away… so much had happened…
David: Not only that. Me and Aaron had got wrapped up in believing Jean was some way involved with your disappearance. We confronted her and she took off when she needed support! Now we have no idea where she is!
Tina: I’m sorry.
David: Its not good enough. Not for me. Aaron, Robert and Megan may be able to forgive you.

David: But I cant.

Megan: Hey, I thought I saw you. Are you okay? What’s going on?

Tina: Oh Megan! I’ve ruined everything!
Megan: Hey, hey. Come here. I’m sure David will come around.
Tina: Yeah well what if he don’t! What if he hates me forever?
Megan: I’m sure he doesn’t hate you…
Tina: How can you possibly know that?
Megan: You were married to him for twelve years, I’m pretty sure theres no hate there!
Tina: Oh Megan… what did I do? I took off… I made Robert turn bad with his studies at universty, Aaron was suposdely depressed for months, David turned to booze and I missed you having the babies!
Megan: Its alright… all of us have got through it.
Tina: I should have been there for you! Especially when the doctor said you were having triplets.
Megan: I had Barry and Keria to help me, and I got through it just fine. I now have three beautiful little girls.

Tina: Megan, will you ever forgive me?
Megan: You’re my best friend Tina, incase you haven’t noticed – I already have!
Tina: Hey isn’t that the Johnsons pulling up?

Megan: Hey yeah I think it is… they must be back from their trip to New Zealand.
Tina: Oh god… this is gonna be my first time of seeing Aaron since I took off…
Megan: Well you spoke to him on the phone right?
Tina: Yeah… he wasn’t too mad. He understood. Hes such a good kid.
Megan: Yeah, hes a lovely lad.
Tina: I was shocked when I found he was dating Mina.
Megan: Yeah first Craig then Elliot and now Aaron. That girl sure does get around don’t she?

Mina: Ah you got the suitcase love?
Aaron: Yeah its in the boot, I’ll get it out in a bit. I’m starving, I could do with some lunch!
Mina: I doubt theres any food indoors, its been empty for months!
Aaron: Oh right yeah good point…

Megan: Hey guys you’re back!
Mina: Oh hi!
Aaron: Oh my god Auntie Tina!

Tina: Hey Aaron, its great to see you too!
Aaron: I missed you so much!
Tina: I missed you too.
Megan: Wheres Hannah and Ross?
Mina: Oh they decided to stay out there a little while longer, they’re coming back in a couple of weeks.
Megan: Oh right.
Aaron: Well we were about to go get some food I guess, so you wanna go get some lunch?
Tina: Yeah I’d love too!
Megan: I wish I could but I’ve left Keria alone with the girls, last week she gave Lilly a bottle opener to play with. (Laughs) See you later.

Marie: Well what do you think?
Kayleigh: Wow Marie, you’ve done a great job!
Chris: Yeah babe, it all looks so great! Thanks a lot for doing this for my mum’s sixty second!
Marie: Its no problem.
Kayleigh: Mums gonna be so happy with this small little family birthday party we’ve done her, its been a while since we’ve all been together.
Marie: It’s the least I could do… especially after your mother had to move out of her house…
Chris: Marie, why do you think you haven’t done enough? You’re letting my mum stay here with us!
Marie: I dunno, its just I really want her to like me.
Chris: She does!
Marie: I’m not too sure…

Chris: Anyway, what time is William getting here Kay?
Kayleigh: He should be down in like twenty minutes. Hes having a bath and getting Gus ready to come out.
Marie: Alice should be coming home from school any time now.

Mrs. Daniels: Hey Alice! Is that you?
Alice: Oh my gosh, Mrs Daniels you’re home! You’ve been away for so long now!
Mrs. Daniels: Yeah I visited my cousin in Alaska. I stayed with him until he passed away.
Alice: Oh my, I’m so sorry.
Mrs. Daniels: Its alright. Part of me is glad.
Alice: Erm… okay?
Mrs. Daniels: No… no. I mean because he was an old guy, and was in a lot of pain. Hes finally at peace now eh?
Alice: Oh right, yeah.
Mrs. Daniels: You look so grown up. I must of missed a lot around here.
Alice: Everyones gonna be thrilled you’re back Mrs. Daniels. We’ve missed you.

Mrs. Daniels: Heh, I missed everyone too. Anyway I got lunch cooking so I’ll see you later?
Alice: Okay Mrs Daniels, take care.

Fern: Alright, I have news. Timmy Johnstone wants to ask you out! (Gets excited)
Madeline: Okay cool.
Fern: What? Hes the richest guy around, why aren’t you smiling? Damn it girl smile!
Madeline: I gotta go.
Fern: Wait Maddie! You cant leave yet!
Madeline: I’ll call you later!

Lennie: Honey, you busy?
Amelia: I shall be soon Lennie, I’m about to make a roast. Is anything the matter?
Lennie: Yeah well actually there is. I was hoping we could talk?
Amelia: Now? Do we have too? I’m about to make a start on a dinner.
Lennie: Yeah, surley we can talk whilst you do it? Its just Vanessa and Elliot have gone to the shops and Ruby and Michelle are out anyway.
Amelia: Michelles gone out?

Lennie: Honey we dyed her hair.
Amelia: You should consult with me first!
Lennie: Will you relax? They’ve gone to Ruby’s friends just down the road. I got all the kids to say Michelle is their cousin Amanda.
Amelia: I don’t care! How stupid can you get Leonard!? Get down there and bring them both home!
Lennie: What about our talk…
Amelia: It’ll have to wait! Now go!
Lennie: Amelia, don’t you think you’re over reacting?

Amelia: I’m not asking… I’m telling!

Lennie: No! I’m telling you!
Amelia: Excuse me?
Lennie: For all our marriage you’ve always been demanding me around and I was too soft to stand up for what I actually believe in.
Amelia: Len where’s this coming from?
Lennie: I’m taking a stand for once! Michelle has gone out, for christ sake Amelia shes young. Let her live!
Amelia: Let her live? She took that right from herself when she…
Lennie: Yes she did something terrible! We know! Hasn’t the thought of what she saw and what she did punish her enough?
Amelia: Lennie – I’m trying to protect my daughter.
Lennie: And I don’t?
Amelia: She’s out there right now! How do we know shes not gonna run in to them… argh you’re so stupid Len. I’m going after her!

Lennie: Amelia… hey come back!

22nd July 2007

Lennie: Don’t worry Michelle. Mum’s here.

Amelia: I got here as soon as I could! What happened?
Lennie: They found her.
Amelia: Oh god… oh god…
Michelle: Mum, maybe I should just let them get me… it’ll cause less hassle.

Michelle: Mum? Mum?
Lennie: Honey?

Amelia: Lennie, go upstairs tell Elliot, Vanessa and Ruby to pack their things we’re leaving tonight!
Lennie: What? Honey we can’t just leave! We have friends here. Our whole life is here!
Amelia: Then get their email! Do it! Go! We’re leaving!

Michelle: Mum… I cant do this to the family anymore.
Amelia: Hey. Hey. I’m going to look after you okay? I promise.
Michelle: Mum… I’m scared.
Amelia: I’m never gonna let anyone hurt you.

Jenna: Hey mum!
Louise: Hiya honey, how are you both?
Max: We’re great thanks Louise, how have you been doing?
Louise: I’ve been good! Ah, well come in both of you!

Louise: Its so good to see you both. You both being doing well?
Max: Yeah, we’ve been doing great thanks.
Louise: Ooh hows the house?
Jenna: Oh mum its lovely! Its so modern and spacious.
Max: Yeah its great, we’re going to make a big Sunday dinner next week. We’re hoping you guys will come over?
Louise: I’ll be there!
Jenna: Great! What about Kace and Ed?
Louise: Well… I’m not too sure about them.
Max: Oh. Why not?
Louise: We didn’t wanna tell you this Jen, as we knew how hectic its been for you both moving to Lakeside and everything, but James hasn’t been well… hes in hospital.

Max: Oh god!
Jenna: What!? Whats up with him?
Louise: The doctors don’t know exactly… but they’re keeping him in. Hes had a fever and is sick so much.
Jenna: Oh god. Wheres Kace now?
Louise: They’re both at the hospital. Kacey hardly leaves.
Jenna: Well I’m gonna go down there and see her. We’ll pop back up later mum okay? We’ll stay for dinner.
Louise: Alright love, see you both soon.

Max: Are you alright babe?
Jenna: No… I just can’t believe mum and Kace kept this from me. He’s my nephew.

Jenna: What the!?
Max: (Yells) Slow the hell down!

Jenna: That looked like Amelia and Lennie.
Max: The barbie and ken couple? Jeez, they’re so weird.

Eddie: Hey.
Kacey: Oh. Hey.
Eddie: You doing okay?
Kacey: No not really Eddie. How can I be when my baby boy is in there and I dunno if I’m gonna lose him!
Eddie: You wont.
Kacey: You don’t know that. I can’t lose him, I’ve lost too much – Dad and Tim I couldn’t bear it.
Eddie: Hey it’ll be okay.
Kacey: Its easy for you to say.
Eddie: Oh yeah of course it is! Because my old wife didn’t die on New Years Eve!
Kacey: Oh… I’m sorry I wasn’t thinking. Of coruse its hard for you babe… especially with Jennifer not having a mum.
Eddie: She’ll have one.
Kacey: I’m not her mother…

Eddie: You’re as good as.

Marie: Hey Hilary! Happy birthday.
Hilary: Why you guys have done such a great job here!
Chris: Actually mum, it was Marie who did all the work!
Marie: Oh well I…
Hilary: Oh honey theres no need to lie you can tell my clever daughter did this.
Kayleigh: Mum I didn’t…
Hilary: If you’d excuse me for abit I need to go to the bathroom.

Marie: I dunno what to do anymore. I’ve tried so hard!
Chris: Look, shes just getting old and cranky! Ignore her.
Marie: No Chris, she used to be so lovely whats got into her?
Chris: She’s been through a lot. She dated a serial killer and she lost the house.
Marie: I know and I like to have thought I was a great support for her!
Chris: Honey.
Marie: I’m sorry its just how can we continue this relationship if your own mother doesn’t like me?
Chris: I don’t care what she thinks!
Marie: I do.

Karina: Hey, you’re home.
Madeline: Hello Karina.
Karina: Listen, about earlier I’m really really sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you I shouldn’t have confronted you like that – especially during a party.
Madeline: Okay, well I’m glad you came by.
Karina: Oh?
Madeline: This is goodbye Karina.
Karina: What? Goodbye? Why? Where are you going?
Madeline: I’m going to live in Spain again for a while, you know for a fresh start. Mark’s already out there so…
Karina: Will you be coming back?
Madeline: I dunno, I haven’t thought about it yet. To be honest I doubt I will do. I’m keeping the rent going for the house that way I could always go back. If you see a “For Sale” sign up though, then you’ll have your awnser.

Karina: Well, I’m gonna miss you. When are you leaving?
Madeline: I’ll be leaving early tomorrow morning. Could you please keep it quiet I don’t want the whole neighbourhood down here saying bye.
Karina: Alright, yeah sure. No problem.
Madeline: I’ll see you later Karina.
Karina: Yeah, good luck…

Erik: You alright hun? You ready to go?
Madeline: I just need to pack a few things. Then we’ll be here outta here.
Erik: We’ll get him back baby, I promise. No matter what the cost.
Madeline: I’m so glad you turned up Erik. I thought he had… I imagined the worst…

Erik: Hey, hey its alright. I’m fine.
Madeline: I know, it’s just I wish I could say the same for Mark.
Erik: I’m gonna nip to the shops and grab us some chips alright? We need to eat, we got a long journey ahead.
Madeline: Alright, I’ll see you in abit.

You have one saved message, recorded fifty two days ago.
Caller: Hey Maddie, long time no see. Ah yes remember me? I remember you so much, I have to say I miss you. I miss the way you smile, I miss the way you speak I even miss the way you look at me with so much hatred. It kinda gives me a thrills. Anyway, you’re most likely noticing that our boy isn’t around. I took back what was mine Maddie, what you took from me. I thought hey, after killing my brother and everything it might teach you a lesson. I’ve took my son back. Take care sweetie pie, I’ll be seeing you real soon.

Are you sure you want to delete this message?
Message deleting in ten… nine… eight… seven…

Four… three… two… one… message deleting error. Please try again later, if the problem occurs…

Lennie: For gods sake, how fast does she wanna go! Slow the hell down Amelia!

Amelia: I need to bring her home, where shes safe.

Lennie: F*ck! She’s gone of the road!

Lennie: AMELIA!!