Crystal Town Series 4 - Episode 31 - Sneak A Peak

Vanessa: Elliot, have you seen mum and dad around?
Elliot: Nope, last thing I knew Mum was cooking dinner and dad was watching TV. Then all of a sudden the football’s blaring to itself and the chicken was burnt.
Vanessa: Where the hell are they? They both wouldn’t take off without telling us. Something must be up.
Elliot: I’m sure it’s nothing, don’t worry about it.               
Vanessa: You think Ruby and Michelle are in trouble?
Elliot: Why? Where are they?

Ruby: Man, this place stinks!
Michelle: Hey, don’t look at me Rube. This was Jennie’s idea to come here.
Jennie: Don’t blame me. Last time I came here it was a lot nicer than this.
Michelle: And how long ago was that? (Laughs).
Jennie: I dunno like a year?
Ruby: Maybe it went under new management.
Jennie: What this is a Chinese resturant right?
Ruby: No! This place is Italian.
Jennie: God… I am dumb. This is the wrong place.
Michelle: Oh so the big pizza outside the resturant didn’t give anything away?
Jennie: Wait… they don’t have pizza’s in China?
Ruby: I’m leaving.

Jennie: So you guys wanna go see a movie or...?
Michelle: I dunno, depends will you take us to a musuem instead?
Jennie: Nah, all them dragon bones bore me!
Michelle: Please stop talking.
(Phone rings)
Ruby: Hang on guys, hello?

Ruby: Hey whats up dad you sound really… what? Oh my god! Yeah we’ll go home straight away!
Michelle: Ruby whats up?
Ruby: Its mum, shes been in car accident. We need to go home.
Jennie: Oh god, I’ll get my mum to pick us up and take you home.
Michelle: Thanks Jen… don’t worry Rube, she’ll be alright!

Susan: What is up with you? You’ve been quiet since you got home.
Karina: I’m just looking at Madeline’s house. She left like ages now.
Susan: Madeline? Where did she go?
Karina: To stay in Spain, I dunno if she’ll be back.
Susan: Oh well that’s a shame eh? She was always a quiet woman wasn’t she?
Karina: Yeah… (under breath) and it’s the quiet ones you need to look out for!

Susan: Anyway honey me and your father had hoped to talk to you.
Karina: Oh what about?
Susan: Well we’ve been here for over a year now, we helped you take care of Jennifer when Cindy died but we’re leaving next week to go on the cruise we always wanted to go on.
Karina: Oh… oh I see.
Susan: I’m sorry honey, its just I figured with like Eddie having Jennifer full time now and you’ve got back on your feet me and your father think its time we started living our lives again.

Karina: That’s fine Mum. I’m gonna miss you!
Susan: We’ll miss you too darling.
Karina: Hey mum wanna have some fun before you go?
Susan: (Chuckles) Sure. How?
Karina: We’re gonna go break into Madeline’s house to see what shes left behind to see what shes really hiding.

Susan: Wha- what!?
Karina: Glad you accept!

Megan: Sharon I told you to stop snatching toys from your sisters! Pack it in!
Keria: Jeez, shes a bit of a meany that one isn’t she?
Megan: Must run with the name… (laughs) she is named after her Grandma afterall.
Keria: You should of named one after our mum aswell as Ryan’s.

Megan: You’re kidding me right?
Keria: No, why would I be?
Megan: You mean name one of my darling children after the porn star, alcholic, drug addict useless waste of a space of a mother who abbadoned us as kids?
Keria: Look, how do we know she was that bad?
Megan: Keria – she drove our father to suicide because he couldn’t cope with us two and her anymore. And yeah she was a great mother remember when we walked in on her having sex with the plumber!
Keria: She may have changed since then.
Megan: Oh heh, yeah people can’t change. Especially her!
Keria: Meg, you’re being unfair.
Megan: How dare…

Keria: I’m sorry Megan but I might aswell tell you the truth. I’ve tracked her down and I’ve met her several times now.
Megan: You… you what?
Keria: Don’t look at me like that! After Craig died all I had was Kacey she got too busy with the pub and her own family I felt in the way and had to move in here, I couldn’t get that close to you because you was too busy with your pregnancy and Barry. I had to talk to somebody!
Megan: Wait? My pregnancy? How long has this been going on?
Keria: About eleven months…
Megan: What the!? Eleven months! Keria why wouldn’t you tell me!
Keria: I’m sorry I just knew you’d flip out like you are now!
Megan: Flip out? Of coruse I’m going to flip out that woman was nothing but a –

Megan: This isen’t over!
Keria: Yes it is cause I’m going out the back door for a jog.
Megan: Get back here!
Keria: I’ll speak to you later.
Megan: Oh for gods…

Megan: Hey Diane whats up?
Mrs Daniels: Is everything alright? I heard yelling.
Megan: Ah, just Keria dropped one of my fancy china plates you know one of the ones I got as a wedding gift.
Mrs Daniels: Ouch. Anyways, I wondered if Barry’s about?
Megan: Er no, hes working today why?
Mrs Daniels: Ah shoot, well its alright I just wanted him to check something out. I’ll go see him later.
Megan: Are you okay? Are you sick?
Mrs Daniels: Oh no I’m fine, nothing to worry about honest.
Megan: Alright, I’ll give him a call and let him know you’re coming down. Take care yeah?
Mrs Daniels: Alright cheers love.
Megan: See you later!

Mrs Daniels: Hey Tina! Good to have you back!
Tina: Thanks Mrs Daniels…

Tina: Hey you.
Robert: About time you got here mum!
Tina: Sorry, I was having lunch with Aaron.
Robert: Alright, anyway what is it that you wanted?
Tina: I just wanted to see you that’s all.

Robert: Look mum, I know you get lonely and everything but you cant call me to come down all the way from universty just to say hello.
Tina: But… we can go to the fair.
Robert: Mum I’m not eight. Look why don’t you just try and patch things up with dad again okay? Or go to Megan’s or something. I’m sorry Mum I love you to bits but I can’t keep coming back and forth from campus its too much hassle. I missed my best mates birthday party today to come down. I’ll ring you later okay?

Tina: I just want my life back… even my old home is gone…

Kayleigh: I have to say Marie! This salad is absoutely delicious!
Hilary: Yes it’s lovely.
Marie: Oh well, thank you very…
Hilary: But surley you knew I’m a vegeterian? This is a bit plain.
Marie: Once again, I forgot I’m really sorry.
Hilary: It’s alright dear. That jelly looks lovely.
Marie: Thanks…
Hilary: Anyway William how’s work?

William: Abit slow at the moment, I guess crime’s going down in Crystal Town but a couple of us got called in to help police in Lakeside deal with a hostage situation.
Hilary: How awful…
William: It was alright in the end, everyone got out alive and the guy was jailed.
Hilary: Oh good.

Hilary: Well this meal was delightful thanks guys.
Kayleigh: It’s preasant time!

Hilary: Wahey the best part (laughs) who’s going first? Ah my lovely son in law I hope?
William: Sorry Hilary me and Kay got you a gift together (laughs).
Hilary: Ah jolly good. Ooh what is this?
William: It’s a high tech professional camera, we got the idea to get if for you when you said you wanted to be a photographer.
Kayleigh: We hope you like it mum.
Hilary: I love it! Thanks you guys!

Marie: This is from me and Alice, Hilary!
Hilary: Aww a box of chocolates, some flowers and that new book I wanted! Well I’m diebatic so I can’t have the chocolates and I get terrible hayfever so you can have the flowers. But the book is lovely thank you.
Marie: Actually the chocolates don’t have any…
Hilary: Shall we get to the desert? I hope theres cheesecake!
Kayleigh: (Laughs) We know you too well Mum!

Alice: Mum, are you alright? You left awfully quickly.
Marie: Yeah don’t worry honey, I’m fine.
Alice: Look stop talking to me like I’m a baby, I can tell when you lie. Whats wrong?
Marie: It’s just everything I tend to do for Hilary she just throws back in my face.
Alice: Yeah. I could tell you got annoyed with the whole preasant thing.
Marie: I wanted for me and you to get her separate gifts from Chris and Kayleigh, to make her feel you know more loved by everyone.
Alice: Yeah…
Marie: Once again, it was made to look as if I was cheap by just buying her a book. I’m sorry love, I shouldn’t be bundling this all down on you. Anyway, you best get back in there. I’m brining out the cheesecake.

Mina: Can you believe we’ve got the whole house to ourselves?
Aaron: I know. It’s just great isen’t it? We can do whatever we want!
Mina: Oh Aaron, you’re filthy.
Aaron: Heh, just the way you like me!

Mina: Damn, stay here babe I’ll awsner it.
Aaron: Alright. Don’t be too long though! I’m looking forward to what comes next.

Mina: Oh hey Stevie whats up?
Stevie: Mina I need some help is Aaron around?

Mina: How the hell did this happen?
Stevie: A candle got knocked over near the bar and set a napkin alight. I put it out right away, but the smoke detectors are so bloody sensitive it set the sprinklers right off.
Aaron: God Stevie this has gone absoultely everywhere.
Stevie: I know. I was asked to handle the place for fifteen minutes whilst Louise was picking Kacey and Eddie up from the hospital and I’ve just gone and…
Mina: They’re at the hospital? Why?
Stevie: Oh you don’t know? Well James is really ill, they don’t know if hes gonna make it.
Mina: Oh my god.
Aaron: Poor Kacey.
Stevie: I know and they’re gonna be home anytime and the last thing they need when they get home is a bloody waterpark!
Mina: Don’t worry Stevie we’ll help. Go get us some mops!

Michael: Okay so explain this to me again… I have to look after Jennifer tonight so you and Karina can go and break into that models house?
Susan: Yeah, that’s pretty much it.
Michael: I dunno why the hell I married you.
Susan: Look – I dunno why Karina is so bloody deterimined to go in there but she is. So just look after Jennifer for an hour alright? She has to go back to Eddie’s tomorrow.
Michael: Alright, alright. But if you two get arrested I thought you two were going underwear shopping alright? Speaking of underwear…
Susan: Michael! I’m not wearing the spotty red ones you picked out. They’re disgraceful.
Michael: It would be nice if you considered it!

Vanessa: Mum had a car crash? Are you joking?
Ruby: (Sobbing) No, Dad rang me he was proper shaking it was horrible!
Vanessa: (Cries) Oh my god.
Michelle: Look girls I’m sure mums gonna be alright.
Elliot: How the hell do you know Michelle?
Michelle: It’ll take a lot more than a car crash to stop our mother.
Elliot: Yeah well this is most likely all your fault!

Michelle: My fault? Why?
Elliot: Mum always stands her and tells us she hates you going out so my guess she went to go and get you then wham she’s dead!
Michelle: Elliot… Mum isen’t dead.
Elliot: She may as well be with you in our family!
Vanessa: Elliot…
Michelle: What do you mean?
Elliot: Since you’ve been here! All you’ve done is cause trouble! Mum and Dad have been distant because of you!
Michelle: I… I don’t…
Elliot: Just go upstairs and wait for Dad to ring you. You’re just making stuff worse here…

Michelle: He’s right, all I’ve done is cause this family problems. I need to go far away, and let them get on with their lives – something I should of done long ago…

Lennie: Excuse me. Do you know anymore?
Doctor Leslie: Sorry Sir, you’re just gonna have sit down. We don’t know much at the moment.
Lennie: No just awnser me! Is my wife gonna be okay?
Doctor Leslie: I promise you, as soon as we know you’ll be the first to hear alright?
Lennie: Yeah… yeah I’m sorry for snapping.
Doctor Leslie: Why don’t you go and grab a coffee? It might relax you abit.
Lennie: Yeah, alright.

Doctor Leslie: Hey Doctor Cortez.
Doctor Cortez: Evening.

Doctor Cortez: Barry, theres a call from you at the front desk its from your girlfriend.
Barry: Alright. I’ll ring Julie at the reception to tell Megan to leave a message, I am just swamped in paper work.
Doctor Cortez: Oh erm, I was kinda hoping to have a minute?
Barry: Oh. Yes? What is it?
Doctor Cortez: My wife Tildie ran into one of her old friends from Universty and she said she had got married to a guy name Barry Morant, was that your ex-wife?
Barry: No… I’ve never been married.
Doctor Cortez: Oh, maybe I heard the surname wrong or something.
Barry: Yeah, maybe. Anyway I have work to do…
Doctor Cortez: Ah yeah sorry. I’ll speak to you later.

(Mrs Daniels walking down corridor. Barry makes a phone call)

Barry: Hello? Its me. What the hell are you playing at? No. No. You can’t just do that Mary, what the hell is wrong with you?  You’re gonna ruin everything! What do you mean? That doesen’t matter! You’ve made a mistake… whatever I’ll speak to you later.
Mrs Daniels: (To herself) What the…

Barry: Oh Diane. Hello do you have an appointment?
Mrs Daniels: No, but I was kinda hoping you could take a look at something for me.
Barry: Oh right. Well, take a seat.
Mrs Daniels: Sorry if its none of my buisness but are you and Megan having problems? Is everything okay?
Barry: Yes,  it was just a small bicker that’s all. Anyway what can I help you with?

William: Well that was a nice party. I enjoyed it.
Kayleigh: Yeah, I think Gus is tired. I’m gonna take him up to bed.
William: Alright darling. I’ll go with you. Shall we sing to him again?
Kayleigh: Yes just don’t let it be the Manchester United Themetune, you cant force football onto him (laughs).
William: But it’s a classic!

Kayleigh: Well, it looks like we didn’t need to do anything he’s off!
William: Ah, Kay hasn’t he just made everything ten times more perfect?
Kayleigh: Yeah. He’s georgous just like his dad.
William: Why thank you he also gets his cuteness from his mother.
Kayleigh: (Giggles) Are we just gonna stand here and act cheesy or are you actually gonna kiss me?
William: Hmm, lets see!

Chris: Marie, my mothers leaving to go to her friends for the night would you like to come downstairs and say bye… honey whats wrong?
Marie: Oh nothing.  I just got something in my eye that is all.

Chris: Don’t lie to me. Whats wrong? Is it about my mum?
Marie: Yes, its just everything I do to try and get in her good books she just casts me aside! Why can’t she be lovely to me like she is to William?
Chris: I don’t know babe…
Marie: Chris, don’t take this the wrong way but your mother is such an important person in your life…if she doesen’t like me – I can’t see this relationship going anywhere.
Chris: You don’t mean that?
Marie: I’m sorry Chris but I do!
Chris: Stay here. I’m gonna go and talk to her.

Chris: Mum can I have a word?
Hilary: Sure dear.
Chris: Alice will you go up to your room for a minute.
Alice: Alright.
Chris: Thanks love.

Chris: Alright Mum, we need to talk!
Hilary: About what?
Chris: I’m sorry Mum.  I love you to bits but if you don’t start treating Marie with a bit more respect then I’m gonna have to pick her over you –
Hilary: You what?
Chris: I love that woman with all my heart, but I also love you with all my heart but seeing as she’s the one who is making an effort and is trying to be as nice as she possibly can to you I will pick her over you and cast you out of my life forever.
Hilary: I know I’ve been…
Chris: I don’t want to here it round now. Your taxi’s outside. You best get to Lindsey’s. I’ll see you in the morning.

Louise: Stevie. We’re home.
Stevie: Oh hey, welcome back guys.
Kacey: God Stevie did you clean the entire pub?
Stevie: Yeah not only that I hovered the carpet and washed the bars and tables too!
Eddie: Wow…
Louise: Heck we should make him bar manager (laughs).
Stevie: Anyway, I best be heading home I’ll see you later.

Louise: I’m gonna go give Jenna a call.

Eddie: You alright babe?
Kacey: No, not really. I never wanna leave the hospital.
Eddie: Neither do I.
Kacey: You’ve been a father to James these past two years you do now that?
Eddie: I see him as my son too. I love all of you so much. Especially you – you’re my everything.
Kacey: I love you Eddie.

Susan: I can’t believe we’re doing this.
Karina: Will you hush! This has gotta be a silent job.
Susan: Wow, the doors locked. What a surprise!
Karina: We may have to bust a window theres a loose one round the back-
Susan: Forget that, I’ve got a clip in my pocket move aside!

Karina: How the hell did you do that?
Susan: Back in my day I was a pick pocket and a theif.
Karina: You’re kidding me right?
Susan: Nope. How do you think me and your father really met? I loved mugging rich guys…
Karina: Each story you tell me the more I hate where I came from.
Susan: Ah it was good in the end I gave him his wallet back.
Karina: And the money?
Susan: So what are we looking for?
Karina: Anything that shows where that sneaky model may have gone too…

Susan: Theres a saved message.
Karina: Listen to it!
Susan: Wow you really respect peoples privacy don’t you?
(Karina presses machine)
Caller: Hey Maddie, long time no see. Ah yes remember me? I remember you so much, I have to say I miss you. I miss the way you smile, I miss the way you speak I even miss the way you look at me with so much hatred. It kinda gives me a thrills.
Susan: Eurgh…

Mrs Daniels: Hey Keira is Barry and Megan home?
Keria: No, they’ve taken Sandra to the park, she’s suffering from earaches and can’t sleep. Why what’s up?
Mrs Daniels: I was just gonna thank Barry for seeing me earlier. But I guess I’ll catch them tomorrow.
Keria: Alright.
Mrs Daniels: Oh by the way, I’m glad they’re okay now.
Keria: Huh?
Mrs Daniels: Barry and Megan I heard them on the phone earlier yelling at each other. I’m glad they’re good now.
Keria: What? No they didn’t. I was with Megan all day…
Mrs Daniels: I heard a females voice over the phone.
Keria: Oh… it may have been then.
Mrs Daniels: Yeah, anyway I’ll see you later.
Keria: Bye.

Keria: Could there be more to him?

Barry: Look you have got to stop calling me? I’ve snuck away from Megan what do you want?
Female Caller: Look – I need some more money  Barry. We’re struggling.
Barry: I don’t care! What happened to the last cheque I sent?
Female Caller: We used it all.
Barry: What!? In two months!?
Female Caller: Look just send me the cheque otherwise you won’t like what happens.
Barry: Are you threatening me?
Female Caller: I’ve seen you reccently Bar, I see how happy you are with them blondes. You love her and her blonde bombshells don’t you?
Barry: If you mean Megan and her daughters then yes I do.
Female Caller: Good well you’ll send me the cheque or them three darling angels will grow up without their mummy. Think about it. See you Bar.

Megan: Hey honey, is everything alright?
Barry: Yeah that was just Doctor Cortez from the hospital – ready to go?
Megan: Yeah the girls are ready.
Barry: Lets go.
Megan: Hey Barry, is everything alright?
Barry: Yeah. Everythings fine.