Crystal Town Series 4 - Episode 32 - It Could be the End

Some years ago

Madeline: I’m going Gaz!
Gaz: You can’t just leave me! I’m not gonna let you do this!
Madeline: I’m taking my child okay. It’s my right!

Gaz: Your child? Nothing is yours! When you gave birth to that kid nothing was yours!
Madeline: You’re crazy.
Gaz: Crazy about you!

Madeline: Get your hands off me!
Gaz: Don’t shove me aside Maddie.
Madeline: Gaz, I swear to god! No! Please don’t! No!
Gaz: This is gonna be hot…

Madeline: No! Get your hands off me!

Madeline: Oh my god… Gaz?  Gaz!?

Madeline: You strapped in honey? Good, we’re getting outta here.  Mummy’s gonna save you!

Present Day

Erik: You alright babe? You’ve gone all quiet.
Madeline: Yeah. Just thinking that’s all.
Erik: Don’t worry, we’re gonna get Mark back. I promise.
Madeline: Yeah. I know.

Michael: Morning honey.
Karina: Hey dad.
Michael: I’m guessing your mother spoke to you? She told you were leaving next week right?
Karina: Yeah, it’s gonna be sad without you both here but I’ll be alright.
Michael: Good. Anyway I was wondering if you’d like to go out for some coffee?

Karina: Coffee? Can I take a raincheck for tomorrow morning? I have stuff I need to do today.
Michael: Oh alright, you doing anything?
Karina: Nope. I’m just gonna be gone for most of the day..
Michael: Alright love. See you later.

(Alarm going off)
Eddie: (Mumbling) Can you snooze it again?
Kacey: Get up! The pub needs opening.
Eddie: Your Mum does it.
Kacey: Yeah but she’s having the day off – you can’t expect her to do it everyday now come on, I’m gonna go to the hospital.
Eddie: Babe, theres no need to rush. The Doctors said if theres any change in James’ condition we'll get a call straight away.
Kacey: My baby’s lying there, he needs his Mummy.
Eddie: I’ll come visit you later alright babe?
Kacey: Alright, see you later.
Eddie: Love you.

Stevie: Hey Miss Wellington, you off?
Kacey: Yeah, can you make sure if Eddie’s not up in fifteen minutes that you get him up?
Stevie: Erm, alright?
Kacey: Cheers.
Stevie: See you later.

(Crying in background)
Keria: Have those kids ever heard of a lay in?

Barry: You alright Meg?
Megan: Yeah its just Sandra is suffering from those earaches again I’ve really gotta get her checked out soon.
Barry: It was just a minor infection – it will soon pass.
Megan: Yeah but it until it does, I think we’re all gonna get earaches of our own!

Barry: (Laughs) Good job, I’m heading out to work then. See you later.
Megan: Bye honey.

Barry: Hello?
Female Caller: Hey Bar, sleep well?
Barry: You are calling me more and more frequently! What the hell do you want!?

Female Caller: My money Barry, I’m starting to get impaitent.
Barry: Look just give me some time…
Female Caller: I don’t have time to waste incase you’re forgetting I’m looking after…
Barry: I’ll get you the money – just tell me where…
Female Caller: Tut, tut Barry you’re starting to annoy me! It’ll be the usual place.
Barry: Fine!
Female Caller: I’ll ring you again at twelve to say happy lunch!

Barry: Arggh!

Keria: What the hell is going on with that guy?

Fran: We’ve been waiting out here for over an hour where is that jerk with the keys?
Harry: Honey would you please just be paitent?
Fran: How can I be paitent? I need to use the loo!
Harry: Look I’m gonna go call him again alright?  Don’t worry we’ll be happy living here. I promise.
Fran: Alright. Alright.
Harry: Give me a kiss.

Tina: Hey there.
Fran: Oh hello.
Tina: I’m Tina, so you’re new to the neighbourhood?
Fran: I’m Fran. Its nice to meet you, and yeah me and my husband Harry are moving in to this house.
Tina: Oh. Hilary’s old house, yeah its lovely inside.
Fran: Ah I hope so! I’ve been so excited about living here!
Tina: Well it’s a great neighbourhood. I’ve lived here for ages!
Fran: Really? What are the neighbours like?
Tina: They’re all lovely. In that house over there is Megan her boyfriend Barry and sister Keira. Megan also has have three lovely young girls. Kayleigh and William live over there with their son Gus… Kacey, Louise and Eddie live and own the pub just there and in that house is Chris, Marie and Alice.

Fran: Wait? Marie and Alice?
Tina: Yeah Marie and her daughter.
Fran: Does her surname happen to be Peacock?

Fran: Well if it aint my favourite cousin!
Marie: Oh my god – Fran? Harry?  What are you guys doing here?
Harry: We brought the house opposite!
Fran: Ain’t this gonna be fun! Its such a small world!
Marie: Yeah I mean what were the chances right?
Fran: Well aren’t you gonna invite us in? We’re waiting for the jerk with our keys to show up anyway.
Marie: Yeah, come in.

Chris: Hey honey, who’s this?
Marie: Well you won’t believe this but this happens to be my cousin Fran and her husband, Harry. They happen to be moving in across the street. Harry, Fran – this is my boyfriend Chris.
Harry: Nice to meet you.
Chris: You too mate.
Fran: Boyfriend? What happened to the lesbo?
Harry: Fran…
Fran: Oh right sorry… lesbian.
Marie: I thought I told you, she died.
Fran: Oh right yeah, I’m sorry I forgot.
Marie: It’s alright.
Fran: Anyway where’s my beautiful nieece? I haven’t seen her in ages!
Marie: Alice is at a Breakfast club at school.
Fran: Oh my god, doesen’t she have friends?

Harry: Ah, our guys here!
Fran: About time! Eh guys, we should totally have dinner tonight.
Chris: Sure, that would be great.
Fran: We’ll see you later, bye!
Marie: See you guys.
Harry: Bye.
Chris: Goodbye.

Chris: Wow, she was…
Marie: I know, I know. Out of fourteen cousins she had to be the one who ended up being our neighbour!
Chris: Fourteen cousins, really? I thought you said your dad was an only child?
Marie: Grandma Ethel got around…
Chris: Oh.

Vanessa: Morning Elliot.
Elliot: Morning.
Vanessa: Sleep alright?
Elliot: Meh, I woke up every few hours. I couldn’t sleep – was too worried about Mum.
Vanessa: Yeah same. Dad’s been there all night, he called this morning Mum’s stablilised but they don’t know if shes gonna be alright just yet…
Elliot: Oh.
Vanessa: I’m gonna go get Michelle up we haven’t seen her since last night.
Elliot: I feel bad for ranting at her.
Vanessa: Just apolgise when she comes down.

Vanessa: Michelle? Michelle? Time to get up… Michelle?

Elliot: Whats up?
Vanessa: Michelle’s gone! And Ruby doesen’t know where she is either!
Elliot: Oh my god. Where’s she gone?
Vanessa: I don’t know. Oh my god Dad is gonna freak, she never leaves without telling anybody and she never goes anywhere without Ruby either.
Elliot: I’ll go out and look for her – you wait here and ring me if she gets back.
Vanessa: Good, afterall this is mostly your fault.

Elliot: What?
Vanessa: You did rant at her and blame her for everything!
Elliot: I told you I felt bad about that!
Vanessa: Whatever Elliot, if somethings happened to her then the blood is on your hands! You had better hoped you find her!

Aaron: Hello.
Ross: Hey Aaron, it’s Ross.
Aaron: Oh hi Ross hows the holiday going?
Ross: It’s still amazing out here, me and Hannah miss you both though. Did you both settle back in alright?
Aaron: Yeah we’re doing great, when do you think you’re gonna come home?
Ross: I dunno maybe another few months yet.
Aaron: Ah well I…

Aaron: Whoa! Oh my…

Ross: Aaron, you yelled… is something wrong?
Aaron: Yeah. Ross I’m fine, just thought I saw something that’s all.
Ross: Alright man, anyway I’m gonna go. Would you tell Mina I called?
Aaron: Yeah alright, see you later mate. Bye.

Aaron: Gee… I need to get some sleep.

Karina: Hello, I’m looking for a Mr.  Coleman? The agent?
Barb: Do you have an appointment?
Karina: No, but I just wanna take a moment of his time.
Barb: I’m sorry Mr. Coleman is a very busy man, he has work to be doing. Maybe you should book an appointment and come back… although incase you're wondering Mr. Coleman doesen’t tend to sign up…
Karina: Go on finish the sentence. Tramp? Slut? Get around?
Barb: Hmm.
Karina: Look, I’m just gonna be five minutes.
Barb: Hey you can’t go in there!

Karina: Excuse me Mr. Coleman? I’d like to talk to you about something…
Barb: I’m sorry Sir, she just barged through.
Mr. Coleman: It’s alright, she’s okay.

Karina: You’re Mr. Coleman right? The agent?
Mr. Coleman: Yes. And incase you’re wondering I’m not signing on anymore models at the current time.
Karina: No I’m here to ask you a few questions….
Mr. Coleman: Look if you’re a reporter and you want the gossip on any of my girls…
Karina: Actually, I’m not a reporter. I’m a nosy neighbour and an even nosier friend who wants to know what the hell Madeline Baker is up too!
Mr. Coleman: Ah, Madeline. I haven’t seen her in a good fifteen years. Great model she was… and still is. Even though she’s aged, I gotta give it to her, the girl still has it.
Karina: What? You last saw her over a decade ago? Oh man…
Mr. Coleman: Yeah I was her agent for six years. Took her on when she was seventeen. Then for some reason fifteen years ago she just left…
Karina: Really? Just like that?

Mr. Coleman: Well, she had come back to my office and demanded that I let her go. She was horrifed, strucken with fear. You could of knocked her down with a feather.
Karina: Oh my god… do you remember what happened?
Mr. Coleman: It was fifteen years ago, most of it’s gone all funny, but I do remember most of the last conversation I had.

Fifteen Years Ago

Madeline: Coleman! Coleman!
Mr. Coleman: Maddie, hey what’s up dear? Would you like a…
Madeline: Listen  Coleman, I’ve gotta get out of here and fast. Just give me the money that you owe me from last months calender bonus and I’ll go!
Mr. Coleman: Since when do you call me Coleman?
Madeline: Just do it!
Mr. Coleman: Madeline? What’s wrong?
Madeline: The money?
Mr. Coleman: Look if you’ve got into trouble… drugs? Alchohol? I can help you…
Madeline: The money!

Mr. Coleman: Has Gary assulted you again?
Madeline: No I told you he… moved!
Mr. Coleman: Did he do anything to your baby?
Madeline: Derek, give me the money or so help me. I will knock you out and take it myself.

Mr.  Coleman: I’ve left it at reception for you to have picked up…
Madeline: Okay.

Mr. Coleman: Madeline! Wait! Don’t go!

Present Day

Karina: Oh my god. What was wrong with her?
Mr. Coleman: No idea. All I knew was that the father of her kid used to slap her about. I dunno.
Karina: Thank you very much for your time Mr. Coleman.
Mr.  Coleman: You’re welcome… and Maddie… is, is she well?
Karina: Yeah, yeah I think so…

Erik: We’re here.

Madeline: God, this place I…
Erik: Are you sure you wanna go in? Maddie, we don’t have to do this. We could just get the police involved.
Madeline: No, he’d run and we’d never see Mark again.
Erik: Alright, let’s go.

Madeline: Oh god.
Erik: You sure you want to stay here?
Madeline: Yeah Erik, I hate this house more than anything but it’s worth searching.
Erik: Why has everything been boarded up and blocked?
Madeline: Probably didn’t want anybody looking in. I’ve told you, he’s crazy.

Erik: So what exactly are we looking for?
Madeline: Anything which tells us where Mark is.
Erik: Look Maddie, this place looks like it hasn’t been lived in for months.
Madeline: I guess you’re right.
Erik: How did you know to come here?
Madeline: It’s where the three of us used to live.
Erik: The three of you? You, Gaz and…
Madeline: Yeah… all of us. We came here right after I quit my modeling job.
Erik: Madeline, there’s nothing here… let’s just go back to the villa and plan our next move from there. I do remember this place… it just gives me the creeps.
Madeline: Alright, I’ll meet you outside. There’s something I need to see first.
Erik: Alright, be quick, I haven’t got much petrol left.

Jeremey  Kyle: And the DNA results show… that Mitch is the father of the baby!
Mrs. Daniels: Oh my god he is the father! I knew it!

Mrs. Daniels: Hello? Wha? Hello Keria… come in (!).
Keria: Sorry Diane but I need to ask you a question.

Mrs. Daniels: Alright. What?
Keria: What exactly did you hear Barry say on the phone yesterday?
Mrs. Daniels: I dunno sweetie, my memories not all that good. (Chuckles) Heck I can’t even remember who the father was in Jeremey Kyle.
Keria: Come on you gotta remember some stuff?
Mrs. Daniels: Oh honey, I find it difficult. But he was talking to a female I know that…
Keria: Right? And did he mention a name?
Mrs. Daniels: I thought it was Megan… but seeing as you said it wasn’t it must have been someone familiar.
Keria: Oh right, maybe it was Megan?
Mrs. Daniels: Maybe? Is everything alright?
Keria: Yeah it’s fine. I’ll speak to you later Diane.
Mrs. Daniels: Alright love. Speak to you later.

Kacey: Hey Doctor Owen.
Doctor Owen: Hey Kacey, you been alright?
Kacey: Yeah I’ve been fine thanks. Hows James?
Doctor Owen: Still the same, no improvement, but he should be awake in a few hours – you can talk to him then.
Kacey: Oh god (smiles) I’ve missed that.
Doctor Owen: By the way his Father is such a nice guy!
Kacey: Oh Eddie? Oh he’s not James’ father. Heck I guess he is but…
Doctor Owen: No, not Eddie. His real dad Kevin.
Kacey: What did you just say?
Doctor Owen: His dad came in earlier and talked to him for about an hour before James drifted back off…

Kacey: You’re… you’re kidding me right?
Doctor Owen: Kacey. What’s wrong?
Kevin: Hey Kace. Long time no see.

Kacey: No! You! What are you doing here!?
Kevin: I heard about James, I decided to come and see him.
Kacey: Go to hell! What the hell gives you the…
Doctor Owen: I’m gonna leave you two to talk but can you calm it down please? This is a hospital…

Kevin: You can’t stop me from seeing my son.
Kacey: He is not you’re son! You abbdonned me the minute I told you I was pregnant
Kevin: I was a kid then, I’ve grown up.
Kacey: Really? So you’ve kicked the habit…
Kevin: Well.
Kacey: Oh my god you still use don’t you!? That’s it! Get out! Go! You’re not welcome here!
Kevin: Look, Kace. He’s my son and I’m gonna keep seeing him.
Kacey: Then I’ll just drag you to court.
Kevin: Yeah as if you’d be able to afford to do that.

Kacey: Just go!
Kevin: I’ll be back tomorrow.
Kacey: Don’t you dare even think about coming near us again! You jerk!

Marie: Oh hey, Hilary you’re back.
Hilary: Is Chris here?
Marie: No, he’s gone to pick up Alice then he’s going for a meeting.
Hilary: Good, because I kinda need to have a chat with you.
Marie: Oh? Okay, sure. What about?
Hilary: Let’s sit down.

Marie: Did you have a nice time at Lindsey’s last night?
Hilary: It was great thanks, us girls had a nice good chat!
Marie: (Laughs) I’m glad to hear it.
Hilary: Anyway, I just wanna say I’m very sorry. Honestly I am.
Marie: Oh. Well thanks.
Hilary: Over last night and this morning I’ve been thinking and I’ve been treating you like rubbish reccently. I hope you can forgive me?
Marie: Well yeah of course I can.
Hilary: You’re a really good person Marie, and I feel rotten for treating you so badly. It’s just I’m really protective of my children, well I know it’s stupid as their adults but… I don’t know if Chris would of mentioned it, well I doubt he would of but Kayleigh and Chris had an older brother but he died when they was younger.

Marie: Oh god that’s awful. And no Chris never mentioned it.
Hilary: His name was Paul, he was the person in the family who everybody loved. Everybody liked Paul. Especially Chris, they were always joined at the hip ever since they were todlers then one day Paul jumped into a swimming pool, hit his head and drowned.
Marie: Oh Hilary. I’m so sorry.
Hilary: And since then… I’ve always been protective of Kayleigh and Chris. Which is why I may have been so distant and cruel to you.

Marie: Well, I forgive you Hilary and I’m always here for you, you know that right?
Hilary: I do thank you so much dear!

Kayleigh: Hey Tina, what’s up.
Tina: Hey Kay. I just wondered if you fancied getting a drink or something?
Kayleigh: Oh sorry Tine, but Gus is driving me crazy at the moment.  I’m really busy and I gotta make William’s dinner for when he gets home which should be now but he’s so bloody late. Sorry.
Tina: That’s alright, don’t worry.
Kayleigh: I promise we will go have lunch though, this week okay? I’ll call you.
Tina: Alright, I’ll speak to you soon Kay.

Tina: How did I go from having everything… to nothing?

Harry: Well what do you think of the house?
Fran: It looked a hell of a lot nicer in the brouchure.
Harry: Yes, I know it’s abit old fashioned but didn’t that Tina lady say some old lady used to live here? We’ll just have to decorate won’t we?
Fran: Yeah, I supose we could get this place looking great and modern!
Harry: Oh and honey, in future don’t refer to Marie’s deceased lesbian partner as a lesbo again.
Fran: Noted.

Kayleigh: Well look who’s home!
William: Kay, what’s up you looked stressed?
Kayleigh: Oh do I?  Do I? Well maybe that’s because I’ve been working my butt off all day – trying to clean the house, doing your dinner, your washing, the dishes which  I asked you to do yesterday oh and yeah proberly most importantly taking care of our son!
William: Kay – I was working.
Kayleigh: Yes babe I know, but you stopped working two and a half hours ago. Where the hell have you been!? To the bar!? Or sitting on your ass eating doughnuts!
William: Wow, I love the way you don’t sterotype me as a typical policeman.

Kayleigh: Where was you?
William: If you must know, Colin’s mum died yesterday and he asked me and Brad to go with him to pick up her stuff from the hospital and he hasn’t got anybody else and he couldn’t handle doing it alone.
Kayleigh: Oh jeez, I’m such a jerk.
Wiliam: You didn’t know…
Kayleigh: I’m sorry, I really should trust you more.
William: Yeah, you should. I love you Kay, I always have done!
Kayleigh: I know, I love you too.

Erik: Honey? Madeline?
Madeline: Take me… home… please…
Erik: God… what did you come in here for?

Some Years Ago

Erik: Madeline… it’s me. Honey? Hello? You called me to come and get you? Honey, the cars waiting let’s go! Madeline?

(From afar)
Madeline: (Screaming) No what have you done!?
Gaz: I told you if you ever left me that this would happen.
Gaz: You gave me no choice! You left me!
Madeline: What the hell is wrong with you!?
Gaz: What are you doing… put it…

Erik: Oh my god… Madeline! Madeline!
Madeline: Erik! We need to go!
Erik: Maddie, what’s happening? What did he do to? Oh my god he didn’t!
Madeline: (Sobbing) We have to go!
Erik: Did you shoot him? Is he dead?
Madeline: No… I got him in the shoulder. I aimed for the head after… but I couldn’t… bring myself to do it.
Erik: Alright, you’re gonna be okay. I promise we’re gonna go far away okay?
Madeline: (Sobbing) Yeah.
Erik: Let’s go!