Crystal Town Series 4 - Episode 33 - There's a lot I haven't told you

(Phone rings)
Madeline: Hello?
Erik: Hey honey, it’s me.
Madeline: Erik, thank god! Where the hell have you been?

Erik: I was checking out the place you said – the flat you and Gaz used to stay in. They’re not there.
Madeline: I told you they wouldn’t be. He would of brought his own place.
Erik: Anyway, my car broke down and I’ve only just been able to start it up. I’ll be home in about an hour – try and get some sleep.
Madeline: I can’t, not whilst Mark is with him.
Erik: You said yourself you don’t think he’ll hurt him. Just try and get some shut eye okay babe? I’ll be home shortly. I love you.

Madeline: I love you too…

Erik: Damn! Low on petrol again!

Man: Argh help!
Erik: Hey man, whats up? Are you alright?
Man: These guys… they shot everyone in the store… they’ve taken the money…
Erik: What? Who? Where did they go?
Man: Argh… just run kid. Get out of here!

Erik: Oh my god!

Robber: (Yells in Spanish)
Erik: Whaa!

Barry: Somebodies up late.
Keria: Oh, hi.
Barry: What you doing up?
Keria: Could ask you the same thing.
Barry: I’m thirsty – I’m getting some milk.
Keria: Alright, anyway I’m gonna nip out for abit. Air would do me good.
Barry: See you later.

Keria: Well did you find out anything?
Mrs. Daniels: No! For the final time, this is has got to stop Keria. I think the guys innocent – I’ve looked him up there’s nothing strange about him.
Keria: Well what did you find?
Mrs. Daniels: A  newspaper article from a local news website saying that he managed to save an elderly man with heart faulire when he got shot twice – all it says is that he grew up in Crystal Town and graduated with flying colors from Sim State. That’s all. There’s nothing abnormal about this guy.

Keria: You don’t know that though Diane. Trust me – you don’t live with him.  If he’s cheating on my sister…
Mrs. Daniels: He was arguing with who ever he was on the phone to – maybe its an old relative or something, or an ex who can’t let go?
Keria: So you’re saying that you’re not gonna help me anymore?
Mrs. Daniels: Not with this – no. Sorry Keria, I’m going back to bed. I spent all night researching that stuff for you. Sorry Keria, I’m not comfortable with doing this anymore. Goodnight.

Keria: Alright, see you.

Mina: Aaron – someones at the door.
Aaron: Argh… you go. I’m knackered.
Mina: For christ sake if its some kids mucking around I’ll chase them!
Aaron: Go for it.

Mina: Oh David, it’s you.
David: Hey Mina, (laughs) nice hair.
Mina: It’s naturally curly okay? Anyway, what’s up?
David: I’m sorry for dropping in like this but I’ve been evicted – is there anyway I can stay here for a while?
Mina: Oh yeah sure. No problem.
David: Thank you. I really apperiate it.

(Aaron: Humph? Mina? That was quick…

Aaron: Mina?

Mina: Honey you’re up! It was David, he got evicted so I’ve let him sleep on the sofa… is everything okay? You look confused?
Aaron: Did you just walk into the bathroom?
Mina: No I’ve been downstairs – are you alright?
Aaron: Yeah, yeah. Fine. Just tired is all.
Mina: Then do what I’m doing and go back to bed (laughs).
Aaron: Heh, yeah.

A few hours later

Karina: You got all your stuff packed Mum?
Susan: Yeah, everything. I’m really gonna miss you Karina. Its been lovely living here with you this past year.
Karina: Yeah it’s gonna be really empty without you and Dad.
Susan: Well when our cruise is over we’ll always come and visit.
Karina: Yeah, that would be nice! Where did Dad go?
Susan: He’s gone to wake Jennifer up I think. We’re leaving now.

Susan: Ah here they are.

Karina: Bye Dad, I’m gonna miss you.
Michael: Goodbye love. I love you.
Karina: Love you too.
Susan: Bye sweetie, look after your Auntie okay?
Jennifer: Yeah, bye gran.

Karina: See you later guys, wave Jen.
Jennifer: Bye Grandad!
Karina: Have a nice cruise!
Michael: Bon voyage!

Karina: Ah, gonna be really quiet without them huh? Anyway go get changed kiddo – I’m taking you to your dads shortly.
Jennifer: But I wanted to go back to bed. It’s early.
Karina: Sorry love, but I’ve got places to be today.
Jennifer: We never get to do anything anymore. You’re always busy.
Karina: Look I know – but I’ll take you to the park tomorrow okay? I promise.
Jennifer: No!

Karina: Oh Jennie, don’t run off!

Megan: Hey you’re home. Barry said you went off early this morning – he seemed worried. Is everything alright? Where have you been?
Keria: It doesen’t matter.
Megan: You went there didn’t you?
Keria: If you mean Mums then yes.
Megan: Why? After what she put us through!?
Keria: Like I said Meg – shes changed.
Megan: Like I’ve never heard that before. Mum would never change – always the same booze, drugs and sex that’s all she cared about.

Keria: Whatever, I’m not having this conversation.
Megan: Course you’re not cause you’ve always been Mummy’s little Princess haven’t you Ker?

Keria: Shut up!
Megan: No I won’t! Why do you defend her so much!? After everything she did! Brought back strange men to our house, did drugs infront of us, drank around us, she used to hit me – heck she even drove dad to sucicide.
Keria: I’m not excusing any of that…
Megan: Well you seem to be! I’ll tell you what – the best thing that woman ever did for us was putting us in a home!

Keria: Megan, I’m gonna cut to the chase. She wants to see you.
Megan: Oh really does she? Oh well we’ve gotta do what Mum wants haven’t we? I’ll tell you what Keria I’m bloody insulted you even have the cheek to say that infront of me!
Keria: Meg… I know she was bad…
Megan: No its alright for you aint it? You were young you don’t remember half the things she did…
Keria: Megan please, come with me to see her.

Megan: Go to hell.
Keria: She’s dying Megan.
Megan: What?

Keria: Her cancer – its back. Doctors given her a few months.

Lennie: Alright honey, step out of the car… easy, steady…
Amelia: For gods sake Leonard, you’ve been man handeling me all week please stop! I’m fine now.
Lennie: Its your first day out of the hospital I wanna make sure you’re okay.

Amelia: I am. Honestly Lennie I just wanna go inside.
Lennie: You’ve been acting kinda strange ever since I’ve told you Michelle’s missing. Are you sure your alright?
Amelia: Lennie I can assure you that I’m fine.

Vanessa: Mum!
Elliot: We’ve missed you.
Ruby: Welcome home!
Amelia: Ah hello my darlings.

Ruby: Are you feeling alright mum?
Amelia: Ah I feel great!
Vanessa: Really? Dad did you…
Amelia: Yes he told me and don’t worry she’ll be fine! Ooh I was thinking of making pizza for dinner!
Elliot: Mum are you alright?
Vanessa: You’re acting really strange, and don’t worry about dinner, obviously we’ll do it.
Amelia: Ah no you will not, I’m gonna do it. But what does everyone want for lunch? That comes first obviously (laughs).

Lennie: Honey…
Amelia: Oh shush dear I’m fine. I must use the bathroom, excuse me guys.

Ruby: Dad did the doctors give her some strong medication or something?
Lennie: No they said she’s absoutely fine now… I don’t know why shes acting strange.
Elliot: Maybe she’s just taking the news about Michelle going badly?
Ruby: I dunno but I wish she would be herself, its freaking me out.

Harry: Honey, I’m off to work now. I know its earlier than usual but I got a big meeting… are you alright. Whats up?
Fran: Nothing.
Harry: Good. Anyway Alan said I might be…
Fran: It’s Marie.
Harry: Okay then?

Fran: Apparently she threw every new people who move into this street a party but she hasn’t offered to throw us one.
Harry: Oh well maybe her and Chris are busy.
Fran: Nope, Chris works but Marie doesn’t. She does Alice breakfast then when Chris takes her to school every morning she does housework then at around two she finishes and sits down watching TV and reading for the rest of the day.
Harry: Hun, have you erm ever thought of getting a job?
Fran: Why wont she offer me a party! Is there something wrong with me?!
Harry: Erm… no of course not.

Fran: Heh, yeah that was silly of me to say. But anyway she should offer – I am her cousin.
Harry: Maybe that’s why shes your cousin and just don’t feel the need to throw a party in order to get to know you because she already does?
Fran: Nope that bitch is up to something.
Harry: Honey if she doesen’t offer there’s nothing you can do.
Fran: Actually there is…
Harry: (Laughs) What you’re gonna go to her demanding she throws you a party?
Fran: Actually yeah I am!
Harry: (Sighs) For crying out loud… do I at least get a kiss goodbye?

Fran: Whats the point you’ll be back in a few hours.
Harry: Love you too…

Louise: You off to the hospital now honey?
Kacey: Yeah, be back later.
Louise: Honey are you okay? I thought you’d be happy the doctors have said James’ condition is improving…
Kacey: Just tired is all. Bye mum.

Louise: Eddie, honey can I ask you something?
Eddie: Oh hey Louise, yeah course you can.
Louise: Have you noticed Kacey acting strange lately… I mean… distant?
Eddie: Yes! A lot, I thought that was just me?
Louise: No I’ve been noticing it too. Should we ask her about it?
Eddie: Maybe just one of us… I mean if we both do it then it may seem like we’re confronting her. I’ll tell you what I’m gonna visit her at the hospital shortly I’ll chat with her.
Louise: Alright, thanks love I apperiate it. I’m just worried.
Eddie: Yeah me too…

Kacey: Great you’re here then…
Kevin: I told you Kace, I’m not going anywhere whilst my son…
Kacey: Stop calling him that. 
Kevin: Sorry Kacey but he is, my son.
Kacey: You have no right to call him that do you hear me? No right!
Kevin: And I supose this Eddie guy does?
Kacey: How did you know about Eddie?

Kevin: The guy who cheated on his wife, yeah I know all about him.
Kacey: Shut the hell up, yeah we slept with each other whilst he was married – but it wasn’t like that. We fell in love and at least he didn’t abandon his kids eh? Unlike some…
Kevin: Kace, I’m sorry but weather you like it or not – I’m here to stay.

Karina: Jennifer? I made you something to eat honey.
Jennifer: Not hungry.
Karina: But its noodles – your favourite.
(No response)
Karina: Look Jennie I’m sorry I never get to spend any time with you anymore – I’ve just been busy.
Jennifer: You’re always busy.
Karina: Yeah, that’s true… but I promise we’ll spend some time together more often now okay? Like we used too.
Jennifer: We never used to, ever since my Mummy died its been Nan and Grandad who looked after me but now… all I have is my dad.

Karina: Look I’m sorry alright? I promise I’ll try and make more of an effort.
Jennifer: Promise?
Karina: Yeah honey, I promise. Now come here, give me a hug.
Jennifer: Can I have my noodles now?
Karina: (Laughs) Sure.

Aaron: Hey David, did you sleep alright last night?
David: Oh yeah thanks mate. Better than I have been recently.

Aaron: Mina said you got evicted, I mean what gives?
David: I lost my job recently due to the stupid financial crap the country’s in… I have enough money stored away to keep the house down the road and enough to keep it being re-built but in the mean time I had nowhere else to stay.
Aaron: Well its Mina’s house so I can’t really comment but I’m pretty sure you’re welcome here as long as you want.
David: I appreciate it mate.

David: Oh by the way there was something about last night – have you ever like had some strange stuff going on this place?
Aaron: Erm… no why?
David: Ah its nothing I thought I just heard somebody walk about in the early houses – might have been Mina going to work eh?
Aaron: Maybe.
David: You alright Aaron? You look distracted?
Aaron: Ah, no. I’m fine.

Lennie: Honey, do you mind if I have a word?
Amelia: Okay, sure go ahead.
Lennie: Whats going on ever since I’ve told you Michelle’s missing you’ve been acting so strange… and odd.
Amelia: I guess I’m just trying to take my mind off it.
Lennie: By doing this? I don’t think that’s a great idea. Its not good to keep stuff bottled up inside of you.
Amelia: Honestly Leonard I can handle it.
Lennie: Amelia….
Amelia: Now can I please get on with making my children something to eat?
Lennie: Alright, sure.

A few nights ago

Doctor Cortez: Mrs. Appleton you have a guest. Should I let her in?
Amelia: Oh yes sure.

Amelia: Gee, I hope its Vanessa I can do with seeing her after Lennie told me that Michelle was missing…

Amelia: Who… who are you? Oh my god! Michelle!
Michelle: Shh, don’t yell out my name.
Amelia: Your hair, you’ve dyed it.
Michelle: I wanted to come and see you.
Amelia: Well yes you’ve done that now go home! Do you have any idea how worried…
Michelle: I’m sorry Mum but I’m taking off.
Amelia: Taking off? To where?
Michelle: I was thinking of going to stay with Nan – like I used to.
Amelia: Right… I guess I can’t stop you. I’m going to keep this from the others – its best the less people who know the better.
Michelle: I’ll miss you Mum. I’m sorry for the pain I’ve caused the family.

Amelia: Don’t be daft, you’re my daughter. I love you and I would do everything we’ve done again in order to protect you.
Michelle: (Tearful) Goodbye Mum.

Megan: So this is the place?
Keria: Yeah, she lives in this flat.
Megan: Seeing as shes got cancer I would of thought she would be living in a home.
Keria: She refuses to go.
Megan: Oh my god this is going to be strange.
Keria: I think I’m going to let you go on in alone.
Megan: What? Why?
Keria: The conversation you’ll have will be between the two of you. Just go and make peace Meg. Please. I’ll be in the car.

Megan: Mum?
Pauline: Hello Megan.

(Phone rings)
Madeline: Hmm? Huh.

Madeline: Hello.
Doctor: This is Doctor Fernendez from the local hospital. Are you the girlfriend of Erik Davis?
Madeline: Yes… yes I am is everything alright?
Doctor: Last night Erik drove up towards a store which had been taken at gunpoint – all the customers were shot dead. Erik arrived just as the robber was fleeing and he knocked Erik out. Your boyfriend is very lucky to be alive, can you come and collect him?
Madeline: Whoa… oh my god… yeah I’ll be right there…

Eddie: It was nice of Stevie to watch the bar for two full hours.
Louise: Yeah, I’m sorry I know you wanted to come alone but I thought it would be nice for Kacey and James if everyone came to visit.
Eddie: Ah, no worries I couldn’t agree…
Louise: What the!?
Eddie: Whats wrong?

Louise: YOU!
Kevin: Louise?
Kevin: Argh what are you doing!?
Louise: What the hell do you think you’re doing here?
Kevin: I’m here to see my son. Nobody can stop me.
Louise: You haven’t a right to call him that – leave this building. NOW.
Kevin: I was going anyway, but don’t you worry, I’ll be back…

Kacey: Oh my god Mum. Eddie. What are you guys doing here?
Eddie: Why didn’t you tell us?
Louise: You have some explaining to do Kace. Get going.

Barry: Hello?
Female Caller: You got the money?
Barry: Yeah, I got the money.
Female Caller: Good I’ll be in the usual place. Ten minutes, don’t keep me waiting Bar.

Barry: Hey Mrs. Daniels. You off and out?
Mrs. Daniels: Yeah you know me (laughs) just taking a walk.
Barry: Alright, take care.

And with Keria’s suspisions on her mind, Mrs. Diane Daniels decided to follow Barry Morant.

But twenty eight minutes later, after discovering who Barry was meeting.

Mrs Diane Daniels…

…decided that it was time…

… to confront.