Crystal Town Series 4 - Episode 34 - The Night Before It All Goes Wrong

Little did the Crystal Town residents know, that on the first day of the first month of 2009 something terrible would happen to them. This was the day before.

Chris: Honey, what are you doing up? You've been up and around all Christmas settle down and take a break for once okay?
Marie: No I've gotta get everything ready for our New Years Eve party tonight.
Chris: I don't see why you didn't let Fran host the party, she would of been happy to.
Marie: My cousin? Seriously? Her idea of a party is a couple slices of a pizza, dozens of vodka bottles and a quickie in the toilet.
Chris: That don't sound too bad... (laughs).
Marie: Its not just that.
Chris: Then what?

Marie: Every New Years Eve when I was a kid - Fran's Mum would always host the best New Years Eve party but my mum and dad always stopped us from going.
Chris: Oh. Why was that?
Marie: They never let us do anything New Years Eve, they never really saw the point. Its not just that either, my parents hated Fran's Mother.
Chris: Well I promise this New Years Eve will be the best alright?
Marie: Thanks, could you do me a favour?
Chris: Sure. What do you need? Cup of coffee? Do the washing? What?
Marie: Theres a book over by the front door with everything we need to get for the party tonight. Would you please nip out for an hour or so and grab everything?

Chris: Erm... okay. But by book you mean list?
Marie: No. Book.

David: Morning Aaron. Last day of 2008 eh?
Aaron: (Laughs) Yeah its been one of the best years for me Dave.
David: Really? How so?
Aaron: Because its the year me and Mina started dating, I know we've only been with each other for about nine months but I couldn't picture being with anyone but her.
David: I'm happy for you son. Truley. I also have some news.
Aaron: Oh?

David: I've rented out a house just down the street. I shall be moving there in a few days.
Aaron: David, thats fantastic! Not that it hasn't been great with you being here.
David: Thanks mate, I apperiate all that you and Mina have done for me.
Aaron: Its no problem. You and Tina took me and my mum in we needed help, so I had to return the favour.
David: About Tina - I was wondering about something.
Aaron: Oh?
David: How does she afford the flat shes living in?

Aaron: I dunno - wait I thought you gave her cash?
David: I offered with the divorce and everything. She refused to take any of my money.
Aaron: She doesen't have a job neither... maybe she had some money stored away or something?
David: Thats the thing... we were married for twelve years - she hasn't.
Aaron: Well then, I'm not sure.

Tina: Can you leave my house now please?
Man: Alright, moneys been left on the table.

Tina: Thank god for alcohol.

Kacey: Hey hun.
Eddie: Morning.
Kacey: James is coming out of hospital today, will you be coming with me to get him?
Eddie: Do you even need to ask me that? Of course I will.
Kacey: Ed, please. Stop being so distant with me. You were like it all Christmas too - please babe. I love you. I'm sorry I didn't tell you or Mum about Kevin visiting James, its just - I wanted this Christmas to be the best.
Eddie: I'm alright, honestly. I've just got alot on my mind. What time are we collecting him?
Kacey: Around twelve-ish.
Eddie: Alright, I'll have the car ready for then.

Louise: You going to the hospital with her then?
Eddie: Yeah, I'm gonna act distant to her then too.
Louise: (Laughs) Shes really gonna have no idea.
Eddie: I know, I'm so excited! You'll have it all ready for later though yeah?
Louise: Yeah, don't worry, me and Stevie are gonna make it look fantastic.

Kayleigh: Hey Diane, you look lovely today.
Mrs. Daniels: Oh thank you dear so do you.
Kayleigh: Thanks.
Mrs. Daniels: Aww isn't he just growing up to be handsome? Hello Gus.
Kayleigh: Say hello to Mrs. Daniels please Gus. (Laughs) He's shy.
Mrs. Daniels: That's okay. Anyway you going to Marie's New Year's Eve party tonight?
Kayleigh: Yeah it'll be the first night off William's had in ages, so yeah it should be really good. You going Diane?
Mrs. Daniels: Nah, New Years Eve parties are never my thing. I got plans anyway.
Kayleigh: Oh is your sister back in town?
Mrs. Daniels: Erm, no not exactly.

Kayleigh: Ooh does someone have a male friend maybe?
Mrs. Daniels: (Laughs) No I'm just meeting up with a friend for a few drinks.
Kayleigh: Well whoever you meet I hope you and her - or him have a great night.
Mrs. Daniels: (Laughs) Thanks dear, same to you.

Fran: Oh please tell me you're not heading out to the office now?
Harry: Sorry babe, I gotta get a few more hours in. Do you have any idea on how much the rent on this fricking street costs?
Fran: Yeah well - you better not be late for Marie's New Years Eve party tonight.
Harry: (Laughs) Don't worry I won't.
Fran: Maybe one of your New Year resolutions could be to work less and spend more time with your girlfriend?
Harry: Yeah I guess, sorry. What could yours be I wonder?
Fran: I don't need one, everything about me is completely and utterley perfect anyway.
Harry: I'm off to work.

Fran: You were meant to agree you cheeky git.

Megan: So the rumours I heard were true? You're actually leaving.
Karina: Leaving as in moving? No. No way.
Megan: Well people do like to exgarette things.
Karina: By people you mean Diane?
Megan: Well, yeah.
Karina: Nah. I'm off to Spain.

Megan: Wow, so whilst we're here in freezing cold depressing England welcoming 2009 you're gonna be by the pool with a glass of chardonnay in your hand?
Karina: Something like that yeah.
Megan: Whats wrong Kar? You don't look very excited.
Karina: Oh I erm, just feel bad about leaving Jennifer with Eddie and Kacey for so long with you know. James gets of the hospital today and I promised Jennifer I'd spend more time with her. I just don't want her getting upset.
Megan: She's a kid - just get her a doll and she'll forgive you (laughs).
Karina: Yeah I guess you're right. Hows your girls?
Megan: Brats. They all cry when they don't get enough attention, I let Keria watch them for an hour. They were driving me nuts (laughs).
Keria: Aww, bless.

Megan: Speaking of them I best be getting back. Have a great holiday.
Karina: Thanks Meg, I'll see you in a few weeks.
Megan: Have a nice New Year.
Karina: Yeah you too.

Karina: Hello its me. Do you still need me to come yeah?
Madeline: Yeah, I need you here Karina. I need your help.
Karina: I'll meet you at the airport at nine, Spanish time okay?
Madeline: Thank you so much.

Erik: I'm not happy you're gonna bring somebody else into this Maddie.
Madeline: I'm only gonna ask her - she doesen't have to do it.
Erik: I just can't believe this! You're gonna get her to pertend to be dating Gaz in order to find Mark - its utterley ridicolous.
Madeline: Its the only way. I know the clubs he hangs out in, if we were to confront him with a sodding gun he still wouldn't tell us where hes keeping Mark but Karina could get through to him -
Erik: No sorry. I'm not gonna let you risk your best friends life like this. Especially after all shes helped you with. Like when you shot Tom dead infront of her and she helped you cover up the death.

Madeline: She helped me because she knew that Tom would of killed both of us and our neighbours if he wasn't stopped. She'll understand.
Erik: Whatever. I want nothing more to do with this then.
Madeline: What do you mean?
Erik: When Karina arrives - if she agrees to this then you are both on your own. I'll stay and I will support you but I won't be getting involved no more. I mean for christ sake Maddie stop throwing away people who love you like a sack of trash.

Chris: Hey hun I'm back... woah look at this place.
Marie: I know, I'm good right?
Chris: I'm actually starting to look foward to this party... (laughs). I got everything you wrote. Its all in the boot of the car but I need the loo, so I'll go out and collect it in a sec.
Marie: Alright babe, thanks for doing that. You're a star.

(Phone rings)
Marie: Hello? Oh hiya Alice, you okay? .... No you cannot go to Jane's party... because its New Years Eve and I want you here with me .... I guess thats true ... alright then honey but I want you back here tomorrow okay? ... you're welcome .... love you too ... bye sweetie.

Chris: Alright babe, who was that?
Marie: Alice.
Chris: Oh good. What time is she coming back? Does she want a lift?
Marie: Shes going to her friends for New Years Eve.
Chris: Oh... well at least you'll have all your friends here though right?
Marie: Yeah I guess its just abit disappointing.
Chris: You'll see her for New Years Day tomorrow, don't worry.

Doctor Owen: Hey Kacey, you guys here to get James?
Kacey: Yes please Doctor.
Doctor Owen: Alright, I'll be back in a second.
Kacey: Thank you.

Kacey: You excited babe?
Eddie: Yeah, of course I am.
Kacey: Ed - please I can't carry on like this anymore. Stop being like this with me, its actually close to being pathetic now. I've apolgised and apolgised. What more do you want?
Eddie: Kace...

Doctor Owen: Here he is!

Kacey: Ah hello my darling angel!
James: Hello Mummy.
Kacey: I've missed you so much baby. Haven't we Ed?
Eddie: Yeah I can't wait to get you home and show you a toy train I've got you mate.
Kacey: Wow James, doesen't that sound good?
James: Yeah!
Kacey: Say thanks to Eddie.
James: Thank you Eddie.

Eddie: And thank you very much Doctor. For everything.
Doctor Owen: Don't mention it guys, anything you ever need.
Kacey: Yeah thanks so much Doc. You get unlimited drinks whenever you come in our pub (laughs).
Doctor Owen: Hah, thats me sorted then. Anyway I gotta get to the childrens ward - I'll see you guys later. Take care James.
James: Bye Mr. Doctor man.
Eddie: See you.

Kacey: Eddie about what we were talking about before -
Eddie: We best be getting James back Kace.

Kevin: Hey Kace.
Kacey: What the hell are you doing here?
Kevin: You know why, I told you. I want to see my son.
Eddie: You have no fuc...
James: Mummy who is this man?
Kacey: Nobody special baby - just someone whos going to leave now.
Kevin: No Kace. I'm not going anywhere.

Eddie: Kace, take James to the car. Its about time I had a word with this guy.

Kevin: Can I help you Eddie?
Eddie: You're going to leave and never come near me or my family again.
Kevin: What right do you have to tell me what to do? I'm his father...
Eddie: Father who was addicted to drugs and abaddoned your kids mother when you found out she was pregnant.
Kevin: I was young and stupid....
Eddie: And you're still stupid - so why don't you be smart for once and get lost buddy?
Kevin: On your bike mate. What are you gonna do eh big man?

Eddie: THIS!
Kevin: Argh!
Doctor: Oh my god, someone call secuirty!

Vanessa: You cannot be serious.
Ruby: We're not allowed to Marie's party? Why!?
Lennie: With everything thats happened these past few months I think it would be best if we spend New Years indoors together with your mother.
Elliot: Thats lame.
Ruby: I'm putting myself up for adoption I swear...
Lennie: Look I am sorry guys, but I think it would be best for your mother this way.

Amelia: Hey guys what are you talking about?
Lennie: I'm just telling the kids we fancy a quiet New Years Eve this year.
Amelia: Well speak for yourself love, but I'm going to Chris and Marie's.
Lennie: What seriously?
Amelia: Whats the point in sitting in doors moping around? We're going to that party and we're gonna have fun for once.

Ruby: Yes!
Elliot: You're amazing mum.
Ruby: I have to try on my new dress!

Lennie: But honey I thought this is what you wanted?
Amelia: At first... yeah but I don't want to sit around doing nothing it'll just remind me of Michelle. Plus the kids need to have a laugh for once Len, Christmas was depressing.
Lennie: Yeah I guess you're right. The party should be good anyway.

Kayleigh: Honey, you're home early.
William: Yeah Francais said I could have the rest of the day off.
Kayleigh: Oh thats great babe.
William: Wheres Gus?
Kayleigh: Hes upstairs taking a nap.
William: Have we found a babysitter for tonight?
Kayleigh: No... I figured we'd just take him with us.
William: To a New Years Eve party?
Kayleigh: Yeah, oh come on its hardly going to be wild. All the famillies are going.
William: Is Megan taking her girls?
Kayleigh: Nah, she got a babysitter for them.

William: Well its up to you babe. But I wanted to get smashed tonight - and I didn't want an early night either.
Kayleigh: Hun I don't drink anyway - and if he gets tired Marie said I could lay him down upstairs.
William: Ah yeah thats true. Whats times your Mum coming back from Lindseys?
Kayleigh: Shes not coming back until tomorrow.
William: Your mums not here for New Years!? Why?
Kayleigh: She said she doesen't fancy the big New Years Eve party - she said she'd rather just stay at Lindsey's for a peaceful night in the countryside.
William: Fair enough.

Louise: Here he is my georgous little Grandson!
James: Grandma!
Louise: Oh its so nice to have you back sweetheart! So nice...
Kacey: Run inside James, Stevie and Jennifer have got you a little preasant.

Louise: Whats up? Wheres Eddie?
Kacey: He attacked Kevin at the hospital - hes been taken to the police station.
Louise: Oh for crying out loud. Ain't you gonna get him?
Kacey: Nope he can stay in there for the New Year for all I care. I mean - how irresponsible? In a bloody hospital... I'm just so annoyed with the pair of them.
Louise: By the way babe, I brought you a new dress - its in your room. Go try it on for tonights party.
Kacey: You got me a dress? Why?
Louise: Can't a mother treat her darling daughter?
Kacey: Oh okay (laughs), thanks Mum.

(Phone rings)
Louise: Hello?
Eddie: Louise its me.
Louise: I knew you'd call! What the hell were you thinking? Doing that on today of all days!
Eddie: I'm sorry he just got me so angry!
Louise: Look - I'm gonna come and bail you out alright? But me and Stevie have got alot of work to do tonight, so don't cause anymore of this crap alright?

Later that night:

Marie: Hey guys! Wow you both look fantastic - especially you Mina you look stunning babe.
Mina: Aww thank you Marie you look amazing yourself.
Marie: Thanks honey!
Aaron: Are we the first ones here?
Marie: No the Appleton's and Megan; Barry and Keria are here - come on in.

Lennie: Well it seems like the kids are having a good time.
Amelia: Yeah (laughs) see didn't I tell you it would be a good idea to come here?
Lennie: Yeah I guess you were right - its nice to let our hair down every now and then.

Barry: Do you want another drink babe?
Megan: Yeah sure, same please.
Barry: I'm just gonna nip to the bathroom first I'll be right back.
Megan: Alright honey.

Megan: You having a good time?
Keria: Mhmm.
Megan: Oh this act it seriously getting boring now Ker. You've been annoyed with me for weeks.
Keria: Can you blame me? A few weeks ago I told you our mother was dying - you agreed to visit her and set things straight -
Megan: I never agreed to -
Keria: And you get there, and you yell at her - you just burst out with "I can't even look at you" and then you just sodding leave her there heartbroken.
Megan: Its bloody hard for me Keria, she was a terrible...
Keria: Yes I know she was a terrible and awful mother. You've said that Meg - whatever I wanna have a good night tonight. Don't talk to me.

Mrs. Daniels: About time I've been waiting here for ages.
Barry: Well did you go and meet her?
Mrs. Daniels: Yeah I went and met her at that coffee place you suggested.
Barry: Well is she gonna back off?
Mrs. Daniels: Nope she's pretty damn certain that shes gonna carry on infact she wants more money.
Barry: Damn! I don't believe this Diane.
Mrs. Daniels: What are you gonna do? You can't afford that amount of money and if you don't give it to her and then you're gonna lose Megan.
Barry: Diane please help me.
Mrs. Daniels: What can I do darling?Mrs. Daniels: About time I've been waiting here for ages.
Barry: Well did you go and meet her?
Mrs. Daniels: Yeah I went and met her at that coffee place you suggested.
Barry: Well is she gonna back off?
Mrs. Daniels: Nope she's pretty damn certain that shes gonna carry on infact she wants more money.
Barry: Damn! I don't believe this Diane.
Mrs. Daniels: What are you gonna do? You can't afford that amount of money and if you don't give it to her and then you're gonna lose Megan.
Barry: Diane please help me.
Mrs. Daniels: What can I do darling?

Barry: She ruined my life. Shes going to do it again. She got away with it before - she could kill again. I can't cope with this!
Mrs. Daniels: Oh darling come here.

Mrs. Daniels: I'll sort this okay? I promise you - I will deal with her. Go and have a nice night alright?
Barry: Diane what are you gonna do?
Mrs. Daniels: Go - be with Megan.
Barry: Okay...

Marie: You alright babe? Having a good time?
Chris: Yeah amazing! I can't wait to spend 2009 with you Marie - you've made me so happy this past year.
Marie: Thanks honey, you've made me so happy too!
Chris: Feel like marrying me next year?
Marie: What? Oh my god, seriously?
Chris: Yeah - I need you as my wife Marie. It would make everything perfect.
Marie: Yes! Of course I will!

Chris: Fantastic!

Kacey: See you later Mum.
Eddie: See you guys.
Louise: Have a nice night!

Stevie: Ready?
Louise: Alright we've got three hours - lets do this!


Eddie: Kace, come with me a second I've gotta talk to you.
Kacey: Alright babe.

Kacey: You've locked the door!? Eddie what the hell are you doing!?

Eddie: Marie it's time.
Marie: (Laughs) Excellent. Alright everyone pay attention - we've got a little suprise for you all can you please all make your way to the garden of Eddie's house please -
Amelia: Why?
William: Whats happening? (Laughs).
Marie: You'll see when you get there - go on go! (Laughs).

Kacey: Argh kicking that door down really hurt my leg!

Kacey: What where is everyone? Marie? Megan? Lennie? Anyone?

Kacey: What the hell is all this...

Kacey: Oh my god!

Eddie: Marry me?
Kacey: Of course I will!

Later on

Jenna: Congratulations Kace! I'm so pleased for you!
Kacey: Oh my god - I can't believe you're here this is incredible!
Jenna: I wouldn't of missed this for the world.

William: Congratulations mate I'm so happy for ya!
Max: Yeah same, congrats.
Chris: I can't believe I'm crying (laughs).
Eddie: Oh cheers guys - this is amazing.
Keria: Congrats Kace.
Kacey: Thanks so muck Ker.

Kacey: Oh my darling baby! I love you so much!
James: Congratulations Mummy!
Kacey: This is the best day of my life!

Eddie: You happy sweet heart?
Jennifer: I sure am daddy.
Eddie: I love you so much.

Louise: Come here you.
Eddie: I love you, mother in law (laughs).
Louise: I love you too sweetheart, I'm so happy.

Kayleigh: Isn't this all wonderful?
William: It reminds me of our wedding last year.
Kayleigh: Ah this past years been amazing babe.
William: Lets bring on another!
Kayleigh: I have some news that I want you to keep to yourself for a while.
William: What is it?
Kayleigh: I'm pregnant again! (Laughs).
William: Oh my god! Thats fantastic! Oh my god I'm so happy!
Kayleigh: Ah me too!

Kacey: Mum did you do all this?
Louise: Me and Stevie both did. We're just so happy for you honey.
Kacey: (Cries) I love you mum.
Louise: I love you too my baby.

Lennie: Hasn't this night been wondeful?
Amelia: Its been lovely. Happy new year Lennie.
Lennie: Happy new year Amelia.
Amelia: I have a good feeling about this year. I really do.