Crystal Town Series 4 - Episode 35 - The Day it All Goes Wrong

Francais: Well honey, I have to say that was amazing.
Tina: Can you pay me and go now please.
Francais: What we're not even gonna snuggle?
Tina: Just put the money on the end table and leave my flat.

Francais: If you hate this job so much why do you do it?
Tina: Why are you still here?
Francais: Hey don't talk to me like I'm some kinda scum. You're the prostitute.
Tina: Get out! Now!
Francais: Jeez, what the hell is wrong with you? Stupid slag!
Tina: How dare -

Francais: For that, I'm not paying you. I have somewhere I need to be anyway.
Tina: Don't come back!

Megan: Barry, honey. Why are you up?
Barry: Sorry babe, I'm just having trouble sleeping is all.
Megan: Coffee?
Barry: Yeah, that would be great thanks.

Megan: You haven't been sleeping at all lately Bar, is everything alright?
Barry: Yeah its just works been very stressfull lately, got a kid who came in a few weeks back whos got cancer.
Megan: Oh gosh.
Barry: I know, theres a large chance he might not make it y'know? It just, I dunno keeps me up at night.
Megan: Barry you're a fantastic doctor sweetie, honestly. I'm sure you'll do everything in your power to help the kid. Now come on its four in the morning, come back to bed please.
Barry: Yeah in a few minutes.
Megan: Alright hun.

(Phone rings)
Barry: Hello? Whos this?
Mrs. Daniels: Barry its me.

Barry: Diane, what - what are you doing up at this time of night?
Mrs. Daniels: Taking care of you know who.
Barry: Are you crazy?
Mrs. Daniels: I promised you yesterday that I would help you, and that I would take care of this bitch once and for all in order to protect you and Megan.
Barry: Have you lost your mind? What are you doing?
Mrs. Daniels: Here she is now - I'll speak to you soon.
Barry: Diane wait -

Mrs. Daniels: Eat road, bitch.
Woman: Argh!


Karina: Hey stranger.
Madeline: Karina - thank you so much for coming. Karina this is my boyfriend Erik - Erik this is Karina.
Karina: Hiya.
Erik: Nice too meet you.
Karina: Yeah you too.

Karina: Are you going to explain to me what the hells going on Madeline? I mean I didn't just fly all the way to Spain just for a holiday - you said you needed me? You look pretty fine to me.
Erik: Are you gonna explain now Maddie or?
Madeline: Leave it Erik, come on lets go.
Karina: So you're not gonna explain then?
Madeline: For crying out loud how about we get back to the villa first?
Karina: Villa ooh.

Madeline: Here we are.
Erik: Can I get you a drink?
Karina: Cocktail would be nice -
Erik: Its six in the morning I meant maybe a coffee?
Karina: Oh - tea would be fine.

Madeline: Make yourself at home Karina. I need to have a breather.

Karina: Hey Erik.
Erik: Yeah? Whats up?
Karina: Madeline, is she alright?
Erik: Yeah shes just got alot on her mind at the moment.
Karina: Okay, well wheres the bathroom?
Erik: Up the stairs, first door on the right.
Karina: Thank you.

Erik: Honey is everything alright?
Madeline: Yeah I just - I wanted Mark back with me for the New Year.
Erik: Baby I promised you we'll get him back.
Madeline: Yeah ages ago - its not worked out so well has it?
Erik: Look I made a promise to you and I'm not gonna rest until Mark is back, safe. Do you understand?
Madeline: I love you so much (cries) this is just so hard.
Erik: Come here babe.

Crystal Town

Barry: Diane! You're back! What did you do?
Mrs. Daniels: She won't bother you anymore.
Barry: Oh my god! What did you -
Mrs. Daniels: I ran her over.
Barry: You wha?
Mrs. Daniels: Don't worry, it was a remote spot, practically an alley. No CCTV cameras or anything around.

Barry: I can't believe you did this for me. Honestly thank you.
Mrs. Daniels: It weren't purley just for you Barry, she threattened to hurt Megan and her daugters. Megan's one of my best friends I couldn't allow that.
Barry: Diane I -
Mrs. Daniels: I'm off to bed.

Amelia: Babe seriously - why is Martin calling you into the office now?
Lennie: I dunno honey, with the credit crunch lately - we've had to (yawns) work twice as hard, seeing as we had to let dozens of guys go.
Amelia: Alright, you better not miss the New Years Day meal later though.
Lennie: Don't worry I can assure you I won't, alright?
Amelia: See you later babe.

Ben: Right - Lennie's gone.

Francais: When do we do this?
Richard: Later, at the pub just down the straight. The whole neighbourhoods having a meal. We go in and hold them all in there until we get answers from these fricking Appletons.
Ben: We're gonna attack the whole street?
Francais: You can't be serious.
Richard: For once we've actually tracked down this fricking family, I ain't letting them go now - not when we're close to catching Michelle. I don't care who has to pay for them to give up their daughters whereabouts. We're catching this bitch.
Francais: What time is Cate getting here?
Richard: She'll be here at dawn.

The Following Morning

Jenna: Aww, look at you two all happily married (laughs).
Kacey: (Giggles) Morning Jen, sleep well?
Jenna: Yeah I slept great thanks. Its weird being back here.
Eddie: I'm gonna go to the loo.
Kacey: Alright babe.

Jenna: So how do you feel?
Kacey: I can't even put it into words Jenna - honestly I can't. I've never been this happy in my life. Its amazing.
Jenna: I am so happy for you sis. I don't think I've ever been happier for someone.
Kacey: Everything seems to be going right - James is out of the hospital, me and Eddie are married and we got the New Years Day meal here tonight - its gonna be great.
Jenna: Yeah it should be.
Kacey: Are you and Max gonna stay for it?
Jenna: Yeah defiently, we'd just end up having a kebab if we went home anyway.
Kacey: Thats good. Anyway I'm gonna go open up the pub.
Jenna: Yeah, I've gotta go get Max up anyway.

Stevie: Good morning Mrs. Montredge.
Kacey: (Laughs) That sounds so strange.
Stevie: Good strange?
Kacey: Yeah absoutely! Anyway I have some great news for you Stevie.
Stevie: Wow more great news?
Kacey: Yeah, you can have tonight off afterall - my sister's gonna be here.
Stevie: Ah thats great, I get to go to my nans now. Cheers Kace.

Kacey: I'll tell you what, go home now sweet heart - just go have a great night. I'll see you on the third.
Stevie: Ah cheers, hope you have a great evening.
Kacey: I'm sure we will do. Thanks babe.

Fran: Ow... my head.
Harry: Morning Princess.
Fran: No... don't talk so loudly...
Harry: Come on, get up.
Fran: Why have I gotta get up?
Harry: We promised Marie, we'd go round hers in the morning to help her clean up.
Fran: No.... you go, I'll catch you up.

Harry: You mean you just won't turn up?
Fran: Mhmm.
Harry: Get up Fran.
Fran: No, let me sleep. My head demands it.
Harry: For f*cks sake will just get up!

Fran: Woah did you just yell at me? You've never done that!
Harry: Yes I did! I've had enough of your immaturity Fran. You're twenty eight years of age for gods sake!
Fran: Whats got into you?
Harry: Do you have any idea how embarssing you can be?
Fran: Who do you think you're talking to!
Harry: A woman who needs to get over herself and grow up! You were so drunk last night you were rude to mostly everyone - we've not been here a month and you're already turning people against us!
Fran: Right get out and don't come back until you can apolgise.
Harry: Oh don't you worry, I'm going. Oh and by the way I'm going to that New Years Day dinner on my own...
Fran: What the hell? You don't get to decide weather I -
Harry: You need sleep, your head demands it. Remember?

Fran: Oi Harry don't walk away from me!
Harry: Watch me!

William: Honey what are you doing? I said I'd bring you up breakfast in bed.
Kayleigh: Babe seriously stop fussing over me! I'm only a few weeks pregnant.
William: Sorry I just can't believe you're pregnant again! Its so fantastic don't you think?
Kayleigh: Yeah (laughs) it'll be a summer baby which is nice too.
William: I hope its another boy! I've always wanted two boys.
Kayleigh: Ah I hope its a girl. I've always wanted a little girl.
William: I don't care really (laughs). Have you thought of any names?
Kayleigh: Whoa babe slow the hell down. I'm not even a month...
William: I was thinking of going to look for cribs -

Kayleigh: Will stop!
William: What?
Kayleigh: Don't prepare for all that stuff yet, its too early.
William: Yeah I guess you're right I'm just so excited! The four of us will be so happy together its gonna be great.
Kayleigh: (Laughs) Yeah I can't wait.
William: Kiss me my darling wife.
Kayleigh: That can be arranged.

Aaron: Hey Mina its me.
Mina: Aaron why are you calling me when you're only upstairs?
Aaron: I can't be bothered to come down, anyway do you know where my tie is?

Mina: (Laughs) You're a lazy sod do you know that?
Aaron: Wheres the tie? I wanna try on my clothes for the dinner tonight.
Mina: Theres some right behind my summer clothes.
Aaron: Alright babe. Cheers.
Mina: Come down, breakfast is on the table.

Aaron: Yeah I'll be right. WOAH oh my god!
Mina: Aaron? Honey what's wrong you yelled?

Aaron: Who... who are you?

Aaron: Come back...

Mina: Aaron? Whats going on? Aaron!

Aaron: Who... who are you?
Jason: Shh.
Aaron: What this can't be... oh my god. You're Mina's brother aren't you, the one that died?

Aaron: Hey! Hey! Where'd you go?
Mina: Aaron? Honey where are you?

Mina: Aaron why are you up here?
Aaron: I saw... oh my god... I saw... oh jesus....
Mina: Aaron you look as white as snow, what's wrong?
Aaron: I saw a... erm... a rat thats all. Ran up here at the speed of light.
Mina: Oh god really? I'll lay out some traps, are you sure you're alright?
Aaron: It just really scared me thats all.
Mina: Oh right... well come down I don't really like it in here.
Aaron: Why? Its an attic.

Mina: It used to be my brothers room, y'know before he died.

Alice: Hiya mum! Happy new year!
Marie: Oh hello darling! Happy new year. How was the party? Was it fun?
Alice: Ah it was fantastic! How did it all go here?
Marie: Yeah it went really well cheers love.

Harry: Hiya Alice, happy new year love.
Alice: Hey Harry, happy new year.
Marie: Harry offered to help clean up all the mess from last night (laughs) we've just finished!
Harry: Yeah, this place was basically trashed.
Alice: Where's Fran?
Harry: Where she always is, too lazy to move her backside to help out another human being. Speaking of her I should get home to feed the dog, see you guys later on.
Marie: Ooh nice little comment there (laughs). See you Harry.

Alice: They got a dog?
Marie: No he was reffering to Fran.
Alice: Oh (laughs). Why's he being like that with her?
Marie: Well I think they had a row.
Alice: Oh? What about?
Marie: God knows, I'm glad hes finally stood up to her though.
Alice: Yeah - don't get me wrong, Fran's alot of fun. Shes just way too immature a times.
Marie: Yeah I know sweetie.

Hilary: Hey guys!
Alice: Hiya.
Marie: Hilary you're back! Happy new year!
Hilary: And to you darlings. How was your party last night?
Marie: Ah it was fantastic!
Hilary: Thats great.
Marie: Kacey and Eddie got married last night too.
Hilary: Wow thats terriffic. I'm abit disappointed I missed it to be honest. But oh well I shall congratulate them later.

Marie: Well, now you're here - I have some news that Chris said it was okay for me to tell you both alone.
Hilary: Oh?
Alice: What is it?
Marie: Me and Chris are getting married!

Alice: Oh mum thats brilllant! Congrats!
Marie: Thanks honey!

Hilary: This is great, congratulations Marie.
Marie: Aww, thanks Hilary!

Later that night, whilst residents of Crystal Town dined - having the time of their lives. Nobody expected for this to happen. This was the night it all went wrong.