Crystal Town Series 4 - Episode 36 - Some Like it Hot

William: Honey, are you gonna get up?
Kayleigh: I'm really not in the mood to get up.
William: Babe - I can't take any more time off work. I could call in a sitter to look after Gus if you want?

Kayleigh: My mum is dead Will! Shot dead in cold blood!
William: Kay, it's been two weeks. I've had too much time off, we've got Gus and ourselves to still think about it - I can't afford to have anymore time off!
Kayleigh: I'm meant to be your wife, you're meant to be here for me!
William: Kayleigh - please this hasn't been easy for me either.
Kayleigh: Oh of course it has! I'm sorry you've had to look after Gus on your own for these past two weeks! My mum was half of my world William and now shes gone I... I just can't cope...
William: Babe - come here.
Kayleigh: (Crying) I need her Will. I need her.

William: Come here, you got me babe always.
Kayleigh: No get off!
William: Kay whats wrong with you? You're being really childish!
Kayleigh: Oh its okay for you isn't it! Your mum wasn't killed!

William: If you must know Kay! She was.

Eddie: Kace? Ah why are you in here?
Kacey: I can't even look at this place now. Not after what...
Eddie: I know babe, it's obviously hard.
Kacey: I think we may have to shut this place down you know?
Eddie: What seriously?

Kacey: Ed come on babe, use your brain nobody will ever come in here - not after what happened.
Eddie: You don't know that...
Kacey: Ruby was practically executed in here Ed, Harry and Max were shot... I just can't...
Eddie: Babe its alright, Harry and Max are alright. They've survived. So has Marie.
Kacey: Yeah luckilly, but Hilary and Ruby - just both shot in cold blood... this place is just gonna be horrible for every single person now! Nobody will ever be able to come back into this place without the memory of what happened. This pub has been open my entire life Ed, and sure we've had it decorated dozens of times but its still the same you know? And even I can't stand the sight of this place now -
Eddie: What are we gonna do for money if we shut this place down?
Kacey: I'm sure we'll think of something.

Amelia: Lennie, are you gonna come downstairs at all? I think Elliot wanted to spend some time with you... it would do us all some good... babe? Oh Lennie please talk to me, you can't go on like this - you're not talking, eating or sleeping. Alright, I'll bring you up some food later okay?

Elliot: Is he talking yet?
Amelia: Nope, not a word. He hasn't said a single thing since we got back from Ruby's funeral... it's all my fault.
Elliot: You didn't know Cate was actually gonna shoot her.
Amelia: I should off! I know what that sick bitch is like, I should of finished her there and then. I wish one of the shots I fired got the cow. I'm not done with her yet.
Elliot: Mum don't you think it's a good idea if we moved someplace else?
Amelia: That's not a bad idea honey. That's not a bad idea at all.
Elliot: We should get away from here - Vanessa can't even come back to this street anymore. She refuses to leave her friends house and to be honest Mum I hate it here now too.
Amelia: I agree with you sweetheart. I'll call some people later.

Elliot: Mum a cars pulling up outside... do you think its... them again?
Amelia: No... no it can't be!
Elliot: It's Nan!
Amelia: My mother? What the hell is she doing here!?

Bonnie: Amelia - thank god you guys haven't packed up and took off!
Amelia: Why are you here Mum? Where is Michelle!? She was with you!
Bonnie: Thats the thing, she found out about what happened then she freaked out and took off.
Amelia: What? No! I told you to keep this from her!
Bonnie: I sodding tried my hardest Amelia!
Elliot: How did she find out?
Bonnie: I couldn't stop her from watching the TV! It's been all over the news!
Amelia: What are we gonna do?
Bonnie: What can we do? To be honest the best thing we can do is stay put here and hopes she comes back then we can all take off and get the hell out of this country if we have too! Once and for all!

Amelia: Mum, I'm sorry I've been getting you involved... and putting you at risk too... you don't have to...
Bonnie: But I want to help sweetheart, this is my family. And I will protect all of you, no matter what.

24th July 2007

Bonnie: Ameia - what's wrong?
Amelia: We need to come in Mum - quickly.

Bonnie: Whats going on?
Lennie: Is there a chance that Michelle could stay here with you?
Bonnie: Why? Whats happened?
Lennie: They caught us -
Bonnie: Oh no!
Amelia: Yes and Michelle got attacked and basically we have to find a place to live but for the time being would it be okay if you hid Michelle here?
Bonnie: Guys... you look so tense... is there something I'm missing about these people?
Amelia: No... no just leave her here and don't ever let her be seen by anyone and don't let her ever leave the house.

Bonnie: Amelia, don't you think you may be going abit too far with all of this?
Amelia: I just had to leave my old life, my job, my house and my friends behind! I am not going to do that again!
Bonnie: Don't snap at me! I am your mother!
Lennie: Your mother is right Amelia, she's done nothing wrong.

Amelia: I'm sorry... it's just I'm so stressed we've given up our lives to protect Michelle from the mob and I'm just starting to think if any of this is worth it... surley it's only a matter of time before somebody really gets hurt!
Lennie: Oh honey come on now...
Bonnie: Rest assured Amelia - I'll take care of Michelle. I promise.

Mrs. Daniels: I knew you'd come down today.
Barry: Obviously I would! I have to!

Mrs. Daniels: So you know too then? The bitch gets let out from the hospital today...
Barry: Diane you've gotta get far away from here.
Mrs. Daniels: What? Are you kidding me? Leave this place? No, no way.
Barry: You don't know her as well as I do, she's smart Diane and extremley dangerous. She met you - she must of saw you driving the car. She'll track you - and she'll be here tonight. You did run her over.
Mrs. Daniels: I did that for you and Megan! Because she was blackmailing you and she threattened to kill Megan and harm her girls. I couldn't allow that!
Barry: I know Diane, and I am so grateful for your help - but whilst that cow is still breathing you're in trouble. Is there anywhere you can go?
Mrs. Daniels: My sister's on holiday, I can't go there! Wait she gave me a key a few months back!
Barry: Excellent, get your things together - and I'll come and pick you later tonight and I'll take you there.
Mrs. Daniels: Barry should I really be that worried? Is it worth me running away for?

Barry: Mary's... a terrible person Diane.
Mrs. Daniels: I know, but what makes you think she will kill me? I'm an old lady, I'm defenceless.
Barry: So was my son Tommy - she had no trouble killing him.
Mrs. Daniels: I'm sorry Barry, that was silly for me to say.
Barry: It's alright... but at the end of the day you do need to get away from here. I don't know what she'll do when she finds you. Please - just get your things together.

Chris: You feeling alright babe?
Marie: Look - I know I got shot babe - but honestly I am fine now. Please stop fussing over me - its you I'm worried about if anything. How are you feeling? You know about your mum...
Chris: Heartbroken, devastated... but I've got you and Alice to think about you and to focus on.
Marie: Babe, it doesen't make you any less of a man to show your upset about your mothers death.
Chris: I can handle it okay?
Marie: Alright. I'm always here for you honey okay?

Alice: Hey guys.
Chris: Hiya Alice.
Marie: Hello sweetheart, where have you been?
Alice: Around Sophie's we just hung out and watched some movies really.
Marie: Oh thats nice, you know I've always liked that Sophie... such a nice pleasant mature girl.
Alice: Yeah so am I mum, thanks for noticing!
Marie: Oh I know you are too honey.
Chris: You look slightly happier than you usually do Alice, (laughs) you hiding something?

Alice: Well don't freak out guys but I kinda have a date tonight.
Chris: Aww, that's cool.
Marie: What? A date!? You?
Alice: Yeah, me and Sophie are going on a double date - Sophie with her boyfriend and Sophie's set me up with her cousin.
Chris: Well thats great, I hope you have fun darling.
Alice: Thanks Chris, you're alright with this aren't you Mum?
Marie: Huh? Oh yeah... it's fine.
Alice: Oh good (laughs) I thought you were gonna totally freak out - anyway I'm off for a shower.

Marie: She's dating? Dating!
Chris: What's the big deal? She is fifteen you know.
Marie: I just... my Alice - on a date! Already... I didn't think she'd be ready to date for a good few years yet.
Chris: She's growing up Marie, she's gonna be intrested in boys at her age.
Marie: I know that but I thought she was barely past hanging posters of Zac Efron and Justin Timberlake above her bed - but now she's going on a date.
Chris: Alice is a good kid Marie, she'll behave herself. Just let her go out and have fun okay? She could do with it after what happened reccently. I have to be going to the office for a bit. My boss wants me to do abit of extra work.
Marie: Alright babe.

Kayleigh: I thought you were going into work?
William: I was, but theres nobody to watch Gus.
Kayleigh: What about -
William: Marie and Chris are busy, Mrs. Daniel's refused for some reason...
Kayleigh: I can look after my own son you know...
William: No I don't trust you with him.
Kayleigh: What!? He's my son! I looked after him every minute of every hour when you were constantly at work!
William: Constantly at work providing for you and Gus! And I want to still go out and do that now - because we've got another one on the way remember! And the reason why I don't trust you with him is because I walked in the other day and you were sitting down here whilst our boy was screaming his head off upstairs starving!
Kayleigh: I'm going through a difficult time - my mother has just been killed!

William: For christ sake Kayleigh! I know that! You're not the only one who suffers with loss!
Kayleigh: How dare -
William: Hilary was Chris' Mum too! You don't see him treating Marie and Alice like this do you? He is trying to move on with his life and provide for his family - something which you should do too! Its what Hilary would of wanted. And do you think her death is easy for me? I loved your mother, very much! She was like the mother I never had! My mother was murdered by my dad when I was fifteen!
Kayleigh: Oh Will I'm so...
William: No let me finish! So dad went to prison and Mum was burried - and it was up to me to look after my five other younger brother and sisters. We got handed over to our grandad - he didn't give a damn toss about any of us! It was up to me to provide and look after my family and I was fifteen and I was the only one old enough to understand that our own mother was killed by our dad. Now two of my brothers and two of my sisters are dead - Adam is in LA and my other alive sister Lizzie is god knows where we lost contact with her years ago! So don't you ever think that you're the only one who copes with loss. Now I am going to work to provide for my wife and son - look after Gus will you?

Keria: Hey Megan, how was the park? Did the girls have fun?
Megan: Yeah. I've put Lilly and Sharon up to bed - Sandra couldn't sleep so she's down here with me. Coffee?
Keria: Ah that would be great, its freezing out there!
Megan: Yeah, its a shame you're living out there now.

Keria: What?
Megan: I just got off to Barry on the phone - he had a mental breakdown at work - he is extremley stressed and upset. I thought it was to do with the shootings the other week, but it turns out whilst he was being held at gunpoint not knowing if he was gonna see the next day his own girlfriends sister asked for him to be shot.
Keria: Megan I did it to protect you!
Megan: Protect me? From what Keria!? Barry is the nicest guy I have ever met in my entire life -
Keria: I swear to you - he is trouble!
Megan: No! You listen to me, how dare you move in to my house and try and get rid of the man that I love just because you're not getting much attention anymore.
Keria: Megan - I was drunk. I never wanted him to get shot!

Megan: Barry also told me he saved your life - when that guy was beating you to a pulp, which by the way you derserved for asking for Barry to be shot - Barry fought back and killed him. He saved you.
Keria: Megan I know if you'd just let me explain -
Megan: There's nothing to explain. All your clothes and things are in the garage - leave my house and never come back here agian.
Keria: Meg - please. I'm your sister!
Megan: I have no sister. Not anymore.

A few hours later in Spain

Erik: You know I cannot believe Karina actually agreed to do this.
Madeline: I knew she would, shes a wonderful friend.
Erik: And what if something happens to her? Would you able to forgive yourself?
Madeline: No, never.
Erik: Then why are you letting her risk her life like this?
Madeline: Because that son of a bitch has my son - my baby. And if anything was to happen to my boy then I wouldn't be able to forgive anything anymore.
Erik: So what is she gonna do exactly?
Madeline: She's gonna go and chat to Gaz, get him to take her back to his place. Then what happnes next.. well, she has alot of options.
Erik: Such as?
Madeline: Sleep with him, knock him out and search for Mark, flee and text us his location or she can kill him.
Erik: What? Which one is she gonna do?

Madeline: What do you think? The last one!

Karina: Well hello there big boy.
Gaz: Hey - that dress is a little revealing ain't it?
Karina: (Giggles) Do you like it?
Gaz: Damn right I do. Well is there something I can help you with?
Karina: Yeah, there's alot of things I want you to help me with -- this dress for one. Its so tight.

Gaz: It's a bit dirty in here don't you think?
Karina: (Laughs) That's the idea.
Gaz: What do you say we go back to my place and continue this there?
Karina: That sounds good to me!

Crystal Town

Louise: No way no! This place cannot close!
Eddie: Honestly Louise, Kacey has some fantastic ideas for what we can do instead of the pub
Kacey: Yeah I was thinking maybe we can re-open the resturant we had? Bruce's? The one we named after dad? It did really well and plus we made a lot of cash from it too.
Eddie: I think it's a great idea! Loads of people ate in there everyday!
Louise: No. We can't just close down the pub for good! Ths place has been open for decades.
Eddie: Then isn't it time for a change?
Kacey: And plus mum even if we was to keep this place open we'd lose so much money - nobody would come in here. Not after what happened.
Louise: We can just remodel the place I supose.
Kacey: Mum I'm sorry but I'm in charge and the pub has to go - I'm sorry butI'm doing this for the families sake. We need the cash and we can't afford to keep this place open if its just gonna drag us under. I'm gonna go put Jennifer and James to bed - you coming honey?
Eddie: Yeah I'll be right there.

Eddie: I'm sorry if we sound harsh Louise - I feel awful we have to shut this place down.
Louise: No it's okay. I supose you guys have just gotta think about what's best for the family.
Eddie: If there was any way we could of kept it open Louise we would off.
Lousie: It's alright honey, you're such a sweet son in law you know that?

Eddie: I promise we'll make the resturant great, okay? And we'll make it in fantastic rememberence of Bruce.
Louise: Thank you Eddie, honestly.

Bonnie: Hey champ.
Elliot: Hey Nan.
Bonnie: You still play on that thing?
Elliot: The piano? No, haven't done in a while now.
Bonnie: How are you feeling?
Elliot: I'm just trying to be strong you know - for Mum and Dad.
Bonnie: Well sweetheart, its not up to you to be strong. Thats not your job.
Elliot: I just... my mum... she just let Ruby die!
Bonnie: Now come on that is not true - your Mum didn't think Cate would of shot a kid.
Elliot: Really? Despite the fact Max, Harry, Marie and Hilary had already got shot? The fact that they were being serious never entered mums mind?

Bonnie: They're all adults... shooting a kid... well that's...
Elliot: And Mum was so close to letting me die too - I mean I was like next. Dad and Vanessa had to beg her.
Bonnie: No she wouldn't of let that happen.
Elliot: But she almost did!
Bonnie: Your Mum has had alot of this to put up with - imagine the guilt she feels inside, imagine the failure she must feel that she can't even protect her kids!
Elliot: I guess... I just need help.

Bonnie: Oh sweetheart everythings gonna be alright.

William: Honey... it's me are you... oh both asslep. I best go bathe anyway...

Kayleigh: What the? I'm in our old house... oh god I remember this place! What am I doing here?

Kayleigh: Mum!
Hilary: Hello darling.

Kayleigh: Oh my god Mum! I had a terrible - awful dream! You were gone and you left me, but it's okay now. You found me here. I found you!
Hilary: I love you so much honey, I hope you know that.

Kayleigh: I love you too Mum - I can't bare losing you - please... please come back.
Hilary: I can't honey, you've got things to to think about now. William, Gus - your new baby.
Kayleigh: I never even got a chance to tell you about that.
Hilary: I'm your mother, did you not think I already knew? You have to look after your family Kayleigh - care for them and never let any of them go. Family is everything. William; Gus; Chris; Marie; Alice and the new one on the way - that's what you must focus on.

Kayleigh: I will Mum I will! This is all a dream isn't it?
Hilary: Oh sweetheart, just because it's a dream who says it's not real?

Kayleigh: Mum?

(Kayleigh smiles)

Meanwhile, Mrs. Diane Daniels had recieved a suprise visitor.

Mrs. Daniels: What the hell... what are you -
Mary: I know you tried to kill me you old hag!
Mrs. Daniels: Yeah I sodding did! But you threatened to harm Megan and her girls and not to mention what you did to that poor Tommy you son of a -
Mary: Shut your mouth!
Mrs. Daniels: Ah please stop!
Mary: I have the right mind to put you six foot under granny, but Barry knows everything doesen't he? I'll be arrested and to be honest killing old ladies just ain't my style.
Mrs. Daniels: Oh but killing kids is?

Mary: You listen to me, you are going to leave this house right now - and never come back! Also you are going to hand over this house - to me.
Mrs. Daniels: Go to hell!
Mary: If you really want Diane - you can be the one going to hell, its your choice!
Mrs. Daniels: Alright! Alright!
Mary: Good granny, now get out of here. And for your sake I hope I never see you again!

Keria: Mum - thank god you're in!
Pauline: Keria, sweetheart whats the matter?
Keria: I need to stay here with you Mum, Megan's kicked me out.

Chris: Wow, Lindsey Lohan's a lesbian?.

Alice: I cannot believe you mum that was so embarssing!
Marie: Honey, I'm sorry - I just flipped.
Alice: So you storm into the resturant and drag me out? He's never gonna go out with me again Mum!
Chris: Erm guys what's going on?
Alice: Oh you don't know what crazy mum over there went and did?
Marie: Honey - I said I'm sorry...
Alice: She completely ruined the date! She stormed in there, spied on us for ten minutes, then took my hand and dragged me out of there and all I could see was the others laughing at me being dragged away by my mummy!
Chris: Marie did you really do that?
Marie: Yeah but I only did because -
Alice: I don't care Mum! I'm fifteen years of age, I'm not a little girl anymore. Get over it.

Marie: Oh honey - come back please...

Marie: Don't you say anything!
Chris: I can't believe you ruined it for her. She was really excited about it tonight.
Marie: I know, I feel awful! Can we just not talk about this anymore please!
Chris: Hun?
Marie: What?
Chris: Did you know Lindsey Lohan has a girlfriend?


Karina: So this is your place huh?
Gaz: Yep. You like it?
Karina: Yeah it's lovely, its a massive place!
Gaz: If you wait here, I'll go get us some drinks.
Karina: Okay, lovely.

Karina: Hello Erik, its me.
Erik: Karina, whats going on?
Karina: Hes took me back to his place -
Erik: Fantastic, wheres the house?
Karina: It's a not a house, its more of a mansion...
Erik: Alright, where?
Karina: Hold on, I hear someone coming - I'll call you later on.

Donna: Who are you?
Karina: I could ask you the same thing -

Gaz: Ah Donna, you've meet Karina.
Donna: I see...
Karina: What? How do you know my name?
Gaz: You don't honestly think we don't know who you are Karina? I know you're best friends with Maddie.
Karina: Where's Mark?
(Gaz laughs)
Gaz: For your sake, I think it would be best if you came with me.

Karina: Oi! Let me out of here! You can't keep me prisoner in here!

Voice: Karina is that you?
Karina: Oh my god!

Mark: Thank god, I'm not alone anymore!

The outskirts of Crystal Town

Michelle: Ben - I know you're in here! Come out now! I wanna have a word with you!

Ben: Michelle before you -
Michelle: Argh you son of a bitch!

Ben: Please, Michelle listen to me - I tried to save your sister! I tried! I was too late!
Michelle: How could you let Cate do this to me? I thought we were friends!
Ben: We are!
Michelle: No we're not! Not after you let Ruby die!
Ben: I didn't know Cate would actually of -
Voice: Its strange you're both here...

Cate: It's gonna be like two in one really isn't it?