Crystal Town Series 4 - Episode 37 - Postman Fudge

Michelle: Cate - you f*cking bitch! I'm going to kill you!
Ben: Michelle don't - she's armed.
Cate: (Laughs) You're not as dumb as I think are you Ben?
Ben: What do you want?
Michelle: Haven't you killed enough people already?
Cate: Oh Michelle I shot that first guy to prove a point, the second guy got shot cause his idiot girlfriend wouldn't stand down, the two women I shot because they tried to escape and Ruby well that was Amelia's fault really wasn't it
Michelle: Don't you say her name you son of a bitch!
Cate: Not to mention we lost two men too -
Ben: Francais and Richard? That's not really a massive loss is it!

Michelle: Why? She was just a kid.
Cate: Are you still on about that girl?
Michelle: She was my bloody sister!
Ben: Cate please - don't...
Cate: She would still be alive if your mummy gave up where you were - doesen't that make you feel great?

Michelle: Argh! You bitch!

Ben: Michelle don't! She'll shoot you!
Cate: You know what, that's even made me lose my cool!
Ben: Oh god...
Cate: I was gonna lead this out for a while - but I've had enough I'm gonna do what I set out to do in the first place. Goodbye Michelle.
Ben: No!

Ben: Michelle move!
Michelle: BEN!
Ben: Argh!

Cate: Woah!
Michelle: Oh my god Ben!
(Police sirens are heard)
Cate: Damn - this isn't over Michelle. If I were you I'd get out of here and just let Benny boy die.

Michelle: Are you alright? Ben? Talk to me!
Ben: Just leave me here Michelle - I derserve it.
Michelle: No you don't... I'm gonna get you out of here okay?
Ben: The police are coming here - there's nothing we can do.
Michelle: I got a car a few clicks away from here. We can get there. Grab my hand I'll pull you if I have too!
Ben: Michelle - you don't have to do this.
Michelle: Yeah, Ben. I kinda do.

Ben: Argh, Michelle this hurts. I don't think - I don't think I can do this.
Michelle: Look put your arm around me - I'll support you.
Ben: No, its alright I can manage...
Michelle: Right - we're near the car.
Ben: What car? I'm not seeing it.
Michelle: Oh my god, I don't believe this!
Ben: Cate...

The following morning:

Megan: Well morning deep sleeper.
Barry: Mpph? Huh? What?
Megan: So I wait for you to come to bed all night and you spend it all here?
Barry: Meg - what time is it?
Megan: About eight in the morning - seeing as the girls have decided to have an unusual lay in for once. So I'm gonna make us both a well derserved english fry up. Do you want toast?

Barry: Erm, yeah. That will be great.
Megan: Excellent anyway -
Barry: I need to pop out for a second, I'll be back in a few.
Megan: What? Barry where you going?
Barry: I'll be back in a second.

Barry: Oh please be alright Diane.

Mary: Why hello there neighbour. Good morning.
Barry: What the hell!? Mary! Where's Diane?
Mary: Hmm, I don't know she took off last night.
Barry: What have you done to her?
Mary: Nothing. Cross my heart hope to die.
Barry: I swear Mary, if you've hurt her - I will find out and I will make you pay this time.
Mary: (Laughs) I haven't harmed the granny, despite the fact the bitch did try to take me out. But that's not suprisining seeing as you most likely made her.
Barry: Why couldn't you stick to our agreement? Why did you have to go and demand more money!
Mary: Because Toby's becoming a man now Barry - I need the cash.
Barry: Toby... is he here?
Mary: You mean the son you left and abbadonned? No, he will be soon though.

Barry: I had no choice - you killed Tommy I tried to take Toby with me but...
Mary: How do you think Toby's gonna take the news? That the father who he wanted so dearly is living down just a few doors away from him.
Barry: Mary, that's not fair! Why didn't you stick to the agreement!
Mary: Because it's not all up to you Bar! I'm the one who wears the pants in this... relationship?
Barry: Mary I swear -
Mary: Don't worry. I won't tell a soul that we know each other. As long as I still get the monthly cash but I may need a raise on that though (laughs) the rent on this street is above the roof! Now, I've got breakfast going. Why don't you get home to Megan and the dear dear girls?

Megan: Oh you didn't take long then (laughs). So toast or?
Barry: Erm... yeah okay. That sounds... good.
Megan: What's wrong babe? You look abit worried.
Barry: Oh I'm fine just abit tired is all.
Megan: I love you. Everything has been so perfect lately! I just heard one of the girls chatting through the baby monitor I'm gonna go get her before she wakes the others.
Barry: Alright darling.

Barry: I know things have been perfect Megan, and I'm not gonna let her ruin it...

Pauline: Did you sleep well Keria?
Keria: No, not at all. I just can't help but think about what Megan said to me - she said she has no sister anymore.
Pauline: Oh I'm sure she didn't mean it. Shes probably just mad, you can't blame her you know?
Keria: Yeah I know. It just really... hurt me that's all.
Pauline: Like I said - she wouldn't mean that. So what are you gonna do?
Keria: About?
Pauline: Megan. Are you just gonna give in?
Keria: Well what else can I do?
Pauline: Go and talk to her? Maybe she's calmed down.
Keria: I doubt that.

Pauline: Well what are you gonna do then?
Keria: I guess I'll just stay here.
Pauline: You can't for long honey, I've gotta leave this place soon - and stay in a hospital. I haven't got long left.
Keria: Mum... don't.
Pauline: I'm sorry honey but it's true. I really would like to make things up to Megan you know. I regret so badly how I treated her.
Keria: I'm sure she'll come round.
Pauline: Yeah after how long Keria? Years? I haven't got years - I don't know if I'm even gonna have months.
Keria: Can we please talk about something else?
Pauline: Alright, do you want some breakfast?

Louise: Oh god you're cleaning this place out already?
Eddie: Yeah well we've gotta get the builders in to re-model. We wanna open up as soon as, we can't stay shut for long.
Kacey: Sorry we didn't tell you it was happening this soon Mum. We've just got Jennifer and James to think about right now is all.
Louise: Yeah I know.
Eddie: You wanna help Louise?
Louise: Nah, it's okay I best get the kids up for school eh?
Kacey: Oh crap yeah, I completely forgot. How flipping stupid of me. Would you mind Mum?
Louise: No of course not.
Eddie: Ah cheers Louise.

Louise: Oh hiya love, you're already up that's good. What about Jennifer?
James: I dunno.
Louise: You share a room with her darling is she up or not?
James: Shes just in bed and she won't get up. I dunno maybe shes sick or something?
Louise: Alright honey, Stevie's in the kitchen I'm sure he'll make you some cereals if you ask nicely. I'll be down in a second alright?
James: Okay nan.

Louise: Jennifer honey are you gonna get up?
Jennifer: Mmm, no.
Louise: Whats the matter?
Jennifer: I want my daddy.
Louise: He's abit busy at the moment - do you want to talk to me about anything?
Jennifer: I want my daddy!
Louise: Okay, alright.

Louise: Kace, where's Ed?
Kacey: Hes just gone out to take some of the stuff to a store with Stevie to try and sell the pub stuff. Why whats up?
Louise: It's Jennifer, she won't get out of bed.
Kacey: Oh, what's wrong with her?
Louise: I'm not sure - she wouldn't tell me. She was asking for Eddie.
Kacey: I'll go up and see if shes alright. Do you think shes sick?
James: No! Shes lying! Shes been fine!
Kacey: Hey, less talking more eating.
Louise: You go check on her I'll stay here with James.
Kacey: Alright.

Kacey: Jennifer, honey you gonna get ready for school love?
Jennifer: I said to Louise I wanted my daddy!
Kacey: Hes not in at the moment. Whats the matter babe? Is something bothering you?
Jennifer: Don't talk to me like you care.
Kacey: Excuse me?

Jennifer: You don't even like me.
Kacey: Jennie thats ridicolous of course I do!
Jennifer: Well I don't like you.
Kacey: What? Why?
Jennifer: Because its your fault my mummys dead! Its your fault my mummy and daddy aren't together anymore!
Kacey: I... Jennifer thats...
Jennifer: Go away! Leave me alone!

Lennie: Amelia, do we have any milk... oh hey Bonnie.
Bonnie: You alright Lennie? Can I help you with anything?
Lennie: No, I was just looking for Amelia.
Bonnie: Oh well, shes gone out for abit.
Lennie: Why?

Bonnie: I told her to go for a walk - to clean her head. Shes been stuck indoors for ages. Maybe you should do the same?
Lennie: Nah, I'm okay in here.
Bonnie: Lennie keeping yourself hidden from the world isn't going to help you move on. You've got to carry on.
Lennie: My daughters dead Bonnie.
Bonnie: I know that dear but Ruby wouldn't want you to be acting the way you are - Amelia, Elliot and Vanessa need you.

Lennie: I'm going back upstairs.
Bonnie: Lennie - come on now.
Lennie: Look - I apperiate you coming to support us all really I do but my baby girl was shot dead infront of me. I need time to myself - excuse me.

Amelia: Hey mum.
Bonnie: Hey sweetheart.
Amelia: Has Lennie came downstairs at all?
Bonnie: Erm, no. He hasn't. Did you have a nice walk?
Amelia: Yeah but it didn't work - nothing can clear my head Mum. Nothing can take my mind of whats going on.
Bonnie: Why don't you try and get some sleep?
Amelia: I've tried Mum, sleeping just isn't my friend at the moment -

Bonnie: Why don't you speak to your doctor? He can give you pills.
Amelia: No thats not a good idea either Mum!
Bonnie: Well honey you've gotta sleep. You'll become worse if you can't get no rest.
Amelia: Mum, please stop worrying. I'll be alright.
Bonnie: I can't Amelia I'm worried about you.
Amelia: Well how about don't be?
Bonnie: Honey, I will make sure you and Lennie get back on your feet. I know I'm annoying both of you by being here - but I am not going anywhere. I said I was staying to help my family and thats exactly what I'm gonna do. Even if I have to drug you both for you to sleep! Understand?


Erik: I've looked everywhere - the nightclub, the streets, the police station and shes not there.
Madeline: God... Gaz must know the truth! Where else would Karina of gone!
Erik: Calm down. Maybe she hasn't revealed anything yet maybe she spent the night?
Madeline: I swear if somethings happened to her!
Erik: Well it would be your own fault anyway.
Madeline: Excuse me?
Erik: What do you expect from him Maddie? Hes not stupid. He obviously knew everything about Karina - heck he most likely even knows she helped you cover up his brother Tom's death.
Madeline: How? How would he know?

Erik: Look we just need to calm down.
Madeline: How can I possibly calm down Erik? Karina and Mark are both missing now! What if you're next?
Erik: Heh, he doesen't scare me.
Madeline: He should. Hes an awful man Erik - what he did.
Erik: I know Madeline, I'm not stupid I was here for all of it.
Madeline: So theres still no clue as to where hes living then?
Erik: Nope - well Karina did say he doesen't love in a house. Its more of a mansion.
Madeline: No suprise there knowing Gaz. How did he get the money?
Erik: Who knows?
Madeline: I just hope Mark and Karina are okay - both of them.
Erik: We're just gonna have to wait and see honey. But I promise we'll get them both back safe - especially Mark.

Mark: Morning.
Karina: Hey.
Mark: Beds are a little uncomfortable huh?
Karina: Thats an understatement.
Mark: Don't worry you'll get used to them eventually.

Karina: No I don't think so I'm breaking out of this joint Marcus.
Mark: Its Mark and you don't think I've tried?
Karina: Mark - how long exactly have you been in here?
Mark: Ages. I can't even remember how long.
Karina: Why is there two beds?
Mark: He knew you'd be coming.
Karina: And how could he of known that?
Mark: Because hes been watching Mum and Erik for the past month - and he still is.
Karina: What - oh no we have to warn Madeline! Now!
Mark: Yeah and how are we gonna manage that?

Karina: Your daddys not as smart as he looks.
Mark: Woah.

Crystal Town: (A few hours later)

Marie: Thank god you're home.
Chris: Why whats up honey?
Marie: Nothing except I've had such a boring and dull day - the most fun I've had is talking to the postmen.
Chris: (Laughs) Oh and how is old fudge?
Marie: What? Old fudge?
Chris: Yeah thats what I've called him since I was a kid.
Marie: Seriously? Why?
Chris: Its not a big deal its what everyone calls him.
Marie: Really?
Chris: Yeah.

Marie: See - you've been living in this town your whole life. I've been here a few years and it goes to show how little I know.
Chris: Well it doesen't really matter honey.
Marie: No Chris it kinda does, I know nothing about the place I live.
Chris: Well I guess I could tell you a few things about it-
Marie: Oh well thats a really good idea - so why do people call him Fudge exactly?

Chris: When me and Kayleigh were kids whenever he would drop the post off was the time when everyone would be leaving for school - and he'd always hand out these really nice fudge sweets to all the kids. Hes always been a loving and gentle man.
Marie: Oh wow thats so nice, does he still do it?
Chris: Nope. One time he got accused of asking a kid to get in his van after giving him a fudge.
Marie: Oh my god.
Chris: Yep, obviously the kid confessed it was all crap and the charges were dropped but since then... he hasn't given out a single fudge since.
Marie: Thats so sad.
Chris: Yeah, hes still lovely and chatty though. I think he got abit upset when I told him about my mum being killed - they were good friends.
Marie: Well what else can you tell me about the -
(Knock on the door)
Marie: Hold on a second babe.

Marie: Fran honey whats wrong?
Fran: Can I stay here? Harry and I have kinda broke up.
Marie: Oh god, come in.

Chris: Are you alright?
Fran: Harry said it would be best if we kept our distance for a while.
Chris: I'll go get some tissues.
Marie: Cheers Chris, come on honey sit down and lets talk this through...
Fran: Hes just been so horrible to me since the accident Marie - he made me feel bad about the argument we had earlier before he got shot. So I got a job and I kept the bills going but earlier I snapped when he kept ordering me around and I dunno... he just said we were on a break.
Marie: Oh honey - come on calm down. I'll go talk to him okay?
Fran: (Sobbing) Thank you.

Marie: Harry its me.
Harry: Hey Marie, how are you?
Marie: I'm alright, cheers. Whats happened Harry? Why have you and Fran broke up?
Harry: We haven't broke up I just thought it would be best if we spent some time apart is all.
Marie: Why? Whats gone wrong?
Harry: Its just the day I got shot it made me reliase that I've been wasting my time and working my butt off for her whilst shes doing nothing and I guess I just had enough of it.
Marie: Thats fair enough Harry but Fran's really upset isn't there someway you can work it out?

Harry: I'm not throwing away our marridge over nothing Marie I just think a break would be good for us.
Marie: Yeah but shes downstairs crying her heart out Harry. Maybe if she apoligsied...
Harry: I don't think its a good idea at the moment Marie - I need time to myself you know. To think things through.
Marie: Yeah but -
Harry: Look your her cousin. You know how she goes and how difficult she can be. Don't get me wrong I love her but its just to much at the moment.
Marie: Yeah I know what a handful she can be but I also know how much she loves you..
Harry: Look Marie I'm sorry okay? I've gotta go my Indian food is here.
Marie: Alright, I'll speak to you later.

Mark: Well. Hows it going?
Karina: Its useless Mark - theres no reception in this room at all.
Mark: Can't you maybe send a text to my mum?
Karina: Nope, theres no service out here whats so ever.
Mark: Dammit. You should turn it off.
Karina: Why?
Mark: Cos you'll run out of battery.
Karina: Thats a point - but I'm not sure it'll matter anyway...
Mark: What do you mean?
Karina: There's only one bar left.
Mark: Ah crap.

Mark: Well what are we gonna do?
Karina: Do you get let out of here? At all?
Mark: I used too before they took out a wall over there where a bathroom was but now I just get food brought to me when the door opens.
Karina: So basically we're being held prisoner.
Mark: Yeah...
Karina: Damn. Well I got an idea.
Mark: What?
Karina: Theres a mirror over there, we can smash it and pick up a shard - then when whoever brings in food we can use it.
Mark: What do you mean use it?
Karina: Come on Mark - what do you think?

Keria: Yeah Mum, I'm there now - I really don't think its a good idea.
Pauline: Just go for it sweetheart okay? Shes your sister I'm sure shes calmed down now.
Keria: God, I hope so. I'll ring you in abit to let you know how it goes.
Pauline: Alright sweetheart, good luck.
Keria: Thanks.

Keria: Megan? Are you home? Meg?

Barry: No but I am.
Keria: Oh hi... Barry.
Barry: What are you erm doing here? Megan won't be pleased if she comes home and you're here.
Keria: I just came back to apolgise to her -
Barry: Is she the one that you should be apolgising too?
Keria: No. I'm sorry Barry - I really am. I never actually wanted you to get shot. I was drunk and stupid and selfish and I'm so sorry.
Barry: You know if you would of got your way I would be dead. Megan would be heartbroken.
Keria: Yes I know, and I feel awful... do you think she'll ever let me come back?

Barry: Maybe, eventually. But I don't think she will just yet. Shes mad.
Keria: Yeah thats understandable.
Barry: You shouldn't be here Keria...
Keria: Do you think maybe you could talk to her? See if you could get her to let me come back?
Barry: I dunno. Maybe. I'll give it a try okay?
Keria: Thank you so much Barry - I was wrong about you.
Barry: Yeah, you were. That really upset me you know.
Keria: I'm sorry.
Barry: Oh god Megan's back - you should go quickly now. Leave by the back door.
Keria: Yeah good idea!

Barry: Hey honey welcome home.
Megan: Hiya. Are you alright?
Barry: Yeah I'm fine just missed you thats all. And babe?
Megan: Yeah?
Barry: Keria - shes never coming back here again is she?
Megan: No don't worry baby I ain't ever letting her come near us again - not after what she did.
Barry: Ah I'm so glad.

Eddie: Sorry I've been a while - I had to drop Stevie to his nans house.
Kacey: Oh right, yeah thats okay.
Eddie: Are you alright honey? Whats wrong?
Kacey: Nothing its just... with Jennifer have you ever noticed something strange about her?
Eddie: You mean the fact that she prefers cars to ponys? (Laughs).
Kacey: No - no nevermind you don't understand what I meant.
Eddie: Well then why don't you tell me?

Kacey: No its alright. Honestly, its fine.
Eddie: Kace - shes my daughter.
Kacey: Its just today she was really nasty to me really nasty.
Eddie: Really? What did she say?
Kacey: She just yelled at me and said that she blamed me for you and Cindy breaking up and basically blamed me for her death.
Eddie: Oh god...
Kacey: I know.
Eddie: That poor girl.
Kacey: What? What do you mean that poor girl?

Eddie: The stuff I've put her through god I've been terrible to her.
Kacey: Now wait a second she hasn't got a right to talk to me the way she did.
Eddie: Shes just a kid Kacey - shes been through alot.
Kacey: I know that but she was really nasty to me Ed.
Eddie: Look stop. Shes my daughter alright - and I love her. Now cut the crap after being there at Cindy's death I expected you to be abit more understanding!
Kacey: Eddie I cannot believe your taking her side in this!
Eddie: Whatever, I'm gonna go up and check on her.

Marie: (Crying).

Fudge: Marie... it that you?
Marie: Oh hey Ronald.
Fudge: What on earths the matter?
Marie: Nothing, honestly nothing I'm absoutely fine.
Fudge: You don't look it? Maybe theres something I can help you with?

Marie: Its just... my cousin Fran shes in such a state after her and Harry have gone on a break - shes devastated and like everybody else in my life she is depending on me to help her through it.
Fudge: Wow that must be hard.
Marie: Not only that - I've gotta look out for Chris after Hilary got killed.
Fudge: Oh god, that was awful she was a wonderful woman.
Marie: (Sobbing) And Alice hasn't talked to me since I ruined her date a while back.
Fudge: Well, Fran and Harry seem like a strong couple - Harry obviously loves her alot to put up with her. No offence but she is hard work.
(Marie laughs).
Fudge: Chris has lost a brother before I'm sure he'll be able to cope with Hilary passing as long as hes got you.
Marie: Wow you knew about his brothers death?
Fudge: Paul - yeah I knew him personally. And Alice well shes a teenager now, take it from a guy who had four kids they get like that alot.
Marie: Yeah I guess, thanks for this talk Ronald I really apperiate it.
Fudge: Hey its no problem. Here have this. (Fudge hands Marie something)

Marie: What is it?
Fudge: Some fudge.
Marie: (Smiles) But Chris told me the story about what happened - he said you don't give out fudge anymore.
Fudge: Oh I do, just to people I think are extra special and derserve it.
Marie: Wow, thanks.
Fudge: No problem I'll see you later. You take care okay?
Marie: Yeah, thanks Fudge. You too.

And with that - Marie Peacock continued to stay strong and go about her day.