Crystal Town Series 4 - Episode 38 - The Wellington Family Story

Louise: I can't believe this place is empty now... it looks so horrible - I hate it.
Eddie: Yeah I feel the same Louise it doesen't look nice saying bye to this place. It must be so hard for you.
Louise: Meh, I've been through worse so this is a piece of cake in compare.
Eddie: Of course. Anyway I've gotta be checking on Jennifer - I'll see you in a minute. You gonna be alright?
Louise: Yeah honestly Ed, don't worry I'll be fine. As I said - piece of cake.
Eddie: Alright, good. I'll catch you in a bit.

Louise: Except its a cake that I just want one more slice of...

3rd March 1962:

Harold: Wakey wakey Lousie! Rise and shine!
Louise: Woah? Huh?
Harold: Happy birthday! Happy birthday!
Louise: Mhmm... not now Harold I'm trying to sleep.
Harold: Oh come on - get up you're seventeen today. Mum and dad have gifts for you downstairs.
Louise: I've grown out of birthdays Harold - I just don't get excited anymore. You'll understand when you're older.
Harold: Nope, I'll always love my birthdays!
Louise: If you say so!
Harold: Come on get up or Mum will get cross!

Slyvia: Happy birthday darling!
Louise: Ah thanks Mother.
Slyvia: Come on honey, open up your gift - your father worked extra shifts to get it for you. Didn't you Rog?

Slyvia: Ah well, nevermind hes just tired love he'll come around. Come open your preasant.
Harold: Open it! Open it!
Slyvia: Settle down please Harold.
Louise: I'm not i nthe mood now mother -
Slyvia: But honey...
Louise: Maybe later.
Harold: Can I open it?
Slyvia: No. Come on Louise honey its your birthday.
Louise: I said later mother god...
Slyvia: Excuse me... where do you get of with that tone?

Slyvia: Louise! Why are you so miserable its your birthday.
Louise: I'm not happy mum, I never am. Not when my own father hates me.
Slyvia: He does not hate you poppet stop being silly you just disagree alot all the time thats all.
Louise: Thanks for the gift Mum, but I'm really not in the mood.

Kacey: Hey mum.
Louise: Hiya honey.
Kacey: You seen Eddie?
Louise: Yeah, erm yeah hes just gone upstairs to check on Jennifer I think.
Kacey: Oh right.
Louise: She still causing you trouble then huh?
Kacey: Yeah kinda, she is nice to me when Eddie's there but as soon as hes gone she becomes a little madam again.
Louise: And Eddie's still taking her side?
Kacey: Yeah, ridicolous right?
Louise: Very much so. But on the other hand honey you've gotta understand he must feel awful I mean your affair did end his marriadge and well when Cindy died it affected them both more than you think.
Kacey: Yeah... yeah I guess thats true.

Louise: Other than that honey theres not much you can do, other than just stick by him and love him.
Kacey: Yeah you're right. You know what Mum I don't think I thank you enough for how good you are with me.
Louise: (Laughs) You're my daughter what else could I do?

Kacey: Thanks mum for always being there.
Louise: Honestly sweetie, don't thank me.
Kacey: (Laughs) I'm gonna go pick Stevie up for work, his cars broke down.
Louise: Alright hun.

30th December 1999

Kacey: I HATE HIM! God he just ruins everything for me!
Louise: Kace, he is your father don't talk about him that way.
Kacey: I hate him! You know how much I was looking foward to going to Keria's New Years Eve Party!
Louise: Yeah sweetie but Bruce and I know Keria and Megan's mother - she'll let twelve year olds get high and drink until they pass out in the pool.
Kacey: Whatever, Pauline is cool.
Louise: Maybe to you but for people like me and your father - parents. We have to make sure we do whats best for you. And whilst I agree your father shouldn't of yelled at you the way he did - I'm standing by his decision to ban you from going.

Kacey: What!? Mum are you being serious?
Louise: Deadly. Sorry Kace - you'll notice when you're a bit older that by banning you me and your father are helping you.
Kacey: Yeah! Okay! The day I thank you is the day sodding hell freezes older!
Louise: Come down soon your dinner is still up the wall - it needs cleaning up!
Kacey: Go to hell.

Louise: I should shouldn't I? Before it ices over...

Fudge: Morning Louise, I dropped off your mail early today.
Louise: Thanks Fudge. How are you?
Fudge: I'm good thanks. Hey I heard that the pub is closing?
Louise: Yeah, yeah it is its being remodeled first thing in the morning.
Fudge: Ouch, that must be hard for you.
Louise: Yeah, yeah it will be. Its gonna be very hard actually.
Fudge: I can imagine so. I've had alot of good memories in that place - I think everyone whos lived on this street has.
Louise: Yeah. We had no choice but to close it though after you know the shotting incident.
Fudge: That was so awful.
Louise: Oh Fudge you've put one of Harry Langford's letters in here by mistake.
Fudge: Oh have I... I've just been there oh darn. Well pass it here I'll take it back -
Louise: No its okay I'll go give it to him. I wanna go see how he is anyway.
Fudge: Alright well sorry about that.

Louise: Oh don't be so silly its fine.
Fudge: I gotta be off. My daughter Rochelle wants me to take her dancing tonight! Bless her heart.
Louise: (Laughs) You two have a good night!
Fudge: I'm sure we will do Lou, see you later.
Louise: Take care Fudge.

2nd June 1986

Bruce: Why did we have to throw this party tonight couldn't Hilary of done it herself?
Louise: Shes just gave birth Bruce! She can't manage a party - I mean come on shes gonna be raising three kids by herself she derserves this party.
Bruce: Yeah I guess so I just hope tonight goes well.
Louise: Well I'm sure it will do just try and losen up a little.
Bruce: I guess... I just go so uptight after having to run this place day in and day out.
Louise: Just zip it and cheer up okay? Our friends will be here soon.

Mary: Hiya guys!
Fudge: Party hasn't started without us I hope?
Louise: Nope you guys are here before Hilary - come on in.
Fudge: Why thank you.
Mary: The place looks lovely.
Bruce: Thanks Mark, it was Louise who did all of it.
Fudge: Well it looks lovely.
Louise: Well dinners almost ready, Bruce would you mind cheeking on it for me?
Bruce: Yeah, sure.

Fudge: Have you seen the baby yet Louise?
Louise: Nope not yet. I'm eager to see her!
Fudge: Mary's seen her aint you love?
Mary: Gosh Louise I'll tell you! Exact image of her mother!
Louise: Aww bless. I'm so excited.
(Knock on the door)
Louise: Ooh, heres somebody else!

Beverley: Hello all!
Louise: Hiya.
Beverley: Thank you so much for inviting me Louise darling.
Louise: My pleasure.
Beverley: I had to bring my grandaughter with me tonight as Stan's not really feeling too great!
Louise: Hello sweetheart - I've just gotta check on Bruce and the dinner.

Fudge: So whats your name sweetheart?
Girl: Amelia.
Fudge: Thats a lovely name!

Louise: It all good honey?
Bruce: Yeah everythings ready to be served!
Louise: (Laughs) Trust her to be the last one here!
Hilary: Hiya guys!
Fudge: Hilary! Oh wow shes precious!
Mary: I told you so -
Louise: They're here, come on babe.

Louise: Oh wow Hilary shes a beauty!
Hilary: Thank you Louise.
Beverley: So have you came up with a name?
Hilary: Kayleigh - Kayleigh Kim.
Mary: Oh how lovely!
Amelia: Can I hold her?
Hilary: Sure.
Beverley: Be extra careful Amelia.

Louise: Hiya guys.
Kayleigh: Oh hey Louise.
Amelia: We were just chatting about Madeline and Karina. They've just seemed to disappear haven't they? Do you think they're up to something?
Louise: I'm unsure...
Kayleigh: Louise? Why are you smiling?
Louise: Nevermind. I'll see you later.
Amelia: Alright, see you.

Louise: Hey Harry.
Harry: Louise, hi. How are you?
Louise: I'm alright thanks love - Fudge brought some of your mail to mine by mistake.
Harry: Oh cheers, thanks for bringing it down.
Louise: How have you been doing anyway? Since the you know... incident.
Harry: Well I've been alright I guess - considering. I heard you were closing the place?
Louise: Yeah, yeah we are. Kacey and Eddie didn't see why should keep it open - it would just give people bad memories.
Harry: I supose thats true. That must be hard for you Louise that place has been open for years.
Louise: Yeah it has.
Harry: How did you come about buying it?

Louise: Well me and Bruce just wanted to really it seemed like a good idea to us.
Harry: I've heard alot about Bruce from Chris - it seems like he was a great guy.
Louise: He was... he was the best.
Harry: Bless. Are you okay?
Louise: Yeah I'm fine honey, I best get back home.
Harry: Alright, see you later. Take care.
Louise: You too.

8th January 1979 (LOUISE IS 31, TIM IS A BABY)

Bruce: Well what do you think honey?
Louise: I think its a pub.
Bruce: Well yes, wouldn't it amazing if we could run this place together? Start our family here.
Louise: Sweetheart, I thought we said we wanted to open up a resturant? Italian... like you planned for all them years remember?
Bruce: We're young Louise! We've got years to do that. If we do well we can expand and then open resturants and maybe more pubs!
Louise: Wow I think you might be getting ahead of yourself a little bit there. Plus my father would kill me if I ever moved into a pub.
Bruce: Louise, come on. This place will be great. And since when did we give a damn about what your father thinks?
Louise: I'm not sure if I want to be bringing Tim up in a pub environment and plus this town is a tiny place what makes you think we'll get customers?
Bruce: We will.
Louise: Whats this place called again?
Bruce: Crystal Town.
Louise: Right... Crystal Town. Well I guess I don't have a choice. I guess we're doing this.

Bruce: Ah thanks so much honey, I'm gonna go call the guy. Also this really nice guy I met yesterday called Howard Grey he told me this fantastic place to where we can buy some stuff for the pub so I'm gonna head to his after he has a wife, Sharon I think her name is I'll introduce you to her tomorrow.
Louise: Alright love, see you in a bit.

Louise: I know you don't wanna be brought up in a pub Tim baby but your daddy really wants this so lets not tell him how we feel eh?

James: Nanny!

Louise: Whats up darling?
James: Jennifer won't let me have a go on the playstation. She said Spyro doesen't like me.
Louise: Well just let her stay on it for a little while longer then you can go on it okay love?
James: Thats not fair, she always gets her way.
Louise: Yeah thats true. But hey I'm sure you'll be able to have a go later.
James: Ah! Thats not fair! You always take her side!

8th July 2004

Tim: How long is this gonna take? We've been here for hours...
Jenna: Shes been in labour for so long, poor girl.
Louise: I wanna be in there with her.
Jenna: The doctors said they'll let you in as soon as they can Mum.

Bruce: I'm here! I'm here! Did I miss anything?
Louise: No, no. Nothing.
Bruce: Oh good, are you okay honey?
Louise: No I hate the fact none of us are allowed in there at the moment.
Bruce: What? Why not?
Louise: Theres some small complications apperantly.
Bruce: Oh. Oh no.

Doctor: Excuse me?
Louise: Yes Doctor Lazlo! Is Kacey and the baby okay?
Doctor: Kacey's fine and so is her son.
Bruce: Its a boy?
Doctor: (Smiles) Its a boy.

Louise: Oh thank god!
Bruce: I'm so happy!
Jenna: Relived bro?
Tim: Very.
Doctor: Come on in guys, you can come and see her.

Kacey: Hey daddy, you made it.
Bruce: Of course I did honey. I wouldn't of missed this for anything else in the world.
Nurse: Would you like to hold your grandson?
Bruce: Oh yes, yes I would love too!

Louise: I'm gonna go get you something from the gift shop for this little guy okay honey. Anyone wanna come with?
Tim: Yeah I will.
Jenna: Nah I'm staying here with Dad and Kace and this handsome little devil!

Louise: So the gift shop is somewhere near here right?
Tim: Erm... Mum.
Louise: What?

Louise: You! What the hell do you think you are doing here?
Kevin: I've come to see Kacey and the baby... are they okay?
Louise: Yes they're fine but you aren't and are never going to see them! Get out of here and don't you ever think about going near Kacey again! You can't just sodding ditch her throughout her entire pregnancy then come back once the kids been born! GO! Don't come back!
Tim: You heard my Mum, p*ss off you low life scum! I bet you're high aren't you!
Louise: Calm down love. Go get out!
Kevin: Fine... can you at least tell Kacey I love her.
Louise: No.
Kevin: (Sighs) Whatever....

Tim: I feel a bit harsh now Mum.
Louise: I don't. That drug addicted scum is going nowhere near Kacey again.

Eddie: Hey Louise.
Louise: Alright Eddie. Is Jennifer okay?
Eddie: Yeah she'll be fine, she just seems to have a little mood on her lately.
Louise: Oh so it wasn't just me that noticed it?
Eddie: (Laughs) I'm sorry if shes causing a bother.
Louise: Ah don't be silly, kids will be kids. James gives as good as he gets.
Eddie: I just don't like the way Kacey says she has a nasty side to her though - shes just playing up... I mean all kids do that.
Louise: I think its just the way Jennifer had spoke to her the other day... it did seem kind of nasty.
Eddie: Yes but I can't help but feel partly responsible I mean - in a way me and Kacey did cause Cindy's death.

Louise: What on earth makes you say that?
Eddie: Me and Kacey had an affair... we left Cindy heartbroken. If Cindy hadn't seen us kissing that night then she wouldn't of rushed to her house - which is when the earthquake occured.
Louise: She would of died anyway.
Eddie: How do you know that though?
Louise: Eddie - the pub was destroyed. Luckily me and Stevie managed to get into the kitchen, or we would be dead too. If I remember properly Mina and Marie hid underneath tables and Chris got out with any scars at all! But where Cindy and Karina were sitting - everyone who was there... Ryan... the guy Seth who used to work here... they all died if Cindy hadn't of rushed out of here Karina would of died too.
Eddie: I just feel so guilty Louise.
Louise: I understand the pain you feel honey but you and Kacey fell in love - it couldn't be stopped.
Eddie: Thanks for this talk Louise you're a star.

15th November 2005

Louise: So how exactly did you guys meet?

Megan: Well you're not gonna believe this but -
Ryan: Me and Meg were dating the whole way through high school! At Tim's birthday party a month ago we only realised after ten minutes of talking of who we were!
Bruce: Wow, thats really strange!
Kacey: Not really dad. Megan is Keria's sister.
Bruce: Oh really?
Megan: Yeah (laughs).
Bruce: I'm so sorry.
Louise: Bruce!
(Megan, Bruce, Tim and Ryan laugh)

Tim: Uh oh Kacey's gonna get mad.
Kacey: Why would I?
Tim: Cause you and Keria are like best buds?
Kacey: Were. Since you two broke up we don't talk anymore. Shes left - wants nothing more to do with me.
Megan: Yeah thats my sister alright!
Ryan: I have to say Louise that meal is the best I've had in a long while!
Louise: Oh Ryan you're too kind!
Ryan: No honestly, it was fantastic! This even beats my mothers spag bowl with meatballs!
Megan: (Sarcastically) Yeah your mother was a joy!

Louise: Oh? It didn't go well when you met her then?
Megan: Thats an understatement.
Ryan: My mother has a talent for - being rude?
Bruce: I'm glad she lives in Vernonaville then!
(Ryan and Bruce laugh)
Louise: Sweetheart, you're on a role tonight. Stop drinking.
(Phone rings)
Louise: Oh darn it -
Tim: Don't worry Mum, I'll get it.

Ryan: I like what you've done with the place since I last come in here, its really nice.
Kacey: Really? I hate it.
Louise: Thank you Ryan! Me and Bruce love it too.
Bruce: What do I know? I'm just drunk.
Kacey: Seriously Mum, give him no more.

Tim: Erm.. mum?
Louise: Yes honey.
Tim: That was Nurse Lisa from the care home - its grandad Roger.
Louise: Oh?

(Three days later: 18th November 2005)

Jenna: Mum, are you gonna be alright today?
Louise: Yeah. I'll be fine sweetheart - I saw this day coming he was a ninty six year old man.
Jenna: Mum you can let it out you know, you haven't got to keep it all in.
Louise: Thats the problem - hes my own father. Hes dead. And I feel nothing.
Jenna: Mum how can you say that? I know you two used to aruge alot when I was younger but...
Louise: Me and him didn't talk for years - after Mum died in sixty four I just moved in with your father. And I was so thankful to see the back of him... but then two years ago he came back into my life and I shoved him right into that car home.
Jenna: Mum, I don't know how you can be like this! He was grumpy but he was your dad!

Louise: You don't understand Jen! You've got an amazing father one that has always offered you support, one that has always wanted to do things with you, one that still gives you a kiss goodnight when you go to bed! My dad never did any of those things for me when I used to go to give him a kiss goodnight he'd go "oh don't want you to get too clingy now!" nothing made the miserable bastard happy! Nothing! He was horrible to me! He was always horrible to me, picking on me, banning me from seeing my friends and your father, constantly trying to start rows! I hated him. He was nasty and after Mum died I owed him nothing so I left him all on his own.
Jenna: Mum... I'm sorry... I didn't know...
Louise: Its alright dear, but to be honest I just want this day over with for good - I want this man out of my life.

Present Day:

Vicar Keith: Louise?
Louise: Oh hiya Keith.
Vicar Keith: Its odd to see you here, are you visiting Bruce or Tim today?
Louise: No I'm remembering things today - the pub closing down has just... made me remember so much.
Vicar Keith: Yes, must be hard for you. You had that pub for many many years.
Louise: Do you remember my wedding?
Vicar Keith: Yes, of course. It was a beautiful day everybody was so happy.
Louise: Yeah... what am I gonna do now? The pubs closed and it just seems that.... everything I had... after the pubs gone for good is just gonna go.
Vicar Keith: You still have your family, and even though you may not want too Louise but God has kept us old folks alive for a reason - we have to be thankful and make most of it. People like your Tim - people who tragically die young... they... they don't get much time.
Louise: Yeah, thats true.
Vicar Keith: I have to be off, I've got some shopping to do. I'm glad you've decided to reflect on things Louise - I bet its made you feel alot better about the pub closing.
Louise: Yeah... it actually has.
Vicar Keith: I'll see you later Louise.
Louise: Okay Keith, take care.

(Looks at Bruce's and Tim's graves)
Louise: He is right you know guys... I do need to let go. I really wish you could both still be here but I guess that just wasn't meant to be. I love you both... but I guess this is a good thing - its a new chapter.... I don't know when I'll be joining you both but until I do I know that you both are always with me.

With this, Louise Wellington had reflected back on her life thinking it was mostly all over. But little did she know, she would have alot more pleasant things to come.