Crystal Town Series 4 - Episode 39 - The Message From The Gone

Mina: Honey have you seen my red jumper? Honey?

Mina: Oh...

Mina: Well that was certainly strange.
Aaron: What was babe?
Mina: I thought you were in our room so I was talking to you asking about my jumper (laughs) I'm crazy right?
Aaron: You... you heard something?
Mina: I swear I heard you in there. Anyway do you know where it is? Its cold out today and I need a jumper.
Aaron: Yeah I've put it in the closet.
Mina: Ah right, cheers babe.

Aaron: Hello, David. Its me Aaron, yeah I'm good cheers mate. Could you come round later? I kinda need your help with something...

David: Yeah sure man. I'll be round in an hour or so. Alright, see you.
Tina: Who was that?
David: Aaron.
Tina: What did he want?

David: Look - just because I'm letting you stay here with me doesen't mean we can talk okay?
Tina: Please don't tell me you're still mad cause I walked out.
David: No! I'm mad because Aaron told me the truth okay!?
Tina: He didn't...
David: Yes, he did. He told me about how you became a prostitute.
Tina: Thats why you forced me to move in here...

David: How could you Tine? How could you do something so sick?
Tina: I needed the money, I was desperate.
David: So you sell your body like that? I can't believe you of all people - a woman who had so much class would prostitute yourself to dirty men.
Tina: I'm sorry.
David: You could of borrowed some money from me you know.
Tina: How could I? Thats not fair, we're divorced now - you lost your job and you could barley afford to finish building this place I couldn't do that to you!
David: Just because we're not married doesen't mean I don't care.
Tina: What? What did you say?
David: Nothing. Nevermind. Forget I said anything.
Tina: What did you mean -
David: I'm going to the store. I'll see you later.

Louise: Well that certainly woke me up...
Eddie: Sorry Louise, I know the bulilders are nosiy.
Louise: Thats abit of an understatement I thought they were coming through the wall.
Eddie: By the looks of some of them guys, it wouldn't suprise me.
Louise: Great! So we've got crappy builders knocking down walls?
Eddie: (Laughs) Harry recommended them, said they did a good job with their extension.
Louise: Well, hopefully they should be alright then.

Kacey: Ed, the kids are up they want their breakfast.
Eddie: Can't you do it for them?
Kacey: No.
Eddie: Oh honey please - don't tell me you're not speaking to Jennifer anymore.
Kacey: No Ed, why should I? Shes constantly rude and nasty to me.
Eddie: You are acting like a child! Shes at the age where she is going to play up! How would you feel if I stopped making an effort with James?
Kacey: Its completely different.
Eddie: Really? How so?
Kacey: My son is lovely, your daughter is just a nasty piece of work.

Louise: Ouch. He didn't seem too pleased.
Kacey: I can't believe he takes her side all the time.
Louise: I know shes nasty to you Kacey but you've got to be the adult.
Kacey: Why should I have to put up with the grief though mum?
Louise: Like I said hun - you're the adult.
(Phone rings)
Kacey: Hold on.

Kacey: Hello? Yes this is she, what? Oh my god. Yeah I'll be right there...
Louise: Kace whats up?
Kacey: Nothing, I gotta pop out for a second mum -
Louise: You look terrified Kacey whats wrong?
Kacey: I'll see you later.

William: Aww look at Gus and that bear how cute.

Kayleigh: Babe, you off to work?
William: Indeed I am my beloved. I shall see you later on.
Kayleigh: Wait - I need to talk to you.
William: Is everything alright?
Kayleigh: Yeah everythings fine I just had some thoughts. How would you feel about getting a nanny for Gus?
William: Erm, why? You look after him all day.
Kayleigh: Thats the thing - I wanna get a job!
William: Oh right.
Kayleigh: You don't sound too impressed?
William: Its a good idea babe, honestly. What kind of work?

Kayleigh: Something in Art. Infact, I'm glad you've agreed cause I've got a interview for a job at the musuem later this morning.
William: Oh excellent babe, thats great. But whose gonna watch Gus.
Kayleigh: I've asked Alice, she'll be here in a while.
William: Well I'm pleased for you love - this is a really good idea.
Kayleigh: Thanks babe, I'm glad you agree.

Chris: Babe - honey I'm sorry to wake you up.
Marie: Humph? Huh? I wanted a lie in!
Chris: Sorry Marie but Fran demanded I came and got you up.
Marie: Tell her to wait a few hours, I'm catching some Z's!
Chris: Shes put suitcases in her car, I think shes leaving.
Marie: What?

Marie: Fran, whats this? Chris said you're leaving?
Fran: Yeah, I'm moving back to Australia.
Marie: What? Why?
Fran: Lets face it - Harry's not gonna take me back Marie, and lets face it I'm just being a burden here...
Marie: Oh Fran don't be like that -
Fran: No Marie, I've made up my mind. I'm going.
Marie: Well I guess if you've made your mind up then theres nothing I can do. I'm gonna miss you.

Fran: Wha...

Marie: Ring me before you take off okay? I'm gonna go back to bed for a bit, I love you sweetie.

Chris: Do you need a ride to the airport?
Fran: Erm, no thanks Chris. I'll be fine.
Chris: Alright. Take care of yourself.

Fran: Harry its me.
Harry: Whats up Fran?
Fran: I just thought I'd tell you to tell you that I'm moving back to Australia. Today.
Harry: Oh... Oh I see.
Fran: I just persaumed that -
Harry: Well if thats what you wanna do Fran then thats what you wanna do. I hope things work out for you out there, I really do. Let me know how you get on okay? See you later.

Fran: What? Doesen't anybody care?

Harry: Forget what we were talking about Vicar, its all off. Me and Fran will not be reknewing our vows anytime soon.
Vicar Keith: Oh? Why not?
Harry: Shes moving to Australia, she obviously didn't even want me to take her back - if you don't mind I want to be alone right now.
Vicar Keith: Of course. I'm very sorry Harry. If you ever need anything -
Harry: Thank you Vicar, I apperiate it.


Karina: I've been in this god damn place for so long!
Mark: How do you think I feel?
Karina: How can you be so calm? How can you be so fine with being held a prisoner in here?
Mark: I've been in here for months - I'm used to it.
Karina: Well thats you all fine and dandy Marcus.
Mark: Its Mark!
Karina: Whatever, but we have got to get out of here - you've gotta help me! We need to break that mirror and stab whoever opens that door with it. Then we get the hell out of here.
Mark: Thats not going to work! Theres two of them!
Karina: Theres two of us.
Mark: My dad is stronger than us two put together plus they have guns.
Karina: We have to try Mark! We can't just be held in this place any longer!

Mark: Its not a good idea Karina, I don't wanna die.
Karina: I wouldn't let you die. They wouldn't kill you anyway! If anyone of us two would die it would be me!
Mark: No, we're not doing it.

Karina: You know part of me only thinks you're saying no coz I have to bloody shower infront of you!

Erik: Hey sweetheart you feeling any better?
Madeline: (Groans) No... I feel so crappy since we moved into this new place. I'm sorry I can't help you with the search for Mark and Karina.
Erik: Its alright babe, if you're not well then you're not well. Just take it easy alright?
Madeline: I feel like I'm failing you - I'm making you do all of this on your own and I'm really really sorry.
Erik: Don't be silly, I'm fine. Now I'm gonna go check his mothers house okay? If she only died a few weeks ago her place would still be empty alright? I'll let you know how things go.
Madeline: Alright darling, be careful.
Erik: You know me.

Erik: Its me.
Voice: Hey, haven't rang in a few hours - I was worried you turned.
Erik: No. As long as the cash is still... avaliable.
Voice: Of course. Well what have you told her?
Erik: I told her I'm checking out your mums place to search for you.

Gaz: Excellent and you're on the way to the meeting point right?
Erik: Yeah, I'll meet you there.
Gaz: This is just a taster of what I can offer - you give me what I want and you're gonna be very wealthy buddy.
Erik: Don't worry, you'll get it.
Gaz: Excellent, see you soon.

Karina: Mark?
Mark: What?
Karina: The door - its... unlocked!
Mark: What!?
Karina: Its unlocked! Its unlocked! That stupid cow must of forgotten to lock it when she last brought us our meal - hah lets go.

Mark: I can't.
Karina: What don't be so stupid! Lets go!
Mark: What if they hurt me?
Karina: Sweetheart I promise you they won't - now come on. Lets get out of here!

Karina: (Whispers) Stop... I think they're around here.

Gaz: I'm gonna go meet Erik, hes collecting the first set of the cash for leading Karina to us.
Donna: Right, what time you gonna be back?
Gaz: Dunno but I'm certain the next time our prize is gonna be alot bigger than Karina.
Donna: Who?
Gaz: Madeline. See you later sexy.

Karina: Oh god - phone!

Mark: What? Who are you calling a pizza!? Lets go! Lets go!
Karina: In case something goes wrong - I need to call your mum... Erik's been working for Gaz all along. I need to warn her.
Mark: I knew there was something fishy about that guy!
Karina: Be quiet its ringing.
Madeline: Hello? Erik, is that you babe?

Karina: Maddie - its Karina.
Madeline: Oh my god Karina! Where are you?
Karina: I don't have time to explain -
Madeline: Is Mark with you? Is he okay?
Karina: Hes fine but you need to listen to me - Erik is working for Gaz. Hes the one who got me captured - they're going after you next. Hes been playing us all along! You need to get yourself away from him!
Madeline: What thats ridicolous - Erik would never do that! I don't believe you!
Karina: Maddie, its true!
Madeline: How do I not know you're working for him?

Mark: Mum?
Madeline: Mark? Baby... is that you?
Mark: Its me mum! Karina is telling the truth - Erik's with him hes doing it for the money.
Madeline: Oh god... oh god... baby has he hurt you?
Mark: No. Mum I'm fine.
Karina: Someones coming!
Mark: Crap. We gotta go Mum, I love you.
Madeline: No wait - Mark wai-

Madeline: Mark!

Donna: Alright, I don't know how the hell you two got out but get back in the room or I'll shoot you both to the floor.
Karina: I don't believe you.
Karina: What the hell? Are you crazy!? That missed me by inches!
Donna: Get into the room - now.

Madeline: How could he do this to me!?

Crystal Town:

Megan: Morning sweetheart.
Barry: Morning.
Megan: Oh come on you're even all miserable today? Todays your first day off in a long time.
Barry: Sorry sweetheart, I've just got alot on my mind.
Megan: Yes you keep saying that, why don't you try and talk to me about it?
Barry: Its just problems at work, thats all.
Megan: Well if thats the case then forget about it for one day! Because todays your first day off in ages and I could get someone to watch the girls and we could have a day together?
Barry: You're right, sorry yeah that sounds great. I'll go get dressed.
Megan: Alright babe.

Megan: Kay, hun its me.
Kayleigh: Hey Meg, whats up?
Megan: Barry's taking me out for the day and I was wondering if its okay if you could watch the girls for a few hours?
Kayleigh: I can't babe I've had to arrange a sitter for Gus - I've got a job interview soon.
Megan: Oh thats alright. And wow you got an interview whats it for?
Kayleigh: For a job at the Art Musuem - I think I'm in for a good chance.
Megan: Thats fantastic, anyway I'll just go and ask Diane if she could watch them.
Kayleigh: I haven't seen her in a while, do you think shes okay?
Megan: Ah yeah you know her - disappears every now and again.
Kayleigh: (Laughs) Yeah I've gotta go see you Meg.
Megan: See you love, good luck at the interview.

Megan: Oh hello, is Diane here?
Mary: No sorry, shes gone away for a bit and I'm watching her place. You must be Megan.
Megan: Erm, yes how do you know that?
Mary: Oh its just she talks about you alot, its good to finally be able to put a face to the name (laughs).
Megan: Ah you must be her daughter Erica.
Mary: Yep, thats me. Its lovely to finally meet you.
Megan: You too.
Mary: So is there anything I can help you with Megan?
Megan: I was gonna ask Diane if she could watch my girls for a while.
Mary: Oh well, I could do that.

Megan: Are you sure... its strange I don't know you.
Mary: Oh I promise you I'll be fine, I've got a son myself.
Megan: Ah right well seeing as your Diane's daughter and all she ever goes on about is how nice you are that would be great thanks. If you could come down my house in say half hour - its the grey one just next door.
Mary: Yeah, sure that would be great.
Megan: Thank you very much.

Barry: Hey hun - where have you been?
Megan: I went over to Diane's to see if she could watch the girls.
Barry: You did what?
Megan: And her daughter Erica offered to watch them, nice girl she is.
Barry: Oh right, shouldn't you be getting ready?
Megan: Yeah I'll be down in a few minutes or so.
Barry: Sure.

Barry: What the hell do you think you're playing at?
Mary: What? I just offered to watch them darling angels.
Barry: You're not coming anywhere near them!
Mary: Oh... but Megan seemed so happy to spend some time with you Barry...
Barry: Shut up. You've crossed the line.
Mary: Hey, she knocked here. Its not like I went up to your door and told her I'm your ex wife is it now?
Barry: Whatever, its off. You're not coming anywhere near here.
Mary: Shame, I have to go. Goodbye Barry.
Barry: Whatever.

Megan: Babe do you think I should wear my red or black - whats wrong?
Barry: I'm sorry, I don't think we can go out today.
Megan: Oh why not?
Barry: I just don't feel well. I'm sorry.
Megan: But you were fine a second ago -
Barry: I said I don't feel well, if you don't mind I'm going to go for a lie down.

Megan: Erica, hi.
Mary: Megan hello.
Megan: My boyfriend Barry isn't very well, so hes had to cancel. I'm sorry for causing a bother (laughs).
Mary: Oh its fine, you seem disappointed.
Megan: Yeah... I was really looking foward to it.
Mary: I'll tell you what, why don't we go out for some lunch? I know a fantastic resturant just a ten minute drive from here. My treat.
Megan: That would be great, thank you.

Chris: Babe -
Marie: God that was sad...
Chris: Whats up?
Marie: I just got off the phone to Harry, he was really upset about Fran moving infact he was gonna ask her to reknew their vows. He was devastated.
Chris: Babe you really should see something.
Marie: What?
Chris: Come with me.

Marie: Her stuffs here...
Chris: Yeah, and so is all her clothes. So what was in her suitcase?
Marie: The attention seeking little...

(Phone rings)
Fran: Hello.
Marie: Fran its me.
Fran: Oh hiya Marie, my flight takes off soon whats up?
Marie: Oh I see, where are you now.
Waiter: Can I get you anything?

Marie: Who was that?
Fran: Oh its the guy with the trolley asking if I wanted something to eat.
Marie: But you're not on the plane.
Fran: I am Marie, we just haven't took off yet. People are still boarding.

Marie: They offer food as people are boarding?
Fran: Erm, yeah I guess they do things differently here...
Waiter: Mam if you don't order now I'll have to serve another table.
Marie: Table?
Fran: Erm... yeah... as I said... its different here...
Marie: Cut the crap Fran.
Fran: I swear I'm on the plane!
Announcer: We'd like to thank you for dining with us here at Chucky Chuckys Burgertown our specials today include a ten nugget deal with a free coke. Thank you and enjoy your Chucky Chucky day!
Fran: The pilot thinks the plane is a fast food...
Marie: Get home Fran, now.

Chris: Whats she playing at?
Marie: Lord knows, I don't understand her sometimes.

Doctor Cortez: Kacey, its good to see you again. I just wish it was over better circumstances.
Kacey: And you Noel. Is he alright?
Doctor Cortez: Yes hes fine, would you like to see him.
Kacey: Yeah, yeah I do.

Doctor Cortez: I'll give you two some privacy.
Kacey: Thank you.

Kevin: You didn't have to come down Kace.
Kacey: I'm listed as your in case of emergancy contact, what are you playing it?
Kevin: I hit rock bottom... I've had enough.
Kacey: And thats an excuse to pop pills until you're almost dead? Its the cowards way out Kevin!
Kevin: I know that but...
Kacey: No theres no excuse for it.
Kevin: Can you blame me? I have nothing.
Kacey: Thats not true you have your brother hes always been good to you.
Kevin: I lived with him for a year but after he got married and had kids he asked me to go... and seeing him with his own baby well it just made me think of James.

Kacey: You had a chance! You had a chance to be James' father!
Kevin: I wanted too, I really did but I was scared and pathetic and weak.
Kacey: Damn right you were and because of it you have lost your son. Because you are not going to be figure in his life.
Kevin: Kacey please -
Kacey: Eddie is his father. Eddie was there for me when my dad died, Eddie is the one who reads James a story before he sleeps, Eddie is the one who does his packed lunch, Eddie is the one who calms him down if he has a tantrum! Things which you could never be capable of doing!
Kevin: Eddie's a good guy Kacey, I know that -
Kacey: Really? Because you didn't seem too fond of him at the hospital New Years Eve.
Kevin: I was angry. Seeing him with my -
Kevin: Kace...
Kacey: You know what, I can't... I can't do this. Go pop pills if you want Kevin, I'm done.

Doctor Cortez: Kacey, is everything okay?
Kacey: Sorry Noel, but I'm not helping him.

Barry: Do we have any of them... oh Alice hiya love. Sorry I thought you were Megan.
Alice: Hey Barry, I'm sorry did Sharon crying wake you? I tried to calm her down but...
Barry: No its fine love, where's Megan?
Alice: Oh she went out and seeing as Kayleigh asked me to babysit Gus I offered to look after the girls too. My friends Jessica and Ronnie are gonna help me, they'll be here in a bit.
Barry: Oh right okay. Do you need help with anything?
Alice: No thank you Barry, they're all being as good as gold.
Barry: Good, well I'm gonna go back up to bed. Got a bug...
Alice: Ah they seem to be going around lately huh?
Barry: Yeah.

Barry: Damn it Meg, pick up.

(Megan rejects call)
Mary: Oh dear, why the reject?
Megan: Just someone unimportant rang me thats all.
Mary: Ah. A mother in law perhaps? (Laughs).
Megan: Me and Barry aren't married and the only mother in law I've ever had died.
Mary: Oh gosh, what happened?
Megan: She got killed by a serial killer.
Mary: Oh. What happened to your ex-husband?
Megan: He did in an earthquake a few years back.
Mary: (Mutters) Serial killer and an earthquake... all righty roo. Anyway what are you gonna have?
Megan: I am completely undecided the pasta looks lovely.
Mary: Yeah that great, I think I might have the jacket potatoe.

Megan: So Erica, tell me about you.
Mary: Well I have a son Tommy. Hes sixteen. Bit of a trouble maker but there you go.
Megan: I didn't know Diane was a grandmother.
Mary: Shes... erm kinda ashamed of him.
Megan: Oh. How so?
Mary: They didn't exactly used to get on. Its a family thing...
Megan: Right, of course.
Mary: So Megan tell me about you... this guy Barry making you happy enough.
Megan: Not today hes not but other than that he makes me more happy then I have ever been in my life.

Mary: Good.

Kayleigh: Thanks for coming down babe I really needed your help.
Mina: Its fine babe, my meeting got cancelled anyway whats up?
Kayleigh: I need some help - I've got a job interview in just over an hour and I have no idea whats so ever on what to wear.
Mina: An hour? Are you kidding that musuem is a twenty minute drive.
Kayleigh: Yeah I know thats why I'm panicing.
Mina: Well please tell me you've got some nice things picked out?
Kayleigh: Yeah their upstairs. Come on.
Mina: Don't worry Kay, we're gonna make you look great!

David: Sorry I'm late Aaron there was traffic on the way back from the store, whats up?
Aaron: Dave I'm gonna ask you something and I want your honest awnser.
David: Aaron you look so tence bud.
Aaron: Do you believe in ghosts?
David: Sorry?
Aaron: Ghosts. Do you believe in them?
David: No, not really.
Aaron: Oh its just...

David: Well one time when I was in my twenties me and Tina went to visit my mother in Wales. She re-married this very wealthy man and after he passed mum got to keep his mansion and she lived all alone so me and Tina used to visit occaionally.
Aaron: Alright? Whats this got to do with...
David: One time whilst I was out taking my mums dog for a walk I came home and saw Tina on the floor crying her eyes out - shocked beyond belief. She was as white as snow.
Aaron: What happened?
David: She claimed she saw someone, a man whilst she was in the libary she said he walked straight past her, turned looked at her and then vanished.
Aaron: Oh my god.
David: As soon as me and my mum managed to calm her down she was out of there. She demanded I took her home. And she refused to visit that house since.
Aaron: Do you think it was just her mind playing tricks on her?
David: I'm not sure, there was no faking - she saw something. But thats not the freaky part.
Aaron: Oh?
David: When I spoke to my mum about it she also said she frequently saw the same man around the mansion doing things people naturally do - sitting on the sofa watching the TV which was on, she said she used to see him lying in the bathtub. She also said lights would go off and on, doors would creak open - strange stuff like that.
Aaron: It didn't scare her?
David: No, to be honest I think it was a sort of comfort for her.
Aaron: She knew him?
David: She said it was her husband.

Aaron: Did you believe her then?
David: My mother is not a liar and despite the fact shes a very old women she is far from being crazy.
Aaron: And yet you still don't believe?
David: Nope. Mainly because I've never witnessed anything myself. Why did you ask the question anyway Aaron?
Aaron: I think theres something in this place.
David: Seriously? What makes you say that?
Aaron: Footsteps, you heard some yourself during the night remember - newsflash Dave when you did Mina wasn't up! I've been on the phone and on two occasions I see...
David: What do you see?
Aaron: Jason.
David: Jason? Whose Jason?
Aaron: Oh yeah you wasn't in Crystal Town whilst he was here - he was Mina's older brother.

David: What happened to him?
Aaron: He fell down the stairs - he died right over there.
David: Gosh...
Aaron: And thats also where I saw him the first time...

David: I don't know exactly what you want me to do about it Aaron? I'm not exactly a paranormal investigator or medium.
Aaron: I just needed some advice -
David: Did you ever consider he has been trying to tell you something?
Aaron: What? You mean... like a message?
David: Yes.
Aaron: Well I dunno, maybe.
David: I think you should talk to Mina - maybe theres something shes not telling you or maybe she knows why he could still be sticking around.
Aaron: So you do believe in it?
David: Nope, I don't. As I said, I've never had any experience myself.

Fran: Wow, welcoming commitee then?
Chris: Lets get this straight you pertended to be moving to Autralia?
Fran: Yes, you caught me. Congratulations.
Marie: And you didn't take any of your things?
Chris: Pretty stupid way to try and fool us Fran.
Fran: I just wanted too...
Marie: Why did you do it? I don't understand.

Fran: I wanted to see if any of you cared.
Marie: What? Thats ridicolous.
Chris: Not to mention attention seeking.
Harry: Do you really think none of us care?
Fran: Sometimes yeah, I feel like all of you just want me out of your lives!
Marie: If that was the case Fran I wouldn't be letting you live here.
Harry: And I wouldn't of even thought about asking you if you wanted to reknew our vows.
Fran: Wha... what?
Harry: Thats right, had the Vicar round this morning and everything. You have your awnser Fran, hope your happy.

Chris: Gee, I'm gonna take a bath. Should I see if you all care?
Fran: (Sarcasm) Haha you're hilarous.

Marie: I can't believe you'd do this.
Fran: Its like you wanted me to go -
Marie: I'm not mad you lied! I'm used to immature stupid things like that from you I'm mad because you treat Harry the way you do. If I were you I'd make it up to him Fran, he won't stand by you forever.

Kayleigh: Thanks for letting me use your suit I really apperiate it Mina.
Mina: Hey its okay, looks better on you I couldn't let you wear the stuff you had love - they looked years old.
Kayleigh: Yeah its been a few years since I've gone out for a job interview and one of the last times I did the building burned to the ground.
Mina: Don't remind me! Plus I've always wanted to borrow this outfit.
Kayleigh: (Grins) I want it back though.
Mina: Yeah, you'll be lucky. Now go on you get going! You've only got half hour.

Aaron: Hey hun, you're home really early.
Mina: Yeah my meeting got cancelled, whats up?
Aaron: Whats up?
Mina: Yeah you don't look happy, you look as if somethings bothering you.

Aaron: I'm gonna be competely honest - whatever I say don't freak out okay.
Mina: You're scaring me...
Aaron: I keep seeing Jason.
Mina: Excuse me?
Aaron: I keep seeing... Jason.
Mina: I heard that bit! Is this some sort of sick joke?

Aaron: Mina, I wouldn't say this as a joke.
Mina: Really? Because you seem to be now.
Aaron: Mina - I've kept this to myself for ages now and you sencing someone was in our bedroom was the final straw for me.
Mina: I'm gonna nip out for a bit -
Aaron: Mina, please.
Mina: And don't you dare even think about restarting up this conversation next time!

Jason: Aaron - Aaron.
Aaron: Jason!? Jason? I was right - you are haunting this place!
Jason: Shes keeping something from you.
Aaron: What? Who? Mina?
Jason: The only way for her to be truley happy is for you both to tell each other the truth.
Aaron: What are you talking about?
Jason: Your mum, Aaron. What you did to your mum.
Aaron: I... I...
Jason: Do it.

Aaron: Woah... oh my god.

Aaron: That was fun night man, fun night! Do you think was fun Robbie?
Robert: Aaron - you're drunk! You shouldn't be driving! Pull over and let me take the wheel.
Aaron: No... no... I can drive Rob you silly billy.
Robert: Aaron! Pull the car over, I knew tonight was a bad idea!
Aaron: Have some fun for once in your life!
Robert: I'll have fun when you... Aaron look out!
Aaron: Argh!

Tina: Ariel move!

Tina: NO! ARIEL!

Robert: Aaron! Stop! Stop! Stop the car!
Aaron: Who did I hit?
Robert: I don't know! We've gotta get out of here, drive!
Aaron: You told me to pull over?
Robert: I'm not getting arrested! Bloody drive!

Mary: Well today was certainly fun.
Megan: Yeah it was, thanks Erica. It cheered me up. We should do it again sometime.
Mary: Yes that would make me very happy. (Laughs).
Megan: Would you like to come in for some coffee?
Mary: I really should be getting back -
Megan: Oh come on, one coffee won't hurt will it now?
Mary: No, no I guess it won't. I'd love too.
Megan: Excellent.

Megan: Barry, you're up. Wheres Alice?
Barry: I sent her home, I'm more than able to look after the girls.
Megan: Well I thought you was ill. Barry this is Erica.
Mary: Hiya, Barry. Its lovely to meet you.
Barry: Yeah. Likewise.
Megan: I'm gonna nip to the loo, I'll be right back guys.
Barry: Alright hun.

Barry: You have really crossed the line, I have the right mind to strangle you right here!
Mary: If I remember correctly you told me I'm going nowhere near the girls - I just went near Megan.
Barry: You keep away from my family!
Mary: Oh aren't I your family too Bar?
Barry: Get out. Go on. You are never to see Megan again.
Mary: But she was so excited to have coffee with me.
Barry: Get out!
Mary: Very well... I'll give you a call later yeah?
Barry: Go to hell.

Megan: Barry - oh wheres Mary gone.
Barry: Home she had to get home.
Megan: Oh right, okay. Do you want some coffee then?
Barry: Yeah, that would be good.

Kacey: I heard you were staying here.
Kevin: Kace, what are you dong here? I thought you wanted nothing to do with me.
Kacey: I did feel kinda bad for just leaving you after what you tried to do. I got your number from Doctor Cortez, I'll text you later giving you my number.
Kevin: Why?
Kacey: I don't want you trying to kill yourself again Kev. If you ever need me just send me a text okay? And I will help you.
Kevin: Kacey, you don't have to do this.
Kacey: I know I don't. But I am. Take care Kevin, I'll speak to you later alright?

Kevin: Kace -
Kacey: Yeah?
Kevin: Thank you so much.
Kacey: Its alright, don't mention it.

William: Hey babe you're home. I got let of work early today. Well how did the job interview go?
Kayleigh: I really don't wanna talk about it Will -
William: Kay. What happened babe?
Kayleigh: I said I don't wanna talk about it! I wanna scream about it! I got the job!

William: Oh baby thats fantastic! I'm so pleased for you!
Kayleigh: Oh God Will, I'm so excited.

Kayleigh: Thank you.
William: What for hun? I haven't done anything.
Kayleigh: For being okay with me getting a job.
William: Kay, I wouldn't stop you even if I didn't want you too.
Kayleigh: So I guess we should start searching for a nanny.
William: Oh worry about that another time, tonight is for celebration!
Kayleigh: I'm so excited! Get to do some proper art like I've always wanted.
William: I'm so happy for you.

Kacey: Babe, about earlier I'm sorry.
Eddie: Are you?
Kacey: I wouldn't of said it if I didn't mean it Ed.
Eddie: I'm not in the mood to talk Kacey, its getting late I'm putting the kids to bed.
Kacey: Well I'll do it with you.
Eddie: No, its fine I'll do it myself.

Kacey: Eddie, hey don't walk away from me.

Eddie: What?
Kacey: I said I'm sorry so why do you keep acting like this?
Eddie: Alright then, what are you sorry for then Kace. Eh?
Kacey: Whats that suposed to mean?
Eddie: Awnser the question.
Kacey: Well, I'm sorry for...
Eddie: Exactly you don't even know what you're sorry for.
Kacey: Eddie can you try and see where I'm coming from please.

Eddie: What do you mean?
Kacey: How bad do you think I feel about being the one who tore your marridge with Cindy apart?
Eddie: Kacey it wasn't just you...
Kacey: No but I get all the blame, and I feel awful about it as it is. I think about how I ruined Cindy's life neary every single day. She was my friend and I betrayed her.
Eddie: Kace, I loved her so much but I just fell for you. You know we tried to hide and deny it.
Kacey: And I feel like I caused her death.
Eddie: How can you say that? Her death was a trafic accident. She would of died if she stayed in the pub! Karina would of died too.
Kacey: I'm sorry for ruining yours and Jennifer's life okay? I'm sorry.

Eddie: Kace, thats stupid... oh come back please.

Mina: Oh you're still up then.
Aaron: Mina -
Mina: Don't you ever dare to start up that conversation again.
Aaron: I was the one that killed my mum.
Mina: I'm sorry, what?

Aaron: Me and Robert went to my friends eighteenth. I was a stupid teenager and I got really drunk and decided to drive us both back. Robert was telling me to pull over and stop the car as I was too drunk to drive but I wouldn't have it. I wouldn't listen. I carried on and then we passed the Chasing Car nightclub and my mum was standing in the middle of the road and... I hit her.
Mina: Oh my god.
Aaron: And Robert told me to keep on driving as he didn't wanna get arrested. I didn't know who I had hit until Tina came home and told me my mum was killed in a hit and run.
Mina: Aaron, why are you telling me this?
Aaron: Because I have too, its the only way I can be openly honest and if I don't it will affect our relationship. Jason told me too.

Mina: What? You're crazy!
Aaron: Why can't you talk about him?
Mina: No I can talk about my dead brother Aaron, I just don't like you saying you're seeing him walking around the house!
Aaron: No everytime hes brought into conversation you never ever allow yourself to talk about him.
Mina: Because I don't want too!
Aaron: You're keeping something from me.
Mina: I.. I...
Aaron: Why can't you talk about him Mina?


Aaron: You - wha?
Mina: It was all my fault... I didn't mean too... we were rowing and.. I pushed him... I never meant for him to fall...

Aaron: Come here honey, I'm sorry. I didn't know.
Mina: I've only ever told the Vicar that.
Aaron: Babe it was an accident... we both just did something stupid... and I guess the person we loved most got the penalty for it.

Mina: I love you.
Aaron: Love you too.

William: Can you believe how lucky we've been recently eh? Having a baby, you getting a job.
Kayleigh: Gah I'm thrilled, I rang my Aunt the other day and told her about the new baby. She was chuffed. Shes gonna come down for a visit soon.
William: Excellent, I haven't told Adam yet!
Kayleigh: Really? You haven't even told your brother?
William: I haven't heard from him in months, last I heard he was in LA filming. I'll give him a call quickly now.
Kayleigh: Alright hun, I'm gonna go check on Gus I heard him chatting away to himself on the baby monitor, I best check if hes gone off.
William: Alright be up in a few babe.

William: Adam mate, its me. I ain't heard from you in a long time.
Adam: Ah yeah sorry bro, I'm filming a new pilot at the moment.
William: Man you have the life. So where are you exactly?

Seoul, Korea:

Adam: LA man, living it up
William: Man thats exciting, anyway I just thought I'd let you know Kayleigh's pregnant again.
Adam: Will thats fantastic mate! I'm so pleased for you. I gotta go bro, they're calling me back.
William: Alright Ad, take care mate.

Barman: Are you okay Mr. Porter?
Adam: Meh, nah. Movie got cancelled, show got axed I'm just using the reminder of my money to go to places I've always wanted too... but I'm running out. I'm heading back to my brothers town soon... hes gonna be so disappointed that the stuff I've been telling him lately is just crap.
Barman: Ah I'm very sorry. This drink is on the house.
Adam: Or I could just fake my death and do outrageous things and live daungerosly.
Woman: I wouldn't do that.

Cindy: Cause thats exactly what I'm doing.