Crystal Town Series 4 - Episode 40 - All Becoming Too Much

Pauline: Thanks for taking me shopping darling I really apperiate it.
Keria: Well you did insist, about thirty seven times.
Pauline: Well excuse me for wanting to have some mother and daughter bonding time.
Keria: I'm just kidding Mum, jeez. You know I love spending time with you.
Pauline: Yeah, make it last hun I'm not gonna be alive for much longer.
Keria: Mum. I'm sick of you talking like that just stop.
Pauline: Sorry honey. Will you try and cheer up? You've been in a foul mood since Megan kicked you out.
Keria: Yeah I know. Would you go and try and find them shoes I picked out I'll go get us some tea I'll meet you in the café.
Pauline: Sure.

Keria: Megan, hey.
Megan: What do you want Keria?
Keria: You're shopping alone? You normally go with Kayleigh and Tina.
Megan: Tina's busy and Kayleigh's got work and I'm not shopping alone.
Keria: Oh. Who are you with?
Megan: Mrs. Daniel's daughter Erica.
Keria: Oh really? Where is she?
Megan: Shes over there.

Keria: Meg...
Megan: Look Keria I told you I didn't want to speak to you again and I still stand by that. So please just leave me alone okay?


Erik: Maddie! You let me out of here right now! What are you playing at? Have you gone crazy!? Did you drug me or something? Cause last thing I know I'm drinking your famous cocktail and next thing I know I'm in here!
Madeline: Why?
Erik: Well thats a broad question.
Madeline: Why are you working for him?
Erik: Wha - what?
Madeline: I thought you loved me.
Erik: What are you talking about Maddie? I do love you!
Madeline: NO! WHERE'S MARK!?
Erik: Maddie how should I know? We haven't found him!
Madeline: You know where he is cause your working for Gaz and Karina is missing coz of you!
Erik: I don't know what you're talking about.

Madeline: I am going to go and have my breakfast and if you do not tell me where my son is when I come to see you in an hour I swear to god Erik. I will kill you. And if you don't believe me, remember what I did to Tom!

Crystal Town:

Clive: So guys good luck on that potrait remember alot of artists from all over Europe is gonna be here looking at some of the art produced. I'l speak to you all abit later on. Good meeting. Kayleigh could I have a word please?
Kayleigh: Yeah, sure.

Clive: I'm afraid I have some bad news.
Kayleigh: Oh? Was there something wrong with the colluage I brought in? I knew I didn't do the fading of the colors quite right.
Clive: No, no that was great.
Kayleigh: Oh? Then whats the bad news?
Clive: I'm afraid I'm gonna have to extend your hours.
Kayleigh: But I'm already doing a ten hour day.
Clive: Sorry Kay but since your the newest artist you either work extra hours or lose your job I'm afraid and I'm sure you don't want that.
Kayleigh: No, no I don't.
Clive: Right, well I also feel its appropiate to this because your... work is not as good as the other guys so I feel as if more practise would be beneiftal to you.
Kayleigh: Right, no problem sir.
Clive: You'll now be working until eleven tonight.
Kayleigh: Right, sure. Thank you.

Kayleigh: Will, its me.
William: Hiya honey, hows your day going?
Kayleigh: Not good. I hate my boss already.
William: Aww babe whats wrong?
Kayleigh: Hes making me do more hours.
William: What!? Hes already making you do ten a day.
Kayleigh: I know, I know but I wanna do everything I can to keep this job babe.
William: Well alright I'll guess I see you tonight then, I'll wait up for you.
Kayleigh: Alright. See you babe.

Clive: Hey! Kayleigh! I don't pay you to stand around on the phone. Get back to work please.
Kayleigh: Sorry Sir, won't happen again.

Kayleigh: Arse...

David: So I'm getting treated to Tina Stripe's famous big breakfast she only ever did for me twice during our marridge. Why do I recieve this honour I wonder?
Tina: I've just lost my way alot reccently and you've been great to me so I thought I'd just make it up to you.
David: Well thats very nice of you, thank you.
Tina: So, hows work going?
David: Its been going alright thank you, although the new boss is abit of an old fashioned nit wit though. Hows your job hunting going?
Tina: I stopped.

David: Oh? Whys that exactly?
Tina: Because you know that little thing I spent so much time on?
David: Little? I hope you're not reffering to that novel you wrote for two years them years ago because you certainly didn't see it as little.
Tina: Yeah I am. And I'm currently writing a sequal to it.
David: That fantastic, I remember how passionate you were about that book why you didn't let anybody read it or try and publish it I'll never know.
Tina: Well I'm secretive about my work. Which is why you should take it as such an honour that I'm gonna let you read the first one.
David: Wow, really?
Tina: Yeah, I've got a copy of it upstairs in your room waiting for you.

David: I have to say Tine, you're really going out there with this whole making it up to me thing.
Tina: Yeah I am, I've been terrible this past year and its about time I made it up to you for putting up with me... and not looking down on me when I became a pros-
David: We don't need to talk about that Tina.
Tina: Yeah you're right. That reminds me I wanna talk to you about something you said the other day.

David: This is fantastic, sorry go on.
Tina: You said just because we're not married anymore doesen't mean you don't care.
David: Yeah?
Tina: Well do you?
David: Do I what?
Tina: Still care.
David: Yeah of course I do. Just because we're not married doesen't mean we're not friends.
Tina: Yeah, right you meant friends yeah. Good.
David: Honestly this breakfast is amazing.
Tina: Glad you like it. I'm gonna go take a shower.
David: Alright mate.

Megan: You're kidding? He called you mate?
Amelia: Thats odd...
Tina: I know, I was so...
Megan: Upset?
Tina: Upset? Heh why would I be upset?
Megan: Because you still love him obviously!
Tina: Oh Meg, thats ridicolous.
Megan: Then why the heck are you so bothered Tine?
Tina: I'm not, I'm just saying that after twelve years of marridge for him to call me mate is strange is all.
Amelia: Yeah thats a fair point.
Megan: Lets play some poker!

Amelia: So Meg, wheres Keria been lately? And Kayleigh?
Megan: Kayleigh's waay too busy with work and Keria - shes not coming to these anymore.
Amelia: What? Why not?
Megan: Mer we've just fell out and I don't wanna hear from here.
Amelia: Oh right, okay.
Tina: I'm sure we can play with just the three of us.
Megan: So Amelia, how are things going with you?
Amelia: Mer they're okay I guess. My mother is driving me and Lennie up the wall though.
Megan: But your mother seems so sweet.
Amelia: Don't get me wrong I apperiate her coming down to look after us after Ruby's death but to be honest we'd rather get back on our feet on our own.
Tina: I see.

Bonnie: Hiya ladies.
Amelia: Hey Mum.
Megan: Hiya.
Bonnie: So whats going on in Wisteria Lane today then?
Tina: Huh?
Bonnie: Desperate Housewives? Ladies gathering around the poker table for a good old bitching session?
Amelia: Mother we are not bitching.
Bonnie: Really? What was the last thing you talked about before I came in the room then?
Amelia: That... doesen't matter. I thought you were going out all day today.
Bonnie: Nope. After that awful dinne ryou made last night I figured I didn't want Elliot and Lennie getting food poisoning from your god awful food...

Megan: Wow.
Amelia: She - has - got - to go.
Tina: How are you gonna do that? She'll be really mad if you just kick her out.
Megan: (Chants) Kill her, kill her.
Tina: Come on now Megan, be serious.

Bonnie: By the way Amelia I remade your room I don't think Lennie would apperiate coming home to the state you left it in, the bed sheets weren't tucked properly, the Televison was on standby not to mention the air conditioning on at full. Honestly dear, and would it be such a chore for you to make an effort with your hair? Especially when you have guests. I'm off for a bath because unlike some I do wash, excuse me.

Megan: Bet you wanna go with my suggestion now huh?

Tina: That was the most insults I've ever heard within thirty seconds.
Megan: And I thought Sharon was a pain in the arse?
Amelia: I cannot wait until Lennie gets home.
Tina: Why?

Amelia: We're gonna figure out a way to get that mad woman out of our house.

Mina: Honey.
Aaron: Hey love, what are you doing home?

Mina: Don't worry I always knew you watched my fitness DVD's. I've got the day off for today, would you mind running off to the store soon my new boss is coming over for dinner tonight.
Aaron: New boss? What happened to that Llyod guy?
Mina: Oh he died.
Aaron: Oh my god how? Was it his heart? I remember it was playing up before.
Mina: Erm, no... he cheated on his wife so she killed him with a bucket.
Aaron: Oh?
Mina: Yeah.
Aaron: Wow.

Mina: So will you go? I'll do you a list.
Aaron: Yeah, course I will. Why have you gotta have him around for dinner anyway?
Mina: Brandi resigned last week and her job has been left wide open.
Aaron: Oh I see you're trying to impress your boss over a promotion eh?
Mina: Well yeah I don't see the problem with it.
Aaron: Fair play to babe is there anybody else who wants the job?
Mina: Yes theres about seven guys intrested so sweet talking this guy is gonna be essential for me to get Brandi's old job.
Aaron: What happened anyway? Why did Brandi resign?
Mina: She got offered a better job in Riverside so...
Aaron: Right, well I'll head out and get them things.
Mina: Take a shower first, you stink. Cheers Az.


Gaz: Morning guys.
Karina: You can't keep us prisoner in here you know! You'll get caught!
Gaz: Really? I highly doubt it.
Karina: We've already warned Madeline about Erik working for you anyway. Haven't you heard from him in a while? Hmm, maybe she's killed him. I hope I can be there when she does the same to you.
Gaz: How - how did?
Karina: Oh did your little girlfriend not tell you? How she left the door open and we escaped and we also gave Madeline a call using the landline, hope thats alright.

Mark: Karina... you've really got him mad.
Karina: Good thats what I wanted... time to smash that mirror don't you think?
Mark: Don't! Don't even try and stab him!
Karina: No I'm getting out of here Mark, I've had enough.

Mark: Karina, this is daungerous! You've gotta stop being so cocky towards him. I don't know what hes gonna do!
Karina: He doesen't scare me Mark.
Mark: He should! I've seen him beat that Donna loads of times, hes even smacked me about abit. If you keep crossing him he will hurt you, I'm sure of it. He might even kill you!
Karina: Not if I kill him first.

Crystal Town:

Kacey: Morning.
Eddie: Morning, look about last night I don't want you to think that Cindy's death was your fault okay? Never.
Kacey: Ed I don't wanna talk about it at the moment babe. I just wanna make things right between us which they haven't been since the pub incident.
Eddie: And how can we do that? We seem to be bickering about everything reccently Kace.
Kacey: I thought I would take Jennifer out to the cinema today for a girls day out. Try to sort things out between the two of us.
Eddie: Oh Kace that would be great, thats so thoughtful of you.

Louise: Oh my god. You actually agreed to take her out?
Kacey: I wanted to try and put things right between me and Eddie mum and this is one of our biggest problems.
Louise: But you know how nasty she can be to you and how fast you lose your rag. Don't you think it may be a bad idea?
Kacey: Maybe. But I need to try Mum, me and Eddie have been on the rocks for ages and it needs to be fixed one way or the -
(Phone rings)
Calling - Kevin

Louise: You rejected it? Why? Who was it?
Kacey: Ah nobody just one of the builders who I let go cause he was slacking on the job.
Louise: Oh right... anyway what time are you taking Jennifer?
Kacey: In an hour or so.
Louise: Right, anyway I'm gonna go put my lunch on.
Kacey: Alright.

Kacey: Hello?
Kevin: Kace its me.
Kacey: Yeah I know Kev. Is there something you want?
Kevin: I just wanted to see how you are thats all. Are you doing okay?
Kacey: Yes I'm fine Kevin but I only gave you my phone number for you to ring if you felt down or felt like doing something stupid.
Kevin: I know but can't we just talk anyway? Like friends?
Kacey: No Kevin that is not why I gave you my number so unless you feel like that please don't call me okay? I've got alot to do today.
Kevin: Well alright I'll see you later then.
Kacey: Bye.

Diana: Kayleigh.
Kayleigh: Oh hiya Diana whats up?
Diana: Clive asked me to tell you that he wants us all to work through lunch.
Kayleigh: What? But thats the only time for a break I've got all day.
Diana: Sorry. I gotta get back.
Kayleigh: Alright.
(Phone rings)

William: Babe its me, I've got off early today so I let the nanny go. Gus has been out like a light for most of the day apperantly anyway.
Kayleigh: Will, I told you I'm not suposed to be on the phone during work I got moaned at last time.
William: Sorry honey. I just need to know where Gus' storybooks are, you know the ones that sing, thats the only thing that keeps him happy after hes had a kip.
Kayleigh: They should be in his bookshelf in his room.
William: Yeah I looked there but they're not.

Kayleigh: Well I dunno then, Alice was looking after him at Megan's before you should go and check if they're there.
William: Yeah I will do. The nannys still here getting her stuff together so I'll ask her to watch him for a few extra minutes and I'll go and ask Megan. Hows it going?
Kayleigh: Not good, I'm shattered and I've had lunch taken away from me too.
William: What they can't do that.
Kayleigh: Apperantly they can, I'm gonna go babe. I'll see you later.
William: Alright. Love you.

Clive: Hey Kayleigh.
Kayleigh: Oh hello Sir.
Clive: Did Diana tell you about lunch?
Kayleigh: Yeah we have to work through it. I know.
Clive: Sorry Kayleigh but I have no time to be nice and let people slack. These potraits need doing, alot of people are counting on me.
Kayleigh: Yes Sir I understand.
Clive: Alright glad you do, anyway I'll let you get on.
Kayleigh: Thanks...

Chris: Hey Keria.
Keria: Oh hiya Chris.
Chris: Are you alright? You look abit distracted.
Keria: No I'm just thinking about something and its bothering me thats all.
Chris: Oh? What you thinking about?
Keria: Did you ever meet Mrs. Daniel's daughter?
Chris: Erica?
Keria: Yeah thats the one.
Chris: Yeah I met her earlier, she asked if she could borrow some things for something she was cooking. Why?
Keria: Oh nothing. Just wondering.
Chris: Alright. I've gotta go meet Marie for lunch so I'll see you later.
Keria: Alright Chris, take care.

4th January 2008:

Keria: Diane are you in? I'm feeling really down, I can't stop thinking about Dominic's death and Craig being in the hospital after the earthquake. You said I could let myself in, are you here Diane?

Woman: Hiya.
Keria: Oh hello, who are you?
Erica: I'm Erica I'm Diane's daughter.
Keria: Oh hello I'm Keria its a pleasure to meet you. She talks about you all the time.
Erica: (Laughs) Bless. Its really nice to meet you too Keria shes also told me things about you.
Keria: Oh. Such as?
Erica: That your one of her best friends on the street.
Keria: Aww, thats sweet of her. Anyway, is she here?
Erica: No you just missed her, shes gone to the fish and chip shop. I'll let her know you stopped by. I'm sorry to hear about your losses.
Keria: Thank you. Dominic was my boyfriend and my son Craig, well hes in hospital with a weak heart.
Erica: Oh thats awful.

Erica: The earthquake was terrible wasn't it? Saw this place on the news when it happened, was dreadful. Thats why I'm here to help my mum clean her house up.
Keria: Right well I best be going. It was really nice to meet you Erica.
Erica: And you Keria, I hope things work out for you.

Keria: Ah Megan I was hoping to see you!
Megan: Oh Keira, just go away and leave me alone please. I thought I made my feelings at the store earlier perfectly clear.
Keria: If you'll just listen to me for a second, I've got to talk to you about -
Megan: Keria. I'm not intrested. Please leave me alone.

Barry: You alright babe? Whats wrong?
Megan: Nothing just Keria bothering me again. Don't worry I'm fine.
Barry: You sure?
Megan: Yeah and don't you worry, she won't be coming in here again! I promise!
Barry: Excellent by the way my lovely seeing as its your birthday tomorrow...
Megan: (Laughs) Yes! I haven't forgotten about that!
Barry: I'm throwing you a party! All your friends are gonna be here!
Megan: Oh babe thats fantastic!

Megan: Thank you so much.
Barry: Its no problem.

Keria: Mum!
Pauline: Hey sweetheart, whats wrong?
Keria: Its that women I saw Megan shopping with earlier, she said she was Mrs. Daniels' daughter Erica - but shes not! I met that Erica a few years back!
Pauline: How... strange.
Keria: I'm gonna go down to that imposters house and find out exactly what shes playing at -
Pauline: Do you think thats a good idea?
Keria: What? Of course! Shes lying! She could be taking Megan for a fool! I'm going weather you like it or not.
Pauline: You thought that about Barry and look where that got you - stuck here with your dying... argh...

Keria: Mum! Are you alright.
Pauline: Its just... gargh... the pain... the nurse earlier said it should stop.
Keria: Look don't worry mum, we'll put you to bed and I'll get the nurse here asap okay?
Pauline: Right, yeah. Good idea.


Gaz: Alright Karina, come with me please.
Karina: What? Why? No!
Gaz: I'm not gonna ask again, get your arse outside this room and come with me.
Karina: Go to -
Mark: Karina, please. Just do as he says.
Karina: Did I not make myself clear Mark? Its like I had told you, I'm not afraid of him.
Gaz: (Laughs) Brave girl, you're just lucky I like that in a woman.
Karina: Really? Is that why you used to beat up Madeline? Cause she was a pushover back then?
Gaz: Out. Now.
Mark: Where are you taking her?
Gaz: Not now kid, out Karina. Now!
Karina: I'll see you later Mark.

Mark: No wait! DON'T LEAVE ME IN HERE!

Mark: Karina!

Gaz: In there, now.
Karina: Wha!

Karina: You!
Donna: Karina, hi.
Karina: What are you doing in here?
Donna: Seeing as you ratted me out earlier I'm gonna have to spend some time in here too. Seeing as it was my fault you and that brat got out and I never told him about it.
Karina: Yeah that reminds me... why didn't you tell him we did break out? Surley if you were on his side you would of told him that?
Donna: I didn't want to get you into trouble.
Karina: And why would me getting into trouble bother you?
Donna: Because I'm not all bad you know!? I don't want to keep you both captive!
Karina: Then why are you still here? Why don't you report him? Why do you do as he says?
Donna: He has something against me... something bad I did years ago. Not to mention I'm pregnant with his child.
Karina: God...
Donna: If its a girl then I'm doomed.

Karina: What? What do you mean by that? What does it matter if its a girl or boy?
Donna: He doesen't like the idea of him producing a girl... he hates that... he told me if I give him a girl - he'll kill me then sell the baby.
Karina: What the f*ck!? Why would he do that!?
Donna: Because hes crazy.

Crystal Town:

Amelia: Thank god you're home.
Lennie: Why honey, whats up?
Amelia: My mother. She is driving me crazy, we have to figure out a way to get her the hell out of this place!
Lennie: Oh come on sweetheart I know you're mother can be... annoying but I don't see how throwing her out can be a good option.
Amelia: Oh I don't think it will be a good option - it would be a brilliant option!
Lennie: Amelia, you're being slightly ungrateful. She came all the way down here to try and help us after Ruby died. She did help, and you can't say she didn't. To kick her out now Amelia would be bang out of order.

Amelia: I knew... I know that its just shes driving me up the wall Lennie!
Lennie: Look Amelia, enough with this okay? Shes staying put and thats final.
Amelia: Fine, but I assure you that you'll regret it!

Lennie: Babe.
Amelia: What?
Lennie: Wheres the football game me and Elliot put on record?
Amelia: I dunno.
Bonnie: I believe that would be me.

Lennie: You deleted it?
Amelia: Mum, you don't have a right to do that.
Bonnie: I deleted it because I feel that you Lennie should spend less time watching predictive and repeativie sports and more time concentrating and spending more time with your family.
Lennie: You don't understand, me and Elliot wanted to watch that you had no -
Bonnie: I came here to help mend this family back together!

Bonnie: What?
Amelia: You're not helping! You never do help! You just make things worse!
Bonnie: Amelia... why are you?
Amelia: You have completely crossed the line today! You insulted me infront of my friends and now you do this to Lennie and Elliot when they have been looking foward to the game all week! YOU'RE NOT HELPING! YOU'RE MAKING IT WORSE!

Bonnie: Fine, I'll be gone within an hour.

Lennie: Amelia?
Amelia: Don't Lennie, just don't.


Karina: Hes more crazy then I thought, why doesen't he... why would it matter?
Donna: Because hes a man and he can only produce a man.
Karina: Oh my god, are you being serious?
Donna: Well yeah seeing as I'm not really in a joking mood right now. The only reason he didn't finish me off earlier was because theres a chance I have his son, but if its a girl...
Karina: Look why don't we break out?
Donna: Huh?
Karina: The three of us, we'll attack him and we'll just run!

Donna: That wouldn't work.
Karina: Look I promised Madeline I would help her make sure that Mark is safe, why don't you help?
Donna: Because he has friends Karina, alot of them. Daungerous ones.
Karina: What does that have to do with?
Donna: He'll find us. No matter where you go or what you do he will find you.
Karina: How can you be so sure.
Donna: Madeline and Mark moved to that tiny town you come from, Crystal Town, and he found them within two weeks.
Karina: Then what are we gonna do?
Donna: Sit here.
Karina: Well you can do that. I'm gonna break out!

Donna: Karina, don't.
Karina: Why do people keep telling me that?
Donna: He WILL kill you. Trust me, hes gonna win.

Erik: Look Madeline.
Madeline: Why would you do this to me?
Erik: Madeline honestly I'm on your side -
Madeline: You knew where my boy was being kept.
Erik: No Maddie, I don't! I never have!
Madeline: And you handed Karina over to him so she could be taken by him too... like an animal.
Erik: Madeline, I love you - I wanted to help you! I still do! I will get your son back!
Madeline: (Calmly) Shut up. Just shut up.
Erik: You have to believe me.
Madeline: I don't. Now I'm gonna go, you will be left in there until you decide to tell me where Mark is - and until you do you're not getting any food or water. Hope you had a big meal before I put you in here Erik.

Madeline: Lets hope you don't starve.


Crystal Town:

Kacey: What a stupid sign! Anyway, you looking foward to this movie Jennifer?
Jennifer: I guess.
Kacey: Whats it about again?
Jennifer: How many more times do I have to tell you? Its about a girl who finds out shes a princess.
Kacey: Ah right, would you like some popcorn and a slush puppy?
Jennifer: I guess...
Kacey: Look Jenny, can we go sit and talk for a minute?
Jennifer: I guess.

Kacey: Look I brought you out today sweetheart because we haven't always got on and I thought it was a ncie thing to do because wouldn't you like to have a good relationship with me?
Jennifer: (Shrugs)
Kacey: Well I know that I would with you.
Jennifer: Why?
Kacey: Because we're the two young girls of the house and we should be able to get along, and chat about movies and make up and boys.
Jennifer: I'm six.
Kacey: Well... when you're older. Come on Jenny, we both love your daddy very much and it upsets him when we fight all the time so if you don't want to sort things our for yourself or for me then can we at least do it for your dad?
Jennifer: Okay, I will.
Kacey: Ah thank you sweetheart. Now why don't we...

Jennifer: Why don't we what? Kacey?
Kacey: Look heres some money, theres no que over by the stand go and ask that nice lady for some popcorn and a slush puppy okay?
Jennifer: Fine...

Kacey: What are you doing here Kevin!?
Kevin: I swear to god I'm just here to see a movie.
Kacey: Oh really? By yourself?
Kevin: Theres nothing wrong with a man deciding to treat himself to a movie.
Kacey: Then go to blockbuster and rent a movie!
Kevin: I like it on the big screen.
Kacey: Kevin cut the crap, how did you know I was here? Are you watching and following me? Cause if you are then...
Kevin: No thats just creepy, no I'm not doing that. You sent a text to me by mistake telling me what your gonna be up to today. You were meant to send it to Jenna I guess. I just wanted to see you Kace, thats all.
Kacey: Look just go away okay? I'll text you later if your feeling alone.
Kevin: Alright, I'll go.
Kacey: Thank you.

(Jennifer sees)
Jennifer: Excellent.

Kacey: You ready Jenny? Films about to start.
Jennifer: (Smiles) I'm ready.

Mina: Babe dinners almost done I'm just keeping an eye on it if Ray arrives then let him please.
Aaron: Sure thing.
Mina: Thanks.

Aaron: So? This dinners purley for you to secure that promotion right?
Mina: Yes, me and Ray are friends too though you know? Oh Aaron... do you happen to be jelous?
Aaron: Me? Jelous? Please, no.
(Mina laughs, doorbell rings)
Mina: Go and get it please Az.

Aaron: Me, jelous... oh please. Hes head of the company hes either god ugly or extremley old.

Aaron: Hi.
Ray: Hey, I'm Ray Striker. You must be Mina's boyfriend Aaron?

Ray: I have to say Mina this meal is fantastic. Almost as good as your performances at work!
Mina: Oh please Ray its just a simple roast, really nothing fancy.
Ray: Reminds me of the ones my mum used to do whilst I was growing up in Parkersville.
Mina: You grew up in Parkersville? Are you kidding? That fancy neighbourhood!? My god, I don't even think my grandparents could of afforded a place there and they won the lottery!
Ray: Well my dad was a very wealthy man. Had alot of sucessfull zoos.
Mina: Wow, thats so impressive.
Ray: You know theres been a number of times I've thought of taking you and some of the other guys back at the office to one of them. Statues of him are all placed at the front of all of them.
Mina: Statues? Wow!
Ray: He did incredible work for animals. Unfourtantely dad passed away last year to cancer.
Mina: Aww I'm sorry thats so sad.

Ray: Yeah, anyway where did you guys grow up?
Mina: Oh please nowhere important, so didn't you ever wanna continue with your fathers work?
Ray: I used to love animals when I was a kid but all my siblings work with the zoos so I thought I'd be abit different -
Aaron: Actually Mina, I grew up in Jafersville. Close to where you did Ray!
Ray: Oh right, yeah thats fantastic.
Mina: Oh please Ray, lets not kid ourselves that place is a craphole (laughs).
Ray: Well...
Aaron: Yeah I guess thats true. Mina could I talk to you in the living area for a sec?
Mina: Sure.

Aaron: So what are you doing?
Mina: What?
Aaron: Putting me down like that! I know you're trying to impress the guy Mina but how bad do you wanna make me feel about it?
Mina: Excuse me? You agree yourself its a craphole!
Aaron: Are you doing this guy or something?
Mina: What did you just say?
Aaron: Oh please, don't give me that crap. He said earlier that the place is fully packed where you work, you're not after a promotion at all are you? Is Llyod even dead?
Mina: Yes his wife killed him!
Aaron: With a bucket!?
Mina: Look this is all ridicolous! I just wanted to invite my boss whose also a dear friend over for dinner but I lied to you about it being a promotion because I knew you'd act this way and I wanted you guys to be friends. And if I was gonna cheat on you babe, I wouldn't be stupid enough to invite him over would I!?

Aaron: Mina...
Mina: Whatever, if you're gonna join us then grow up first. Otherwise just go away.

Pauline: Keria? You're still here...
Keria: Yes I live her... and why would I of left your side mum? Soon after you drifted off the nurse made you sleep some more so that you could get some rest you haven't got reccently!
Pauline: I wasn't in pain, I was fine. And I wasn't sleeping... well at first anyway.
Keria: What!? Why would you lie? Oh I get it you wanted to stop me from going.
Pauline: I don't want you making things worse for Megan - thats all. That Erica seems to be a good friend for her to hang out with.
Keria: Yeah theres just one problem Mum! Shes not Erica! I'm going, and don't even think about following me.
Pauline: Fine, whatever I can't stop you.

Keria: Nope.
Pauline: Now I know why I took so much drugs when she was a kid...

Kayleigh: Hey babe, it turns out I didn't have to be there for so long afterall.
William: Its still late.
Kayleigh: Yeah... anyway wheres Gus?
William: I put him to bed.
Kayleigh: What? Without me?
William: I didn't know you were coming home plus it was late and he was tired.
Kayleigh: You seem annoyed.
William: No I'm not I just hate how much you have to work... even if you've only been doing it for a few days.
Kayleigh: I'm sorry.
William: Its not your fault.

William: I was hoping we could...
Kayleigh: Oh honey I'm sorry I'm just too tired. We can tomorrow.

William: Don't you have a meeting late tomorrow?
Kayleigh: Oh yeah I do... this weekend then.
William: Oh, okay. Yeah thats fine.
Kayleigh: I'll see you in bed in a few minutes babe. I'm knackered.
William: Alright.

(Looks at photo of Hilary)
William: I'm doing the right thing by letting her do this job right? I just wanna make her happy and keep her safe Hilary, look you did for all them years...

Keria: Hello? My names Bianca. I'm sorry for knocking on your door so late but I was wondering if I could borrow a few matches?
Mary: Erm yeah sure, come in I wouldn't want you getting cold out here would I? Come on in.

Keria: Thanks... so whats your name?
Mary: I'm Erica, Mrs Daniels daughter?
Keria: Oh right, yeah she mentioned you alot.
Mary: (Laughs) Bless her. Actually I think I had matches in the bathroom last night when I lit a candle, hold up one second Bianca.
Keria: Right. Okay.

Keria: A wedding album...

Keria: Oh...

Keria: god.

Mary: Here you are Bianca.
Keria: Oh. Thank you, thanks alot.
Mary: Anytime.
Keria: I best be off, thanks.
Mary: Bye bye. Take care.

Keria: Mum. You're awake? Good. Put the kettle on I'm coming home. You're not gonna believe what I have to say.