Crystal Town Series 4 - Episode 41 - Something You Wanna Tell Me?

2nd June 1986

Keria: Happy thirteen birthday Meggy!
Megan: Aww, thanks Keria. Wheres mum and dad?
Keria: I don't know.
Megan: What do you mean you don't know? They must be here.
Keria: I've been up for a long time Meggy, I don't know where they are.
Megan: Right you wait up here sweetie. I'm gonna go down.

Megan: Mum? Mum? Where have you been?
Pauline: Oh shush. Go back to bed, its the middle of the night.
Megan: Its eleven in the morning.
Pauline: Oops (laughs) my mistake.
Megan: You're drunk.
Pauline: Ahh, just a tad!
Megan: Mum. Wheres dad?

Pauline: He took off, said he can't handle me anymore! Well tell you what Megan! We don't need him eh?
Megan: I hate you! YOU RUIN EVERYTHING!
Pauline: Oh your so dramatic. Oh yeah...

Pauline: Happy birthday Megan.

Present Day:

Barry: Say happy birthday Mummy!
Lily: Car!
Barry: Well its close enough... happy birthday honey.
Kayleigh: Happy birthday!
Kacey: Happy birthday!
Megan: Wow guys what is this? (Laughs).
Barry: Well your friends and I are just wishing you a happy birthday.
Megan: Ah this is fantastic. Thanks so much guys.

Kayleigh: Don't worry we did get you preasants.
Kacey: Yeah we're not tight or anything (laughs).
Tina: We just thought we'd come down and see you this morning but you'll have to wait until the party tonight for the gifts.
Barry: From them anyway, not from me.
Megan: Ooh!
Barry: Tomorrow morning, me you and the girls are off on holiday to disney land!
Megan: Oh my god! I've always wanted to go there!

Megan: Thank you so much babe!
Barry: Anything for my princess.
Kayleigh: Aww thats so sweet.

Kacey: Anyway I best be off, I promised Mum I'd make her some breakfast for all the planning shes been doing for the resturant we're opening soon.
Kayleigh: Yeah and I've got work.
Tina: And I'm gonna go cause three's a crowd.
Megan: Oh Tine, you can stay.
Tina: Nah, its alright. I'll be down later on anyway.
Megan: Thanks for coming down girls. I'll see you later.

Kayleigh: See you later guys.
Kacey: See you.
Tina: Bye!

Kacey: Hey are you okay?
Tina: Yeah I'm okay.
Kacey: Look if you ever feel lonely or anything you can always pop down to mine, you know that right?
Tina: Yeah I know. Thats not why I'm abit quiet don't worry.
Kacey: Well if you ever need to talk I'm here okay?
Tina: I know Kace, thanks.

Pauline: You're awake then.
Keria: Of course I am. How can I sleep? That bitch next door to Megan is Barry's ex-wife... and yet shes telling everyone shes Diane's daughter... and Diane hasn't been seen since two weeks after that shotting incident.
Pauline: Tomorrow, I will go to Megan's and talk about this with her but you are to leave this okay? You'll just blow things out of proportion and make things worse.
Keria: Why can't we tell her today?
Pauline: Because today is her birthday, and we can't ruin it Keria!
Keria: Alright mum you can go and tell her tomorrow.
Pauline: Right, yes. Good. I'm going back to bed, I'm really tired.

Keria: You can tell her tomorrow mum... but I'm doing it tonight.

Elliot: Morning dad.
Lennie: You alright mate? Has your mum come down yet?
Elliot: Yeah she left this morning she said she was going out for a walk.
Lennie: How long ago was that?
Elliot: About an hour or so.
Lennie: And you didn't think to call her?
Elliot: I tried but I was making pancakes.
Lennie: Great, could go and do the washing up after aswell please?
Elliot: Yeah, yeah.

Lennie: Amelia, when you get this message call me or come home please. I'm worried. Love you.


Donna: Wha? Karina? What are you doing?
Karina: Like I told you Donna. I'm breaking out.
Donna: God did you not listen to a single thing I told you yesterday!?
Karina: Yeah I did. But I don't have to do what you say.
Donna: Karina -

Donna: Oh my god! Karina! You just kicked that door down are you crazy!?

Donna: Argh!
Karina: Shut up. Just shut up.

Karina: Mark... its me.
Mark: Karina, oh thank god! How did you -
Karina: I broke out. Can you kick the door open from that side?
Mark: No. Karina its jammed shut. He's put in new locks.
Karina: I have to get you out of here.
Mark: I heard him leave the house earlier. You may have some time.
Karina: I'm not gonna leave til I get you out of here I promise you.
Mark: God its actually happening - I'm actually leaving this place.

(Sound of car approaching the house)
Karina: Oh god.
Mark: Karina, thats him!
Karina: Dammit. No. I'm not leaving you in here.
Mark: Karina you've gone too far with this one. If he catches you know he'll do more than lock you up. He'll kill you and you know that now.
Karina: I can't leave you in here. Not after promising your mum that I would bring you back.
Mark: Karina. I'm stuck in here, theres nothing you can do - get away from here. Help out my mum.
Karina: I can't leave you!

Mark: Karina! Please just go!
Karina: I'm gonna come back here for you okay?
Mark: Go.

Crystal Town:

Eddie: Sorry I was asslep when you get in last night Kace. I was so tired.
Kacey: Thats alright babe I know you've been tired helping my mum plan out the resturant.
Eddie: So did my two girls have a good time last night?
Kacey: Yeah the film was great wasn't it Jenny?
Jennifer: Yeah dad me and Kacey had a really good time!
Eddie: Excellent, I'm so pleased.
Kacey: I'm gonna go see how Mums gettng on with the builders.
Eddie: Okay babe.

Eddie: So what happened in the film last night Jenny?
Jennifer: Nothing much. What did you do?
Eddie: Well I was tired so I pretty much just had an early night.
Jennifer: Daddy theres something I want to tell you but I just don't want you getting mad.
Eddie: Honey you can tell me anything, I won't get mad. If you've done something wrong then I will be proud of you for admitting it to me.
Jennifer: Not me... Kacey.
Eddie: What about her?
Jennifer: Yesterday she was talking to that man you don't like. The one who makes you and Kacey argue. The one with ginger hair.
Eddie: Kevin?
Jennifer: Yeah, thats him. I hope you don't get mad with Kacey.

Tina: Thanks for going shopping with me Marie. I could really use something to do.
Marie: Oh please don't be silly, we're friends and we are gonna hang out on a weekly basis!
Tina: (Laughs) Oh good.

Marie: Oh my god. Did you see that guy he completely pushed in the line!
Tina: Its alright we'll just wait.
Marie: What? No we were here first thats ridicolous. HEY, excuse me sir you pushed in the line, me and my friend were here first.

Connor: I only wanna get a small meal, quit your yapping.
Marie: That is not the point! You can't just push in like that - how old are you!?
Fast food worker: Miss you're making a scene.
Marie: I don't care! This guy pushed infront.
Fast food worker: Sorry I didn't see him, you'll just have to wait.
Connor: Yeah lady just wait, by the size of your theighs I know you can't wait for a good burger but theres no need to be this way about it! Other people have to eat too.

Marie: Why you - give me that!

Connor: Argh!

Tina: Marie!
Fast food worker: Right thats it, the pair of you! Out! Now! Out of the store!

Marie: Yeah hope you liked that water in your face, you jerk!
Connor: Thats fine Marie, you can just tell Chris I've let him go.
Marie: What? How do you know my name?
Connor: (Angrily) I'm Chris' boss. Remember we met at the christmas party? You can tell Chris to pick up his things, hes fired.

Marie: What!?
Tina: No, thats not fair. You can't fire him over a spat you had with his girlfriend.
Connor: The numbers hes been giving in have been bad the past few months anyway. I always could of let him go but I decided to keep him on as hes got a family to support... ah well. Changed my mind now. Do remember to tell him won't you? Heck, I'll do it also! Hes fired!

Tina: Oh my god.
Marie: I just made my boyfriend lose his job by throwing water in a guys face in a fast food resturant...
Tina: What were the chances it was his boss though right?
Marie: Yes... thank you Tina.

Clive: Oh Kayleigh you're in again early today.
Kayleigh: You know me Clive. Eager to work.
Clive: Indeed you are. I hope you're not doing anything later tonight.
Kayleigh: Actually yes I am. I've got one of my best friends birthday party to go to. I thought the meeting was cancelled?
Clive: Yes but I need you to work a few extra hours.
Kayleigh: Oh, why?
Clive: Joanna needs help with her potrait and I think you'd be the best to help her out.

Kayleigh: So my work is on time but I've got to work an extra few hours to help someone whose behind? How is that fair?
Clive: Kayleigh is this is a problem I'm sure you can find someplace else to persue your art?
Kayleigh: But Sir -
Clive: This is a team effort Kayleigh. I have no idea when my bosses are gonna spring this art gallery show onto us so if you have a problem then you're just gonna have to find work elsewhere okay?
Kayleigh: Alright sir, I'm sorry.
Clive: Right. Anyway I'll see you abit later on then.

Eddie: Can you believe it Will? She saw that jerk Kevin yesterday and she didn't even think to tell me. How do I know she hasn't been meeting him more than just that once?
William: I dunno man. One things for sure is that shes not being completely honest with you. Why don't you just talk to her about it Ed?
Eddie: Because she'll lie to me.
William: Why would she lie to you though mate? You're a married couple.
Eddie: Because shes always cared about that Kevin guy, she never got over how he walked out on her and James.
William: Dude it was her first love. You never get over them and you always have a soft spot for them. God if my first girlfriend Alisha was to walk through here I dunno how I would feel.
Eddie: You mean you'd cheat on Kayleigh?
William: Don't be daft. Kayleigh's my one and only. But it doesen't stop people from having feelings.

Eddie: Oh so you think... Kacey has feelings for the guy?
William: Maybe. It seems that way if shes lying to you.
Eddie: Well she hasn't technically lied to me. She just hasn't told me, which is still bad.
William: I'm not you man and I don't know Kacey like that so its not up for me to make judgement.
Eddie: You are such a good guy. I wish I had advice like you give me for when I was younger.
William: Oh? You didn't get given any advice?
Eddie: I did, it was just from my older brother.
William: What? You have a brother, since when?
Eddie: Well since my mum gave birth to him thirty years ago.
William: How comes none of us have met him?
Eddie: Hes not a nice guy. Put it that way. Anyway man, I'm gonna run. Thanks for the talk.
William: Anytime bud.

William: Hey babe sorry I know I can't call you whilst you work but I just wanna let you know that your dress is washed and ready for tonight.
Kayleigh: About that. I've been told I have to work late. Again.
William: What? Why? I thought you said you had all your work completed.
Kayleigh: I do but I have to help Joanna with her work.
William: Thats ridicolous why should you have to work extra hours to help someone whose behind?
Kayleigh: Cause we're a team apperantly.
William: You know what... if you'd like I could have a word with your boss he sounds like a right arse.
Kayleigh: Nah he'd fire me in an instant if you did that. Babe its fine, just go to the party without me. Hang out with Eddie and Chris and just have a laugh.
William: Alright then babe, its gonna suck without you though.

Kayleigh: (Laughs) I know. I'll see you later babe I've gotta go.

Mina: Going to work, see you later.

Aaron: So you're still not talking to me then?
Mina: After the way you acted last night? You've got to be joking haven't you?
Aaron: Why am I the only bad one? You should of told me the truth - you wasn't after a promotion at all. You just wanted Ray to come round.
Mina: Because I knew how you would react Az, I'm not stupid.
Aaron: Thats not the point, you should of told me the truth.
Mina: Look I'm going to work, we'll talk about this later okay?
Aaron: Alright, fine. I'll see you later.

Mina: Hello Ray, I'll be there in a minute. Nah he doesen't know. Okay, see you in abit.

Megan: Wow babe, things are coming along great in here.
Barry: They are indeed, bet you can hardly recongise the place huh?
Megan: Where the hell have you put all the funiture and stuff?
Barry: Meg, stop worrying. Its all in the garage.
Megan: Well I hope its locked, those sofas cost a fortune (laughs).
Barry: The garage door is locked. We wouldn't want anyone running down the street with our sofas now would we?
Megan: Thank you so much for this Bar.

Barry: Like I said, there is no need to thank me. I would do anything for you Meg, you mean the world to me.
Megan: And too you.
Barry: And I promise you this is going to be the best birthday you've ever had.
Megan: Great.

Megan: Trust me, its not hard to beat.

2nd June 2006

Megan: Humph? Why are you up so early?
Ryan: Sorry babe I gotta work.
Megan: What? Today? Why?
Ryan: Well if you want me to keep on buying you nice things and saving up for our wedding then I need too really don't I.
Megan: But today? Why?
Ryan: Oh Meg, its not like theres nothing special about today.
Megan: Are you being serious?
Ryan: Well, yeah.

Megan: I cannot believe this.
Ryan: Meg - Meg. Hey whats up?

Ryan: Megan?
Megan: Whatever Ryan, just get changed and go to work.

Ryan: Megan. Whats up whats gotten into you?
Megan: Its my birthday Ryan.
Ryan: Oh my god. Yeah it is isn't it? I am SO sorry Megan, I am so sorry.
Megan: Its fine, you've obviously had more important things to worry about.
Ryan: No, nothing is more important than this.
Megan: My birthdays just obviously not special.
Ryan: Oh Meg, I've just been so busy with work and things thats all. I'll make it up to you tonight I promise you. I promise.
Megan: No, just go to work Ryan...

Megan: My birthdays are normally never great anyway...

Present Day:

Marie: Chris, honey I -
Chris: Just got off the phone to my boss... well former boss should I say. Something you wanna tell me?
Marie: Look I am so sorry babe, I didn't know he was your boss.
Chris: What happened?
Marie: You don't know? He didn't tell you?
Chris: I wouldn't be asking if he did would I?
Marie: Well me and Tina were in que at that new fast food place in the mall and he pushed infront of us, so I said to him we were there first. But he wouldn't move so I continued to go on and then he insulted me about my weight...
Chris: Your weight? Marie you're skinny!
Marie: Thats not the point. So I took a drink off this guy next to me and threw it in his face. Then he told me you were his boss and that you were fired.
Chris: He can't do that!
Marie: Apperantly he can just use the excuse that your work performances have been low reccently.

Chris: Damn, I thought I wasn't doing too great.
Marie: Chris I am so sorry.
Chris: How did you not know that he was my boss? You met him twice!
Marie: Babe you know what my memory is like, I forget who you are sometimes!
Chris: Thanks.
Marie: Look I promise we'll get you a new job okay?

Chris: And how are we gonna do that Marie? It will take months.
Marie: I promise you Chris, we'll sort something out.

Pauline: You're up to something aren't you?
Keria: Huh? What made you say that?
Pauline: You're my daughter. I know when you're planning something. Please tell me you're not gonna reveal this to Megan on her birthday Keria. Thats cruel.
Keria: She has a right to know mum! I was right all along, that son of a bitch Barry is up to something.
Pauline: And just because you were right that gives you permission to ruin her birthday?
Keria: She is living in a fantasy land mum!
Pauline: Then let her live it for today for gods sake.

Keria: Mum. I apperiate you trying to help me out. But I'm doing this tonight so don't even try and stop me today okay?
Pauline: Oh Keria, I know I can't stop you when your mind is set on something. Always been stubborn thats your problem. I just wish you'd think this through?
Keria: I have mum. I'm doing it.
Pauline: (Sighs) I'm going for a bath.

Eddie: Hey.
Kacey: Hiya babe, good time at Williams?
Eddie: Yeah, yeah was fun.
Kacey: Whats up? Why are you looking at me funny Ed?
Eddie: We have to talk.

Kacey: So whats up?
Eddie: Earlier after you left at breakfast I was talking to Jennifer and she told me you ran into Kevin yesterday at the cinema, and that you were chatting to him.
Kacey: Yeah thats true, sorry I didn't tell you its just -
Eddie: Woah, woah, woah. Why were you talking to him exactly?
Kacey: Oh so now you're controlling who I talk too?
Eddie: Don't talk wet Kace. You know why I'm acting like this - its Kevin! That scum of a drug dealer who left you and James when you had him!
Kacey: I know how you feel Ed.
Eddie: No you don't. It wouldn't be so bad if you had told me about it and not kept it from me.

Kacey: I understand that, and I apolgise but I had good reason for talking to him.
Eddie: Go on?
Kacey: Hes been sucidal reccently I got called to the hospital before he took loads of pills, tried to kill himself.
Eddie: And why was you called? Why should it be down to you to look after him and be responsible for his welfare?
Kacey: Because I was his in case of emergancy contact.
Eddie: Oh of course you was, haven't you noticed he most likely did it for attention?

Kacey: Why would anybody attempt sucide for attention?
Eddie: Oh get real Kace, people do it all the time.
Kacey: Its not a cry for attention its a cry for help, and he needs my help and I'm not just gonna turn my back on him Ed!

Eddie: Oh like he didn't do that to you when you were pregnant with James?
Kacey: Its different.
Eddie: How is it!? He turned his back on you whilst you two were together why should now six years on should you even be doing it for him!?

Kacey: Just shut up Eddie! I am in no mood for this today! Just get out!
Eddie: You obviously still love him don't you?
Kacey: What?
Eddie: You love him. You wanna be with him.
Kacey: Just because I don't want him dead Ed doesen't mean I want to get back together with him!
Eddie: Oh please hes always what you wanted, hes the love of your life.
Kacey: Shut up! No hes not!
Eddie: If thats the case then why are you yelling?
Kacey: I have never loved anybody more than I love you Eddie. Noone. I know I shouldn't but I love you more than my mum - I love you more than my son! So don't you ever say those things again! Now leave me alone and don't talk to me for the rest of the day. Even at Megan's party tonight. I'm going out for a walk, I can't take this!

Voice: Well aren't you happy?
Tina: Oh my god. You're back.

Mrs. Daniels: So I am. Aren't you pleased to see me?
Tina: Where the hell have you been? People have got worried.
Mrs. Daniels: Well theres no need. I'm back now and I'm here to stay. So whats up with you?
Tina: Oh nothing. I'm fine.
Mrs. Daniels: That might work on others Tina, but it wont on me. Now tell me whats bothering you.
Tina: I'm just so lonely Diane, it just seems like most of my friends can barley find the time to spend time with me not to mention David keeps treating me like a mate which is just too bizzare.
Mrs. Daniels: So you don't have any feelings for David?

Tina: No, well no I don't. I'm sure of it, we've been seperated for so long now.
Mrs. Daniels: Look if you feel lonely you know damn well theres alot of people that will be there for you - David, Aaron, Megan, Kacey, Kayleigh, myself. Now come on...
Tina: Where are we going?
Mrs. Daniels: I am taking you out for a drink.
Tina: Don't you wanna go see your daughter? Mary? Whos staying at yours?
Mrs. Daniels: Well I guess that can wait can't it. Come on, drinks aren't gonna drink themselves.

Bonnie: How did you find me?
Amelia: I knew you'd come here thats why. You admire these flats everytime we drive past them. Now please let me in, its freezing.

Bonnie: Well I don't know why you're here Amelia. You made your feelings yesterday perfectly clear.
Amelia: No mum, I didn't mean it - I shouldn't of put it across the way I did. I was out of line.
Bonnie: Oh please you were just stating the truth. I'm a pain in the arse.
Amelia: But you're my pain in the arse mum! I know how you came down after Ruby's death and Michelle went missing and I was never grateful. Please mum, come home!
Bonnie: No Amelia. I can't. I think my work is done, you and Lennie seem to be able to handle things now.
Amelia: But I miss you when you're not around.
Bonnie: Then just come and visit me some more Amelia.

Amelia: I just feel so bad for the way I snapped at you yesterday mum.
Bonnie: Honestly hun, its fine.
Amelia: You're an amazing mum you really are and a terrific nan to the kids.

Bonnie: Come on give me a hug. Now you best get going you've got that party tonight haven't you?
Amelia: Yeah I best go, promise me you'll text me later.
Bonnie: I can barley work a VCR but I'll sure give it a go.
Amelia: (Laughs) Okay mum.

Marie: Oh hey Mina, you been out?
Mina: Yeah, Ray took me and some of the other guys at work to the zoo (laughs).
Marie: Wow seems like you had a good day?
Mina: Yeah I did. Marie this is my boss Ray.
Marie: Hiya its lovely to meet you.
Ray: Likewise. Anyway I best be off Mina, I'll see you later.
Mina: Bye Ray, cheers for a great day!

Mina: Anyway I best run inside Marie, gotta get things ready for Megan's party later.
Marie: (Laughs) Yeah.

Marie: Excuse me, Ray. Do you mind if I have a word?
Ray: Sure Marie. What can I do you for?
Marie: Earlier I lost my boyfriend a job in advertising and we really need the money cause we're meant to be getting married later on in the year - you wouldn't happen to have anything avaliable would you?
Ray: I don't know, our place is pretty much full at the moment.
Marie: Oh please Ray, I would really apperiate it.
Ray: I guess we could use a new helping hand in advertising.
Marie: Ah thank you so much!

Chris: Are you serious? You got me a new job already?
Marie: Told you I'd work things out babe.
Chris: Well what is it?
Marie: Exactly what you were doing before but just for a different company.
Chris: Oh, I dunno... I was hoping with looking for a new job that I could perhaps try something different.
Marie: You'll be working for the same guy Mina does.
Chris: Oh my god and Mina gets -
Marie: Three times the amount you got per month, yep.
Chris: When do I start?

A few hours later:

Barry: Babe, the sitters gonna be here soon. The parties about to start!
Megan: Alright Bar. I'll be right down.

Megan: Jeez do you guys have to scream your head off? Its my birthday, can't you give me a day off?

2nd June 2008

(Knock on door)
All: Happy birthday!
Megan: (Sighs) Come in.

Tina: Meg, are you okay?
Megan: Hmm. Lets see - I'm heavily pregnant with what I'm certain is more than one fricking baby, my ex husband is dead as is my nephew Craig, Barry's too busy at work to even spend time with me and I'm not getting any sleep cause all these babies do is kick me!
Kacey: So thats a no?
Megan: Yes Kacey, thats a no.
Tina: Look we just thought that we'd come keep you company thats all.
Madeline: But if you want we could just go?
Amelia: Yeah I mean its not as if we took time out of work and stuff to come down here.
Madeline: I missed a photo shoot just so I could come down here.
Kayleigh: And you're not the only one whose pregnant!

Megan: Oh I see, I'm getting the guilt act now?
Madeline: We just think you're being slightly ungrateful is all.
Megan: Oh I'm sorry little miss model did I interupt you busy schedle?
Kacey: Alright then Meg, we're just gonna go.
Kayleigh: Can't say we didn't make the effort.
Megan: Aww. Bye bye.

Madeline: You have a heck of alot of nerve Megan.
Megan: Oh now you're gonna tell me how to behave? You've been here six months like I'm gonna listen to you?
Madeline: You're right. I've only been here half a year but even I took time of work to come down and be with you on your birthday, Kayleigh has also been suffering with her pregnancy whilst William is always at work too busy to spend time with her, Amelia is knackered from trying to control three teenagers yet she still finds the time for you, Kacey has come down to see you despite how busy shes been putting the pub back together since the earthquake and Tina well shes been depressed and lonely lately and yet shes making the effort for her best friend.
Megan: Look... just... go okay. I'm just in a bad mood.
Madeline: Don't worry I'm going. I just hope you're in a better mood next year! Thats if we can be bothered with you then!

Present Day:

Megan: Alright I'm ready for the best party ever!
Barry: Good cause the first guests are here.

Barry: Hey Kacey and Eddie, welcome to the party!
Kacey: Hey Barry, thanks!
Eddie: Happy birthday Megan.
Megan: Ah thanks Ed. You look stunning Kace.
Kacey: Thanks hun so do you.

Tina: I best be off to Megan's party, aren't you gonna come Diane?
Mrs. Daniels: Nah. I don't think so. I have somewhere I need to be.
Tina: Right, okay.

Pauline: So you're going then? You're actually gonna do this to Megan?
Keria: Once I change yes. She has the right to know Mum.
Pauline: Please Keria just think this through.
Keria: I have mum. I'll see you later tonight. Don't wait up.

Pauline: (Sighs) I wish I could of been a better mother...

Megan: Hey Erica, I'm so glad you could make it!
Mary: Oh please Megan, I wouldn't of missed this for the world.

Chris: So basically Marie managed to get me a new job within a few hours...
Barry: Yeah, man thats great will you just excuse me for a moment?
Chris: Yeah sure mate.

Barry: What the hell do you think you're doing here?
Mary: I couldn't not come, Megan invited me earlier.
Barry: Right, you've made your entrance and Megan has seen you. Now you can go.
Mary: (Sweetly) But Barry I've only just got here!
Barry: Don't play games with me Mary, go.
Mary: Nope. And I don't think you can throw me out either, you wouldn't want Megan finding out the truth on her birthday would you?
Barry: I am not gonna let you ruin this for her.
Mary: Don't worry yourself Bar, I have no plans of telling Megan the truth... yet anyway.

Marie: Hey Aaron.
Aaron: Hiya Marie, having fun?
Marie: Yeah, its a fantastic party isn't it? Its great to have everybody together.
Aaron: Its good fun yeah. You had a good day?
Marie: Oh its been eventful to say the least.
Aaron: Oh whats happened?
Marie: I accidently got Chris fired.
Aaron: Oh my god. How did that happen?
Marie: I had a row with this guy at this fast food place and it turned out it was Chris' boss and me throwing water in his face gave him a reason to fire Chris whose been performing weak at work lately.
Aaron: Ouch. Is he looking for a new job?
Marie: I got him one earlier, with Mina. Her boss Ray agreed to it.

Aaron: Oh? You met Ray?
Marie: Yeah hes a terrific guy. Can you believe he took Mina and some of the others who work their to the zoo today? I mean what kinda boss does that for his employees on their day off?
Aaron: Yeah... lots of fun at the zoo.
Marie: Are you okay?
Aaron: Yeah. I'm fine.
Marie: Good, anyway I best mingle!
Aaron: Alright see you later.

Aaron: Get home. Now.
Mina: What? Why?
Aaron: We need to talk.

Clive: Kayleigh, I've decided to let you go abit earlier than planned.
Kayleigh: Right thank you Sir.
Clive: I felt bad about making you miss your friends party, I hope you don't think I'm being horrible for the sake of it.
Kayleigh: No, no.
Clive: Kayleigh. Are you okay?
Kayleigh: Yeah I'm fine. Anyway I'll see you tomorrow!
Clive: See you.

Megan: So if you wanna go shopping this weekend with us your more than welcome right girls?
Tina: Yeah, that would be great!
Kacey: The more the better (laughs).
Mary: Oh thank you so much guys.
Kacey: Honestly Erica, its our pleasure!

Mina: So whats up?
Aaron: You lied to me. Again! And yet you're gonna sit there and tell me nothings happening with you and this Ray?
Mina: Oh my god, Aaron! Why this again!?
Aaron: Lets see you told me you had work today, but you didn't then I find out handsome rich bigshot Ray took you to the zoo!
Mina: How did you find out about that?
Aaron: Marie told me. And so now do you wanna tell me the truth?
Mina: I only kept it from you because of the way you acted when he was round for dinner last night.

Aaron: You know what, how can you sit there and moan at me for being paranoid when you're the one who is continously lying to me?
Mina: Because of the way you are acting! You are acting like a spoilt paranoid idiot!
Aaron: Perhaps I wouldn't be! If you didn't keep on lying to me every second of the day!
Mina: You know what? Me and Ray are just friends thats all we're ever gonna be.
Aaron: How can I be so sure of that Mina!?
Mina: Trust me.
Aaron: I don't. Not anymore.

Mina: Where are you going?
Aaron: To bed.
Mina: Aren't you gonna come back to the party?
Aaron: No. I'm not longer in the mood.

Chris: You alright mate? Where you going?
William: I'm just gonna nip home, Kayleigh text me a few minutes ago saying she got let off early. She should be home by now.
Chris: Alright mate, you coming back?
William: Yeah, yeah. I will.
Chris: Alright. See you later.

William: Kay? I know you're home babe your cars parked out front. Kayleigh?

William: Oh my god! Kayleigh! Baby, can you hear me?

Kayleigh: Humph? Will?
William: Its me babe, you're alright. You're okay.
Kayleigh: I'm just... so tired.
William: You've been over doing it with work, you're shattered. Not to mention pregnant! Now come on lets get you into bed or do you want me to phone a doctor?
Kayleigh: No... no... no need, I'm just tired is all.
William: Come on, I'll help you up.

Kacey: Keria? What are you doing here?
Keria: Oh I'm just here to say hello.
Kacey: Keri, whatever it is you're planning to do - as your eldest friend. Please, don't do it.
Keria: Sorry Kace, I have too.

Megan: Keria what are you doing here? You're not welcome anymore, leave.
Keria: Excuse me everybody I have something that I would like to say!
Megan: What the hell are you doing?
Barry: Please, Keria. Don't spoilt Megan's day.
Keria: Oh like you and Mary had no plans of doing that anyway.
Barry: I... I...
Megan: What? Have you been drinking Ker?

Keria: Don't you know what I'm on about Meg? Don't you all wanna know who this Mary is?
Tina: Keria. You're out of line, this is Megan's birthday party and you're ruining it.
Keria: I'm sorry but Megan has the right to know that Barry's ex wife is living right next door.
Megan: What?
Barry: Keria, please.
Keria: Oh. I'm suprised I'm the only one whose ever actually met Mrs. Daniel's daughter, Erica.
Megan: What are you on about Keira? Erica's there.
Keria: (Laughs) Thats not Erica Daniels! Erica Daniels is blonde! I met her last year after the earthquake. I was right all along Meg, that right there is not Erica Daniels. Her name is Mary Waynes and shes Barry's ex-wife. I told you he was up to something! Yet nobody believed me!
Megan: Oh please thats ridicolous.

Megan: Barry? Tell me this isn't true.
Barry: Meg, I...
Megan: Oh my god.
Mary: Well done Keria, I've been rumbled! (Laughs).
Barry: Megan, we're not together. I hate her, she ruined my life!

Megan: How could you!?
Barry: Argh!

Megan: And you! I thought you were my friend!
Mary: Ah!

Keria: Now you know the truth Megan! Now you should believe me when I try and tell you things. I'm out of here.


Barry: Megan - please.
Eddie: You heard her Barry you best get out!
Barry: Don't get involved Eddie!
Kacey: Barry. Out.


Amelia: Oh my god, poor Megan.
Tina: Guys I'm gonna stay here, make sure she and the girls are gonna be okay.
Kacey: Alright text me how she is later okay?
Tina: Yeah sure.

Mary: Gargh!

Barry: I was happy! I was so happy!
Mary: Get off!
Barry: You had to get involved! You had to ruin it!

Mary: Get off me!

Mary: Argh... that hurt.

Mrs. Daniels: Suprised to see me?
Mary: You! Didn't I say I was gonna kill you if I ever saw you again.

Mrs. Daniels: Thats the thing "Erica".

Mary: Gargh!

Mrs. Daniels: I want my house back.