Crystal Town Series 4 - Episode 42 - Picture Not So Perfect

Tina: Megan, oh come on hun please let me in. I've been worried about you. Please, just open the door.

Keria: Hey.
Tina: Keria!? You've got some nerve!
Keria: I only wanted to help her Meg. She's my sister and Barry was lying to her. His wife was living next door.
Tina: Then why didn't you tell her this before? Why didn't you wait? Why did you have to come in during her party and ruin her day?
Keria: I had been drinking, I wasn't thinking.
Tina: Oh wasn't that your excuse when the pub was being taken hostage - when you tried to get that guy to shoot Barry?
Keria: All I've wanted to do is protect Megan from Barry.
Tina: Well you've done that. You've ruined everything, I hope you're happy.

Megan: You wanted me?
Tina: Oh Megan! I've been knocking here all day. Are you okay?
Megan: Fine. Never better! Do come in, I am sorry I didn't awnser I was just checking on the girls! Well come on them. come on it the pair of you!

Keria: She was acting... strange.

Tina: Meg - are you erm, okay?
Megan: Oh yes, I'm fine. Never better. Is there anything I can help you both with? I was going to get the girls up and take them out to the park shortly.
Keria: Megan, about last night. I'm sorry.
Megan: Oh why Keria? You did nothing wrong you only told me the truth about that scum and that liar next door.
Keria: But Megan I ruined your birthday, I'm so -
Megan: It's fine. Not to worry. I'm grateful you told me.
Tina: But Megan why are you acting so -
Megan: I just don't want to break down alright? Now please leave me be, I'm taking the girls out.
Keria: We'll come and see you later alright?
Megan: Sure. Goodbye.

Keria: Why was she acting like that?
Tina: She's in denial about the whole thing, she wants to be strong. Poor girl.

Tina: She's been through alot, Ryan dying and leaving her with the girls and now her new love of her life lied to her and betrayed her! Not to mention her sister hasn't been great at helping either.

Mina: You know you didn't have to sleep on the sofa Az.
Aaron: I'm sorry I guessed Ray would be on my side of the bed with you.
Mina: Oh come on Aaron. This is all stupid and really immature. How about you take me out today? We'll have a good day and sort things out between us?
Aaron: I can't. It's Friday I've got to work.
Mina: Oh yeah, of course. Well tomorrow then?
Aaron: Yeah, okay.

Mina: Aaron, I love you.
Aaron: Love you too. I just wished you'd show it.


Karina: Hey stranger.

Madeline: Oh my god! Karina! Karina it's you! Oh my god!
Karina: Glad to see you too.

Madeline: How did you get away from Gaz!? Where's Mark is he okay? Did he hurt you!? Did he hurt you!? Has he hurt Mark?
Karina: He didn't hurt me, and I don't think he's done anything to Mark, he's okay.
Madeline: Oh god Kar do you not get how worried I've been!? I felt so horrid - after Erik handed you to Gaz like a dog.
Karina: Where he is? What happened?
Madeline: Why don't you come inside?

Karina: Madeline? Where is he?
Madeline: He's right in here.

Karina: Oh my god!? You're holding him prisoner? I've seen enough of that these past days to last me a life time!
Madeline: I didn't know what else to do Kar, he was working for Gaz. I couldn't let him go, or confront him - he might of hurt me.
Karina: I dunno if you should be doing this Maddie.
Madeline: Are you forgetting he handed you to Gaz like a dog?
Karina: Well, no, of course not but -
Madeline: Then why are you disagreeing with what I've done?
Karina: I don't want you freak out but -
Madeline: Oh my god are you working for him too? Is that how you escaped?
Karina: No! It's just, Erik wasn't working for Gaz.
Madeline: Sorry?
Karina: I can prove it.

Crystal Town:

Louise: Morning Ed, you alright?
Louise: Eddie? Hello?
Eddie: Oh sorry Louise, was kinda day dreaming there.
Louise: It's no problem. Everything alright?
Eddie: Well no. I'm not too good.
Louise: What's the matter?

Eddie: Kacey, and well - Kevin.
Louise: Ah, I thought it may be love and I don't blame you.
Eddie: You don't? I persaumed you would of thought that I was just being stupid.
Louise: Oh don't be so daft I hate that useless waste of space addcit more than you do.
Eddie: I wouldn't be so sure.
Louise: Trust me, you didn't see the years of torture and evilness he put her through. He destroyed her life for almost four years.
Eddie: Then why the hell does she want anything to do with the guy!?
Louise: He was her first love Eddie, feelings for them don't just go away. Not to mention he's the well -
Eddie: Father of James. Yes I know, I'm never gonna be seen as his dad am I?

Louise: Oh Eddie, sweetheart. Come back.

Amelia: Erm, excuse me?
Elliot: What?
Amelia: Did I not tell you not to have cereal this morning because we're out of milk?
Elliot: Oh, yeah. Erm, I forgot. Sorry.
Amelia: Forgot did ya? Well that's alright, you can march your sorry little bum to the shops right now and get us some more can't you?
Elliot: But it's like a ten minute walk!
Amelia: Well the exercise will do you good, now go on. Chip chop. And get some bread and cheese whilst your there too, and some lemonade.
Elliot: Jeez, anything else?
Amelia: Yeah we're also out of ham and that orange jelly your dad likes.
Elliot: Okay, I'll be back in two days!

Amelia: Funny Elliot, call me a doctor. My sides are splitting.

Lennie: Morning my wife of thirteen years. Happy anniversry.
Amelia: What!? Oh no, it's the third isn't it?
Lennie: Oh my god, you forgot? Seriously?
Amelia: Oh baby I am so sorry, I've just had so much on my plate with making sure my mum's settled in her new flat, getting Elliot's college stuff sorted, thinking about Ruby, worrying over Michelle - trying to convince Vanessa to come home.
Lennie: Well - it's nice to know you're too busy to think about your husband.
Amelia: No, no! I'm not making excuses for myself love. I'm so -
Lennie: Save the apolgises.
Amelia: Oh, Len -

Lennie: And if somebody calls asking me to confirm if I'd like to book a table at that new Mexican place you've wanted to go to for months but we couldn't because we didn't have enough money. Well tell them we're gonna have to cancel.

Elliot: Mum, you didn't even give me any money (laughs).
Amelia: Sheesh! I'm sorry everybody! Sorry I can't do anything right! I'LL GO MYSELF!

Elliot: Must be her time of the month...

Harry: Morning Barry, did you sleep well? Sorry you had to have the sofa pal but the spare room isn't finished yet.
Barry: No problem, it's fine. Better than the street! I apperiate you letting me stay here.
Harry: Well we're friends but would you mind keeping a low profile and not letting anybody see you? Because everyones really furious over what happened at Megan's party and I'd be likely to have an angry mob outside my house throwing stones through my window if people found out I was letting you stay here.
Barry: (Laughs) Yeah, I guess that's true. I haven't done anything wrong though you now Harry? Well except not tell people who Mary really was and that she was never really Mrs. Daniels' daughter Erica.

Harry: Well, then how did this all happen? What's Mary's problem?
Barry: It's a long and complicated story.
Harry: Well I gotta head off to work in five minutes mate, but you can talk to me when I get back okay?
Barry: Yeah, sure.
Harry: And for heavens sake make sure you stay indoors and don't get seen by anybody ok?
Barry: Yeah don't worry mate, I won't.

Fudge: Morning Harry!
Harry: Hey, morning Fudge.

Marie: Oh, hey Harry! Wait up!
Harry: Hiya Marie. Whats up?
Marie: It's Fran, she text me from her holiday in Italy. She'd really like to hear from you?
Harry: In a few months maybe, but I put us on a break for some time apart because that's what I want.
Marie: But it's been ages.
Harry: Well I hate to say it Marie, and I do miss her like crazy but she treated me like crap throughout all our years of marridge. And at the moment I just don't want her back.
Marie: Alright, sorry. I do understand.
Harry: Thanks. Now anyways, I best be off to work.
Marie: Alright, see you. Have a nice day!
Harry: Same to you.

Ray: So what happened last night Mine? You didn't return my text?
Mina: Yeah sorry about that, I was at a party but me and Aaron kinda got in a fight.
Ray: Oh. What happened baby?
Mina: He just kicked off about 'me and you' again.
Ray: God! Why don't you just tell him the truth?
Mina: Because I shouldn't have too!
Ray: It would end things sooner.
Mina: I don't care.

Marie: Hello? Knock knock? The door was open I just let myself in, hope that's okay.
Mina: Hiya Marie.
Marie: I was just about to come and ask you to thank Ray for giving Chris his job, he said he's only been there an hour and is loving it already but I see I can thank him myself (laughs) thanks Ray!
Ray: It's no problem Marie, speaking of the office I had best get there for a meeting, see you both later.
Mina: See you.
Marie: Bye! Thanks again!

Mina: So, how are you?
Marie: I'm alright cheers, I heard about you and Aaron arguing last night? Everything ok?
Mina: Yeah, he's just being an idiot basically. How are you doing?
Marie: I'm alright cheers. Anyway I best get back and do Alice some lunch, she's feeling ill so she's got the day off school. I hope you're not mad at me or anything for telling Aaron that Ray took you to the zoo?
Mina: Don't be daft, course I'm not mad at you.
Marie: Oh good (laughs) I was worried. Anyway see you later hun!
Mina: Bye.

(Phone rings)
Mina: Hello?
Aaron: Alright Mine, it's me.
Mina: Oh hey Aaron, hows your day going?
Aaron: Alright, dull as usual. By the way could you do some dinner for three for when I get home? I've got a friend round for dinner.
Mina: Eurgh, it's not Kyle was it? I didn't like him.
Aaron: Nah, not him. Prepare some of your brilliant fish dinners ok?
Mina: Alright, see you later. Love you.
Aaron: Love you too.

Kayleigh: Will - it's ten! I was meant to be at work an hour ago! Why did you turn the alarm off!?
William: No need, you can go back to bed.
Kayleigh: What? Why?
William: Because I called your boss today and gave him a piece of my mind.
Kayleigh: Why would you do that!?
William: Because he's been working you to the bone Kay, and I'm not having it anymore. He's being unfair and you were so knackered last night - you clappsed.
Kayleigh: Will, I've had a good nights sleep, I'm fine.
William: No. Go back up to bed.

Kayleigh: Excuse me? You can't tell me what to do.
William: You're my wife, the mother of my son and you're carrying our next child - I'm not having some jerk make you feel like this! You're pregnant Kay!
Kayleigh: Will, please. Stop being so worked up honey.
William: I'm doing it because I care Kay. So go back to bed please, get a few more hours rest.
Kayleigh: Now you say it like that, doesen't seem like a bad idea (laughs). I've gotta go to the gallery show later tonight though.
William: Yeah I know, just go get a few more hours.
Kayleigh: Thanks Will.


Madeline: I don't understand Karina, where are we going?
Karina: Just trust me, alright?
Madeline: How can you possibly know that he's innocent? How did you even find me?
Karina: I ran from Gaz's and after a few hours I got to a nearby village and I asked around to see if anybody knew where you lived. I assumed people local to you might as you're a famous model and everything - this one guy I spoke to you recongised your surname, he was your pool cleaner and he gave me a lift to just down the road and that's when I met this guy -

Madeline: What the? Who are you?
Paulo: Hello Miss. Baker, please don't be alarmed. My name is Paulo Rodriquez.
Madeline: Karina who is this guy? How can you trust him?
Paulo: Your boyfriend - Erik Davies?
Madeline: Ex-boyfriend.
Paulo: Okay, ex-boyfriend then. I can assure you he has come to me for help in the past for trying to locate a Mr. Gaz Caines' house. He did pertend to work for him in order to find out where he lived but Mr. Caines wasn't stupid. He didn't trust Erik completely so always made him meet him at selected places.
Madeline: You expect me to just believe what you say?
Karina: He's shown me copies of payments Erik made to him. He's telling the truth.

Paulo: Yes unforutantely Erik has been trying to find out my boss. And Mr. Caines' isn't happy.
Madeline: What the!?
Karina: Boss!? You work for -
Paulo: I'm afraid so.

Karina: Are you crazy!?

(Multiple gunshots)
Karina: Gargh! That almost hit me!

Madeline: Lock the door Karina! I'll lock the back!
Karina: Maddie - I'm so sorry I didn't know he was working for Gaz.
Madeline: Fine! Just lock the damn door! Don't go near anywhere where there are windows, understand?
Karina: Well looks like we're trapped here then doesen't it?
Erik: Maddie?! What's going on?
Madeline: Hold on, I'll let you out.

Erik: How comes you've released me?
Karina: That Paulo guy proved you were innocent and on Maddie's side all along.
Erik: Ah! Is he here?
Karina: Yeah, he shot a couple of bullets at us.
Erik: WHAT!?
Madeline: He is working for Gaz.
Erik: But that's impossible!
Madeline: And now he wants all three of us dead.
Erik: But Maddie - I've been in there day after day with no food. I can't not eat for any longer. I honestly feel like I'm gonna clappsse.
Madeline: You can't go into the kitchen! What if he shoots you through the window?
Erik: They're bulletproof.
Madeline: What the hell? Bullet proof windows on a small Spanish villa? Cut me the crap.
Erik: They wasn't. But I had bullet proof ones placed in incase well - anything like this happened.
Madeline: What are we gonna do?
Erik: Get out of here for one.

Crystal Town:

Eddie: Oh I was just about to clean James' room (laughs).
Kacey: It's okay, I've done it. Ed, we haven't really spoke since our row yesterday before Megan's party. Are you alrght?
Eddie: Yeah, fine.
Kacey: Well, you don't really seem fine.
Eddie: You know what Kace, just because I have days where I'm quiet doesen't mean anythings wrong with me okay? I'm gonna take the kids to the park for a while.

Kacey: Oh so saying that to me then storming off is gonna persaude me there's nothing wrong with you?
Eddie: Go away Kace, why don't you go give Kevin a call?
Kacey: Do not start that again! Understand? Don't you dare even mention his name! You're so paranoid!
Eddie: If I'm paranoid then why did you keep the fact he followed you and Jennifer to the cinema!? Why did you hide it from me that you were visiting him!?
Kacey: Because he was sucidal you idiot! What was I suposed to do? Just leave him and live my life not knowing if he'll go overdose or slit his wrists! Excellent idea, Eddie!
Eddie: His welfare is not your responsibility.

Kacey: He's been a part of my life Ed, weather you want to admit it or not.
Eddie: Exactly - he was a part of your life. Why has he got to be now?
Kacey: He's James' dad.
Eddie: Oh so that's what it all comes down too? I thought you said yourself that he wasn't his dad! He done nothing to bring him up!
Kacey: Ed, you're right. I'm sorry, I shouldn't of -
Eddie: I thought you saw me as his dad. I'm the one whose helped you raised him. That son of a bitch couldn't even stand by you when you were pregnant! He was too high on drugs!
Kacey: Ed, you've made your point okay?

Eddie: Well?
Kacey: What do you mean well?
Eddie: Are you gonna stop seeing him?
Kacey: He's not very well mentally Eddie, I can't just ditch him. What if he does anything stupid?

Eddie: Right, you've made your decision.
Kacey: What? Eddie, where are you going?

Eddie: I'm gonna find some place new to stay, I think we need a break.
Kacey: What? Ed you can't mean this!
Eddie: Jennifer can stay here until I find a new place.
Kacey: Oh Eddie please, you can't leave me!
Eddie: I'm sick of it Kace. I'm leaving.
Kacey: We only got married in December! What about the resturant which opens next week!?
Eddie: I'll help out with it, I just need time away from you!

Kacey: Eddie, no please don't do this!
Louise: What's going on?
Eddie: Take her inside please Louise.
Kacey: Ed - you - can't - leave me.

Louise: Kacey, come on. Lets go inside.

Alice: Chris, I'm heading out for a while with Ronnie. Will you tell mum I'll be home on time for dinner?
Chris: Sure honey, have fun.
Alice: Thanks.

William: Hey man.
Chris: Oh you let yourself in to peoples houses now?
William: Oh, I'm sorry.
Chris: Don't be daft, I'm messing (laughs). Sorry I'm excited because I love my new job, I'm on my lunch break. What's up mate?
William: Gus has a stomach ache and he refuses to sleep without his bear and I think Alice accidently left it here whilst she was looking after him the other day.
Chris: Oh yeah, it's in her room. I'll go get it.
William: Cheers.

Chris: Hmm, where is it? Ah there we are!

Chris: Oh my god, condoms!?

Later that night:

Amelia: Honey, about earlier.
Lennie: Look Amelia, I'm sorry I snapped at you for forgetting our anniversy. I know you've had so much going through your head. We all have. We've always got next year.
Amelia: Hey, why have next year when we can have this year?
Lennie: What?

Amelia: Look.
Lennie: Oh my god, you did all this!?
Amelia: Happy anniversy Lennie.

Vanessa: Oh, I'm interupting?
Amelia: Oh my god.
Lennie: Vanessa! You've came home!
Vanessa: I have something to tell you both.
Lennie: What?
Vanessa: I know where Michelle is hiding.

Kayleigh: Well we're here, the gallery looks great doesen't it?
William: Yeah, I was worried it wouldn't be my fine but it looks quite nice here.
Kayleigh: I think we're here early, not many people are here.
William: Where's your potrait then honey?
Kayleigh: I dunno, it should be around here somewhere.

Clive: Oh Kayleigh, lovely to see you.
Kayleigh: Hiya Clive, William this is my boss Clive.
Clive: Pleasure to meet you William.
William: You too.
Clive: I should of let you know that I'm afraid your potrait didn't make the final cut.
Kayleigh: Wait - what?
William: You're kidding right? She spent so long on it!
Clive: I just felt as if your work wasn't as strong as the others -
Kayleigh: You got me to help out Joanna and yet her stupid picture of two dogs is on the flaming wall!
Clive: Kayleigh, please. You're making a scene.

Kayleigh: You overworked me and for what? For nothing!
Clive: Kayleigh, perhaps its best if you left for a while and returned when you calm down.
Kayleigh: Well how about this -

Clive: Argh.
Kayleigh: I quit!
Clive: Good! You can come and pick up your stuff on monday morning!

Barry: Hey man, good day at work?
Harry: Yeah, I'm knackered.
Barry: I made some dinner, yours is in the microwave.
Harry: Oh excellent, cheers.
Harry: I'll get it.

Harry: Oh hi Eddie.
Eddie: Me and Kacey have gone a break, I wouldn't bother you like this but the local hotel is all booked and I've got nowhere to go. Can I stay here with you?
Harry: Well, yeah, sure. It's just you're not the only one here though.
Eddie: Oh? Who else is?

Eddie: Him! Harry, don't you know he lied to Megan and that his ex-wife was actually living next door pertending to be Mrs. Daniels' daughter!?
Harry: I couldn't just kick him out on the street Ed.
Eddie: I would of!
Barry: I get why you're mad with me Eddie, but I actually haven't done anything wrong.
Eddie: Yeah as if I believe that.
Harry: Perhaps we should hear him out?
Barry: Sit down, both of you. I'll tell you everything.