Crystal Town Series 4 - Episode 43 - Every Little Thing You Need To Know

Louise: Kacey? Honey? I think James wants you to tuck him in.
Kacey: Can you do it please mum? I don't think I'm up to it.
Louise: Look - I'm sure Eddie will come home love, he just needs time is all. It's not as if you two have split up for good. It's only a break.
Kacey: Just leave me alone.
Louise: Don't you dare talk to me like that. I am your mother, have some respect!

Kacey: Since when do you snap like that?
Louise: Since you got all stupid! You may of lost Eddie now all because you can't let that complete idiot Kevin go! The druggy who ditched you whilst you were pregnant with his baby! And all Eddie has done has raised and looked after James like he was his own and that's how you repay him! You will be lucky if he comes back to you young lady!

Kayleigh: How dare he!? How dare he do that to me?! After all that work I put onto that potrait and he pushed me so hard! And he didn't even put it up!
William: Kay, just calm down alright? Perhaps we can take some legal action for treating you unfairly at work.
Kayleigh: Oh please he's one of the most well respected Art critics in the country and we're a bunch of middle class nobodies. As if anybody would listen to us.
William: We could try.
Kayleigh: There's no point Will. I just wanna forget about that place now.
William: I'll go do you a cup of coffee yeah?
Kayleigh: Alright, thanks.

Kayleigh: I guess I'm jobless again then eh? After years of job searching I finally found one I enjoyed and well my idiot boss went and done that.
William: I'm sure you'll find something else, you're a wonderful artist and that clown is missing out.
Kayleigh: Yeah, I guess.
William: Until then why don't you just take a year off and then after the baby is born you can search for more work?
Kayleigh: I need to find something now for extra cash Will, we're gonna be a family of four soon and your work alone isn't gonna be enough to support us.
William: But I -
Kayleigh: Not even if you work extra shifts!
William: Well, what are you gonna do then?
Kayleigh: Dunno. Hopefully I'll find something.

Aaron: Hello.
Mina: There you are! Just in time, dinners on the table. Where's your friend?

Aaron: Mina this is my co-worker Sally.
Sally: Hello Mina, it's so lovely to meet you. I've had alot about you.
Mina: Oh hiya, it's really nice to meet you too.
Sally: I'm sorry but could I possibly use the bathroom?
Aaron: Sure, it's just straight up the stairs and then the door furtherest away.
Sally: Excellent, thanks.

Mina: I see what you've done, very clever.
Aaron: I'm sorry?
Mina: Bringing home a very very attractive collegue. This has nothing to do with your pathetic paranoria that I'm apperantly sleeping with my very attractive boss Ray?
Aaron: I'm afraid I don't know what you're talking about.
Mina: Oh cut the crap you retarded blonde penis.
Aaron: Mina, just for tonight if you wouldn't mind talking like that infront of Sally? She's a classy lady you see? Upper class you know? Kinda like Ray.

Mina: Imagine that.
Aaron: Dinner smells great.
Mina: Yeah I'm just gutted I didn't pour poisen in yours!

Keria: Megan, I let myself in if that's okay.

Megan: What do you want Keria?
Keria: Well I just wanted to check on you, you wasn't exactly being yourself this morning.
Megan: Do you want me to see me break down and just crawl into a ball and die? Because that's what I feel like doing!
Keria: I'm sorry.
Megan: Cut me the crap, you didn't take my feelings in mind when you let it out infront of everybody at my birthday party that Barry's ex-wife was living next door pertending to be Mrs. Daniel's daughter.
Keria: I wasn't thinking - I was drunk!
Megan: That was your excuse for trying to get Barry killed when the pub got taken hostage. Part of me wishes that you could of got your wish.
Keria: I just wanted to protect you.
Megan: Well you've done that. And a fine job you did too. Is that all?

Keria: Megan, please.
Megan: Just get out!

Keria: You!
Mary: Good evening Keria, Megan well?
Keria: You're a complete bitch, you know that?!
Mary: I'm somewhat aware, yes.
Keria: Megan didn't derserve any of this!
Mary: I'm not the one who opened their trap, that was you love.
Keria: What are you doing back here? I thought Diane threw you into the gutter like you derserve.
Mary: I can't take a stroll down a street nowdays?

Keria: You listen to me, you as so much as even think about my sister I will crush you like the little ant you are. Understand?

Mary: Hello Diane.
Mrs. Daniels: What the hell are you doing here? When I smacked you the other night didn't you get the message that I didn't want to see you round here again?
Mary: Ah, yes. I did but I'm afraid I have a little tiny suprise for you.
Mrs. Daniels: Get out of my house, now.
Mary: Ah, that's the thing. You're not gonna make me go anywhere once you hear what I have to say.
Mrs. Daniels: I couldn't care if you shoved dynamite up your arse and blew yourself up! Get out of my house!
Mary: Even though he's on his way?
Mrs. Daniels: What? Who?
Mary: How do you think?
Mrs. Daniels: Mary - you wouldn't!
Mary: Oh Diane, I already have.

Eddie: Well? What are you waiting for? Explain everything then?
Harry: Ed, come on mate. Have you never thought that perhaps Mary means bad news for him too?
Eddie: No, if he had told Megan the truth then maybe.
Barry: But what was I suposed to say Eddie? "Honey I've made waffles and by the way my mentally ill ex-wife has moved in next door, tea?"
Harry: Eddie's right, Megan should of been told.
Barry: It's not as easy as that Harry. It's really not.
Eddie: I'm getting bored.
Barry: Fine! I'll explain everything. Every little thing you need to know.

3rd May 1990

I was out at a nightclub with some friends and I just met this woman who took my breath away.

All of her just appealed to me. The way she laughed, the way she talked and smiled at her friends and even the way she drank her drinks made me completely taken with her.

Daniel: Jeez Barry, you've been staring at that girl all night. If you like her then just go and chat with her.
Barry: Man, I dunno. I'm not really good at the whole chatting up women thing.
Jim: Just go and ask her for sex.
Daniel: How many have you had?
Jim: How many have you had?
Daniel: I asked you.
Jim: I asked you.
Daniel: (Sighs) I give in.
Barry: I've got nothing to lose right?
Daniel: No mate.
Jim: Perhaps your virginity!
Daniel: I'm gonna bottle you in a minute, I mean seriously.

Barry: Erm, hello ladies.
Mary: Hiya.
Cat: Hey.
Jemma: Hello.
Barry: I was wondering if I could possibly buy you a drink?
Mary: Me? Oh, I'm flattered. Yeah sure. Excuse me girls.
Jemma: You go have fun!

We hit it off even on our first night of meeting, it was fantastic finally I had met someone I had alot in common with.

We continued to see each other for ages after.

We went for romantic meals.

We met each others relatives.

Went on holiday together.

We soon got engaged when she fell pregnant.

And then we married.

Harry: Is that all? Nothing seems bad there.
Eddie: Yeah.
Barry: Guys I just want you both to keep what I'm telling you absoulte quiet, okay?
Eddie: Yeah.
Harry: We promise.
Barry: It's some pretty heavy stuff.
Eddie: Go on -
Barry: Well, alright then.

About a year into our marridge things started to go bad...

Wendy: How is she doing?
Barry: Not good, she's refusing to eat. She don't sleep. She's just sitting there like a vegtable.
Wendy: I'm sorry you have to be the one to cope with all of this darling, I should be helping. I am her mother.
Barry: You helped her when she was a teenager, I'm her husband so it's down to me aswell.
Wendy: I should of told you that she was abused as a girl, she should of told you!
Barry: I just can't believe she's kept it from me for this long, obviously it was hard for her to talk about but...
Wendy: The only person who could get through to her was her father, and now that he left us this time last week....

Barry: How have you been coping?
Wendy: Oh he was a very ill man Barry, I saw it coming. I had time to adjust to the fact he wasn't going to be around for much longer. Mary on the other hand - well she just refused to take in the fact her father was dying.
Barry: Do you think she'll be able to cope Wendy? I mean we've got Tommy to think about. He's my son and he comes first, and I need to know he's safe.
Wendy: Don't be daft, Mary loves Tommy. He'll be fine. You will all be.

But we wasn't fine. Things started to get worse, Mary was losing control more and more everyday.

She was violent.

She was doing weird things which just wasn't normal.

She would even threaten to kill people, including me.

I soon walked out and left her with Wendy, I couldn't handle it anymore, she was losing control and she needed desperate help.

I decided I had to get our son Tommy as far away from her as possible. But the authorties wouldn't listen. They wouldn't even let me tell them how sick Mary was and how she was a danger to herself and everybody around her.

Barry: I am telling you officer she is gone in the head! You need to get my son away from her!
Officer: Sir, we've had complaints that you're harassing your ex. Leave now please.
Barry: Why won't you people listen to me!? She's sick! She cannot have my son!
Officer: Sir, if you do not leave I will have to force you away from here. Understand?

Wendy: It's alright officer, I'll speak to him.
Officer: You sure?
Wendy: Yes, I'll be fine.

Wendy: How could you be so cold!?
Barry: What!? Me!? You know for one how sick she is! But you refuse to make her get help! How can you let your grandson stay with her? She's not well!
Wendy: Mary isn't well, you're right. But I am perfectly capable of looking out for her. I've put her on anti-depressents.
Barry: Oh wow, great job you're doing. I know she's your daughter Wendy, I understand that and I know she's the only thing you have left but -
Wendy: You have to leave now Barry.

Barry: Don't just leave it Wendy! SHE NEEDS HELP!
Wendy: Can you get him away from here please?

Officer: Sir, please leave! Now!

Harry: Jeez, they just left her like that?
Eddie: My god, what did you do next?
Barry: I tried time and time again to try and get her help, to get somebody to listen to me that she was a sick woman. But by the time a social worker would give me the time of day it was too late -

Barry: I got here as soon as I could! What's happened?
Paramedic: Are you Miss Wayne's ex husband?

Barry: Yes, yes I am.
Paramedic: And the father of her son, Tommy Morant?
Barry: Yes! What's wrong? Is he alright? Is everything okay?
Paramedic: Sir, if you'd like to come with me I can tell you about the situation -
Barry: No! If somethings happened then you tell me now!
Paramedic: I'm afraid that your ex-wife had an emotional breakdown -
Barry: I told people! I told people she wasn't well but nobody believed me!
Paramedic: Mr. Morant what I'm about to tell you is extremley -
Barry: Wendy! Wendy!
Paramedic: Mr. Morant please -

Barry: What's going on? What's happened?
Wendy: Oh Barry, I should of listented to you. I am SO sorry.
Barry: What has she done?
Wendy: She's killed Tommy...
Barry: What did you just say?
Wendy: She just sat there shaking him - and by the time I got there she had -

Barry: MY SON!? SHE'S - NO! NO! PLEASE...

Officer: Step back sir.

Barry: My son - no. My son!

Wendy: Barry, I'm sorry -
Wendy: I -

Wendy: Barry!

Harry: Oh my god.
Eddie: Barry, I'm really sorry mate. Honestly if I -
Barry: I'll come back in a few minutes.

Kacey: Mum, can we talk?
Louise: I'm gonna go do the dishes love, after that I'll be heading up to bed for an early night.
Kacey: James and Jennifer go off to sleep okay?
Louise: James was no problem but Jennifer's missing Eddie.
Kacey: Ah. Look I'm really sorry if I upset you earlier. I shouldn't of talked to you the way I did.
Louise: No you shouldn't off. I think you forget the way you treat those most closest to you sometimes.
Kacey: What do you want me to do mum? How can I fix it?
Louise: Do want you want to do from now on. I'm sick of giving you advice that you just don't listen too.

Sally: Well I have to say this was one of the best meals I've had Mina.
Mina: Thanks.
Sally: Anyway, I best be going guys. Thanks again for a lovely evening.
Aaron: You have to go so soon? Stay for drinks!
Sally: Sorry Aaron, I can't. I've gotta be up early tomorrow to help my brother with a bootfair.
Aaron: Ah, shame.
Sally: I'll see you guys later.
Mina: Bye.
Aaron: Take care.

Mina: What the hell? Stay for drinks?
Aaron: I'm sorry is there something wrong with socialising?
Mina: It wasn't just the drinks! Oh Sally that joke you told me and Todd was amazing! Oh Sally I think Jeff should give you the promotion! Did you plan to move out because you seemed pretty comfortable up her ass!
Aaron: All I did was invite her down for dinner and be polite to her! The way you have been with Ray is far worse!
Mina: Oh give over!
Aaron: Lying to me, pertending you were going to work when infact he took you to the zoo, saying you were inviting him to dinner to get promoted when that wasn't the case -
Mina: Because I knew how you'd react if I told you I wanted to hang around with him - as a friend!

Aaron: You're just the biggest hippocrite in the world you know that?
Mina: Right you wanna know why I've been so close with Ray?
Aaron: I dunno, because his biceps are out of this world?
Mina: I'm sorry, is it you who fancies Ray or are you just gay?
Aaron: Go on Mina - tell me why.
Mina: Because Ray is a homosexual.
Aaron: What? Oh shut up.
Mina: I'm serious, he's just as straight as Graham Norton!
Aaron: A good looking guy like Ray cannot be gay.
Mina: Sheesh. Look at this on my phone.

Aaron: Wow. Ray's gay.

Eddie: I feel awful.
Harry: You're not the only one.
Eddie: I had no idea that's what he want through, how sick that Mary is... was.
Harry: His own son... I just... we all judged him.
Eddie: Well you didn't but I certainly did. But what I don't get is why he still kept the fact she was here from Megan?
Harry: Yeah, that still doesen't add up.
Eddie: I guess we should just wait and hear the rest.
Harry: Quiet, I can hear him coming down.

Eddie: Look - Barry if you don't want to tell us anymore we'll completely understand.
Barry: I'm fine honestly, just let me finish then I really would like to go to bed - telling this story really emotionally tires me out.

Soon after I began a relationship with another woman called Samantha. We were happy and we got married soon after. Things got rough then too though as she began to cheat on me with her ex-boyfriend. We decided to divorce and she took a hell of alot of my money during the divorce. So I was the one who was forced to move out from our villa and moved into a small flat until I could get some more money in. But one night, Samantha decided to pay me a little visit.

Samantha: Hey, can I come in?
Barry: What the hell do you want Sam? You've got some nerve coming here.
Samantha: It's really important. Can I come in?
Barry: Fine, whatever.

Barry: So hows Tony?
Samantha: I'm not here to talk about me and Tony, I'm not even here to talk about anything to do with me.
Barry: Then why are you here?
Samantha: Okay, I think you'd best sit down.
Barry: Just tell me.
Samantha: Well, I just recieved a call an hour ago from social services. Your adress was still listed at our old place and basically well, Mary, she was pregnant with your child at the time she killed Tommy.
Barry: (Pauses) What - what?
Samantha: And as she was a danger to herself and the baby at the time they kept her in restraints until the baby was born and then Wendy had custody.
Barry: What!? Why wasn't I told!?
Samantha: Apperantly Wendy told the authorties that you were missing and there was no way of getting in contact with you.

Barry: How could she!? I'm gonna give her a piece of my mind when I see her!
Samantha: That's why they called Barry, Mary is obviously still in a home and the baby is without a guardian.
Barry: What?
Samantha: Wendy died yesterday Barry, car accident. They wanted to know if you'd like to take in the baby.

Eddie: Oh my god? You had another son?
Barry: Yeah, his name was Toby. He was a beautiful baby and obviously I took him in. Samantha even helped out alot and decided to lend me some money she spitefully stole from me during the divorce. And it was just me and Toby for almost a year, we were happy. That was until...

Barry: Judy, I'm home. Sorry I'm late there was awful traffic - Judy?

Barry: Oh my gosh! Judy!

Judy: Oh Mr. Morant!
Barry: Judy what the hell happened? Have you been hit!? Who did this!?
Judy: Listen to me - she took Toby!
Barry: What?
Judy: Your ex - she was here! I remember because I met her that one time with your mother remember? She came in and I told her to get out and that I was Toby's nanny and if she wasn't to leave I'd call the police. Then she knocked me out and -
Barry: Judy. Where is Toby?
Judy: She left with him. I'm so sorry - I think she managed to break out of the aslyum!

Barry: Toby - Toby -

Barry: No. No! NO!

Barry: And then a year or so ago she showed up demanding money otherwise she would hurt Toby. I was paying her off for sometime just to make sure he was safe. I've never seen him, she's never let me. But imagine my suprise when she came here and pertended to be Mrs. Daniels' daughter.
Eddie: Oh my god. This all makes sence now. Barry - I am so sorry for this.
Harry: Me too mate.
Barry: Anyway, I'm gonna hit the sack.
Eddie: Alright mate.
Harry: Night.

Eddie: Can you believe that?
Harry: I'm speechless.

As Barry Morant climed into bed for his usual nine hour sleep. He had no idea that over in Mrs. Daniel's house...

Mary: That's him now.
Mrs. Daniel: Mary - please. Don't let it be -

Mary: Diane, I'd like you to meet Toby.

... his long lost son had arrived.