Crystal Town Series 4 - Episode 44 - The Humid Heat

Rusty was the very old dog of the Wellington family. With his scruffy black and white fur and his round dark nose. The entire neighbourhood saw Rusty as a member of their own family.

Little Rusty would do the same routine almost everyday.

One he awoke in the morning he would always patrol the corridors of his house to make sure everyone was okay.

He would then go off on his usual stroll of the street and be welcomed by the neighbours.

Harry Langford would pat Rusty whilst he headed out for work.

Rusty would then cross the street and would watch TV for several minutes with David Stripe.

Walking swifty with his tail wagging in the air Rusty then always crossed over to Megan Harding's house where she had a treat waiting for him.

And then finally Rusy would make his way over to Karina Adams' house where she would join him with a game of fetch.

However as nobody had heard from Karina Adams in several months, Rusty would simply just sit there.

And wait.

James: Mum have you seen Rusty?
Kacey: Yeah so if you could hang the potrait on the wall on the right hand side then that would be great.
Builder: Do we need to -
Kacey: Don't worry about the others at the moment I just want to see if this one -
James: Mummy!
Kacey: James can you please be quiet honey, Mummy's trying to sort out plans for the resturant.
James: But I can't find Rusty anywhere.
Kacey: Excuse me a minute please.
Builder: Sure.

Kacey: Hun he's probably just gone on his every morning stroll, he'll be home soon.
James: But Rusty is always home by half nine and he's not here yet!
Kacey: (Sighs) Lets go look for him then yeah?

Megan: What on earth are you doing Tina?
Tina: Helping out my best friend.
Megan: How did you get in?
Tina: You left the back door open! You're lucky you didn't get your plasma robbed.
Megan: Why are you cleaning?
Tina: Because you haven't tidied up since your party Meg.
Megan: I've been busy, I have three daughters incase you didn't know.
Tina: Yeah and later on David is gonna watch them for you.
Megan: Why exactly?
Tina: Because you're coming out for lunch with me, Kayleigh and Marie.

Megan: Whaa - nah. No, I can't.
Tina: You haven't left the house since your party, I'm making you do this.
Megan: But today? It's like pouring outside.
Tina: Then we'll take an umbrella and I'll drive us there, you're going out tonight. Now go upstairs and have a bath whilst you can. The girls will be waking up soon.
Megan: Tine I can't expect you to do all this.
Tina: Well that's what best friends are for, now go on. Go and relax.
Megan: Thank you.

Mina: Sorry Kace, I haven't seen Rusty anywhere. I'll give you a shout if I do though.
Kacey: Cheers Mina, sorry to disturb you.
Mina: Don't be daft, I'm off to work anyway I'll see you later.
Kacey: Bye, thanks again!

James: Mummy if we don't find Rusty then I'm moving out!
Kacey: Really? Where would you go?
James: I'd go live with Superman.
Kacey: I'm sure Superman is abit too busy to let you live with him hun.
James: I could be his Robin!
Kacey: That's Batman, ah nevermind. At least you're new phase is Superheroes and not polly pocket again.

Ray: Hey Aaron, the door was open.
Aaron: Oh, hey Ray.
Ray: Is Mina around?
Aaron: You just missed her mate, she's headed off to work.
Ray: Ah that's right, shoot. I'll come back another time.
Aaron: Actually Ray, could I speak to you for a moment?

Ray: Sure, what's up?
Aaron: I don't supose Mina spoke to you about -
Ray: (Laughs) How you thought we were sleeping together? Yeah.
Aaron: Well I just wanted to apoligise anyway, she told me that you're-
Ray: Gay?
Aaron: Yeah.
Ray: Well even if I wasn't then you still should trust her.
Aaron: Yeah I know, I feel bad for the way that I've been.
Ray: Well water under the bridge, no worries.
Aaron: I apperaite you being so understanding, thank you.
Ray: No probs, I'll see you later.
Aaron: Take care.
Ray: And Aaron - you really should trust her more you know? She's a good girl and she does really love you.

Aaron: Yeah, I know.

Eddie: Morning Barry.
Barry: (Sigh) I really overslept huh?
Eddie: Yeah I guess so (laughs).
Barry: Where's Harry?
Eddie: He left for work about half hour ago.
Barry: Man my sleeping pattern has just been everywhere lately.
Eddie: You're having trouble sleeping?
Barry: Can you blame me? With that head case living next to the love of my life.
Eddie: Why don't you just tell Megan the truth?
Barry: Because I doubt she could even look at me at the moment.
Eddie: But you haven't done anything wrong.
Barry: I know that, you know that. But she doesen't, does she?

Eddie: Who else actually knows everything?
Barry: Just you and Harry. And Diane.
Eddie: Mrs. Daniels?
Barry: Yeah, she caught me meeting up with Mary to give her money this one time. She thought I was cheating on Megan so I told her the truth. She's known for ages.
Eddie: Blimey.

Barry: Whose that?
Eddie: Ah crap, it's Kacey.
Barry: Kacey? She knows you're here?
Eddie: No and I doubt she'd even have a problem with it but how awkward would it be if I awnsered the door when we only went on a break yesterday? Could you awnser.
Barry: Me? Are you kidding? If Kacey sees me then she'll be straight over to Megan's and next thing I know Harry will be lynched for letting me stay here!
Eddie: Well we'll just ignore it then, Harry's at work anyway.

Kacey: Oh my!

Kacey: C'mon James, we've gotta go see Megan.
James: But it's pouring down.
Kacey: Come on!

Barry: Ah crap, she saw me.
Eddie: Did she see me?
Barry: No.
Eddie: Thank god.
Barry: There's gonna be hell now.
Eddie: Yeah good luck with that.

Barry: Cheers Ed.

Mary: Rain. Doesen't it seem to wash everything away?

Mrs. Daniels: Sadly not you eh?
Mary: Careful Diane, you might hurt my feelings.
Mrs. Daniels: Look, just don't talk to me alright?
Mary: I can't even talk to the woman whose so lovingly out of the goodness of her own heart allowing me to stay at her house?
Mrs. Daniels: Oh give over, I'm only letting you stay here because if I don't you'll take Toby and vanish forever. Whilst I like the sound of you disappearing off the face of the earth - Barry would never forgive me for sending his son away. After you stole Toby from him.
Mary: (Sigh) How depressing. Would you like some cereal? I'm gonna make breakfast.

Mrs. Daniels: You are gonna tell Barry he's here right?
Mary: Hmm, not sure.
Mrs. Daniels: You have too! If you don't - then I will!
Mary: Threats, they're not good Diane.
Mrs. Daniels: What is your game woman? Why are you doing this?

Mary: Well look whose awake, morning sunshine.
Toby: Morning mum. Morning Mrs. Daniels.
Mrs. Daniels: Morning dear.
Mary: Diane was just telling us how pleased she is to have us both here.
Mrs. Daniels: What kind of Christian would I be if I turned away the virgin Mary and baby Jesus.
Mary: Oh you and you're jokes. If you excuse me I'm gonna have a quick shower.

Mrs. Daniels: Did you sleep alright kid?
Toby: Yeah, good thanks.
Mrs. Daniels: Good.
Toby: Is it true my father lives around here?
Mrs. Daniels: Yeah, that's true.
Toby: I can't wait to see him.
Mrs. Daniels: (Smiles) I'm sure he can't wait to see you either my love.
Toby: No I meant I can't way to see him because when I do I'll most likely kill him.
Mrs. Daniels: What?
Toby: He left me when I was younger and he abbaonded my mum.
Mrs. Daniels: What?
Toby: Mrs. Daniels is it okay if I don't finish this? I'm sorry I've just got a stomache ache, I think I might go to bed for an hour.

Mary: Have you got any more shampoo?
Mrs. Daniels: You had the nerve to sit there and lie to Toby that Barry ditched him!
Mary: Mary - shampoo?
Mrs. Daniels: Do you have any idea how easy it could be for me to just tell Toby the whole truth.
Mary: You could.
Mrs. Daniels: - right.
Mary: But I'd kill you. Now Diane, I really do need some shampoo. My hear just gets so frizzy if it's not washed properly.

Megan: Say 'Mummy' it's quite simple Sharon.
Megan: Ah nevermind. Doesen't matter if you're a little behind your sisters eh poppet?
Megan: Ok, you stay here and play with fluffles. Mummy has to awnser the door.

Megan: Hey Kace.
James: Hi Megan!
Megan: Hiya sweetheart. Come on in guys.
Kacey: Actually Megan, I just found out something and you should know about it.
Megan: Oh?
Kacey: I just went over to Harry's house to ask if he's seen Rusty and I saw Barry through the window.
Megan: What? You serious?
Kacey: Yeah.
Megan: Stay here for a second please and watch Sharon.
Kacey: Err sure.

Megan: Barry! Barry! Open the god damn door! I know you're here!

Barry: Look Megan -
Megan: What do you think you're doing in Harry's house? Why are you even still on this street!?
Barry: I'm sorry Meg but I had nowhere else to go.
Megan: Don't give me that!
Barry: I couldn't just leave you here with Mary lurking around.
Megan: Oh give it up Bar, if you've got it into your head that I would ever get back with you after what you did to me you have another thing coming!
Barry: Megan, please. That's not why I'm sticking around. Please, just let me explain.
Megan: What is there to say!? You lied to me and decided not to tell me that your ex wife was living next door pertending to be Diane's daughter!
Barry: It's not as simple as...
Megan: Does Harry know why we're finished?
Barry: Yeah.
Megan: I cannot believe he'd do this to me! Why would any of my friends take you in after what you did to me!

Barry: Ah Megan, come on.

Megan: Diane! Hey can I talk to you for a second?
Mrs. Daniels: Oh, Megan. What's up?

Megan: What the - is that? Mary's staying with you!
Mrs. Daniels: Look Megan - you should speak with Barry...
Megan: Oh so he knew about this too? What the hell is this? "Everyone betray Megan day"?
Mrs. Daniels: Megan please - you don't understand.
Megan: No, I never do! Never speak to me again Diane!

Megan: Can you leave please Kacey?
Kacey: Is everything okay Meg?
Megan: Just go, please. If I see Rusty, I'll give you a bell.
Kacey: Err, okay. If you need me at all just ring.
Megan: Ok.

Marie: Chris, I'm heading out in half hour to go to Tina's before we head out to lunch. Is there anything I can get for your lunch from the shop?
Chris: Actually Marie, I was hoping to talk to you about something.
Marie: Oh honey I'm really busy, can't it wait?
Chris: Well I should of told you about this straight away, so you should know now.
Marie: Wow, this sounds serious?
Chris: Sit down.

Marie: Everythings alright with us isn't it?
Chris: Yeah, we're great. It's not about us.
Marie: Oh?
Chris: It's about Alice.
Marie: Oh?
Chris: The other day I went up to her room and I found something.
Marie: Oh? What?

Alice: Uh oh.

Chris: Marie, please. Can we stay calm about this?
Marie: Stay calm? Stay calm!? You find condoms in my fifteen year old daughters room and you're telling me to stay calm!?
Chris: Just hear what she has to say.

Alice: What's going on?
Marie: Chris found condoms in your room.
Alice: You were in my room!?
Chris: I wasn't snopping around love, I went to get Gus' bear and I found them in there.
Marie: And that's not the point! What the hell are you doing with them in your room!?
Alice: I had them for a friend...
Marie: I cannot believe this! You used to be so innocent. I was shocked when you went out on your first date but now your having sex!
Alice: Mum I haven't had -
Marie: You know what we'll talk about this in a minute! I've gotta cancel my lunch date with Tina. I'll be back in a few minutes. Don't let her go anywhere Chris!
Alice: Mum please -
Marie: I am so disappointed in you.

Alice: You believe me don't you?
Chris: I'd like too honey, but even if I did I can't get involved. It's up to your mum how she handles this.
Alice: (Sigh) She's never letting me out again, is she?
Chris: Maybe. When you're thirty.

Kacey: Hey Marie, have you seen Rusty around?
Marie: No.

James: Everyones in a bad mood mummy.
Kacey: You're telling me?

The night before:

Lennie: Oh my god, you did all this!?
Amelia: Happy anniversy Lennie.

Vanessa: Oh, I'm interupting?
Amelia: Oh my god.
Lennie: Vanessa! You've came home!
Vanessa: I have something to tell you both.
Lennie: What?
Vanessa: I know where Michelle is hiding.

Amelia: What?
Vanessa: I know where Michelle and Ben are.
Lennie: Ben!? She's with Ben?
Amelia: The black guy who was there when Cate took the pub hostage?
Vanessa: He didn't do anything wrong mum, he had to do what Cate told him too. And if you're not forgetting he let William Porter and Kacey Wellington go and then came back in the pub to shoot Cate before she could kill anybody else.
Amelia: Well seeing as she got away he didn't do a very good job did he?
Lennie: That's not important - where is she Vanessa?
Vanessa: Our old house.

Amelia: I can't believe this place this hasn't been remodeled since well y'know.
Lennie: Well after we fled from this place, Cate and co had no problems setting fire to the place did they?
Amelia: Lets just see if Michelle is here and then let's get the heck away okay?

Vanessa: Morning bro.
Elliot: I've missed this, it's so nice you're back Vanessa. I can't tell you how bored it is just living with mum and dad.
Vanessa: I've missed you too. But yeah, don't get used to it I'm not sticking around for long.
Elliot: What? But I thought you've come back properly?
Vanessa: I came back because Michelle asked me too.
Elliot: Why would Michelle ask you too?
Vanessa: They're not really at our old place.
Elliot: Then why did you tell mum and dad that they were?
Vanessa: Because they're hours away now!
Elliot: Where are you going with this Vanessa?

Vanessa: Gargh use your brain baby brother! It was a plan to make sure both mum and dad were miles away from here!
Elliot: What!? Why would you do that!?
Vanessa: Because Michelle is on her way here right now and she's coming back to collect some of her old clothes and some money so that she and that Ben guy can get out of this stupid daungerous town and out of this country forever.
Elliot: Why would you lie to mum and dad!?
Vanessa: Will you please just use your brain!? They can't protect us! Michelle has practically had to look after herself, mum let Ruby die.
Elliot: No - that's not fair!
Vanessa: And you were seconds away from having a bullet popped into your skull if you don't forget. And as soon as I've done this for my sister then I too, am getting the heck out of here and back to my friends place. Now if you don't mind, I'm off for a shower. Michelle should be here in half hour.

Elliot: Mum, you need to come home - Vanessa lied to you!

Joanna: Kayleigh, I heard about you quitting girl. What gives?
Kayleigh: I just can't be putting up with Clive anymore.
Joanna: I know the guys an arse Kayleigh but you're such a talented artist and this place pays great.
Kayleigh: Yeah but I'd rather be happy where I work.
Joanna: Well it's gonna be sad to see you go. Make sure you call me okay?
Kayleigh: Will do. See you later.

Clive: Ah, Kayleigh. You're here.
Kayleigh: Yes butrash I am. Don't looked shocked I called you that Clivey old boy. I don't work for you anymore.

(Man laughs)
Roger: Ah is this the girl who slapped you Clive?
Clive: Yes. Kayleigh Kim Porter, lovely girl.
Roger: Well I am sorry about Clive here being unfair on you - I've seen some of your work and I have to say it's amazing. Wouldn't you consider staying here?
Kayleigh: Whilst Clive is here? No way.
Roger: That's a shame. But in that case Mrs. Porter, would you like to come work for me over at the most respected art gallery in Crystal Town? Double of what this guys paying you.
Clive: What!?
Kayleigh: I would be delighted to work for you! Thank you sir!
Roger: Jolly good, anyway must be off. I'll call you later tonight Mrs. Porter.
Kayleigh: Alright, thanks again!

Clive: Well, I - erm....
Kayleigh: Oh Clive you don't have to say anything. Your face says it all (laughs).


Erik: Maddie. Are you alright?
Madeline: Oh, hiya Erik. Yeah I'm fine. You should be resting.
Erik: Meh, forget about me. I'll be okay.
Madeline: I feel so bad Erik. It's all my fault.
Erik: Don't talk like that, she knew what she was getting herself into.
Madeline: If you wouldn't mind, I'd really like a while to y'know... think.
Erik: Sure. I'm gonna try and sleep anyway. You should do the same.
Madeline: Yeah.

Madeline: I'm so sorry.

The previous night:

Karina: What are we gonna do!? That Paulo guy is gonna kill us!
Madeline: Erik? Erik?
Erik: I'm sorry okay, I didn't know the guy was working for Gaz behind my back did I?
Karina: Won't he be calling for help now that he has all three of us stuck in here?
Erik: Most likely.
Madeline: You said every single window in this place is bulletproof?
Erik: Yeah, why?
Madeline: Wait right here.

Karina: Where has she gone?
Erik: By the looks of it the bedroom. How did you find out I was innocent anyway?
Karina: That Paulo guy told me you were getting him to track down Gaz all along. I guess you were the one that got done over.
Erik: Paulo was most likely working for me at first but Gaz obviously found out and paid him more than what I was offering.

Madeline: Lets go.
Erik: Woah.
Madeline: He's not the only one with guns you know?
Erik: He's going round the back and at the moment I think he's alone - let's go.
Karina: Where are we going?
Madeline: Our cars just to the left after we run out the door. Whatever you do just keep running okay?
Erik: Lets go!

Paulo: Hey! Where'd you think you're going!?
(Multiple gunshots)
Karina: Oh my god!
Erik: Get in the car!

Madeline: I'll drive -

Erik: GARGH!
Madeline: NO ERIK!

Karina: I'm outta here!


Paulo: Aww, what a shame. Not a problem she got away, my only orders were to kill the both of you.
Madeline: No please - don't hurt Erik. Please - this is between me and Gaz. Don't kill him!
Erik: I don't think we need to worry about ourselves.
Paulo: Huh?

Paulo: What the - argh!

Karina: Crap, did I kill him?
Madeline: No he's out cold though!
Erik: Lets get in the car! Gaz and his guys will be here any second!
Madeline: But Erik - your shoulder!
Erik: I'll be fine! Get in the car Maddie!

Crystal Town:

Keria: How are you feeling today mum?
Pauline: In a abit of pain but I should be alright dear. Have you spoken to the nurse?
Keria: I did and she'll be down in ten minutes to give you your injections.
Pauline: Thank you sweetheart.
Keria: You sure it's okay for me to go shopping? I can stay in with you if you want.
Pauline: No honey, you go out. You've been taking care of me for months on end. You need a day out.
Keria: You know I don't like leaving you on your own.
Pauline: Honestly, I'll have the nurse with me. I'll be fine.
(Phone rings)
Keria: Oh it's Megan. Hold on mum.

Keria: Hello? Megan, calm down. Oh my god - seriously! Diane and Harry are - I can't believe them. I'll be down in a minute, don't worry.

Pauline: Is she alright?
Keria: Nah she's in a pretty bad way.
Pauline: You should go now.
Keria: I'll go once the nurse turns up.
Pauline: But -
Keria: Forget it mum, I ain't leaving you.

Alice: Mum we've been sat here for ages and this conversation is just repeating itself.
Chris: Alice is right Marie.
Marie: I just don't understand how the condoms got in your room then! I don't wanna hear this "you're holding it for your friend" crap, you're lying to me.
Alice: You know what mum, if you don't wanna believe that I'm being honest then fine! But I've got a really important science paper due in tomorrow! I've got no time for this!
Marie: Hey - I'm not finished with you!

Chris: Marie, just leave it.
Marie: Why are you defending her?
Chris: I am not defending her in the slightest! But we are not gonna know for sure if she's done this are we?
Marie: I guess not. What can I do?
Chris: Well I guess there's only two options.
Marie: And they are?
Chris: You can trust her, or you can watch every move she makes.
Marie: I know you want me to go for the first one - but she's my fifteen year old daughter Chris. She's not being let out of my sight from now on. Take it from me babe, you're lucky you don't have a kid!

Chris: Then why do I want one?


Keria: Hey David. What are you doing here?
David: Well Megan was meant to be going out for lunch with Tina so I was asked to watch the girls and when I arrived Megan just ran upstairs and hasn't come down since?
Keria: Oh god. She must be in a really bad place. Would you mind watching the girls whilst I?
David: Yeah, no problem.
Keria: Thanks Dave.

Keria: Megan - oh honey.
Megan: I just can't cope anymore Keria.

Louise: Is everything okay guys?
Kacey: We haven't been able to find Rusty.
Louise: Oh dear. He's wandered off alot of times in the past James. He'll come home.
James: But I miss him!
Kacey: Mum would you mind taking James upstairs and keeping him occupied. I've gotta do something.
Louise: Yeah, sure. Come on honey.

Kacey: Kevin it's me.
Kevin: Oh Kacey, I've been trying to text you.
Kacey: Yes I know! Why? You've been texting me all day!
Kevin: I just feel so depressed Kace, I really don't know if I can cope anymore.
Kacey: (Sighs) Come round later on alright? We'll talk.
Kevin: Really? Eddie would be ok with that?
Kacey: Things aren't going well with me and Eddie, we've gone on a break.
Kevin: Oh Kacey I'm sor-
Kacey: Yeah, just come down at nine or something ok? Bye.

David: Kace? The door was open.
Kacey: Ah no worries David, what's up?
David: What's your dog doing at Karina's house?
Kacey: Rusty you've seen Rusty?
David: Yeah.

Kacey: Man he's soaking and freezing!
David: I spotted him when I was leaving Megan's.
Kacey: What's he been doing!?
David: No idea, I just saw him sat there.
Kacey: Oh you poor dog! Lets get you home.
David: Where the hell is Karina anyway?
Kacey: You know... I actually don't know.
David: She's been gone for ages.
Kacey: I hope she's okay.

Spain, the night before:

Karina: God where do I drive too!?
Madeline: Just go anywhere! Just keep driving!
Karina: Is Erik okay?
Madeline: Nah, he's blacked out.
Karina: Oh god.
Madeline: He'll be fine though. Oh my god! Gaz is right behind us!
Karina: What!?

Crystal Town:

Louise: You can't be serious! You've invited Kevin over!?
Kacey: Look mum, he needs my help okay? I can't just leave him!
Louise: This is a big mistake!
Kacey: Mum please. I'm an adult! We're only going to talk. Now please can you go and check on the kids for me?
Louise: Fine!

Louise: Honey, where's Jennifer?
James: I dunno. I think she went to find Rusty again.

Kacey: Kevin - it's good to see you.
Kevin: God, you look stunning.

Kacey: What the!? Ahh!

Eddie: Barry - Barry!
Barry: What Ed? What's up?
Eddie: I just got off the phone with Keria - Mrs. Daniels is letting Mary stay at her house!
Barry: What? That's impossible! I'm going over there.
Eddie: Want me to come with you?
Barry: If you like! I cannot believe Diane would do this to me.

Barry: Diane! I know you've got Mary in there! Let me in! NOW!

Mrs. Daniels: Barry please -
Barry: I can't believe you would. Oh my god.

Mary: Toby, I'd like you to meet your father.
Eddie: Oh my god.

Animals. Does it really matter what they can witness? It's not as if they could tell anybody.

A passing by skunk could witness a man welcome his lover home.

A large spider living in the corner of a house could see a woman telling her husband about her new job.

A stray dog who looks through garbage for any scrap food could overhear a woman punishing her child.

A squirell leaping from tree to tree could catch a glimpse of a woman comforting her sister.

A sleep deprieved hamster awoke after hearing a loud yell and then saw as a father was reuined with his son.

Little old Rusty, the Wellington's old dog also witnessed something of his own.

And in Spain a large bird of prey watched from its branch it was perched on as a large conflict broke out.

Madeline: NO! KARINA!
Erik: Get in the car Maddie!
Erik: Get in the car! Quick!
Madeline: Please, no!

And not ten minutes later, after the fight was over and the fighters had fled. That very same bird of prey swopped downwards and on his way elsewhere. But before he did he also gazed, just for a second at a body lying at the bottom of the lake.

The body of Karina Adams.