Crystal Town Series 4 - Episode 45 - Is It Wrong I Hate Daddy?

Christmas traditions. Each complete family has a Christmas tradition that they do year upon year.

Whether it's placing the decorations outside your house for all your neighbours to see.

Getting the youngest member of the family to place the star on top of the festive tree.

Staring excitedly at the preasants which they will open on that well awaited morning.

All gathering snuggled up round the sofa to watch a beloved Christmas movie.

Grouping together and posing for a photo which will be used on the holiday card you send out to all your friends and neighbours.

And of course there are those Christmas traditions that some people can no longer do.

David: Can you believe it? Fourteenth of December already. This year has gone so fast.
Tina: Yeah, I can't believe our Robert's twenty one today. Can you believe it?
David: Nuh uh. I feel so old.
Tina: Eurgh, you're telling me (laughs). He's going out clubbing with his friends tonight.
David: Gee, he's too old now that he won't even come and visit his mum and dad on his birthday.
Tina: Yeah, well... you know Robert. Hardly a family type of person eh? Plus I don't think he likes being around us anymore, now we're not together.
David: But Tine we haven't been together in years, he needs to get used to it.
Tina: Yeah, I know. Remember what we used to do this time every year? Robert would come running in on our bed and beg us to let him open his birthday preasants. Then me and you would both make him his favourite breakfast then we -
David: Kissed under the mistletoe. I remember.
Tina: I miss those days.
David: Yeah, me too.

Tina: Err - anyway. I best be going over to Megan's. I'm round hers for lunch.
David: Ah right, I've got some work to be doing anyway.
Tina: Sure thing, see you later.
David: Bye.

Harry: It's so nice to finally have a Christmas tree up!
Eddie: You've never had a Christmas tree up in your house before?
Harry: Nope. As a kid yeah but Fran loathed Christmas.
Eddie: What? Why?
Harry: Her parents never celebrated it when she was young so I think it rubbed off on her.
Eddie: Yeah but not even a tree?
Harry: Well that's Fran.
Eddie: Do you miss her?
Harry: Yeah, of course. But I'm enjoying the space at the moment. What about you do you miss Kacey?
Eddie: With every breath I take.

Kacey: Sorry, I've gotta nip out.
Louise: Should we pause the film?
Kacey: No, no. It's okay honestly. I just need to go and think about something.
James: But mummy you'll miss the film.
Kacey: It's alright hun, I've seen it loads of times.
Louise: Are you alright Kace?
Kacey: Yeah Mum, I'm fine.

Kevin: Jeez, about time. I've been waiting ages. Now kiss me -
Kacey: Nah. Kevin, I can't. I can't do this.
Kevin: What? Why?
Kacey: Because it's wrong! I'm still married to Eddie! I love him!
Kevin: But you're seperated?
Kacey: Well he walked out.
Kevin: Well then, don't just stand there - embrace me woman!
Kacey: Defiently not now you've just said that.
Kevin: (Sighs) You wasn't saying that last month when you kissed me.
Kacey: That was different - I was so upset by Eddie leaving...
Kevin: Oh so that's all I am? A distraction?
Kacey: Well... kinda. I mean I know I -
Kevin: You know you what? Love me?
Kacey: Well, I've never stopped.

Kevin: C'mon Kace, we've got so much history. Kiss me.
Kacey: No Kevin - go away! I can't do this anymore! I wanna work things out with Eddie!

Louise: Honey are you sure you don't want to come and watch a film with us?
Jennifer: No.
Louise: But sweetie, you're missing out.
Jennifer: I don't care. I'm not going down there with Kacey being there.
Louise: Fine. Stay up here on your own then.

Elliot: Mum do you know where the Christmas decorations are?
Lennie: I looked in the basement but they weren't in there.
Amelia: Oh yeah, I threw them out.
Elliot: What?
Lennie: You threw out the Christmas decorations?
Amelia: Yeah, we're not celebrating it this year.
Elliot: What!?
Lennie: You can't be serious.
Amelia: Oh I'm being deadly serious.
Lennie: But it's Christmas.
Amelia: And with one of my daughters missing and another one of them dead I'm just not in the mood to celebrate it. Is that clear?
Elliot: Thanks alot mum.

Lennie: Why did you have to say a thing like that?
Amelia: Cause I meant it?
Lennie: But hun - Elliot's had a horrible year. We all have. We need something.
Amelia: Well I'm not in the mood for it.
Lennie: Amelia, you're being selfish. Ruby's death was almost a year ago, she wouldn't want you to of -
Amelia: No. That's the last time we're discussing it Lennie.
Lennie: Listen I know you're mad because Vanessa and Michelle tried to trick us the other day but -
Amelia: I do not wanna talk about it Lennie.

Keria: You look so happy mum.
Pauline: Huh? Oh yes sweetheart, I am. I'm just so pleased Megan's found it in her heart to finally talk to me. I've met my grand daughters and everythings finally worked out for me. I'm so happy.
Keria: Aww Mum, I'm so pleased.
Pauline: Yeah, I think I'm ready to go now.
Keria: What!? Why do you say stupid things like that!?
Pauline: Oh Ker, please love. You've gotta face the facts sooner or later. I'm going to pass away soon.
Keria: Mum, you'll be around for Christmas so please. Stop.

Megan: Wasn't that something? I'm so excited about this year. It's the first Christmas the girls can enjoy! They were too young last year.
Pauline: Yeah, sweetheart. It's all wonderful isn't it? We've certainly made the place look amazing.
Megan: Mum, about the past few months - I'm sorry. I should of forgave you ages ago so that we had more time instead of me being a stubborn, selfish -
Pauline: Honey, don't focus on the past okay? Lets focus on the time we have left together.
Megan: I love you, both. Thanks for looking out for me this past month.
Keria: You're my big sister, I'd do anything for you.
Megan: I know I'm still missing Barry and everything, but I really am looking forward to Christmas now.
Pauline: We all are dear.

Barry: Look Mary, just let me see Toby. Please, he's been here for a month now. I have a right to see me son!
Mary: Do you? After you abbdonned us?
Barry: You're even crazier then you used to be! You killed Tommy then stole Toby from me! I want to see my son! I will tell him the truth!
Mary: Oh I think you'll find he wants nothing to do with you.
Barry: Because you've brainwashed him and put all these lies into his heads.
Mary: Could you go now please Barry? Me and MY son are going to put up our christmas decorations.
Barry: You're a cold heartless bitch.
Mary: I know. Goodbye Barry.

Mrs. Daniels: Barry wait - don't go!
Barry: What's up Diane?
Mrs. Daniels: We haven't had a chance to talk since you found out I was letting them stay here. Barry I have too - if I kicked her out then she would of took off and you -
Barry: I never would of seen Toby again, I know.
Mrs. Daniels: I wanted to give you a chance to see Toby and tell him the truth - but if she's not gonna allow you to see them then I'll get rid of them.
Barry: No. Keep her here.
Mrs. Daniels: What are you gonna do?
Barry: I am gonna get my son to talk to me and I will tell him the truth. One way or another.

Mrs. Daniels: I'm so sorry about this Barry. You really don't derserve this.
Barry: Thanks Diane, I better be heading back to Harry's.
Mrs. Daniels: Alright love.

Toby: Why does he keep coming back mum? He knows I want nothing to do with him!
Mary: I've told you what he's like Tobe, he thinks he's allowed to let me raise you into the brilliant young man you are now and then come back when the raisings done.
Toby: I'm never gonna want anything to do with him mum! You don't have to worry about that!
Mary: I know love, I've raised you well.
Toby: I'm gonna take a nap.
Mary: Alright champ.

Mrs. Daniels: Happy with yourself are you? Keeping a kid away from his father by putting filthy lies into his head?
Mary: Do you always stick your nose in to family matters Diane?
Mrs. Daniels: You should still be locked up! You're not right!
Mary: Listen Diane, I'm getting tired of your attitude. I'd stop yelling at me if I were you.
Mrs. Daniels: You don't scare me.
Mary: I don't? I should. Would you like some lunch?

Marie: Hey babe, I got you some of that chicken you really like from the store. You could have it in a sandwich again?
Chris: Yeah thanks Marie, that's great.
Marie: I got some tuna for Alice I'll go ask her if she wants that or chicken.
Chris: She's not upstairs.
Marie: Oh? Where is she then?
Chris: She's gone out to have a snowball fight with her friends.
Marie: Excuse me? She's gone out?
Chris: Yeah, why?

Marie: You let her go out after the condom you found in her room last week?!
Chris: Marie, she's a fifteen year old girl. You can't keep her inside as a prisoner or watch over her twenty four seven.
Marie: I have to go and look for her.
Chris: Oh come on Marie, she's only gone out with her friends to hang out in the snow!
Marie: She's my daughter Chris! I've gotta go and see what she's up too.
Chris: Do what you must.
Marie: Oh I will!

Kacey: Hey Marie, can I talk with you? I could really use a friend to talk too at the moment.
Marie: I'm just heading off out. Come with me.
Kacey: Oh we are you going?
Marie: Out for a drive.
Kacey: Where too?
Marie: To spy on Alice.
Kacey: Oh. Awesome.


Madeline: No - Karina - please.

Madeline: KARINA!

Erik: Maddie - are you okay!?
Madeline: Yeah, yeah. I'm fine. Don't worry.
Erik: Were you dreaming again?
Madeline: Yeah had the same nightmare.
Erik: Of Karina being killed?
Madeline: Yep, that's the one. The one where I have to watch my best friend die again and again and it's all my fault.
Erik: Maddie, she knew -
Madeline: - what she was getting herself into, I know. But Karina is dead because of me Erik. And I will never forgive myself.

Erik: Come on, lets get something to eat. There's something I need to tell you.

Crystal Town:

Megan: Hey Tine, you're looking nice today.
Tina: Aww cheers Meg, you seem really happy!
Megan: I am. I'm so happy that things between me and my mum are finally okay and that she and Keria are gonna be joining me and the girls for Christmas, I need family around you know? After what Barry's put me through.
Tina: Don't even think about him hun.
Megan: I don't. If I did I'd just get myself down again. Now, lunch is ready!
Tina: Yummy.

Megan: What's been going on with you? Put up your decorations yet?
Tina: Yeah me and David put them up a few days ago. It's weird this morning we were having a conversation -
Megan: Oh? About what?
Tina: Well it's Robert's birthday today.
Megan: Ah, of course! Darn, I haven't sent his card off yet, I'll do it tomorrow.
Tina: And me and David were talking about what we used to do on that day. You know like traditions and stuff.
Megan: Sure.
Tina: And I mentioned how we always used to kiss under the misletoe. And I said I missed those days and he said he did too and it all got a little - awkward.
Megan: Well you know why don't you?
Tina: No?
Megan: Oh Tine, you're so blind.
Tina: Megan, where are you going with this? (Laughs).
Megan: When you go home, see if David would like that tradition to come back.
Tina: What do you mean?
Megan: You know what I mean.

Harry: Hey Barry, how did it go over at Diane's?

Eddie: Ouch, I'm guessing not good then.
Harry: Do you think we should go talk to him?
Eddie: Nah. Perhaps its better he had his space. I'm off to Kacey's anyhow.
Harry: Why?
Eddie: I'm gonna go see Jennifer and I have to still do last minute resturant plans with Kacey and Louise. We open tomorrow night afterall.
Harry: Oh yeah, good luck pal.
Eddie: Cheers mate.

Megan: Hey guys, you're back.
Keria: Hi, where's the girls?
Megan: Upstairs having a nap. How did it go mum? What did the doctor say?
Pauline: The tests weren't ready, he's gonna pop round later with them.
Megan: Oh.
Pauline: What if it's all bad? What if I won't last until Christmas.
Keria: Mum you don't know that! You told us that you haven't been physcally sick for a while now.
Pauline: Yeah and that happened last year then I found out I had less than a year left.
Megan: Oh come on mum. We have to think positive.

Marie: She's gotta be around here somewhere.
Kacey: Look, can you just drop me off here Marie. I've gotta meet Eddie and my mum to talk about the resturant plans for tomorrow night.
Marie: I thought you needed somebody to talk too?
Kacey: I'll give you a call later. Good luck finding Alice.
Marie: Thanks.

Marie: Alice - come on get in the car! We're going home!
Alice: What!?
Marie: We're going in.
Alice: Mum? I'm just having a snowball fight with my friends?
Marie: In the car.
Alice: Is this what I think this is about!?
Marie: Just get in the car please!

Alice: Go to hell mum! You still think I've had sex don't you!?
Marie: Please Alice - just get in the car!
Alice: I don't want to talk too you!

Louise: Hiya Eddie.
Eddie: Hey Louise. Err - hi Kace.
Kacey: Hey Ed.
Eddie: How have you been?
Kacey: Okay, you?
Eddie: Yeah. I've been alright. I've missed you all.
Kacey: We've missed you too.

Louise: Well anyway we open tomorrow night and we have a problem, the table and chairs haven't been delivered yet.
Eddie: What!?
Kacey: You're joking?
Louise: Nope, the guys van broke down cause of the snow. He's five hours away with our tables and chairs.
Kacey: Oh god.
Eddie: I'll go pick it up.

Kacey: You what?
Eddie: We need this for tomorrow, plus I feel bad for being away and not helping much as much as I could of. So I need to do this.
Kacey: I'll go with you.
Eddie: You will?
Kacey: Of course. It will give us time to sort things out too.
Eddie: Oh Kace, I'd love that.
Louise: Ah, I'm pleased everything is coming together!
Eddie: We should head off now. I'm just gonna go see Jennifer.
Kacey: Sure.

Kacey: Mum! I think things are going to work out!
Louise: That's such good news dear. Anyway I'm gonna head out and take a walk.
Kacey: Who will watch the kids?
Louise: They're with Stevie anyway.
Kacey: Ah right.

Eddie: Hiya Jen.
Jennifer: Hey daddy.
Eddie: Why are you down here? Where's Stevie and James?
Jennifer: They're playing monopoly upstairs.
Eddie: Oh? And don't you want to play with them?
Jennifer: No. I was waiting to talk to you. It's important.
Eddie: Oh sure honey, what's up?
Jennifer: I saw Kacey do something awful the other day.
Eddie: What?
Jennifer: Are you two still together?
Eddie: Well yeah sweetie we are trying to work things out so I don't want this to affect you okay?
Jennifer: Daddy -
Eddie: Look I understand it must be hard for you as your Auntie Karina's away and me and Kacey have been so busy with each other and the restruant but we will sort things out.
Jennifer: I saw her kiss someone!
Eddie: What?
Jennifer: The other day, I went to find Rusty and when I did I saw Kacey kissing that guy Kevin you don't like.
Eddie: Oh my god.
Jennifer: Please don't be mad with Kacey daddy.
Eddie: Wait here a second, okay?
Jennifer: Okay.

Kacey: Hey Ed, ready to go?
Eddie: You kissed Kevin!?
Kacey: What? No!
Eddie: Don't you dare lie to me! Jennifer saw you kissing him the other night!
Kacey: Okay I did but I only did it cause I was so upset about you wanting a break!
Eddie: So you go and the kiss the guy that we were rowing about in the first place?!
Kacey: I told him today I want nothing to do with him Ed!

Eddie: Oh so that makes it okay does it!?
Kacey: Eddie! You walked out on me! I was heartbroken and distraught!
Eddie: No the fact of the matter is you've gone and ruined everything! We're done!
Kacey: What? Ed? You don't mean that!
Eddie: Oh I do! I'm taking Jennifer and I'll send somebody round to get her things later!

Eddie: Come on Jenny, we're leaving!


Madeline: Well? You have news?
Erik: The guys I got working for me? You know the ones who are trying to find where he's keeping Mark?
Madeline: (Sarcastically) Yep, great job them guys are doing.
Erik: Well... lets just say they followed that Donna, his girlfriend home from a store the other day and the daft cow led them straight to their house.
Madeline: What? So you're telling me?
Erik: We've found where they're keeping Mark!

Madeline: Oh my god! We need to go there! Now!
Erik: We're heading there tomorrow night and we will get your son back. I made you a promise and I intend to stick to it, even if I have to kill Gaz myself.

Madeline: Oh Erik, I can't believe this. We're really going to save him? I'm going to save Mark.
Erik: Yeah honey, we are. You got the gun?

Crystal Town:

Louise: Are you alright son? You're sitting out here alone with no coat or jacket? You must be freezing!
Toby: Meh, I'm fine.
Louise: You're Barry's son right?
Toby: No he's no father of mine.

Louise: Why do you hate him so much?
Toby: Because he abbdonned me and my mum when I was younger? How can you possibly forgive him for something like that? How could a father just ditch and leave his son?
Louise: Are you sure you know the whole story?
Toby: My mum wouldn't lie to me.
Louise: Well I of all people understand what it is that you're going through.
Toby: Really?
Louise: Yeah completely. My dad used to be so horrible to me when I was young. He never used to want to know me at all.
Toby: And least he didn't walk out on you.

Louise: Well to be honest he might aswell off. He never used to want to have fun with me, his family could never make him happy. Every little thing he did just made him miserable.
Toby: Really? That must of been hard?
Louise: It was. I only put up with him cause of my mother. She was the sweetest and more caring mothers ever. I learnt so much from her.
Toby: Why did she put up with him?
Louise: Because she loved him.
Toby: What happened to your relationship with him?
Louise: Well I stopped seeing him in 1969 when my mum died. Neither of us spoke to each other in years. And when he was old and couldn't look after himself I just dumped him straight into a home. Then I found out he died a few years later and I didn't feel anything.
Toby: Did he derserve that?
Louise: Yeah, he was a horrible father. But you wanna know something?
Toby: Sure?
Louise: I've regretted it ever since.
Toby: So you're saying?
Louise: People make mistakes, and we only live once. Now promise me that you'll head home soon? You'll die out here!
Toby: Sure, thank you?
Louise: Louise.
Toby: Thank you Louise.

Toby: I saw you earlier running away from somebody in a car? What did they offer you a lollipop to get in or something?
Alice: Leave me alone.
Toby: What's wrong with you?
Alice: My mother!
Toby: Eurgh, parents are the worst aren't they?
Alice: Aren't they just?
Toby: I'm Toby.
Alice: Hi Toby, I'm Alice.

Vanessa: Can I pop out?
Amelia: No.
Lennie: Amelia!
Amelia: What?! How can you even talk to her after she tried to trick us the other day by sending us to Pleasantview whilst Michelle was gonna come here and get her things and then the pair of them were gonna disappear?!
Vanessa: Well that didn't happen did it.
Amelia: No! And I don't know who you think you are! You've just turned seventeen so you are forced to listen to me for one more year! And seeing as I am in charge of you until then you do as I say!
Vanessa: You're so unfair!
Amelia: You're damn right I am!

Lennie: Amelia, you need to stop.
Amelia: Oh go away Lennie.
Lennie: Stop with this attitude! The kids are trying to stay happy and positve and you snapping at them and cancelling Christmas is just gonna make their year even worse!
Amelia: I'm gonna get that.
Lennie: Okay, don't forget to yell at whoever that is too.
Amelia: Shut up.

Michelle: Mum - quick. Let us in.
Amelia: Michelle!?

Marie: Is she in? Is Alice in?
Chris: Yeah, she's upstairs.
Marie: She is in so much trouble!
Chris: It's not my place Marie as she's not my daughter, but cut her some slack.
Marie: Sorry?
Chris: You've been watching her like a hawk for the past month, she's a good kid. Give her a break. All she did was go out and have a snowball fight with her best friends and you went charging out there and humaliated her.
Marie: She's my daughter Chris, what if she has had sex? I need to protect her! She's just fifteen!
Chris: Maybe you should begin to trust your own daughter Marie? I trust her!
Marie: I guess you're right.
Chris: You owe her an apology, you've given her no space lately and it's beginning to stress her out and affect her school work.
Marie: Yeah. I'll make her her favourite tea.
Chris: Good.

Marie: You know what I love about you?
Chris: What?
Marie: The way you're not afraid to tell me off when I've done wrong. (Laughs). I know I can be abit controlling at times.
Chris: Abit?
Marie: Now that's just plain cheeky.
Chris: (Laughs).

David: Hey.
Tina: Good day at the office?
David: Not really, boring as always.
Tina: David, come here I was hoping we could chat.
David: Oh?

Tina: It's about what we discussed earlier - it seemed as if we both missed ya know the mistletoe tradition.
David: Yeah. I was thinking about that too and -
Tina: Well I miss it. Badly.
David: Same.

David: Wah - I can't do this.
Tina: What?!
David: Sorry Tine, it's just not right -

Tina: David!

Megan: How are you feeling mum?
Pauline: I'm so nervous, what if I haven't even got days? I want to be around for Christmas!
Megan: Lets just see what the doctor says okay?
Keria: He's here.
Pauline: Oh god.

Doctor Cortez: Pauline I wouldn't of normally of delivered this news at your house but I have to say you might wanna hear this personally.
Pauline: (Sighs) Lets just get on with it? How long have I got?
Doctor Cortez: No what you're not understanding Miss Harding is that, the new medicene we started giving you a few months ago, the one that was in testing - well it's worked on you.
Pauline: Sorry?

Doctor Cortez: We have no idea how but you're all clear.
Pauline: What? How? I mean - how can that - what? I was told I had a year!
Doctor Cortez: Miss Harding, the cancer is gone. It worked. The treatment worked on you.
Megan: Oh my goodness!
Keria: This is fantastic!
Doctor Cortez: I think you've had your very own Christmas miracle Pauline.

And the fourteenth of December would now be known for a new tradition for the Harding family. On that day every year a candle would be lit at the same time Pauline Harding was told that she was not going to lose her life to cancer. And that was the greatest Christmas tradition of all.