Crystal Town Series 4 - Episode 46 - The Rescue

To understand the complicated mystery of Madeline Baker, you need to start at the beginning.

Madeline: Hiya Auntie Shelia!
Shelia: Oh little Maddie! How are you sweetie pie? Oh come here and give your favourite auntie a kiss! Mwah! Mwah! Mwah!

Madeline: Aren't you suposed to be in London?
Shelia: Oh I took a break from the stage sweetpea to come down to the country and visit my sister and you of course!
Madeline: Hows Uncle Tony?
Shelia: Oh he's away in Italy on buissness! He looks after some of the biggest fashion models in the world! You are stunning my love perhaps you would like to be one in the future?

Grace: Are you kidding? You can barley get Maddie to put footballs down, she's no girly girl.
Shelia: Oh is that so? You're so lovely looking Maddie, it would be a shame to put that pretty face to waste!
Madeline: Well... I dunno, I like football and bikes and stuff.
Grace: You just ignore Maddie, you're perfect the way you are poppet.
Shelia: Well the offer stands.
Madeline: No thank you Auntie Shelia. I'm no supermodel.

Spain, Present Day:

Erik: Hiya love, did you get any sleep?
Madeline: Not really. I'm just so awake. We've gotta do this, I have a chance to get my boy back and I can't fail Erik. I just can't.
Erik: And like I told you Maddie, we're not going too. I want you to promise me something though?
Madeline: What?
Erik: If you find Mark and there's a way out and I'm not with you then you run and you leave me there.
Madeline: What? No!
Erik: Promise me.
Madeline: No I'm not going to promise you that! We'll get out! All three of us will!
Erik: Don't under estimate Gaz, it will be a miracle if all of us get out of there.
Madeline: We will okay! I am not going to lose anyone again! Not after Karina!

Erik: I'm sorry, I'm sorry - come here, come here.
Madeline: I can't lose anyone else due to that man not after Grace!
Erik: Come on, don't say that. You know you get upset whenever her name is mentioned.
Madeline: Oh, Erik.

Crystal Town:

Stevie: Kace, the table and chairs are all set up.
Kacey: Alright, cheers Stevie.

Louise: Are you alright love? You look stressed.
Kacey: I am stressed! The guys who are setting everything up don't listen to me! Everything I say they just ignore!
Louise: Look, why don't I try and pop round and see if Eddie will come down and help to sort things out?
Kacey: I tried ringing him earlier mum, he won't come and help. He wants nothing to do with me.
Louise: I'm gonna go try okay?
Kacey: Fine. But don't say I told you so if he just slams the door on your face!

William: What do you mean you're not going to be home for another three hours? Gus has been crying for you all day! I've only just managed to get him to fall asslep!
Kayleigh: Sorry honey but it's my first day and I'm just overloaded with paperwork I've gotta catch up on before I can begin my art. I'm sorry but we need the money.

William: Yeah I guess, at least your new boss is giving you breaks and stuff eh?
Kayleigh: Yeah unlike the last jackass I used to work for.
William: Well just hurry up and come home okay? I miss you.
Kayleigh: I gotta go, I miss you too. Give Gus a goodnight kiss from me!

Roger: Hiya Kay, hows things going?
Kayleigh: Alright thanks boss, things are little hectic.
Roger: Oh dear. By the way feel free to call me Roger!
Kayleigh: Oh right, okay - Roger (laughs).
Roger: So anyway I've got a really important buisness meeting later with some co-workers and I was hoping that you could pour the coffee for us?
Kayleigh: Excuse me?
Roger: Well you're the only woman whose in work today and some of my old collegues are abit old fashioned and -

Kayleigh: Okay, I'm gonna stop you right there.
Roger: Ah, I'm sorry - have I insulted you?
Kayleigh: Well yes!
Roger: I apolgise! I'm very sorry.
Kayleigh: It's alright, honestly. Now I should be getting back to work.
Roger: Oh of course, again I'm sorry.
Kayleigh: (Laughs) Don't worry about it.

Amelia: So you're still not going to tell me how you guys got here?
Michelle: Mum, please. We've had a difficult few months, we do not want to discuss it.
Amelia: I haven't seen you since you visited me in hospital earlier this year when I had that car accident!
Ben: We understand why you're annoyed Mrs. Appleton.
Amelia: And seriously Michelle! This guy!?
Michelle: His name is Ben!
Amelia: How can you even be friends with this guy after he took the pub hostage with Cate and his other little friends!?
Michelle: Mum! He let Kacey and William out! He came back into the pub to rescue everybody, if it wasn't for him more people could of been killed.
Amelia: Oh so it doesen't matter that Hilary Kim and Ruby - YOUR sister was killed eh? As long as nobody else was.
Michelle: Shut up! You know Ruby was the person I was closest too in the entire world!
Amelia: Yet you're acting like you don't care she was killed at all!

Michelle: (Sobbing).

Ben: Mrs. Appleton with all due respect - that really wasn't fair.
Amelia: Ben, with all due respect - shut the hell up or get out of my house.


Erik: Well we're on our way - you alright hun? You nervous?
Madeline: No, I'm fine. Just thinking that's all.
Erik: About?
Madeline: Mum, Mark, Gaz, you. Everything. And how we ended up here.

Madeline: I can still remember that day. The day one lifestyle ended for me and then how another one began.

Shelia: Honey, the cars arrived, we should get going.
Madeline: I don't want to leave her here.
Shelia: Look, darling - your mothers at peace now. She's resting.
Madeline: But what if she needs me?
Shelia: She'll be alright, I promise. Now come on - we have to get going.

Shelia: We're ready to go Tony.
Tony: Good but before we do - Madeline I'd like you to meet Derek Coleman.
Shelia: Oh Tony not now. Please.
Tony: Quiet, Shelia. Derek this is Madeline.
Madeline: Hello, were you a friend of my mums?
Mr. Coleman: Not exactly my love.
Tony: You see Mr. Coleman here is one of the best glamour model managers in the country.
Madeline: It's my mothers funeral and your talking to me about a job in a fashion carrer I don't even want!?
Mr. Coleman: Maybe this is the wrong time -
Tony: Well I'm sorry Madeline but me and Shelia are heading to the states soon and we're the only people who could take you in. You can even go with Mr. Coleman where he can get you a very fancy flat somewhere and with looks like yours my love you'll be getting work in no time.
Madeline: I guess I don't have a choice?

Erik: Why didn't you just say no?
Madeline: I was fifteen, scared and alone. I didn't know what I could do! I'm guessing you know whose next to come in and ruin my life?
Erik: Gaz.
Madeline: Well done.

Erik: You met him at a nightclub didn't you?
Madeline: Yep, I thought he was amazing when I first met him.

Madeline: Obviously he kept that little act going for months, I thought he was the one. The perfect guy. Then of course I fell pregnant.
Erik: We don't have to talk about this anymore -
Madeline: I want too.

Madeline: Gaz - would you - like - err some dinner.
Gaz: Yes. Within an hour.
Madeline: But - but - I'm making a roast and it won't be ready for another two yet.
Gaz: What!?

Madeline: No Gaz - please - don't! No!
Gaz: I've had it up to here with everything! My boss is giving me a hard time at work -
Madeline: So you're taking it out on me!?
Gaz: Did you just speak back to me?!
Madeline: No! NO! I'm sorry Gaz - please - don't hurt me - the baby.
Gaz: Gah! The baby eh? You'd best hope it comes out a boy!
Madeline: What?
Gaz: I'm not having anything coming from me being a girl! That thing inside ya best be a male! If not -
Madeline: Gaz.. p..please don't do anything.
Gaz: I'll kill the baby, then I'll kill YOU!

Erik: Then we met.
Madeline: Yes, then we met.

Madeline: Are you Mr. Davies!?
Erik: Yes, you must be Madeline.
Madeline: You're my new councilar yes?
Erik: That's right, Mrs. Caines if you'd like to sit down!
Madeline: He can't know I'm here!
Erik: Sorry?
Madeline: My husband can never know I came!
Erik: Our sessions are completely confidential Mrs. Caines.
Madeline: You've gotta help me - please! I found out yesterday that the baby I'm having is a girl and he's crazy and obsessed with it being a boy, he'll kill us - please! You have to get me far away! Please!
Erik: Mrs. Caines, please relax okay? We're gonna get you out of this mess. I promise.
Madeline: It's Miss Baker now.
Erik: Alright, Miss Baker.

Madeline: And then I chickened out and went running back to Gaz and told him everything. I gave birth to my baby girl - to Grace. My little princess that I named after my mum.
Erik: I know all this Madeline, why are we going through this?
Madeline: Because you know how I told you me and Gaz had sex after I gave birth?
Erik: Yeah.
Madeline: That wasn't exactly true.
Erik: What? What do you mean!? He -
Madeline: Yeah, he forced me. Then I fell pregnant with Mark.
Erik: Oh Maddie, I'm so sorry baby - why didn't you ever tell me?
Madeline: Because I never could speak about it, but ever since Gaz kidnapped Mark I've had an inner strength I never knew I had. So soon after that I went to pick up some money from Coleman.

Madeline: Coleman! Coleman!
Mr. Coleman: Maddie, hey what's up dear? Would you like a…
Madeline: Listen Coleman, I've gotta get out of here and fast. Just give me the money that you owe me from last months calender bonus and I'll go!
Mr. Coleman: Since when do you call me Coleman?
Madeline: Just do it!
Mr. Coleman: Madeline? What's wrong?
Madeline: The money?
Mr. Coleman: Look if you've got into trouble… drugs? Alchohol? I can help you…
Madeline: The money!

Mr. Coleman: Has Gary assulted you again?
Madeline: No I told you he… moved!
Mr. Coleman: Did he do anything to your baby?
Madeline: Derek, give me the money or so help me. I will knock you out and take it myself.

Mr. Coleman: I've left it at reception for you to have picked up…
Madeline: Okay.

Mr. Coleman: Madeline! Wait! Don't go!

Madeline: And then I finally came to you for help and we got closer and began to date. Then we moved out to a place in Spain but -
Erik: He found us.
Madeline: Luckilly Mark - who he was looking for at the time was out with you but me and Grace were home...

Madeline: I'm going Gaz!
Gaz: You can't just leave me! I'm not gonna let you do this!
Madeline: I'm taking my child okay. It's my right!

Gaz: Your child? Nothing is yours! When you gave birth to that kid nothing was yours!
Madeline: You're crazy.
Gaz: Crazy about you!

Madeline: Get your hands off me!
Gaz: Don't shove me aside Maddie.
Madeline: Gaz, I swear to god! No! Please don't! No!
Gaz: This is gonna be hot…

Madeline: No! Get your hands off me!

Madeline: Oh my god… Gaz? Gaz!?

Madeline: You strapped in honey? Good, we're getting outta here.

Madeline: Mummy's gonna save you! Mummys never gonna let him hurt you Grace. I promise you!

Erik: So we moved somewhere else.
Madeline: But he found us again.
Erik: Lets stop here.
Madeline: And that's when he did it.
Erik: Maddie - I said we're stopping this here! Now!
Madeline: He killed Grace.
Erik: Madeline!
Madeline: I'm so glad I never saw her body - only the blood patches on her cot.
Erik: ENOUGH MADDIE! Stop it! You'll just upset yourself! Enough of this!
Madeline: I remember that day so well. I'm just so grateful that I managed to get Mark away from him then.

Erik: Madeline… it's me. Honey? Hello? You called me to come and get you? Honey, the cars waiting let's go! Madeline?

(From afar)
Madeline: (Screaming) No what have you done!?
Gaz: I told you if you ever left me that this would happen.
Gaz: You gave me no choice! You left me!
Madeline: What the hell is wrong with you!?
Gaz: What are you doing… put it…

Erik: Oh my god… Madeline! Madeline!
Madeline: Erik! We need to go!
Erik: Maddie, what's happening? What did he do to? Oh my god he didn't!
Madeline: (Sobbing) We have to go!
Erik: Did you shoot him? Is he dead?
Madeline: No… I got him in the shoulder. I aimed for the head after… but I couldn't… bring myself to do it.
Erik: Alright, you're gonna be okay. I promise we're gonna go far away okay?
Madeline: (Sobbing) Yeah.
Erik: Let's go!

Crystal Town:

Louise: Alright Kace, Ed's here.
Eddie: I just want to get one thing straight okay? I am here for your mum and your mum only. I promised her that we would make this resturant in a brilliant rememberance of Bruce.
Kacey: Eddie please - about that kiss with Kevin.
Eddie: I'm not talking about it Kacey. I told you that we're over. I'm only here to help with the opening of the resturant tomorrow.
Kacey: Tomorrow? We're opening.
Louise: Well Eddie said and I agree that we should delay it until tomorrow so we can get everything smooth and sorted out. It's all a mess at the moment Kace!
Kacey: But what about all the guests we've invited for launch!?
Eddie: I've called all of them and everybodys still going to come tomorrow night. Did you say you wanted me to go and chat to the guys setting up Louise?
Louise: Yes please. I'll come with you.

Kacey: Thanks Ed.
Eddie: Don't mention it.

Stevie: Kace, are you alright?
Kacey: Yeah I've just got something in my eye that's all.
Stevie: Sorry if this is a bad time but Kevin's outside.
Kacey: What? I told him to leave us alone!
Stevie: I tried to send him away but he insists on seeing you. I made sure Eddie didn't see him though.
Kacey: Cheers, Stevie. Can you go check on James for me please? I'll go grab my sweater then I'll go out and get rid of him.
Stevie: Alright, sure.

Kacey: Kevin, what are you doing here?
Kevin: I know what you said the other day Kace. But I just can't stand living without you in my life. I love you and I know that you feel the same way.
Kacey: Of course I do, but it's just everything - the way you ditched me years ago, Eddie - everything.
Kevin: I've changed Kace! I'm a changed man! I want you - I need you. And if Eddie's stupid enough to let you go then why are you pushing me away? I love you.
Kevin: I love you too.

Roger: Hey Kayleigh!
Kayleigh: Oh hi Roger, what are you doing here?
Roger: I come here every tuesday for dinner cause the wife goes to the thetere.
Kayleigh: You can't do yourself dinner (laughs).
Roger: Hell no, that's the womans job.
Kayleigh: Right, okay.
Roger: Look Kayleigh, have I annoyed you?
Kayleigh: Well Roger we've spoken for less than five minutes today and I've already heard you make two sexist comments.
Roger: And I apolgised earlier.
Kayleigh: Yet you just said it again!
Roger: Can we just start again? Can I sit? Perhaps we could get to know each other a little bit.
Kayleigh: Good idea, sure.

Kayleigh: So what do you do in your spare time?
Roger: Hah, I didn't know that existed!
Kayleigh: (Laughs) Always busy huh?
Roger: Yeah, constantly. How about yourself?
Kayleigh: I enjoy hanging out with my friends, taking my little boy out for walks and I enjoy golfing with my husband with golf too.
Roger: A woman playing golf? (Laughs).
Kayleigh: Erm, Roger?
Roger: Oh crap! Sorry. So hows your golf hand?
Kayleigh: Not so good, my husbands the pro. He always beats me.
Roger: No suprise.

Kayleigh: That's it I'm out of here!
Roger: Kayleigh - I'm sorry! I always open my big mouth!
Kayleigh: You're lucky I don't report you! You're so sexist Roger!

Megan: Hey Keria.
Keria: Christmas shopping go well Meg?
Megan: Sure did, got the girls lots of stuff.
Keria: Need a hand getting it out of the boot?
Megan: Nah, it's alright. I've left all there pressies in the garage because now they're walking they're exploring every room avaliable to them! Where's mum?
Keria: She's upstairs having a bath.
Megan: Didn't she have a shower earlier?
Keria: Yeah but she's so happy reccently that she wants any excuse to sing out loud.

Megan: Can you believe her cancers gone? Just like that? It's just amazing.
Keria: Yeah apperantly this drug has worked on quite a few others too.
Megan: I mean it's all coming together - we've got plenty of money coming in, me and you both have a great relationship with mum now, the girls are doing great, mums cured and it's a white Christmas. So why aren't I happy? And why can't I get over Barry?
Keria: Oh sweetheart.
Megan: I really miss him.


Madeline: Oh god, this is it. We're here.
Erik: You ready for this Maddie?
Madeline: Yeah, I am. Remember the plan?
Erik: Of course, well - lets do it.

Madeline: (Yells) Gaz! It's me! I've come home sweetheart! Do let me in! Yohoo! Gaz!

Mark: Was that? Did I hear that? It's mum!

Donna: Gaz can you hear that?
Gaz: No? Hear what?
Donna: Yelling.
Gaz: Is Mark screaming his head off again?
Donna: No it's not Mark - it's a womans voice.
Gaz: Lets go check it out. If it happens to Madeline - the guns here, you know what you need to know.
Donna: No! I don't want to kill anybody! Not after what I did to Karina!
Gaz: You'll do as I say.
Donna: But -
Gaz: Don't you dare awnser me back. Now come on, lets go.

Madeline: Hullo Gaz! May I come in?
Gaz: (Laughs) You're brave Maddie, I'll give you that.
Madeline: Are you gonna let me in or not?
Gaz: You know me Maddie, can never turn you down can I?

Donna: Oh Madeline - you shouldn't of come.
Gaz: Go get the gun please Donna, it's time to finish this.
Donna: But Gaz can't we just work it out?
Gaz: Go! Now! Or so help me Donna.

Madeline: So you're going to kill me are you?
Gaz: Well I've got to haven't I. Because you're not gonna rest until you get Mark back and I can't be bothered to keep you alive because believe you me - you are never getting my son.
Madeline: Your son!? You're keeping him locked in a room! Where is he Gaz? I just want to talk to him!
Gaz: He'll come round eventually, once your gone he'll have no choice but to turn to me to comfort.
Madeline: You've always been completely insane haven't you!?
Gaz: Insane for a son Madeline. Which you eventually managed to give me.
Madeline: You killed Grace! That poor innocent little girl! You butchered her!
Gaz: No Madeline. I didn't.
Madeline: What? You son of a bitch what did you do with her then?!

Donna: Please wake up! I need your help! Madeline's in trouble!\

Erik: Finally! I'm in the house.

Gaz: I gave her away to somebody, the blood in her cot was mine. I put my blood there.
Madeline: What? You mean my little girl is out there somewhere!?
Gaz: Well she's not little anymore, you've missed how many birthdays of hers? Eighteen? Hmm, I wonder if she looks like you? She did as a baby anyway. But you'll never know will you?
Madeline: You bastard!
Gaz: Don't you dare even think of attacking me Maddie!
Madeline: Argh!
Donna: I'm sorry Gaz.

Gaz: Gargh!

Madeline: What did you do?
Donna: I hit him with the gun. Is he unconcious?
Madeline: Yeah, he's out. Why did you do that?
Donna: Because he was going to kill you. He would of killed me eventually.
Madeline: You killed Karina.
Donna: Actually -
Erik: Looks like I managed to get in at the right time.
Madeline: Where's Mark!?
Donna: He's through that door just there, the keys are on the end table next to the door.
Madeline: Oh god - Mark!
Erik: I'm gonna go get the car ready.
Madeline: Donna what are you gonna do?
Donna: I'll wait here until you guys get back.
Erik: Alright - Maddie you go get Mark.

Madeline: Mark! MARK!
Mark: Oh my god! It was you! MUM!

Madeline: I can't believe it! You've been gone for almost a year! I thought I'd never see you again baby!
Mark: I'm alright mum, I'm okay.
Madeline: Oh my boy, my poor son. I'm so sorry for this - it's all my fault.
Mark: Don't be ridicolous, my dads crazy mum. I'm just so glad we're back together! I didn't think I'd see you ever again either!

Madeline: Oh Mark. Everythings gonna be alright.
Mark: What the!?
Madeline: Donna must of shot Gaz!

Madeline: OH MY GOD! DONNA!
Mark: (Gasps)
Gaz: Yes, I managed to tackle you her.
Madeline: She was pregnant Gaz!
Gaz: No she wasn't. She lied to me. She was lucky I didn't kill her days ago to be honest.
Madeline: Gaz!? Why!? Why did you do that!?

Gaz: Erik, how lovely you can join us.
Erik: What the!?
Gaz: You know have no idea how long I've wanted to finish you off for.
Madeline: NO! Not him - Gaz please! Kill me instead.
Gaz: Oh I intend too - right after I've finally get rid of Erik.
Erik: Gaz - don't do this.
Gaz: Don't you talk to me as if I'm your friend!
Erik: Why are you doing this!?
Gaz: Because she's mine.
Madeline: GAZ! NO PLEASE! I'll stay yours. I'll stay with you forever if I have too but please - don't shoot him!

Gaz: Say goodbye to your lover Maddie.
Madeline: NO!
Erik: It's alright Madeline, just get out of here why you can.
Mark: Dad - please don't!
Gaz: Shut up you, otherwise I'll finish you off aswell! I hate the way you act you're certainly no son of mine! I'm doing this.
Madeline: No!

Madeline: NO!

Gaz: Argh! No - how!?
Madeline: Oh my god!

Madeline: KARINA!

Madeline: You're alive!
Erik: How? You were pushed off that bridge!
Karina: I thought I was dead too. I was unconcious for almost two days. Next thing I knew I woke up here.
Madeline: Gaz?
Karina: Yep, he came to the rocks which I had washed up on and found me. My guess is he brought me back here. So I could be his prisoner once again.
Madeline: How did you escape?
Karina: I'm still struggling not to pass out from the pain, earlier I did and Donna come in begging me to get up and help. I managed to wake up briefly to hear what she had said but then I blacked out but I woke up when I just heard a gunshot.
Madeline: This is unbelivable! I thought you were dead! I thought it was all my fault!
(Police sirens)
Erik: We've gotta get out of here, now. The gunshots must of been heard, if we get away then there's no chance that we'll be connected to these deaths.
Madeline: Come on lets go, all four of us.

Now you understand the story of Madeline Baker, and the heartache.

Of losing her only daughter.

But now as she looks down the road at her future with her son, her boyfriend and her best friend - you can't help but feel happy that Madeline can now finally - move on.