Crystal Town Series 4 - Episode 48 - Cupid's Busy Night

Lennie Appleton never used to find it difficult to sleep, but ever since a horrific event struck his family a few years before nothing for him had been the same since. It all began during a rough time in his marridge to Amelia Appleton. The couple were facing finincial difficulty and it was beginning to wear off on their children. Especially on their eldest, Michelle. She soon began hanging around with a local gang, and a very dangerous one at that. Lennie had no idea that his daughter was getting involved with drugs and viloence. And soon enough a shocking incident changed not only Michelle Appleton's life but her families forever.

Michelle: What are we doing this for Cate? I can't do this!
Jerome: Cate - tell your friend here if she doesen't keep her trap shut and go along with this like we planned then I'll clog a bullet in her too!
Ben: Hey there's no need for -
Richard: Ben, be quiet!
Cate: Look Michelle - come here a second...

Michelle: What are we doing? This isn't right Cate - there's innocent people in there!
Cate: Michelle please - I promise you we won't get caught alright?
Michelle: That's not what I'm on about! There's like I said - innocent people in there. I don't want anybody to get hurt!
Cate: I promise you, nobody will okay? We're just going in there - getting the money then getting the hell out. Jerome and me have been together for years - I'll make sure he doesen't shoot anybody!
Jerome: Are you guys ready or what?
Cate: Yeah, right Michelle?
Michelle: Mhmm.
Jerome: Alright, Richard - get out the masks. Remember we get in and then out. Bryan's waiting round the back with the van!


Richard: Down! Get your kid down woman!
Woman: Please don't hurt us!
Woman: You can't do this! My husbands at home with my other child please -
Jerome: Richard get that woman sat down!

Jerome: Right that's it.

Michelle: What are you doing!?
Ben: Oh god he's going too...

Guard: Argh!

Ben: Stop! Things will get out of control!
Michelle: We can't let him do this!
Jerome: Richard - sit these people down over there!

Jerome: Alright! Open up the safe!

Worker: I don't know the combination!
Jerome: OPEN IT!
Worker: I swear to god I don't know it!
Jerome: I'm gonna have them people over there shot unless you open that safe in five seconds!
Jerome: Three... two... one... that's it! I'm gonna shoot the kid -

Michelle: NO!
Jerome: ARGH!


Cate: Argh!

Man: Put your guns down everybody, now.

Richard: Ben - let's get out of here! Jerome's dead! Lets go! Lets go!

Ben: I'm not leaving you Michelle!
Michelle: I'm in deep trouble Ben - I'm gonna be killed for what I just did. Get out of here go on, go!
Ben: But -
Michelle: No buts Ben - get out of here!

Michelle: I'm guessing your gonna just hold me here until the police arrive right?
Man: Are you kidding!? Go! Run!
Michelle: What!?
Man: You saved our lives! If it wasn't for you that lunatic would still be alive and that kid would be dead! You're a hero!
Michelle: But I -
Man: Seriously, go! Run! Before they do get here!

Michelle later ran home and told her parents everything. They packed and left their old home within three hours. And they moved to a town called Pleasantview however Jerome's girlfriend Cate and the rest of the gang were insistent on finding Michelle and seeking justice for their leaders death.

So they managed to track her... anywhere she went.

Michelle: Is there anything else I can do you for?
Madeline: Ah, no thanks kid. We've gotta hit the road and head to aunties house for a few days and once we've done that we're off and out of this town for good!
Michelle: Ooh, where you moving too?
Madeline: Crystal Town. You ready Mark?
Mark: Yeah, lets go.
Madeline: See ya love, I left you a tip.
Michelle: Awesome, thanks! Hope your move goes well!

Michelle: Wow, twenty quid! Hope I see her again!

Voice: Could I get some coffee?
Michelle: Sorry, we've closing early today.
Voice: Oh isn't that a shame.

Cate: I was looking forward to the soup special.
Michelle: CATE! Oh my -
Cate: What? You honestly didn't think I wouldn't find you Michelle?
Michelle: Go away! Don't - don't come near me!
Cate: I intend to rip your guts out from your chest after you killed my Jerome. The only man I've ever loved!
Michelle: I had too! He was going to kill a kid!
Cate: I'm gonna make you pay Michelle -
Michelle: NO!

Cate: ARGH!
Vera: Oh my!

Vera: Are you alright love?
Cate: Argh.
Vera: Let me call you an ambulance that must be awful!
Cate: No I'm fine!
Vera: But if you don't then -
Cate: No! Just leave me alone woman!

However it didn't take long for the other Appleton's to be told be the news.

Joan: Finally you're here! They've been waiting hours for you!
Amelia: Oh good, I like to arrive late.
Joan: Look you need to get your cake over there and quick! They're not gonna wait forever you know, not even for you! Amelia, the contest was meant to start fifteen minutes ago!
Amelia: Oh for crying out loud…I'll be a minute! I have to get the chocolate gateau out from the car.

Vera: Oh, well look who decided to make a grand entrance! I'm surprised you haven't brought along a red carpet.
Amelia: I wouldn't… it would clash with your hair.
Vera: Well you're not gonna win this year.
Amelia: Who's gonna beat me? You? Don't mean to brag but you've come third every year.
Vera: Not me - Monica Walliams.
Amelia: What? She's back in town? I thought she moved to Pleasantview.
Vera: She did. But her husband got relocated… ah even you lost out to her the year before she moved away… (sighs) it will be such a shame to get second for a change eh?
Amelia: Well I've got better.
Vera: I'm sorry did you mean better or bitter?
Amelia: Well I may be bitter my dear but at least my man isn't a raving alcoholic!
Vera: No you're right… by the way I saw you're daughter Michelle earlier… running from that café she works in. She was having a scrap with another girl…
Amelia: What!?
Vera: Ah… I've got my man in rehab. Maybe its time you controlled your loved ones? Cheerio.

Amelia: I got here as soon as I could! What happened?
Lennie: They found her.
Amelia: Oh god… oh god…
Michelle: Mum, maybe I should just let them get me… it'll cause less hassle.

Michelle: Mum… I cant do this to the family anymore.
Amelia: Hey. Hey. I'm going to look after you okay? I promise.
Michelle: Mum… I'm scared.
Amelia: I'm never gonna let anyone hurt you. We're going to have to find a new place to live!
Michelle: Ollingdale?
Amelia: No - they'll check there cause Lennie's parents live close to there...
Michelle: What about Crystal Town?
Amelia: Alright - we'll go there! Go on, get upstairs and get your stuff together! We need to be gone within fifteen minutes!

Eventually Amelia thought it would be safer for Michelle to stay elsewhere...

Bonnie: Ameia - what's wrong?
Amelia: We need to come in Mum - quickly.

Bonnie: Whats going on?
Lennie: Is there a chance that Michelle could stay here with you?
Bonnie: Why? Whats happened?
Lennie: They caught us -
Bonnie: Oh no!
Amelia: Yes and Michelle got attacked and basically we have to find a place to live but for the time being would it be okay if you hid Michelle here?
Bonnie: Guys... you look so tense... is there something I'm missing about these people?
Amelia: No... no just leave her here and don't ever let her be seen by anyone and don't let her ever leave the house.

Bonnie: Amelia, don't you think you may be going abit too far with all of this?
Amelia: I just had to leave my old life, my job, my house and my friends behind! I am not going to do that again!
Bonnie: Don't snap at me! I am your mother!
Lennie: Your mother is right Amelia, she's done nothing wrong.

Amelia: I'm sorry... it's just I'm so stressed we've given up our lives to protect Michelle from the mob and I'm just starting to think if any of this is worth it... surley it's only a matter of time before somebody really gets hurt!
Lennie: Oh honey come on now...
Bonnie: Rest assured Amelia - I'll take care of Michelle. I promise.

However Cate managed to track down Amelia and the other Appleton's in Crystal Town. Demanding to know where Michelle was.

And two paid the price.

Lennie had always been the rock of the Crystal Town family and kept the family together. However he had no idea that Cate was going to come back into his life.

Michelle: DAD!
Lennie: What's wrong?
Michelle: They just let me speak to Ben from the prison!
Lennie: What!? Why would he call? Doesen't he know how risky it is.
Michelle: Listen! Yesterday before he was arrested he was run over by Cate!
Lennie: What!?
Michelle: And she took Vannessa!
Lennie: WHAT!?
Michelle: That's where Vanessa has been! She's been kidnapped almost a day and nobody knew a thing about it?
Lennie: Oh my god!
Michelle: Dad - where's mum?

Mina: All I'm saying Ray is that if he's not good in bed is he worth staying for with his personailty alone?
Ray: You're right, I should dump him.
Mina: That's not what I'm - alright, dump him.

Ray: Hey isn't that your friend Amelia Appleton?
Mina: Oh yeah, and she's not my friend - I'm into parties and alcohol and she's into... knitting and menopause.
Ray: Lovely, well lets go say hello.
Mina: Nah, I can't be bothered to make small talk - plus I used to go out with her son so she doesen't like me much.

Man: Hello Amelia.
Amelia: Who are you?
Bryan: Oh, we haven't officially met - I'm Bryan.
Amelia: Bryan? Oh my god - as in the gang's Bryan!?
Bryan: Ah, I'm glad Michelle's mentioned me. Now Amelia if you come quietly then no scene will be made I have a gun in my pocket and if you even think off -

Amelia: Don't think so!
Bryan: Argh!

Mina: Oh my god! Did you just see that!?
Ray: Something must be up -
Mina: Amelia would never do that to anyone! C'mon lets go see if she's alright!


Amelia: ARGH!

Mina: Oh my god! Amelia!
Ray: Get down!

Bryan: Alright - now are you gonna come quietly or do I have to shoot you in the other shoulder?

Kevin: Morning.
Kacey: Hey.
Kevin: I've done you some breakfast, it's downstairs.
Kacey: Alright. Thank you.
Kevin: What's the matter?
Kacey: Nothing, honestly I'm fine.
Kevin: I'm gonna go take a shower. I'll catch you in ten okay babe?
Kacey: Yeah.

Kacey: Hey honey did you have a good sleep?
James: Mummy! Eddie's in the resturant! He wants to talk to you!
Kacey: Oh. Go upstairs and play in your room for abit okay love?
James: But I want to see Eddie.
Kacey: Alright fine, come on.

Kacey: Hey Eddie.
Eddie: Hi Kace. You alright James?
James: Yeah! I've missed you!
Eddie: I've missed you too bud. Anyway Kacey I just came to tell you really that me and Jen are flying out to live near my parents tonight.
Kacey: What!? You're moving.
Eddie: Yeah. So I just came to say goodbye really.
Kacey: You can't go! I mean - what about the resturant?
Eddie: You and your mum are doing a great job, you don't need me for it.
Kacey: Well is this really goodbye?
Eddie: Well not unless you want to work things -

Kevin: Hey Kace is there any shamp- oh hi Eddie.
Eddie: Hey Kevin.
Kacey: Give us a minute Kevin, please.
Kevin: Uh ok, sure.

Eddie: See you later buddy. I love you.
James: I love you too.

Kacey: What was it you were going to say Eddie?
Eddie: Ah nothing - don't worry. Take care okay?
Kacey: Isn't there no way you can stay?
Eddie: I've gotta go Kace, goodbye.

James: Is Eddie really leaving mummy? I don't want him too!
Kacey: Can you please go upstairs for a second.
James: But -
Kacey: Now, please.

Megan: Morning you.
Barry: Hey what are you doing up, I was going to bring you breakfast in bed.
Megan: Ah! I've missed that. I've missed you!
Barry: (Laughs) I'm so pleased we've managed to work stuff out Meg, and that scum Mary is out on the street where she belongs. Not to mention I have my son back, ah Megan this is going to be the best christmas ever.
Megan: Tell me something. Why haven't you turned around and looked at me yet?
Barry: What?

Barry: Woah...
Megan: Join me upstairs?

Barry: Oh, you betcha!

Megan: Wah! (Giggles) Oh Barry.

Marie: Yep! This is the dress.
Chris: Honestly honey I've seen you look outstanding in dozens of outfits - but that is by far the most beautiful I have ever seen you look.
Marie: Aww thanks Chris, that means so much to me but you made an error there.
Chris: Oh?
Marie: The most beautiful I will ever look UNTIL our wedding next year.
Chris: Ah yes, how could I possibly forget that?
Marie: Dunno but don't you go forgetting it again!

Chris: By the way, I was thinking seeing as your arranging everything?
Marie: Everything.
Chris: Everything?
Marie: Everything.
Chris: Great. I just wondered if I could possibly be in charge with the band for the reception?
Marie: Hmm, you know I never thought about that. Sure honey as long as its wedding-ey.
Chris: I was thinking about the Swing Masters? The ones we saw at that Christmas party last year.
Marie: Yeah, they're fantastic! I loved them. You've got a good eye for this stuff.

Alice: Mum I -
Marie: Wow! Check you out Alice.
Chris: You look lovely sweetheart.
Alice: Thanks.
Marie: Ah. I'm so proud to of raised such a georgous little girl like you. And one whose so smart and well mannered and -
Alice: Mum I barely got into this dress.
Marie: Well maybe it's just abit too small? We'll go get it fixed later if you want so that it's ready for Christmas tomorrow.
Alice: Mum - I think ... err... I think I might be pregnant.

Marie: What? WHAT!?
Chris: Pregnant are you serious?
Alice: I'm sorry - I was careful mum but -

Marie: You lied to me! YOU LIED!
Alice: I'm sorry!
Alice: Mum - please!
Chris: Marie, calm down!
Marie: Don't tell me to calm down Chris! HOW COULD YOU ALICE!?

Alice: Mum I -
Marie: YOU'RE FIFTEEN! Fifteen I... my little girl thinks she's... oh god... oh god...

Alice: Mum wait -
Chris: Give her a minute Alice. She has a right to be reacting the way she is.
Alice: Chris I'm sorry I was careful.
Chris: You lied to me too, when I found that condom in your room you promised me that it wasn't yours and that you wasn't having sex.
Alice: I didn't have sex then! Honestly - it wasn't then!
Chris: I am so disappointed in you. I thought I knew you Alice.

Aaron: Hi Mine, I just got of the phone with your mum and -
Mina: You're not going to believe what's just happened!
Aaron: What? What's wrong?
Mina: Me and Ray went out shopping and when we nipped to the grocery store a guy approached Amelia Appleton - then next thing I know she's gone and whacked him with a shopping basket and ran for the door and he's shot her in the shoulder!
Aaron: What!? You can't be serious!
Mina: Then he got her into his car and drove off! I just had to speak to the police, Ray's still giving his statement!
Aaron: We need to go and tell Lennie what's gone on and what's happened.
Mina: I'm sure the police are already onto that Aaron.

Mina: Anyway, what was you going to say about my mum?
Aaron: She and your dad aren't going to be home for Christmas.
Mina: What!? That's rubbish! That's completely ruined our christmas plans now! When are they going to finally come home?
Aaron: I don't know, they didn't say. Your mum sounded quite troubled to be honest.
Mina: For goodness sake, what are we going to do for tomorrow now?
Aaron: Well I guess we could spend Christmas morning here and head over to the resturant for the Christmas get together like all the neighbours are doing?
Mina: Eurgh, no thanks. I'm not into all that neighbourly love crap.
Aaron: Well what are we going to do then?
Mina: Ray's alone for Christmas tomorow, why don't we just ask him.
Aaron: Right so he's going to be spending Christmas with just a couple? Won't he find that abit weird?
Mina: No, he could bring his boyfriend Arnold. Ahh, it could be so much fun!
Aaron: So I'm spending my christmas with my girlfrind and her two gay best friends?
Mina: Yes! Ah, it will be brilliant! I'm gonna go try some of my dresses on.

Aaron: What a Christmas this is going to be. Why aren't I happy anymore?

Harry: Man that Archie is one evil bugger, glad he gets killed off tomorrow.

Fran: Hiya Harry!
Harry: Oh my god! Fran it's you!

Harry: I've missed you so much! I never wanna be apart from you again! Marie told me you were coming home but it just didn't sink in but you're here!
Fran: Aww, I missed you too Harry. So much.
Harry: I can't believe you've been gone for so long, I've hated it without you no matter how much I tried to forget about you.
Fran: I know, I feel the same way. Remember how you spoke about reknewing our vows before I left?
Harry: Yeah.
Fran: Come outside.

Harry: Oh my... oh my gosh!
Fran: Vicar Keith's agreed to host the private cermoney, just us two for tonight.
Harry: I can't believe this - I never expected this!
Fran: So Harry, will you marry me again?
Harry: Of course I will!

Louise: Gosh, what is with this massive line!?
Man: Apperantly there was an incident here earlier, the shop keepers are being interviewed.
Louise: Yeah well they need to hurry up, I'm an old girl and all this standing does my knee in.
Man: Hah, you and me both.

Louise: Hi, I'm Louise.
Jacob: Jacob. It's nice to meet you.
Louise: What's a handsome man like you doing in a crappy grocery store like this?
Jacob: I was about to ask a very beautiful woman the same question.
Louise: (Laughs).
Jacob: How about hot stuff, we ditch this joint and go and have ourselves a banging cup of coffee?
Louise: That sounds hip to me! (Laughs).
Jacob: I've never really been good at the old young talk.
Louise: (Laughs) Me and you both! Lets go shall we?
Jacob: Ladies first.
Louise: Why thank you.

Jacob: (Silently) Hell yes that's one fine piece of butt. Ol Jacob's still got it.

Madeline: Ah, home sweet home.
Erik: Can you remember where you room is Mark? (Laughs).
Mark: (Laughs) Maybe, in the attic maybe?
Erik: Been a long time since you've been here huh?
Mark: You can say that again.

Erik: You alright Maddie?
Madeline: Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just so pleased to be home.
Erik: Come inside.
Madeline: Yeah, will be in a minute.

Madeline: I can't stop thinking about you Grace, my little girl out there alone. Not knowing how much her real mum cares about her. I'll find you, someday. I promise.

Kayleigh: I just got off the phone with our lawyer. He said he should be able to help us sue the arses off that sexist jerk Roger in the New Year.
William: Again, do you think all of this is nesscary?
Kayleigh: William - I had been at work for only a few days and he was just sexist and horrible! He's going down.
William: And this is sensible is it? A heavily pregnant woman like you taking somebody to court?
Kayleigh: I'm a woman Will - that's important to me too. And that guy insulted me now you can even stand by me or let me get on with it.

William: Fine, you're right. I'm sorry.
Kayleigh: Good. What you doing me for dinner tonight anyway?
William: I'm doing dinner?
Kayleigh: Well yeah, I'm pregnant you can't expect me to cook can you!?
William: Yet you can take somebody to court to sue them?
Kayleigh: To be honest when it comes to that or trying to cook anything decent with that crappy oven I'm not sure which one stresses me out the most.
William: Fry up it is.
Kayleigh: Lovely.

Later that night:

Tina: Yeah I know Megan, he's just coming in now. Yeah I'm gonna tell him everything. I'll let you know how it goes. Okay bye.

Tina: David, listen I'm just going to come out with this - I'm still in love with you. I always have been and I always will be. I can't get you out of my head. You're all I want. I really would like to give us another go.
David: Tine, we need to talk.
Tina: Oh?
David: I've just got a massive job promotion.
Tina: That's great, congrats!
David: The job is in Paris and my plane leaves tomorrow at eight. I already accepted it.
Tina: But David - about us.
David: I feel the same Tina but this job is just - my dream job and your whole life is here and we've spent so much time apart that I'm just used to it now.
Tina: What are you saying?
David: I'm saying I have to leave tomorrow, I'm sorry. Really I am...

Kacey: Hey mum.
Louise: Hey. I just saw a taxi pull up and Eddie's about to get in. Where's he going?
Kacey: He's moving away.
Louise: What!? And you're letting him?
Kacey: Mum - he's made up his mind. I'm with Kevin.
Louise: But Kevin's not the man you want. Is he?
Kacey: No, no he's not.
Louise: Then what the hell are you doing woman?! Get out there and stop him now!
Kacey: But -
Louise: Do you love him.
Kacey: Yes, he's the love of my life.
Louise: Then get out there! Quickly! Now! Go on!

Kacey: Eddie! Eddie wait!
Eddie: Kacey we've got to go.
Jennifer: Wait daddy - hear what she has to say - please.

Eddie: Kace?
Kacey: I love you so much, your the man of the dreams and the love of my life Eddie you mean everything to me. I want this marridge to work, Kevin is my history as far as I'm concerned. I was foolish and stupid to even keep him in my life or want him in my life. It's you I love, it's you I want to be with, it's you I see as James' dad and it's you who I want to spend each and every day I have on this earth with. It's you, it's always been you!
Eddie: Oh Kace -

Kacey: I love you so much. Please don't go. Please stay with me.
Eddie: I'm not going anywhere, I'm staying here with you. In our home. All of us, for Christmas. Like a family.
Kacey: Oh Eddie I'm so happy! I've gotta go - and talk to Kevin.
Eddie: Yeah I understand I've got to tell the cab driver to cancel too.
Kacey: Come inside in five?
Eddie: Yeah, sure.

Kacey: Kevin I need to speak with you.
Kevin: It doesen't matter Kacey, I saw through the window. You don't need to explain. It's Eddie you want to be with.
Kacey: I'm so sorry, I was so confused and when I saw you again it just...
Kevin: Kacey - you don't need to explain. I should of let you alone. I was wrong for not doing so and I apolgise. You've moved on Kace, I'm happy for you. Truley I am. It's just time I did the same thing.

Kacey: Goodbye Kevin, I'm sorry.
Kevin: Don't apolgise again, I understand. Take care, yeah?
Kacey: You too.

And as Christmas Day approached the residents of Crystal Town, Cupid began to spread the love around the town, in his own way.

Two friends who embrace each other after some time apart.

A reunited couple who reknew their vows for one another.

A couple torn apart by the past who put their differences aside, making a torn family one again.

A man comforting his distraught wife to be.

A loved up couple making the most of the time they have together.

A couple who despite the difficultis they have faced, continue to stay strong.

But what about those who are beyond the help of Cupid's arrow?

The ones who miss out on love.

The ones who doubt the love for the one person they do love.

And the ones who are beyond any love or compassion at all.

What goes through the heads of them poor souls?

Mary: Hello Diane.
Mrs. Daniels: You! Again!? What the hell do you want?
Mary: I came to talk to you about tomorrow, may I come in?
Mrs. Daniels: Whatever.

Mrs. Daniels: Nobody wants you Mary, get out of our lives.
Mary: I will, there's just something I need to do first.
Mrs. Daniels: What?
Mary: Hmm, I don't know a slice of revenge maybe?
Mrs. Daniels: Oh so you're going to kill me? Well I'm an eighty year old woman my love, do what you want.
Mary: No - not you.
Mrs. Daniels: What!? You're actually going to kill somebody!?
Mary: Yeah.
Mrs. Daniels: Megan!? Barry!?
Mary: No not them.

Mrs. Daniels: What the hell is wrong with you?
Mary: Oh why don't I just come out and say it? Golly gee Diane it's Christmas Eve and your meant to be in good spirits! Tomorrow I intend to kill Keria Harding, and there is nothing you can do about it.
Mrs. Daniels: What!?
Mary: What you gonna do Diane? Call the police? Warn Keria? Tell Megan and Barry? Hmm, it's up to you - make your move.

Mary: But don't forget it Diane - tomorrow I intend to kill Keria Harding, and there is nothing you can do about it! Merry Christmas!