Crystal Town Series 4 - Episode 49 - People In Love Do Crazy Things

James: WAKE UP!


Kacey: It's also five thirty!
Eddie: Oh James it's still dark outside? Can't we get up in an hour!
James: No! No! No! Jen and me want our presents!
Kacey: (Sighs) But me and Eddie were busy last night helping Santa sort out the presents!
James: Don't be stupid mum, Santa does all the work himself. Stop trying to take the credit!
Kacey: Yeah cause that would be wrong.
Eddie: Lets get up shall we?

Jennifer: Well done James, you got them up!
James: Aren't I awesome?
Kacey: Wow Mum, they managed to get you up!?
Louise: The brat used water.
Jennifer: I sure did. Are we going downstairs then?
Eddie: C'mon kids, lets go!
James: Yay!

Megan: Why aren't they up yet dammit?
Barry: They're two Meg, they don't understand Christmas (laughs).
Megan: But still - (laughs). I can't wait to see their faces when they see what I've got them!
Barry: Then you have that to look forward too. Your mums done us breakfast so lets all go down and have that and then we can wake the girls up yeah?
Megan: Yeah that's a good idea.

Megan: Wow mum, this looks delicious!
Barry: Yeah, thanks so much Pauline.
Keria: Argh, I can hardly keep my eyes open, why do we have to get up so early? Especially as the girls are young anyway! We should take advantage of it whilst we can.
(Baby crying through monitor)
Megan: Oh great.
Barry: How convenient.
Megan: I'll go Bar, eat your breakfast.
Keria: Gargh, why do we have to get up so early!?
Pauline: Oh stop being such a scrooge Keria! Get this down you, it will wake you up.
Keria: God I hope so. Part of me wishes I would of stayed living at Kacey's.

James: Woah! A new playstation!
Kacey: Try not to spill blackcurrant on this one please, seriously love they cost alot of money.
James: Thanks mummy! Thanks Eddie!
Eddie: Your welcome bud.
Jennifer: DOLLS HOUSE! I GOT A DOLLS HOUSE! This is the best Christmas EVER!
Eddie: Hey Kace, check out your mum.

Kacey: Bless her (laughs).

Tina: Seriously David? Why this early?
David: Well we haven't got much time left together Tine as my planes later this afternoon so I thought it would be nice to have a last breakfast together?
Tina: You sound as if we're going to die.
David: Tine, I've gotta leave here around twelve to go and meet John, then we're heading to the airport.
Tina: Right. Okay.
David: Look about last night, did you really want us to get back together?
Tina: Well, yeah.
David: I'm really sorry Tine I -
Tina: Lets just try and enjoy this breakfast eh?

Kayleigh: You can't be serious? You're working? Christmas day!
William: I'm sorry babe but there's been a robbery about twenty minutes away from here, I have to go. Plus the extra money will be good for the new baby on the way.
Kayleigh: Yeah, great.
William: Look Kay, I'm sorry. I know it's Christmas but I'll be back in an hour at the most.
Kayleigh: Ok.
William: Kay - I'm sorry.
Kayleigh: Fine.
William: I'll see you later. Wait till I'm back before you wake Gus up to open his gifts.
Kayleigh: Yeah great, look forward to that.

William: Man this is gonna be a good Christmas...

Marie: Oh hiya you're up early.
Alice: Yeah.
Marie: Why are you wrapped up? Where are you going?
Alice: There's a open clinic a few minutes away from here, I'm gonna go there and have a test.
Marie: Oh, okay.
Alice: Would you like to come with me?
Marie: Yeah, come on let's go before Chris wakes up.

Alice: Mum, I'm so sorry about this. I wasn't lying the other day when I told you I didn't have sex.
Marie: Well I guess you're the modern day Virgin Mary, I don't want to talk details at the moment - lets just go find out, yeah?
Alice: Yeah.

Madeline: Oh so I come downstairs and you're both just playing pool?
Mark: Sorry mum but this was a gift you let me open early so it's your fault.
Erik: The boy speaks sense.
Madeline: Well when do you two wanna open your pressies?
Mark: Few hours maybe?
Erik: Yeah that sounds alright. Maybe around ten-ish?
Madeline: God I wish you were little again Mark.
Mark: Mum would you like us to come watch you open your presents?
Madeline: No.
Madeline: Yes!

(Phone rings)
Mrs. Daniels: Hello?
Mary: Morning Diane, merry Christmas to you!
Mrs. Daniels: Oh shut the hell up.
Mary: Are you off out?
Mrs. Daniels: Yes I'm going to chat to Megan and tell them what you told me last night then we'll be calling the police.
Mary: Oh shucks Diane, you're going to ruin my plans for Christmas!
Mrs. Daniels: Oh don't talk to me you freak!
(Mrs. Daniels' hangs up)

Mary: Sorry Diane!

Mrs. Daniels: WARGH!

Mary: I really need you out the way today.

Louise: Hmph? Huh? What did I miss?
Kacey: Breakfast? (Laughs).
Louise: Oh shoot, I missed the kids opening their presents! Eurgh, I'm just the worst grandmother in the world.
Kacey: Oh come on mum, they were too excited to notice, they don't care who's watching they just want to open them (laughs). How comes your so tired anyway?
Louise: Well I was up all night thinking about somebody I met yesterday.
Kacey: Oh mum! That's fantastic, you met somebody? You have to tell me everything about him!
Louise: Well his name is Jacob, he's a year older than me and I can't get him out of my head already!
Kacey: Oh mum this is so brilliant! I'm so happy for you!
Louise: I invited him down for Christmas dinner tonight.

Kacey: You what!? Mum you've known him for not even a day!
Louise: Most of the neighbors are coming down anyway, what's the big deal?
Kacey: The big deal is I don't want a stranger sitting at the table on Christmas day!
Louise: Kacey, please?
Kacey: (Sighs) Fine, but I'm not happy I've now got an extra mouth to feed today.
Louise: Well I doubt the Appleton's will be making an appearances now afterall.
Kacey: What do you mean? Amelia called me and told me she and the family were coming down?
Louise: Well - Amelia was kidnapped yesterday.
Kacey: What!?

Lennie: I'm telling you Officer, I have no idea where Cate's took them.
Michelle: Dad I've called all of Elliot's friends - he's not with them.
Police Officer: Well it looks as if your son has also been taken Mr. Appleton.
Lennie: No! This can't be! That Cate is a murdering cow! You need to save my family!
(Phones rings)
Michelle: That's my mobile - oh my god it's Mum!
Lennie: Awnser it - put it on loud speaker.

Cate: Hullo Michelle, merry Christmas.
Michelle: Where's my family you son of a bitch!?
Cate: Now now. I'm at the old abandoned warehouse we used to hang around in, remember?

Cate: Now I have all three of your beloved family members completely at my mercy. I want you here within four hours and if I see any police officers or anybody else with you then I will crush them Michelle. I will crush them all, where if you come to meet me some lives will be spared. I hope for your families sakes that I see you soon!

Cate: Otherwise all three will be squashed, literally.

Michelle: No! No! NO!
Lennie: What are we gonna do!?
Police Officer: We've all gotta go over there!
Lennie: No didn't you hear her? If she sees anybody but Michelle she's going to kill Amelia, Elliot and Vanessa!
Police Officer: Right, we need to sort out a plan.

Fran: Ah, a Christmas stroll? There's nothing better eh?
Harry: I'm so glad things are back to normal Fran, just in time for Christmas.
Fran: It's brilliant isn't it?

Harry: Oh my god!
Fran: Is that Diane!?
Harry: Oh my god - she's badly injured, she must of slipped on the ice! Call an ambulance!
Fran: Right - yeah!
Harry: Please be alright Diane!


Harry: My wife's just gone to check on our newborn kitten.
Paramedic: Could you please go and fetch some blankets? It will be another few minutes before they can get the stretcher down here.
Harry: Yeah, sure. I'll be back in two!

Mrs. Daniels: Argh - Mary.
Paramedic: It's alright Mrs. Daniels, we're getting you an ambulance.
Mrs. Daniels: Tell Keria - she lives next door - that she's in danger - she's going to be killed.
Paramedic: What!?
Mrs. Daniels: TELL HER! Tell Keria who lives next door that she's in danger... tell... her...
Paramedic: What?

Mrs. Daniels: She's going to be killed, I was pushed you have to do something.
Paramedic: Right - I will. Who pushed you?
Mrs. Daniels: Her name is Mary Waynes, I was on my way next door to warn them and then I was going to tell the police and then she came up from behind and pushed me -
Paramedic: Why does she want to kill this Keria lady? Mrs. Daniels? Hello? Dammit she's passed out...

Paramedic: Just take it easy Mrs. Daniels - helps on its way.
Harry: Fran's just bringing to blankets down here.

Paramedic: GARGH!

Harry: Oh my god - sir are you alright!? Sir! Sir! Oh my god - he's dead!

Tina: David wait - please don't go!
David: Tina please, the cars waiting. I've got to get out of here and head to John's, we have to head for the airport shortly.
Tina: David we can be together - it will be like a Christmas miracle, the two of us together again!
David: Tina please, don't do this. It destroyed me saying goodbye to you last night. I have to go.
Tina: No - please, no...
David: I love you.
Tina: I love you too! Please stay.

David: I'm sorry Tine, I have to go.

Later that afternoon:

Kayleigh: William - it's afternoon and you're not even here yet!
William: Honey I'm sorry okay? I'm on my way home now. I'll be home within thirty minutes.
Kayleigh: Alright fine, I just hope you know your work has ruined Christmas morning.
William: I know Kay, I'm sorry.
Kayleigh: See you in a minute.

Kayleigh: Oh Roger, what are you doing here?
Roger: I've come to talk, peace on earth? It is Christmas afterall.
Kayleigh: You shouldn't be here, I'm taking you to court Roger. What don't you understand about that?
Roger: Kayleigh for goodness sake - it's Christmas day. I only want a quick chat - please.
Kayleigh: Fine, ten minutes.

Roger: Look about the whole suing thing - is there no way we can drop it? And you can come back to work I mean me and my wife really can't take the risk of being sued.
Kayleigh: You should of thought about that before you began to make sexist comments - just because your wife puts up with it doesn't mean other women should!
Roger: I apologize, words just come out of my mouth before I think about what I speak.
Kayleigh: Well you've done that one too many times for my liking Roger.
Roger: Well I'm sorry Kayleigh but -

Kayleigh: Argh - argh... oh my god.
Roger: Kayleigh, are you alright?
Kayleigh: Oh god, I think my water just broke. This can't happen! I've got another month!
Roger: What!? Are you kidding?
Kayleigh: You've gotta get me to a hospital!
Roger: Right, okay, my cars out front!
Kayleigh: But my son Gus - he's upstairs on his own!
Roger: In your car outside do you have a car seat?
Kayleigh: Yeah! Yeah! I do.
Roger: Okay you grab the car keys, I'll go grab your son and then I'll come down and we'll get to the hospital!
Kayleigh: Alright - thank you!

Fran: Are you alright hun?
Harry: That man was ran over in front of me Fran, right in front of my eyes. I could of told him to move out the way.
Fran: Harry - it is not your fault. The police are saying Diane's been slipping in and out of consciousness and she was saying she was pushed.
Harry: You're kidding?
Fran: No, somebody wanted Diane dead.
Harry: Who would possibly want to hurt her?
Fran: God knows.

Marie: Well this test is sure taking a long time.
Alice: You didn't have to come mum.
Marie: You're my daughter, no matter how mad I am I'm not going to abandon you.
Alice: Mum - I'm so sorry. I never wanted to fall pregnant.
Marie: Well you should of been more sensible. The way I raised you.
Alice: I'm so sorry mum.
Marie: Stop apologizing Alice, hopefully the doctor will be in a minute with the results.

Doctor Cortez: I'm so sorry for taking so long. It's actually quite hectic here today.
Marie: Don't worry Knowl, we understand.
Doctor Cortez: Well I just want you both to know that despite the outcome myself and my fellow colleagues here at the hospital will do whatever we can to support you.
Alice: Thank you.
Marie: That's really nice of you Doctor, we appreciate it.
Doctor Cortez: Okay the results have come up - you are pregnant Alice.

Alice: Oh no, oh god no. I'm so sorry mum.
Marie: Alice - please don't worry, Me and Chris are going to do everything we can to support you.
Alice: Oh god.

Kacey: Alright the restaurant is set everything's already - James why aren't you dressed!?
James: I don't like the trousers you've given me.
Kacey: Then wear the pair you do like!
James: But they don't fit me anymore.
Kacey: Oh for goodness sake - c'mon lets head upstairs and get you changed then.
James: Thanks mummy.
Kacey: That's our first guests, go on up I'll be there in a minute.

Kacey: Hiya guys! Merry Christmas!
Karina: And to you! You look stunning Kace.
Kacey: Aw cheers Karina, so do you. You look very handsome Mark.
Mark: Cheers Kacey, this is my mums boyfriend Erik.
Erik: Nice to meet you Kacey.
Kacey: You too mate, where is Madeline anyway?
Erik: Pfft, she's a model. She won't be down for another hour or so yet (laughs).
Kacey: Well there's no rush, would you all like to come and take a seat?

Karina: This place looks fantastic Kacey.
Mark: Yeah it does, it's really changed since I've been in here, used to be a pub!
Kacey: Yeah, alot of stuff happened this year. But anyway - how did you guys find Spain?
Erik: Well, erm...
Karina: Adventurous?

Lennie: I'm not happy about this!
Police Officer: Sir, we're going to do everything we can to get your family out safely.
Lennie: So you just send my daughter in there as bait? If anything happens to her or any of my other family!
Police Officer: We pray it doesn't come to that Mr. Appleton, but at the end of the day she has three people at death point, the ball is in her court.
Lennie: Then what are we going to do!?
Police Officer: Sir - please, leave it to us.

Michelle: Alright Cate - I'm here, what do you want?
Cate: (On speaker) Wow Michelle, happy you could join us. I was getting quite tired waiting. Would you like to come and join me up here at the monitoring station?

Michelle: Oh my god! MUM! Vanessa! Elliot! What are you doing!?
Cate: Don't even think of touching them love otherwise all three of them get squashed in seconds, all I'd have to do is shoot the machine here and it will all malfunction causing the jack to fall instantly.
Michelle: No - please - don't kill them. Please -
Cate: I'm not going to ask you again, get your arse up here. Now.

Aaron: Auntie Tina? I heard David was going away and I was wondering if you'd like to join me and Mina and her friends for Christmas? Auntie Tina?

Aaron: Auntie Tina?
Tina: Oh, hiya Aaron love.
Aaron: What's wrong? Are you okay?
Tina: Oh I'm fine sweetheart, really. Just got something in my eye that's all. What can I do for you?
Aaron: Well I was hoping you'd come and join me and Mina for Christmas? Or are you heading over to the restaurant?
Tina: No thanks love, I think I'm just gonna have a night in.
Aaron: What? Don't be daft, you can't be on your own for Christmas.
Tina: I just don't feel like celebrating to be honest.

Aaron: C'mon Auntie Tina, please tell me what's wrong. Is it David leaving?
Tina: (Laughs) You're a good guesser Aaron, always have been.
Aaron: I'm guessing you wanted to get back together?
Tina: I always have done Aaron, but I had my chances and I blew it. And he obviously couldn't of wanted the same.
Aaron: That's not true, I know David's always loved you.
Tina: Then why did he leave?
Aaron: Well I don't know.
Tina: You really should go now love, get back to Mina love. She'll be waiting for you.
Aaron: I can't just leave you.
Tina: Go on love - please.

Aaron: I love you.

Tina: I love you too sweetheart, never ever forget that. Now go on - off you go.

Megan: You're defentley going to come to Kacey's later right?
Keria: Yeah, I've just got abit of a headache is all, I'm gonna rest it out here and I'll be over at Kacey's later.
Barry: Alright, hope you feel better.
Toby: Want me to stay with you?
Keria: Cheers Bar. And nah Toby you're alright mate.
Pauline: Remember to come down - don't fall asleep or anything!
Keria: Alright mum, I'll see you there later.

Mary: My oh my, they really are just making this too easy.

Mary: Hello there Keria.
Keria: Diane told me everything - she text me last night! I know you're trying to kill me! I've been waiting for you!
Mary: Oh Keria, you're shaking?
Keria: Well I hope you know Mary, I'm ready for you...

Keria: And you have no idea just how ready.

Kayleigh: Argh! God! Please! Please! Get me to the hospital.
Roger: Don't worry Kay - you'll be there in no time.

Megan: Are you alright Chris? You don't really seem your usual happy self.
Chris: Oh hiya Meg, yeah I'm alright cheers.
Megan: Marie called me last night, she was really upset and wanted somebody to talk too. She told me about the whole Alice pregnant situation.
Chris: Oh right, well I'm glad that she's not making it a massive deal to keep it all quiet. If she is gonna have a baby then it's gonna come out sooner or later.
Megan: They're still at the clinic huh?
Chris: They sure are. I'm starting to get worried, why haven't I heard from them yet?
Megan: Well maybe everything's okay and they just didn't want to bother you if they think you're having fun? But then again maybe it's because she actually is pregnant?

Megan: Sorry, guess I'm just not very good at cheering you up.
Chris: No honestly, you're only being honest with me Meg. I just hope I can support them both whatever the test results come back as.
Megan: Why don't you just go home? Just wait and see for when they come back, I can't imagine them being any longer.
Chris: Yeah, that's true. I'll speak to you later Meg.
Megan: Alright, hope everything goes well mate.

Megan: Hello Tine, it's me? Hello Tina? Are you crying?
Tina: No - no. I'm fine, honestly. I can't come tonight Meg. I'll speak to you tomorrow.
Megan: Wha? Tina wait -

Megan: (Sighs) I've gotta go over there.

Kacey: Hey Meg.
Karina: You look stunning tonight hun! Fancy joining us for a drink?
Megan: Yeah I'd love too but I've just got to nip over to Tina's quickly.
Kacey: Tina? Isn't she coming?
Megan: Yeah she'll be here shortly, I'm just gonna go and meet her.
Karina: I have no idea where Maddie has got too. She said she was going to be here.

Madeline: Sorry I'm late everyone, it took me a while to get my dress on properly.

Madeline: Merry Christmas everybody!

Kacey: Woah.
Megan: Madeline's back eh?

Cate: Still not made your decision Michelle?

Michelle: Why are you doing this Cate? This is not my families fault, your problem is with me - not with my mum and my brother and sister. You've already killed one of my sisters this year.
Cate: Well if you don't wanna lose one then choose to save Vanessa.
Michelle: I'm not going to choose which one you kill Cate!
Cate: Very well, I guess they're all gonna have to die. But if you do it my way only one has to die - your way all of them are lost.

Cate: Sit down Michelle otherwise all three will die.
Michelle: You can't make me do this.
Cate: Michelle - the platform is going to collapse within the next twenty minutes, at three pm to the second it will fall. When your ready to tell me who you wish to save, do so. Oh and I'd be quick, clocks ticking.

Mary: You think a measly knife is going to save you?
Keria: Don't come near me Mary - your plans to ruin this family isn't going to work. I'm warning you, you hit and I hit back!
Mary: Oh Keria, why did you have to go for a silly object like a knife? Don't you know how dangerous they are?
Keria: What's the matter Mary you scared I've never been good at knowing what's safe and what's not?
Mary: Yeah that's the thing. I'm not so good at that either.

Keria: Oh... god.
Mary: I'd put that down if I were you.

William: Kay, I'm home. Sorry about being off honey but I'm here now and yours for the rest of this Christmas. Kayleigh?

Kayleigh: ARGH! These contractions hurts so much!
Roger: What's your husbands name? I'll give him a call!
Kayleigh: Argh, I left my mobile at home... I don't know his number off by heart. He got a new phone today.
Roger: Well I'll nip back and get your phone?
Kayleigh: No! You're not leaving me!
Roger: What's your house phone? Maybe he's home.

William: Maybe she went to Kacey's without me...

(Phone rings)

Nurse: You're ten centimeters already Mrs. Porter, you're about to become a mother again.
Kayleigh: No! No! It will have to wait! My husbands not here yet!
Roger: Can't you just close her vagina up until he gets her or something!?
Nurse: That's not really how it works Sir!
Kayleigh: I can't do this - I need William - Roger please...
Roger: I'll stay with you alright? Everything is going to be alright.

Keria: Look - please, Mary - I'm begging you. Don't do this!
Mary: What's the matter Keria? Scared God won't accept you into heaven? If you're quick you can quickly say sorry for all of your sins.
Keria: Please no! Don't!
Mary: Goodbye Keria.

Keria: ARGH!

Pauline: Barry -
Barry: Hey Pauline, having a good time?
Pauline: Keria hasn't turned up yet, I'm gonna head on home and see if she's alright.
Barry: Oh, I'll go with you.
Eddie: I thought you were gonna help me sort out the drinks?
Barry: Oh yeah, Toby will you go with Pauline?
Toby: Sure dad.
Pauline: Come on then love.

Chris: Hey guys, how did it go?

Chris: Is she alright? What were the results?
Marie: She is pregnant.
Chris: Oh my gosh.
Marie: Yeah.
Chris: She alright?
Marie: She's a strong girl, she'll be fine. It's just gonna take some getting used too.
Chris: Come here.

Fran: Hey honey, they were out of coffee.
Harry: Ah shoot. Never mind.
Fran: Look I'm gonna head home and get us something to eat okay? Whilst I'm there I'll tell Kacey what's happened to Diane and I'll tell her we're gonna have to pass on dinner so we can stay here with her.
Harry: Alright.
Fran: I'll see you in bit. Love you.
Harry: Love you too.

Harry: Diane - hey how you feeling?
Mrs. Daniels: Harry, is that you?
Harry: Yeah it's me, you had a little fall. Well I don't want you to panic because you're safe but somebody pushed you -
Mrs. Daniels: It was Mary!
Harry: Mary!? As in Barry's crazy ex-wife? Why would she try to kill you?
Mrs. Daniels: You have got to warn Megan!

Harry: Diane! What are you doing? Sit down!
Mrs. Daniels: Mary is going to kill Keria! She is going to murder her!
Harry: What!?
Mrs. Daniels: Call her and warn her! QUICKLY!
Harry: Alright! Alright!

Megan: Tina, are you in here? What are you doing?
Tina: Just washing out the sink.
Megan: Why aren't you dressed up for Christmas dinner? Everyone back at Kacey's is waiting for you and looking forward to seeing you.
Tina: Meg, I'm really not in the mood to do anything.
Megan: It's Christmas day - the best day of the year.
Tina: Not for me.
Megan: Tine, what's going on? I'm your best friend, talk to me. Please.
Tina: David's left for France.

Megan: What!? France? Why?
Tina: He's accepted a job out there, he's gone Meg.
Megan: Oh my god, oh sweetheart I'm so sorry.
Tina: It's fine. Everything's gonna be alright with me, I just don't really feel like celebrating today. That's all.
Megan: Look, I will get Barry and the girls to come down here and we'll spend Christmas with you okay? That way you don't have to spend it on your own or with anybody you don't really feel like seeing.
Tina: That's very sweet of you, but honestly. I'm fine here. I'm just gonna watch a movie and have an early night.
Megan: Go ahead watch a movie but you are not having an early night.

Tina: What do you mean?
Megan: Later on tonight, I'm coming down and we're gonna have a few drinks and have a girly night. Okay?
Tina: Thanks Megan, it means alot.

Megan: Don't mention it best friend, I'll see you later yeah?
Tina: Yeah.

(Phone rings)
Megan: Hello?
Harry: Megan - it's Harry.
Megan: Hey Harry, what's up?
Harry: Mary attacked Diane earlier - she pushed her down her steps.
Megan: What!? Oh my god! Is she alright?
Harry: Yeah she's fine but she's told me to tell you that Mary's going to kill Keria!
Megan: WHAT!?
Harry: Is she at the party?
Megan: No she's home!
Harry: Oh crap.

Harry: Megan - don't go there alone! Ah dammit, she hung up.

Megan: Keria! Keria! Oh my god.
Mary: Hello Megan, glad you could join us.
Pauline: (Crying) She's killed Keria.
Megan: No... no!
Mary: Why don't we all head upstairs eh?

Mary: We'll have a little chat.

Cate: Wow, you only have one minute I'd seriously hurry!
Michelle: Elliot! Save Elliot!
Cate: Alrighty, that's one choice.

Cate: There he's safe and dandy, now what's your final decision gonna be? Who are you going to save? Or should I say who are you going to let die? Your baby sister Vanessa? Or mother dearest Amelia?
Michelle: Please! Don't do this!
Cate: The clock is ticking my love if I were y-


Cate: NO! Fine, I'll just have to kill them both!
Michelle: Oh no you won't!

Cate: Gargh!

Michelle: ARGH!

Lennie: Amelia - Vanessa can you hear me?
Elliot: Dad, what's going on?
Lennie: There's no time! Help me get your mum and Vanessa away from this jack!
Elliot: Okay.

Cate: This is far from over Michelle!

Lennie: Alright they're safe.
Elliot: Get her!

Cate: NO! NO!
Police Officer: Freeze Cate! You're completely surrounded.

Michelle: Go on, run into the jack! There's three seconds left before it -

Cate: I'll go the back way -

(Loud bang)
Cate: ARGKK!

Michelle: Thank god, it's over.
Elliot: It's over dad, Cate's dead.
Lennie: The family is finally safe.

Tina: Well an old festive favorite should be enough to take my mind of things.
News Reporter: An investigation is still being made in exactly what happened to the millionaire couple who were last seen on December 19th. The couples friends and family have become extremely worried telling the authorities it's highly unusual for - okay, I understand we have a breaking news announcement. Please stand by for just a few moments.
Tina: Gosh, wonder what this is about.
News Reporter: News just in, a commercial plane which took off earlier today from Pleasantview International which was flying to Paris has crashed into the sea due to supposed engine failures. An investigation is soon to be underway but the plane lost communication and power only minutes into the flight. The plane was a Flight 854, a Thompson airplane. It's been confirmed that all on board have died and hopes of any survivors is - impossible.
Tina: No - no! Don't be his flight! I gotta check!

Tina: NO! DAVID!

Mary: So shall we play a game of I-spy? It will have a twist though, if you get the answer wrong - you die!
Toby: No!

Mary: Hey get back here!
(Gunshot, window smashes)

(Toby locks the door)

Mary: Darn! Well I guess I'll just have to finish you two off eh?
Pauline: Please don't do this! Please!
Megan: Mary - what did we EVER do to you? You killed Keria! She was innocent!
Megan: Mary, listen - you're not well.
Mary: SHUT UP!
Megan: We can help you. We can get you help.
Pauline: Just put the gun down, please.
Megan: Mary please -
Mary: Say goodbye to your daughter Pauline.

Toby: If I burst the door open it could hit her! I can't let her hurt anybody else!

(Toby bursts the door open)
Mary: OWWW!

Mary: NOOO!

Mary: ARGGH!

Toby: Oh my god.
Megan: Toby, it's alright. It's alright honey!

Toby: Megan - I wanted to save you. I wanted to save you.
Megan: It's alright love, your mother wasn't a well woman.
Toby: Is she dead?
Pauline: We're three stories up and she's landed on pavement, she's gone.
Megan: We can't say she jumped okay? You're in no trouble Toby - I promise you.
Pauline: Keria!

Megan: Mum don't look at her body when it's all cut up like that - please.
Pauline: But Megan - she's breathing.
Megan: What!?
Pauline: She's still alive! Call an ambulance!

Toby: Mum?
Mary: Toby... help... me...
Toby: No. You're a bad person. You hurt people mum. You need to go away.
Mary: Please...
Toby: Goodbye Mum.

Alice: Oh my gosh, Toby is that your mother?
Toby: Yeah.
Alice: Is she?
Toby: Yeah, she's dead.

Kacey: Hey sweetheart, can I have a quick chat with you.
Jennifer: Okay.

Kacey: I know we've never got on but the other day when you and your daddy were about to leave. You asked him to let me speak with him so that I could convince him to stay.
Jennifer: No I didn't.
Kacey: Jen - I know you're not quite ready to say it. Trust me I know what it's like for your mother to not be around. My dad died the same year as your mum. But I just want you - I need you to know that I love you. And I will always be here to protect you. And I understand if you don't feel the same way yet.

Madeline: Kace? You gonna come help with the drinks?
Kacey: Yeah, I'll be there right. I'll be back in abit love.

Jennifer: Kacey.

Jennifer: I love you too.

Paramedic: Sorry about holding Miss Wayne's body in here for now. The police want to examine the place she fell first.
Megan: It's no problem, just hurry. Please?
Paramedic: Sure.

Marie: Do you need a lift to the hospital Megan?
Megan: Yeah please, that would be great.
Chris: Yeah, I can take you. Where's your mum?
Megan: She went in the ambulance with Keria. Toby - are you gonna come?
Toby: Yeah. I will.
Megan: Alright, just excuse me one minute, I gotta go speak to Tina really quick!

People in love can do crazy things.

A young boy could take the life of his own mother to stop her from being a danger to others and herself.

Friends can group together on a day which is just meant for family in order to make an already special day a little more jolly.

A loving neighbor can spend his Christmas watching over a friend who was injured.

A mother despite her disappointment, can stand by her daughter even though she had been constantly lied too.

A caring man could help a woman through a birth.

Resulting in a new baby girl to love.

A loving woman could rush over to her best friends house in order to support her even though she has had the worst day possible.

And a woman who thought she had lost the life of her life. Could do something, extremely stupid.

David: Tine - it's me. David. You've most likely heard about the plane crash - I wasn't on it! I changed my mind as soon as I got the airport! Sorry I didn't call sooner I've only just managed to get a signal! I'm coming home love, I'm alright and I'm coming home to you. We're gonna be fine, we're gonna be great! I love you Tina. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Call me back.

Unfortunately for David. It may already...

... be too late.