Crystal Town Series 1 - Cast

Megan Kayleigh Tina Cindy

Megan Jones/Grey
Age 36, Related to Ryan (Fiancee)
Megan first met Ryan in College, and since then they have been desperately in love. She is best friends with Tina Wellington who is helping Megan and Ryan plan there wedding. Megan is currently unemployed after quitting writing novels due to her busy lifestyle. Megan would like to settle down and have a family.

Kayleigh Kim
Age 20, Related to Hilary (Mother), Chris (Brother), and Paul (Brother, Deceased)
Kayleigh is an extremely bright young woman unlike her older brother Chris. Since her brother Paul's died she has taken the reasonability to take care of her family, even helping Chris out when he’s in trouble. Kayleigh could easily get a good job but will she try, or will she always put her family first?

Cindy Montredge
Age 27, Related to Eddie (Husband), Jennifer (Daughter) and Karina (Sister)
Cindy used to work as barmaid when she lived in Pleasantview, but she is currently unemployed and stays at home to take care of Jennifer. She met her husband Eddie a few years back and the two soon fell in love. Eddie and Cindy's lives are changed however when Karina moves in.

Tina Stripe
Age 43, David (Husband), Robert (Son), Ariel (Cousin) and Aaron (Cousin's Son)
Being the perfect housewife isn’t as perfect as Tina Wellington hopes. She wants her son to study Chemistry at University but he has other plans causing conflict in the family. At times she can get on with her husband David well... but there is a family member who she detests.

Hilary Karina Kacey Jenna

Hilary Kim
Age 54, Related to Kayleigh (Daughter), Chris (Son) and Paul (Son, deceased)
Hilary is a sweet and kind old lady who loves and protects her family. She looks out for Kayleigh and Chris a lot since her son Paul drowned and died at such a young age. She would like to get her kids out of the nest so she can spend her last few golden years thinking about herself.

Karina Adams
Age 23, Related to Cindy (Sister), Jennifer (Niece) and Eddie (Brother in law)
Karina can be cunning and cruel at times which is why Eddie detests her so much. Cindy has proven, however, that Karina can be a sweet, caring, kind woman. She is currently having a romantic relationship with Chris.

Kacey Wellington
Age 22, Related to Bruce (Father), Tim (Brother), Jenna (Sister), James (Son) and Louise (Mother, deceased)
Kacey loves her family more than anything, especially her son James. She helps her sister out a lot and the two have a close bond, but for some reason her and Tim don’t see eye to eye. She used to be treated unfairly and felt like the odd one out with Bruce and Tim. Her mother Louise was the only one who knew what a great girl she was. Since Louise’s death Kacey tried to commit suicide because she had nothing to live for until she became pregnant.

Jenna Wellington
Age 25, Related to Bruce (Father), Tim (Brother), Jenna (Sister), James (Son) and Louise (Mother, deceased)
Jenna Wellington works in the Crystal Inn Pub with her father Bruce and brother Tim. She would soon like to move out and start up a family and a life of her own, but something may soon stop her from completing her dream.

David Bruce Robert Ryan

David Stripe
Age 43, Related to Tina (Wife) and Robert (Son)
David is a loving man who loves his family. Although he is close and holds a special bond with his son Robert he and his Tinas's marriage is starting to crack.

Bruce Wellington
Age 64, Related to Louise (Wife, deceased), Tim (Son), Jenna (Daughter), Kacey (Daughter) and James (Grandson)
Bruce is a kind and sensitive man but is struggling to cope after his wife’s death. He's trying to move on for his children, but how far will Bruce go to protect his family?

Robert Stripe
Age 17, Related to Tina (Mother) and David (Father)
Robert is a bright intelligent boy who is about to go to university to study science but does he want more than Bunsen burners and test tubes?

Ryan Grey
Age 32, Related to Sharon (Mother), Harold (Father) and Megan (Fiancee)
Ryan has lived in Crystal Town his whole life with his wealthy parents Sharon and Harold (who have recently left). He is good friends with Tim and the rest of the Wellington family and is currently planning his wedding with Megan.

Tim Eddie Ariel

Tim Wellington
Age 29, Related to Bruce (Father), Louise (Mother, deceased), Jenna (Sister), Kacey (Sister) and James (Nephew)
Tim works full time in the Crystal Inn Pub and is set to take it over from his father Bruce, who he has a special bond with. He is best friends with Ryan Grey and he is soon going to get his relationship with Jenna tested.

Eddie Montredge
Age 27, Cindy (Wife), Galla (Daughter) and Karina (Sister in law)
Eddie recently moved from Pleasentview, where he grew up, to live in Crystal Town with his Wife Cindy and their daughter Galla, but then Karina moves in and causes trouble. Can Eddie see past this?

Ariel Watson
Age 26, Related to Aaron (Son), Tina (Cousin)
Ariel is a young woman who just turned 26. She loves to party, so hasn't parented her son Aaron very well. Can she repair her friendship with cousin Tina?