Crystal Town - The Final Episode: Episode 50 - Tina

She had been in a coma now for six months.

But nobody had known for sure if Tina Stripe would ever wake up.

It was the day before yesterday when her ex-husband David was told the worst, that the chances of Tina waking up was impossible.

Her family and close friends got together to decide what to do next.

They all agreed it was time to let Tina go.

Her friends and and family soon arrived to say their final farewells to Tina.

Her old mother sat and said goodbye to her daughter, devastated that despite she was 95 years old she was going to outlive her only child.

School friends came to talk about the good times they had with her.

And her Postman of over fifteen years, Fudge had come to tell Tina how much he appreciated how nice she was to him.

But there was some people that weren't quite ready, to say goodbye.

Mina: Hiya honey.
Aaron: Hey.
Mina: Where have you been?
Aaron: Just over at David's, can hardly get a peek out of him at the moment.
Mina: Are you surprised? The love of his life is about to die.
Aaron: He can't bring himself to go to the hospital Mine, he can't bring himself to say goodbye.
Mina: Well it must be the hardest thing he's ever had to do, he'll just have to do it in his own time.
Aaron: Yeah but Auntie Tina doesn't have time.
Mina: What do you mean?
Aaron: Her body's shutting down, giving in. That machine won't be able to keep her alive for much longer.

Mina: I just can't believe we've lost Tina. It's unbelievable, out of everybody on this street she'd be the last person I would think would die and for it being over hanging herself as well?
Aaron: I know, God works in mysterious ways.
Mina: So when are we going to say goodbye?
Aaron: I'm gonna go take a shower, then we're heading over.
Mina: Aaron -
Aaron: Yeah?
Mina: I know how horrible this is for you, she was practically a mother to you. You need to talk to me when you're ready alright?
Aaron: I know, thank you.

And with that, Aaron thought back to a horrific, awful night and how his Auntie Tina, had lied to protect him.

Robert: Aaron, are you gonna talk?
Aaron: I just ran over my mum Rob. What else can I say?
Robert: Look I know you're upset but the police may want to talk to you soon.
Aaron: I'm not in the mood to talk to anybody.
Robert: But Aaron -

Aaron: Dammit Robert! Just leave me alone!

Tina: I have absolutely no idea who ran over Ariel, it happened so fast - just so sudden.
Police Officer: Mrs. Stripe I understand how difficult this is for you, I mean your cousin has just been killed. But the driver was obviously drunk and in order to catch the guy we need to know exactly how you saw in the car.
Tina: It was a woman - I know that for sure! She had dark hair, that's all I saw.
Police Officer: And the car was a red sports car right?
Tina: Yeah! One of those old but stylish things.
Police Officer:
Alright, thank you for your time. We'll be in touch.
Tina: Thank you Officer.

Aaron: Why did you lie?
Tina: The last words your mother said to me was to look after you, whether Ariel had asked me to do that or not I will protect and look after you until the day that I die. Come here -

Aaron: Auntie Tina, I'm scared.
Tina: Now you listen to me okay? You are like a son to me, you are never gonna be alone and you have nothing to be scared about. I will do anything to protect you, I will do anything to make things better for you and you have nothing to feel guilty about - it was an accident. You are one of the kindest and loving boys that I know, I am never going to let anything happen to you. Do you understand?
Aaron: Yeah. I love you.
Tina: I love you too, you have no idea how much.

Mina: Aaron! Aaron!
Aaron: Sorry Mine.
Mina: You've been standing outside the room for two minutes.
Aaron: Oh, sorry. I was just thinking about her that's all.
Mina: Go in and say what you have to say honey. I'll be getting a coffee.
Aaron: Okay.

Aaron: Oh sorry if I'm interrupting - Jean... is that you?

Jean: Aaron - honey! It's okay, I had just finished. How are you?
Aaron: Under the circumstances, I'm alright. When Tina went missing that one time and you turned up but then you just left, where did you go!?
Jean: I went and sorted my life out, I have a great job and a partner now.
Aaron: That's great, I'm thrilled for you.
Jean: I just came to say goodbye ya know? Tina was a great friend to me. Anyway, I'll speak to you later love.
Aaron: Yeah, see you Jean.

Aaron: Hey Auntie Tine, did the doctors put on your daytime TV for you? You look really nice today... (sighs). I don't want you to worry about me. I'm going to be just fine. So it's your time to be looked after now. You're such a great woman Auntie Tina. God wants you to come to him early because... because perhaps he needs you now. I needed you, and you were there. And I'm just so sorry that I wasn't there for you as I could of been on Christmas day. But I need you to know that I'm gonna stay with you. I will be here until its time for you to go. I love you Auntie Tina, and I will never love anybody the way I loved you.

Mina: Hey guys, you here to see Tine?
Amelia: (Wiping eyes) Yeah, we said goodbye to her a few hours ago. We've just been sticking around ya know. I haven't managed to bring myself to leave...
Lennie: Hows Aaron coping Mina?
Mina: Not so good, he's putting on a brave face but I can see how all of this is destroying him.
Lennie: Poor boy, after his own mothers death this must be awful for him.
Amelia: Was you close to Tina?
Mina: No, not really. Only spoke to her a couple of times. Even though we lived on the same road for years.
Amelia: Ah I see, well anyway give Aaron the best from us.
Mina: I will do, see you guys later.
Lennie: Bye Mina.

Toby: Dad, do you know where my top is, the one with the little Chinese symbols on it?
Barry: Nah, sorry mate.
Toby: But you've been doing the ironing recently -
Barry: Look I'll go and get it in a minute alright!
Toby: Sorry.
Barry: No I'm sorry mate, I shouldn't of snapped like that.
Toby: Dad, what's up?
Barry: It's Megan's best friend Tina - they're turning off her life support.
Toby: Oh. That's why Megan's acting so strange.
Barry: Yeah, I've just gotta go talk to her about it that's all.
Toby: Okay.
Barry: Have you heard from Pauline and Keria today?
Toby: (Laughs) Nah they're in sunny Menorca, they've got better things to do then ringing little old us!
Barry: True.

Barry: Megan, honey. What are you up too?
Megan: Washing up! Then I'm gonna clean the bathroom and then sort out the freezer.
Barry: Honey, we need to go to the hospital. You need to say goodbye to Tina.
Megan: No. Do you know where the bleach is? Or do I need to run to the store to get some?
Barry: Megan - she's your best friend.

Barry: Megan, I know you're furious with her because she tried to kill herself and because you're the one who found her like it but honey she's going to be gone soon and you need too go and say goodbye. You're not being fair.
Barry: Alright, I'll be back in a minute.
Megan: Thank you!

And with that, Megan began to remember the first time she had met Tina Stripe.

Megan: Thanks for coming to help us unpack Sharon. It's so sweet of you.
Sharon: Oh it's the least I could do, Howard demanded we stopped by as you and Ryan live so close now. Hopefully wedding bells will be in the air soon eh?
Megan: (Laughs) Lets not get ahead of ourselves, we've just moved in together.
Sharon: But the two of you have known each other for years! I want grandchildren Megan!
Megan: Wahh! Easy there (laughs). Me and Ryan have plenty of time for that.

Sharon: Yeah, that's true. Do you think the boys are having a good time over in the pub?
Megan: Howard and Bruce haven't seen each other in years - I'm sure they're all smashed right now.
Sharon: (Laughs) Poor Louise, anyway I'm gonna head upstairs for an hour. Plus they're re-airing the entire series of Knots Landing so...
Megan: (Laughs) Have fun.


Tina: Hello, I'm your new neighbor Tina Stripe. Welcome!
Megan: Aw thank you Tina, I'm Megan. It's great to meet you.
Tina: And you! So is it just you moving in or you and your boyfriend? Husband? Family?
Megan: Just me and my boyfriend Ryan (laughs).
Tina: Ah, it's great to have a nice new couple on the block! You must come over for lunch sometime, my husband David makes a fantastic barbeque.
Megan: That sounds fantastic! I'd love too!
Tina: Oh excellent. It's so nice that you're so down to earth and friendly! I've always wanted somebody close to my age to gossip and have tea with!
Megan: Me too! And you're the first person to drop by and say hello.
Tina: Ah, that's good of me then (laughs). Anyway, come by in a few days for some lunch?
Megan: Yeah, for sure!
Tina: Alright, see you later.
Megan: Bye Tina. Great meeting you!

Sharon: And who was that?
Megan: A really nice friendly neighbor. Thought you were watching Knots Landing?
Sharon: I am, I just came down for a coke.
Megan: (Laughs) Alright.
Sharon: People in this town are so friendly!
Megan: I can tell, she was lovely.
Sharon: Perhaps she'll become your best friend eh? You wanna know what's just important as family?
Megan: What?
Sharon: Friends, especially best ones. Me and one of my old girlfriends - Bernice, we used to be like two peas in a pod, always did everything together. She was even my maid of honor. But one day we had a massive row over something very daft, she tried to call me a few times over the years but I was too stubborn, never wanted to forgive her. Two years later she had died, cancer.
Megan: That's awful.
Sharon: Yeah, one of my biggest regrets. Anyway, gonna get myself a coke.
Megan: Okay.
Sharon: Do you want one Megan?

Barry: Megan? Megan? Hello?
Megan: Oh Barry - what?
Barry: We're out of bleach, should I nip to the store?
Megan: Uhh, yeah get your car keys babe. They're on the end table next to the sofa.
Barry: Rightio.

Sharon: Love you Mummy!

Barry: Megan?
Megan: Forget the bleach. We're going to see Tina.
Barry: Oh Megan that's great! Hey Toby! Come watch the girls!
Toby: Alright! Be right down!
Barry: Shall we go?
Megan: Yeah, I need to forgive her. She's my best friend.


Barry: Do you want me to come in with you?
Megan: In a minute, I just have to say something to her first.
Barry: Alright honey, I'll be in soon.
Megan: Okay.

Megan: Hey Tine - it's Megan. I'm sorry I didn't come visit you sooner, it's just - I've been... I've spent so much time just being angry at you that... it got in the way of what I should of been doing, coming to see you. I just found it so hard trying to be okay with seeing you after I just found you hanging in front of me Tina. It was the worst moment of my life, and I don't ever wanna think about it - I never wanted to think about you dying which is why I never really visited - it scared the crap out of me! I don't know what I'm going to do without you Tine. You're my best friend, and sure I'll have Kacey, Kayleigh and Madeline, but it won't be the same - none of it will. I just need you to know that - I forgive you and that I love you forever Tina and you are always going to be the best friend and my soul mate. And you deserve peace, and I'll visit you all the time and knowing that you're going to be looking down and protecting me, will comfort me when I miss you. I love you best friend.

Barry: Is it okay if I come in? Oh come here honey.


Chris: Ah, I'm up. I'm up.

Chris: Marie, is everything alright love?
Marie: Yeah, just really lost my temper with Alice - she wanted to go ice skating. Six months pregnant! Ice skating!
Chris: Yeah, what a stupid idea. Perhaps you should keep your cool though? You don't wanna stress her out too much.
Marie: I know, it's just I'm so upset right now. I've got some news you might wanna take a seat.
Chris: This sounds bad?
Marie: Sit down hun.

Chris: What's going on?
Marie: I got a text from Mina earlier this morning - they're taking Tina off life support.
Chris: What? No!
Marie: The doctors have said the chances of her waking up are impossible. So David, her mother and her other family decided it was best to let her go.
Chris: No, they can't do that! It's Tina! It's Tina! She can't die!
Marie: I'm gonna go to the hospital later to say goodbye, go get ready honey.
Chris: I - I can't believe this.
Marie: I know how hard it is for you, you've known her for years. Chris, honey?

And with that Chris Kim began to look back on the time Tina had helped him when he needed it the most.

Tina: Hello, do you know where Al's Bar is? I've got to go pick up a friend.
Man: Yeah sweetums, it's right round the corner. You fancy a drink then?
Tina: No, no thank you.
Man: Oh come on hun don't burst my balls. I'd give a fine looking lady like yourself a right seeing too.
Tina: (Gasps).

Man: Man, she's feisty.

Tina: Excuse me, barman?
Barman: Yes?
Tina: I'm looking for my friend - Chris. He's black and he has dark spiked hair.
Barman: Is it that guy over there? He's been drinking himself silly for about four hours.
Tina: Ah! That's him, thank you!
Barman: No problem.

Tina: Chris, what on earth are you doing here? In this bar of all places?
Chris: Drinking my sorrows away Tina! Why is that such a bad thing eh?
Tina: Do you have any idea how you're making Marie feel!? She's at home crying her eyes out worried about you! William's out looking for you too but he can't tell Kayleigh you've done a runner otherwise she'll flip!
Chris: My mother has just been shot! Killed in the room next to me! Explain to me why I should care?
Tina: Because you still have people that loved you sweetheart! You can't forget that! We all loved Hilary! Kayleigh is devastated but she would never run off and go out drinking and cause William so much worry - like you've done to Marie!
Chris: My mums dead Tina, she's gone I can't cope -

Tina: Right that's it!

Chris: Ouch! Tina!
Tina: Snap out of it Chris! Your mother was the bravest and most loving woman I ever met in my entire life! She was a great friend to everybody who lived on the street, and her dying is one of the biggest losses everybody has had to deal with! So don't stand there and act as if this is just affecting you! Kayleigh has lost her mother too! Louise was a best friend of your mothers! Marie was in the same room as Hilary when she was shot! William has had to take care of Kayleigh and Gus twenty four hours a day because Hilary's death has devastated Kayleigh! You're allowed to grieve, you're allowed to cry, you're allowed to be angry. But your mother would never want you to sit here and drink your life away whilst you have a family back home who needs you! Now for gods sake Chris, snap out of it!
Chris: You're right - yeah. You're absolutely right. I have to go home, I've been really selfish.
Tina: It's all part of becoming a man Chris, now come on lets go get some coffee and sober you up okay?
Chris: Yeah, that would be a good idea eh? Thanks so much Tine.

Tina: Don't mention it honey.

Chris: Lets go straight away, I've got something I want to say to her.
Marie: And what's that love?
Chris: Thank you.

Kacey: James! I'm not telling you again boy! You go and tidy up your room! If I have to tell you again you're not getting any pocket money this week!
James: (Huffs) Fine!

Louise: You alright love?
Kacey: Yeah Mum, I'm fine. He's just starting to become quite a handful you know? Getting abit of attitude and everything.
Louise: Well he's been hanging around Jennifer (laughs). Sweetheart, Eddie wants to know when you're going to the hospital.
Kacey: Oh, I'll likely be heading there in abit. It's just hard knowing that it's going to be the last time I see Tina.
Louise: Oh I know honey, it's awful isn't it? Me and Eddie will be there to support you through it.
Kacey: Thank you.
Louise: I'm gonna give Jacob a call anyway, ask him if we're still on for dinner here tomorrow night.
Kacey: Alright mum.

And with that, Kacey began to notice that everything she had - a happy family, a successful restaurant and a father figure for her son was all in a way down to Tina Stripe.

Tina: Hey Kace, it's me I hope you don't mind if I pop in.
Kacey: Oh hey, Tine! Yeah. Come in, come in.

Tina: What's happening here? Where's you stuff? Is that what all the boxes outside are about?
Kacey: Yeah I've decided me and James are going to move to a smaller place in Ollingdale.
Tina: But that's like four hours away!
Kacey: I know Tine but it's time for a fresh start. It's just me and James now. Dad and Tim died this year, Jenna's locked up - I have nothing to stay here for anymore.
Tina: So you're just gonna give in? Just like that?
Kacey: What else can I do Tina? I can't bring myself to continue the pub - not without my dad behind the bar. It's just not right.

Tina: But what about me? Megan? All of your friends...
Kacey: I'm sure you'll all be fine without me.
Tina: And what about Eddie?
Kacey: What - what about Eddie?
Tina: Oh Kace, come on. You're one of my closest friends. I see the way you look at him - I see the way he looks at you. There's something there.
Kacey: He's married to Cindy, Tina.
Tina: Yeah but how do you know Cindy is Eddie's true love? How do you know that it's not you?
Kacey: That's ridiculous, it's not me. We're just friends.
Tina: Eddie's looking for a job at the moment - I'm sure he'll help you run the bar. Hell, I'd even give you a hand if it means you'd stay put.

Kacey: Eddie did come up with an idea where we keep the pub and also build a restaurant next door and name it after my dad.
Tina: That's a fantastic idea!
Kacey: But Tine, it's too hard even living in the house on my own at the moment. I don't think I'll manage.
Tina: But you'll have the whole neighborhood supporting you and Eddie will help you run the place.
Kacey: I guess, but it's just this was my dads place and -
Tina: Answer me this - who would your dad rather look down and see living in here and behind the bar? His smart and sophisticated daughter, or a complete stranger?
Kacey: Me.
Tina: There you go, but it's your decision love. Let me know when you make it okay? Love ya.
Kacey: Love you too.

Sometime after:

Tina: Kacey? Hiya.
Kacey: Can me and James stay with you for a while? Until I'm strong enough to go back there.
Tina: Of course sweetheart.

Eddie: Hey babe, ready to go?
Kacey: Yeah - just hold on a second.

Eddie: Wow, that was nice. What was that for?
Kacey: Ah, I've just realised how lucky I've got it, and who I've got to thank for it.
Eddie: Shall we go?
Kacey: Yeah, lets go.

Kayleigh: Layla, please sweetheart, stop crying! Oh honey, come on now.
William: I've gotta heard off to work Kay.
Kayleigh: What? You're kidding me right?
William: No, why?
Kayleigh: I can't look after Gus and Layla on my own whilst they're both in rotten moods!
William: Relax, Gus is up having a nap.
Kayleigh: Yeah but for how long Will!? How long!? He's a devil child!
William: Kayleigh - come on.
Kayleigh: Look, I'll tell you something I am sick to death of you -
William: I'll get it.
Kayleigh: Thought you had to go to work?
William: Shut up.

Postman Fudge: Hey guys.
William: Hey Fudge, what's wrong?
Postman Fudge: You guys haven't heard yet? They're taking Tina Stripe off life support today.
William: Oh my god.

Kayleigh: No... no...
William: Kay its gonna be ok -
Kayleigh: Take Layla!
William: But -
William: Alright!

William: Wait! Come back! Kayleigh!

And with that, Kayleigh Kim began to remember when Tina had helped her get over a horrific event in her life.

Tina: I hope it's alright I asked your mum to let me take you to therapy today.
Kayleigh: Yeah, it's fine. Mum always worries whenever she takes me anyway.
Tina: I thought perhaps its good to have a friend support you as well?
Kayleigh: Yeah it is.
Tina: I want you to know that the entire neighborhood is here for you okay? Me, Megan and everybody. Being raped is the worst possible thing that can happen to somebody and you're not alone. You have plenty of people around you.
Kayleigh: Thank you Tina, it means so much.

Woman: Miss. Kim, we're ready for you now.
Kayleigh: Okay.
Tina: Good luck honey.

Twenty minutes later.

Tina: What's going on in there?
Woman: Mrs. Stripe would you pleased come in and try to calm her down? She thinks I'm going to hurt her.

Tina: Kayleigh - Kay - honey what's wrong!?
Tina: Kay, sweetheart, you need to calm down.
Kayleigh: None of you understand!
Tina: We do Kayleigh.
Woman: We want to help you Kayleigh.
Tina: Perhaps it would be best if I spoke to her alone for a moment?
Woman: No problem.

Tina: Kayleigh -
Kayleigh: I can't... cope... anymore...
Tina: Come on sweetheart.

Kayleigh: It's too hard Tina, my mum doesn't know how badly I'm really coping.
Tina: I will sit in these therapy sessions with you if that is what you want honey. I am going to support you through all of it okay? You can count on me! I'm never going to leave you okay? I promise.
Kayleigh: You promise?
Tina: I promise.

Kayleigh: You looked after me Tina, now it's my turn to go and look after you.

Aaron: You've been in here ages.
Mina: Yeah, I know. Sorry just thinking about stuff really.
Aaron: You're out of coffee, want me to go get you another cup?
Mina: Actually I think I'm gonna go out for some fresh air. I'll be back in a few minutes okay?
Aaron: Yeah, alright. Everything okay?
Mina: Yeah, I'm fine.

Mina: Hey guys.
Chris: Hey Mina.
Marie: You here with Aaron, love?
Mina: Yeah, just helping him through it. He's in there having a coffee if you wanna go see him.
Marie: We will do. We just said our goodbyes to Tina, didn't we love?
Chris: Yeah, was the toughest thing I've ever had to do.
Marie: Go get yourself a coffee yeah?
Chris: Yeah.

Mina: Bless him he looks really upset.
Marie: They're old friends, this is really hard on him.
Mina: I can imagine.
Marie: Have you said goodbye to her yet?
Mina: Err - no, I haven't.
Marie: Are you going too?
Mina: I don't think so, I don't really know what to say in situations like these.
Marie: Even if it's short, Tina would appreciate it. You should say goodbye to her, she was very fond of you ya know.
Mina: I know it's just I find it really hard to show my emotions.
Marie: Well, it's up to you honey. Catch you later yeah?
Mina: Yeah.

And with that, Mina Johnson began to think of a time when Tina Stripe had helped her.

Tina: Ahem.

Mina: Oh Tina? Karina?
Tina: What on earth are you doing sleeping here in the middle of the night?
Karina: It's freezing out here Mina!
Mina: Well what are you guys doing up so late?
Tina: We went out shopping and got stuck in awful traffic, we've only just got back.
Karina: You must be crazy Mine, get home. I know that's what I'm gonna do. See ya guys later.
Tina: Bye Karina.

Tina: So what's going on Mina? What on earth are you doing sleeping out here in the middle of the night?
Mina: Nothing, it's none of your business.
Tina: Don't speak to me like that please. I don't have to sit here and talk to you.
Mina: Then don't!
Tina: Listen, just because you're having a bad time doesn't mean you can take it out on me, understand? I've done nothing wrong!
Mina: Yeah, I know. You're right, I'm sorry.
Tina: So what is it that's bothering you?
Mina: Me and Elliot broke up.

Tina: Oh honey, that's a shame. How comes?
Mina: I got jealous because this girl kept on flirting with him and we both just drove each other up the wall so we thought it was best if we ended things.
Tina: You shouldn't be out here alone sweetheart, your mother must be worrying sick.
Mina: She'll be in bed. She thinks I'm staying at a friends house tonight.
Tina: You should go home love.
Mina: I can't! My mum will freak.
Tina: Alright, then you can come back to my place okay?
Mina: Thank you Tina.

The following morning:

Aaron: Hi.
Mina: Oh, hello.
Aaron: It's Mina yeah?
Mina: Yeah. You're Aaron.
Aaron: Yes (laughs).
Mina: It's great to meet you properly.
Aaron: Yeah, you too. I'm heading out with some friends now but would you like to go out for a drink sometime?
Mina: Yeah, that would be fantastic.
Aaron: Great, I look forward to it.

Mina: Oh sorry guys am I interrupting?
Kacey: No honey, we're just finished.
Eddie: Yeah. Lets go meet Chris and Marie at the café yeah?
Kacey: Yeah.

Mina: Oh god, look at you... I'm so sorry this happened to you Tina. I just want you to know that...

Mina: I owe you so much, and I am so grateful.

Robert: Dad it's me, dad?
David: What is it Robert?

Robert: Dad, what on earth are you doing with your Christmas decorations up?
David: I haven't really been in the mood to take them down Rob.
Robert: Dad we need to go to the hospital, we've got to say goodbye to mum.
David: No point son.
Robert: Excuse me? They're about to turn off my mothers life support machine - the love of your life and you're seriously gonna have the nerve to tell me that there is no point?
David: She's brain dead Rob, there's no point. She can't hear us.
Robert: How is she brain dead? Her body is shutting down - the doctors said there's a chance she can hear us.
David: What's the point?

Robert: You know what, I can't be putting up with this right now. You come to the hospital when you realize that the woman you love may be lying there waiting for you to give her the goodbye she deserves! Grow up dad!

And with that, David Stripe began to remember the first time he had laid eyes on the girl that would one day become his wife.

Dirk: Look dude you're crazy Tina Swan is the most popular girl in school. If you ask her to the prom you're going to make yourself look like a proper idiot in front of anybody. And I'm not being funny - she hangs around with alot of girls who are known for not being very nice.
David: Dirk - I know. But Tina can't help being popular, there's something about her. She's nice, she's not like the others. She never joins in with the bullying her friends do and she even stands up for people they pick on too, telling them to stop. She's a great girl caught in the wrong crowd and I'd like to see if I have a chance.
Dirk: But she just broke up with Graham Price! She's most likely not looking for anybody right now.
David: I don't care what you say Dirk, I'm doing this.
Dirk: Dave, please - you'll look silly.
David: I'm doing it, be my friend and support me.
Dirk: Fine. Good luck.

David: Hey - err, Tina. Do you mind if I ask you something?
Tina: Oh sure David, go ahead.
David: I was wondering with the whole prom coming up, say if you'd like to come to the prom with me?
(Jaz and Anna laugh)
Tina: Aww, David. That's so sweet, I'd be happy to go with you.
Anna: What!?
David: Really? Oh that's fantastic! I'll pick you up from your house at around seven?
Tina: Yeah, sure.

Dirk: Well?
David: She said yes!
Dirk: No way!
David: What were you saying about making myself look stupid Dirk?

Jaz: What the hell are you playing at?
Anna: David Stripe? That geek? If you're seen going to the prom with that guy you'll turn into the laughing stock of the school. You can't just go from Graham Price to David Stripe! That's the biggest step down you could make!
Jaz: Except the small dude who hangs around the teachers toilets, picks his nose and eats it.
Tina: Look guys - he's a really sweet guy. Being popular doesn’t mean anything - I'm sick of popular good looking boys who want nothing to do with you. David is sweet and I want to give him a chance!
Jaz: Jeez. Whatever.
Tina: He's lovely, I can imagine myself being in a relationship with somebody like him.

David: You gave me a chance when nobody else would, I'm coming Tine.

Time for Tina Stripe was running out.

Her family and friends gathered around her bedside to see her go.

And with that, Tina Stripe looked back on her favorite memory for the last time...

Tina: I don't know what to say David, the house just looks so stunning.
David: Anything for my beautiful wife and my boy.
Tina: Everything’s just so perfect Dave, me and you happily married - Robert is healthy and happy. I just don't know what we've done to deserve this happiness.

Louise: Hello there!
Bruce: Welcome to the neighborhood!

Tina: Hello, I'm Tina Stripe and this is my husband David and this little guy is Robert.
David: Pleased to meet you.
Louise: And you! I'm Louise.
Bruce: And I'm Bruce. We run the pub just across from you. We'd love for you guys to come and have a drink with us later! Meet all the locals and that!
Tina: That would be fantastic.
Louise: Ah brilliant. We just thought we'd pop by on our way out to say welcome really.
Bruce: Yeah, this town is a great place to live.
Tina: Yeah, it looks beautiful.
Louise: Anyway, we had best leave you to unpack! We'll see you later on perhaps?
David: Yeah, without a doubt!
Louise: See you!
Bruce: Bye bye!

Tina: (Laughs) Nice neighbors too? This really is the perfect place.
David: We're going to be so happy here.
Tina: Of course we will, I've only been here a few minutes and I never thought I'd say this but it's already...
David: Already what?

Tina: Home.

And with that, Tina Stripe finally let go.

Her friends and family all reacted differently.

Some stood in denial.

Some sobbed.

Some comforted each other.

And some just couldn't bring themselves to say anything.

But everybody was glad. Glad that Tina had got the send off she really did deserve.