Crystal Town - Episode 1 - Pilot

Chris: Kay what the hell are you doing?
Kayleigh: I'm teaching Miss Wiskerson to play dead!
Chris: Oh for god’s sake, get a life!
Kayleigh: Shut up!

Kayleigh: At least I don't watch TV 24/7! At least I have a job....
Chris: Yeah as a maid, and that’s only on Fridays!
Kayleigh: A job is a job Chris! Get over yourself!
Chris: Shhh!
Kayleigh: (Tuts)

Hilary: Ok guys I'm of to work. By the way Chris... its not illegal to have one!
Chris: Shut up mum!
Hilary: See you later.
Kayleigh: Bye mum.

Kacey: Man I'm gutted Christmas is over!
Jenna: So am I. All that excitement just over one day of the year.
Kacey: Well at least we have a new year ahead of us...
Jenna: Great! Another year with me being single.
Kacey: Aww sis I'm single too.
Jenna: That’s because you have a kid... you have to look after him.
Kacey: I suppose...

Bruce: Morning girls.
Kacey: Hey dad.
Bruce: Well... Christmas is over... gutted?
Jenna: Yup!
Bruce: Yeah me too... maybe we should hold a party in the pub, to cheer everyone up around here!
Kacey: That’s a good idea.
Bruce: Excellent you girls can arrange it... I'm going to have some breakfast and then open up...

Chris: Yeah I'll talk to you later babe, ok, bye.

Kayleigh: Who was that?
Chris: My girlfriend. You got a problem with that?
Kayleigh: How have you got a girlfriend? You hardly leave the house!
Chris: Shut up Kay. I'm going out.
Kayleigh: Where?
Chris: None of your business. And oh yeah, I'm borrowing your car.

Kayleigh: You know Mum hasn’t taken hers, but oh well...

A short time later

Karina: Hey!

Chris: Hey baby. I'm so glad you've moved down here... where are you staying?
Karina: At my sisters place. She doesn’t know I'm here yet but she won’t send me home. (Laughs)
Chris: Good, cause I missed you.

Kayleigh: Sorry to break up this lovely scene and all but... Chris who is this?
Chris: You bitch! Did you follow me?
Kayleigh: Oh get over it will you!
Karina: I'm Karina.
Kayleigh: I'm his sister Kayleigh.
Karina: Pleasure (!) Catch you later Chris babe.

Chris: I cannot believe you followed me!
Kayleigh: Sorry, but you seem to have a life that I know nothing about.
Chris: So what? To be honest with you Kay, it's none of your business... now get lost!
Kayleigh: What car you taking back? Chris!

Karina: Surprise sis!
Cindy: Karina! What are you doing here?
Karina: I wanted to move to Crystal Town ages ago. Can I stay here with you guys?
Eddie: Erm... no.
Karina: Hi Ed nice to see you too....

Karina: Well?
Cindy: We've only just moved in ourselves... ok you can stay! But you have to stay on the sofa.
Karina: Honey I can't. I have a bad back... I need an actual bed.
Cindy: Eddie you may have to stay on the sofa for a while.
Eddie: No way I am! This is my house!
Cindy: Fine. Do you want to sleep with Karina?
Eddie: Sofa it is... happy now Karina? You got your way!
Karina: I always do.

Robert: Ok mum, open your eyes!
Tina: Ok.... oh Robert...
Robert: Do you like it?
Tina: Its hideous!
Robert: Huh?
Tina: There is no way you are having your room like this young man!
Robert: You said I could as an birthday present.
Tina: Sorry but I expected it to be a little more sensible, maybe with a study and a computer so you can do your schoolwork!
Robert: Mum I'm allowed to relax in my own room!
Tina: Don't talk to me in that manor young man I'm calling the decorator he shall re do your room first thing in the morning! You just wait until your father gets home!

Tina: What! You think its good?
David: Yeah I think if Robert wants his room to be like that, then he should have his room like that.
Tina: Well he could at least have chosen a more sensible wallpaper. That fiery trash is horrifying!
David: Oh get over yourself Tina!
Tina: Why are you talking to me like this?
David: Because he’s 16. He can do what he wants!
Tina: He should be worrying about which University he gets sent to rather than his room!
David: Exactly, which is why you should let him keep the room so the decorators haven't got to come in and take up the time in which he could use to study.
Tina: Ok fine. Leave me be.

Tina: Oh hello Hilary.
Hilary: Oh hello Mrs. Jones.
Tina: Like my vase do you?
Hilary: Yes its nice...
Tina: Well you keep your hands off it! If it goes missing you'll be out of a job in less than a second...

The next day...

Tina: Good morning honeys. Are you ready for school?
Robert: Yeah almost... thanks for letting me keep it.
David: Remember though use your free time to study for uni.
Tina: Its University calling it "Uni" is the lazy mans way, Robert you may take the computer up there if you wish.
Robert: Oh, thanks Mum.
Tina: Your welcome. Well I hope you all have a good day. I'm off, Megan would like me to go round and help her with her wedding plans. I'll see you boys later.
Robert: Bye mum.
David: Bye sweetie.

Kayleigh: Hi Mum.
Hilary: Morning. Is Chris still asleep?
Kayleigh: What do you think?
Hilary: Ok I'm not going into work today. I'll say I've got the flu.
Kayleigh: Why? Mum we have enough bills to pay, so slacking off work is not a good idea...
Hilary: Don't worry sweetie. I get paid for days off sick. Its part of the deal.
Kayleigh: Why are you having a day off?
Hilary: Cause I want to spend time with my darling daughter.
Kayleigh: Really?
Hilary: Yeah come on. Lets go to the cinema.

Tim: Dad...
Bruce: Yes son, what is it?
Tim: Do you know where Kacey and Jenna are?
Bruce: There in Kaceys room I think, planning Saturday’s party.
Tim: Ok.

Bruce: Oh hello new faces!
Eddie: Hello there is this is the Crystal Inn?
Bruce: Yes it is. I'm Bruce.
Eddie: Hi Bruce, I'm Eddie this is my wife Cindy and my daughter Lee.
Bruce: Nice to meet you both.
Karina: And I'm Karina, Cindy’s sister.
Bruce: Oh hello.
Eddie: Oh yeah, forgot about you.
Karina: I bet you did.

Cindy: Ok Karina lets go grab some seats.
Bruce: Well on behalf on us here at the Crystal Inn welcome to Crystal Town.
Eddie: Thank you. We moved in next door actually.
Bruce: Oh, that house has been empty for a few years now. Its good that someone has finally moved in.
Eddie: So what’s the history of this place then?
Bruce: Well... miners used to come here as millions of tiny crystals and gems were found close by, which gave this town its name.
Eddie: Oh wow.
Bruce: But no one can dig up any now because the Government has banned it. Its like the rules for a National Park.
Eddie: Ah right! Can I have three English Breakfasts please, 3 Orange Juices and just some butter on toast please.
Bruce: Yeah sure I'll go bring it over to you.
Eddie: Thanks.

Tim: Hey girls.
Kacey: Hi.
Tim: Are you planning the party?
Jenna: Yeah we have some good ideas so far.
Tim: Good... erm Jen, can I have a word?
Jenna: Yeah sure....

Jenna: What is it?
Tim: I need your help.
Jenna: Ok, with what?
Tim: Last night when I went out I... well..
Jenna: Oh please Tim just spit it out!

Tim: I killed someone.
Jenna: What!?
Tim: Shhhh!
Jenna: How? Who? Why?
Tim: Be quiet I'll tell you everything.


Last night: 11:34pm:

Well I was in The Chasing Car nightclub. I met this girl and we started chatting. She seemed really nice. I weren’t drunk or anything. I only had one drink.

Sandra: You seem like a really great guy Tim. I hope we can get to know each other more...
Tim: Would you like to come back to my place my dad owns the Crystal Inn pub we can have a few drinks there.
Sandra: Yeah that would be great!

So we talked for hours and hours and we were finally told to leave a while after and it was around six in the morning... then it happened

Man: Hey help!
Sandra: Look out!
Tim: Aghhhh!

I had run over the old man. We ran out of the car...

Sandra: Is he dead Tim? Is he dead?
Tim: Yeah... he’s dead.
Sandra: You murderer!

Sandra just went mad, screaming at me... then she got into my car and drove off, leaving me with the mans body.

Tim: Please! Sandra he ran out to the road it wasn’t my fault! Sandra!

She had gone... a car was bound to pass soon I had no other choice but to run....

Jenna: But I don't understand. Your car is packed right outside!
Tim: When I got back here, the car was back...
Jenna: But Tim I...
Tim: Jen, I think I was framed.