Crystal Town - Episode 2 - Family Love

Jenna: Hey. How are you feeling about what you told me yesterday?
Tim: Shh keep it quiet I feel terrible. I could be arrested right now.
Jenna: Relax maybe the police never found the body.
Tim: But it was in a main road Jen, he must have had been found by now.
Jenna: Well what do you thinks happened?
Tim: I think she’s took his body!

Tina: Boys how is it coming along in there?
David: We'll be done in a minute sweetie go back downstairs.
Tina: Well ok, but hurry, breakfast is almost ready.
Robert: Ok mum.

Megan: Ryan! Ryan!
Ryan: What? I'm tired. Go back to sleep!
Megan: I can't you fool! I'm going shopping with Tina today.
Ryan: But you went yesterday!
Megan: The wedding dress shop was rubbish. We went all the way to Veronaville for that. I heard the one in the mall is ok so we're going down there.
Ryan: Ok. Have fun.
Megan: I will.

Chris: See ya!
Kayleigh: Where are you going?
Chris: Out.
Kayleigh: Well alright then...

Kayleigh: Oh hey mum going back to work today?
Hilary: Nope.
Kayleigh: Why not?
Hilary: Because flu’s can go on for more than one day, plus another day to spend with my daughter!
Kayleigh: Ok mum, where are we going to go today?
Hilary: The Mall! Let’s go!

Tim: Well this is the spot...
Jenna: What here? You ran him over here?
Tim: Yeah I did. His body is gone.
Jenna: Come on, lets go in the woods and see if we can find any land which has recently been dug up.
Tim: Ok.

Tim: No I can't see any recently dug up land.
Jenna: Just keep looking Tim, it must be around here somewhere. No one would transport a body when they are right next to this woodland. Where else could his body be?
Tim: I don’t know.
Jenna: Are you sure he was dead?
Tim: Yes Jenna I was sure he was dead!
Jenna: Well all right then. Maybe the police have found him but there keeping it quiet.
Tim: Yeah maybe.

Jenna: Tim look!
Tim: Oh my god... what should we do?
Jenna: We're going to have to dig it up.
Tim: With what?
Jenna: It looks wet and smooth. We can use our hands.

Tina: Oh wow, that one is fabulous!
Megan: Yeah I think this is the one.
Tina: Excellent. Well if you don’t mind, I'm off to the ladies room.
Megan: Ok.

Hilary: Well that movie was great hopefully tomorrow we could see "Deadly Silence".
Kayleigh: Yeah it does look good. And how did you get good at bowling.
Hilary: (Laughs) I don’t know.

Tina: Well...well...well look who it is.
Hilary: Err... Mrs. Johnson.
Tina: I'm sorry but didn’t you have the flu?
Hilary: Well I....
Tina: No excuses Hilary your fired... and I will be calling everyone else you work for too. You are out of a job. Good day to you.

Kayleigh: That woman is a bitch.
Hilary: I know dear. Come on, I can get another job.
Kayleigh: Yeah I suppose.

Tina: Hello is anyone in?
Robert: Mum!
Tina: Hello honey. Well, is your room ready?
Robert: Yes it is. Come on Dad.
David: I'm coming son!

Tina: Oh my word! Drums! Guitars! But you said you were using this bedroom to study for university.
David: Well he is honey.
Tina: How is he? There’s no desk or no books!
David: That’s because he’s taking music... he’s going to start a band.
Tina: Over my dead body. You said you wanted to study Chemistry.
Robert: Mum I'm really good at guitar. If you'd just let me play for you.
Tina: No I don't want to hear any of this anymore! None of you speak to me until I calm down, and you can make yourself dinner! I'll be fine, I had a chocolate cake cookie at the mall.
David: Honey please....
Tina: ...and you, David, can sleep on the sofa tonight.


Tim: Oh my god!
Jenna: What isn’t that him?
Tim: No that’s a completely different person!

Sandra: Isn’t it funny how things turn out Tim?
Tim: Sandra? Put the gun down!
Sandra: He’s the housekeeper for that abandoned mansion. He found that mans body you see. I killed all of them Tim. And now I'm about to kill you and your little fried here.
Jenna: Are you crazy?
Sandra: No I’m not actually.
Tim: Why are you going to kill us?
Sandra: Because I have to. You've seen too much.
Jenna: How many people have you killed?
Sandra: A fair few but I have had reasons ok reasons!
Jenna: You sick bitch.

Sandra: Your going first. Prepare to die...
Tim: NOOO! Don't shoot her!
Jenna: RUN!