Crystal Town - Episode 3 - Gunpoint

After running away from Sandra for several minutes Tim finally catches her.

Tim: We got her!
Tim: Jenna quick pick up the gun.

David: Hey.
Tina: I told you to sleep in the Living Area.
David: Ok I will. I just want to talk first.
Tina: Ok then talk.
David: Ok I will. Why are you going to bed so early?
Tina: Talk…

David: Well I think your being unsupportive to your son.
Tina: No I'm not I just want him to do the best he can.
David: Well music is what he wants to do.
Tina: I want him to be someone like Darwin and not some stupid rock and roll star like Ozzy Osborne!
David: Well that’s what you want? Have you ever thought of what Robert wants?
Tina: Please leave there’s a cover in the wardrobe.

Kacey: Dad do you know where Jenna and Tim are they've been gone all afternoon!
Bruce: I don't know honey I wouldn’t be too worried...
Kacey: Well its seven now and they left about nine this morning.
Bruce: Really? That is a long time ago.
Kacey: What should we do?
Bruce: Try ringing Tim.
Kacey: he didn’t take his phone Jen did but its turned off I tried about an hour ago.
Bruce: Ok lets wait another hour if there not back then we call the police.

Kayleigh: Well your back then...
Hilary: Where the hell have you been you've been gone all day!?
Chris: I'm allowed to go out, now chill! Where’s the TV?
Kayleigh: Mum got fired so we had to sell the TV, but as soon as we get enough money to get a new one we will, right mum?
Hilary: No I think you should focus on getting a job and moving out to your own place Chris.
Chris: What!? That TV was mine!
Hilary: I brought it.
Chris: I don't care. Now I have no reason to be here!
Kayleigh: Then move out!

Chris: Fine! I bloody will! I can find my own place!
Kayleigh: How will you? You have no money!
Hilary: Chris don't be silly just stay here until you find a job and can afford your own place.
Chris: No! I'd rather be homeless than live with you two mad women!

Hilary: When is he going to learn we only care about him?
Kayleigh: I don't know Mum, its like ever since you know...
Hilary: Yeah I know since then... Chris has never been the same. He used to be happy all the time. We were a happy family.

3rd July 1985

Hilary: Morning Paul honey.
Paul: Morning Mum. Where’s Chris? We're meant to be going swimming in about ten minutes.
Hilary: He’s just gone to get his stuff. Why cant Kayleigh come with you?
Kayleigh: Forget it. I don't want to go with those idiotic fools!

Hilary: Kayleigh! Don't be mean. Ok Paul, when you get home I'll have some lunch ready.
Paul: Thanks Mum.
Chris: Come on Paul lets go.
Hilary: Ok guys have a nice day.

Kayleigh: Are you ok Mum?
Hilary: No I'm just thinking about that day.
Kayleigh: Come here.

Tim: Jen pick up the gun! Quicky!
Jenna: How do I use it!?
Tim: Don't shoot! Just take the bullets out!
Jenna: How!?

Jenna: No he’ll fall!

Jenna: Tim! I swear to you if he’s dead…
Sandra: If I were you I'd run. He’s dead and if you don't leave now you will be too.
Jenna: You may have killed my brother! Why? What did he do to you?
Sandra: You both saw too much! Ok, I didn’t want him to die or get hurt.
Jenna: Then why push him?
Sandra: Just put the gun down!

Jenna: No!
Sandra: …no!

Jenna: Tim please be alive! Please! No! (Sobs) He’s dead!

Later that day...

Jenna: I'd like to report a murder. My brothers been killed.

Robert: Hey dad.
David: Why aren’t you asleep son?
Robert: It’s about Mum.
David: Oh right. Well do you want to talk about it? We can make popcorn and maybe watch a movie.
Robert: Mum would freak. She calls Popcorn addictive body wasters.
David: (Laughs) Your mother comes up with some rubbish.

Kayleigh: Good night Mum.
Hilary: Yeah, good night sweetie.

3rd July 1985

Kayleigh: No! I want to go to the museum for my birthday!
Hilary: But honey, that’s not really fun. Why don’t we go to the movies?
Kayleigh: Ok, fine!
(Phone rings)
Hilary: After I've answered the phone, we can start making the invitations.

Hilary: Hello... yes this is she... what? No! No!
Kayleigh: Mum what’s wrong?

Hilary: Its Paul... he's drowned.
Kayleigh: You mean?
Hilary: Yes! He’s dead!

Bruce: Jenna where the hell have you been?
Jenna: Its Tim he’s dead!
Kacey: What?

PC Sammy: Jenna mind if we have a word?