Crystal Town - Episode 4 - The Funeral

Three Days Before

Frank: Good morning snuffles. How are you today?
Snuffles: Meow.
Frank: I will nip up the shop and buy you some more food shortly. Until then can't you go and catch a bird? I still cant belive that body I saw just vanished… I’ll have to go out and look for it later.

Frank: I'll tell you something Snuffles I miss that mansion. I used to love working in it. Did you hear there gonna sell it soon, eh? Did ya? Well... I'm so lonely now Snuffles I only have you left don't I? Yes I do...
(Knock on the door)
Frank: I wonder who that is...

Sandra: Hello.
Frank: Hello love, may I 'elp ya?
Sandra: Yeah, don't scream.

Frank: No! Aghh! Why?
Snuffles: MEOW!
Sandra: I always have hated cats!

Dr. Cortez: Where about's was she shot?
Dr. Tate: In the abdomen. Apparently she shot herself after killing some other man.
Dr. Cortez: Do you think she'll make it?
Dr. Tate: I don't know, I really don't know.

Tina: Come on Robert we’re leaving.
Robert: Where are we going again?
Tina: To Timothy’s funeral. Now, I want you two to be on your best behaviour.
David: We're not going to play up at a funeral Tina.
Tina: Oh do be quiet will you! Just follow me and only talk to people if they talk to you. And Robert no more band talk while we are there. Understand?
Robert: Yes.
Tina: Yes what?
Robert: Yes Mother.
Tina: Good. Now come on lets get going...

Kacey: Hey Jenna babe are you alright?
Jenna: I could have saved him Kace. I could of helped him but that crazy woman just attacked him... I could have done something to save him!
Kacey: Hey, no one blames you for Tim’s death Jen. No one! It was that stupid bitch that killed him. Apparently she’s been on the run for a while, she has killed a whole bunch of people. Do you remember the old Housekeeper for that manor?
Jenna: That old guy? What’s his name?
Kacey: His names Frank. Apparently she shot him and his cat. They were only found dead yesterday in a ditch in the forest.
Jenna: How terrible. I still can’t believe she’s still alive!
Kacey: Hopefully that bitch will die, ok? Lets just try and get through today.
Jenna: I suppose.

Megan: Bruce honey, how are you?
Bruce: I'm ok. You know, I'm hanging in there.
Megan: Good. Now I made you some cakes. I left them on the bar.
Bruce: Oh thank you Megan!
Megan: If there’s anything I can do for you just let me know, ok? If you need anyone to take care of the dog?
Bruce: Ok Megan, I will do. Thank you.

Ryan: Hi Bruce.
Bruce: Hello Ryan. I’m sorry mate I know you two were best mates.
Ryan: Yeah we were.

20th October 2004

Ryan: Tim come on! Lets go, or we'll miss the party!
Tim: Ok... ok. I'm coming. Chill out!
Ryan: We're twenty minutes late for your own birthday party.
Tim: Oh I don’t think anyone cares.
Ryan: Yeah, well come on!

Bruce: Hey here's the birthday boy!
Kacey: Woo hoo! Happy 22nd Tim!
Tim: Thanks guys.
Keria: Hey handsome...

Keria: Happy birthday.
Tim: Thanks baby.

Megan: Hi I'm Megan.
Ryan: Hi there Megan. I'm Ryan.
Megan: Have you met Keria?
Ryan: Yeah, to be honest I don't really like her.
Megan: Really? That’s my sister.
Ryan: Oh, I'm sorry...
Megan: Its ok (Laughs) I don't really like her either. She’s a gold digger.
Ryan: (Laughs) Well would you like a drink?
Megan: Yes please, I would love one.

Bruce: Thank you all for coming... Tim was a good man who loved his family and his friends. He was kind, gentle, caring, funny, smart and I couldn’t have asked for a better son.... he died trying to save my daughter Jenna, from being shot which I think is brave. He really is so so brave... I will miss him... so much...

Kacey: Dad come on lets go and sit down.
Bruce: Thank you all for coming...

Dr. Cortez: Honestly Officer I don't know weather Sandra will wake up or not...
Officer Sammy: You must have some idea.
Dr. Cortez: No, I'm sorry, she’s in a deep coma. Whether she'll wake up or not... is unknown at the present time.
Officer Sammy: Ok well thank you for seeing me Doctor Cortez.
Dr. Cortez: Your welcome.

Tina: Bruce that was a lovely service but we have to go now... I hope you'll be all right.
Kacey: He'll be fine. He has us taking care of him now.
Tina: Good. Well bye bye.
Robert: Bye.
David: Goodbye Bruce.

Megan: Funerals always depress me.
Ryan: Me as well babe. Tim was a good mate. I'll miss him.
Megan: Oh honey come here! I’m so sorry I remember the first time I met you both.
Ryan: You were wearing the same dress.
Megan: This is my favourite my mother left it to me.

Kacey: Hey, are you Sandra’s doctor?
Doctor Cortez: Yes I am. Who are you?
Kacey: I'm Kacey. I'm the sister of Tim the man she killed!
Doctor Cortez: Erm mam... I don't think you should be here.
Kacey: Just listen to me! This woman has killed dozens of people she needs to be stopped and you should be the one to do it.
Doctor Cortez: I'm sorry I don't have a clue what you’re talking about.
Kacey: Turn off her life support machine!
Doctor Cortez: I will do no such thing! Security!

Guard: Miss please don’t shove me.
Doctor Cortez: Ban her from this ward.
Kacey: She'll kill you and your family just like she did mine!

Doctor Tate: Oh my goodness! I’ve been looking for you everywhere!
Doctor Cortez: What is it Doctor?
Doctor Tate: Its Sandra, she’s gone!