Crystal Town - Episode 5 - Nowhere To Run

Chris: Hey Sandra how are you feeling? Surprised to see me after all these years?
Sandra: Chris...what am I doing here?
Chris: I took you from the hospital. It’s a long story I had some help but don't worry this machine will keep you alive my dad was a doctor he taught me stuff he knew. I was almost caught! Trying to steal this computer!
Sandra: She shot me...
Chris: Who?
Sandra: .....
Chris: Sandra... Sandra!

Tina: Morning.
David: Morning honey, any mail for me?
Tina: Yes the usual bills.... and this is addressed to you too.
David: Thanks.
Tina: Sit down. I'll make us some pancakes.
David: Ah, thanks honey.

Tina: You know it’s a shame to see Bruce lose another member of his family. His wife died not long ago...
David: I know love, its terrible.
Tina: He’s such a good man. It’s a real shame.
David: Honey?
Tina: Yeah? What’s wrong?

David: My cousin Jeffery... he's died.

Karina: Morning all.
Eddie: Ah, so your finally up. So when are you moving out Queen of Sheeba?
Cindy: Eddie!
Karina: Don't worry Ed, I will be out of your way soon, I promise... but until then I need to find somewhere. There’s a place on sale right down the Street. I might go and take a look at it later.
Cindy: Excellent, I'll come with you.
Karina: Cool!
Eddie: Great she’s moving in next door!
Karina: Its not next door.
Eddie: Still... how about Strangetown? You'll fit in there.
Cindy: Eddie that’s enough! Now, shut up!

Later that day...

Karina: Thanks for coming with my Cindy I really appreciate it.
Cindy: Anything for my baby sister now come on lets go inside.

Chris: Sandra please tell me who shot you!
Sandra: (Coughs)
Chris: Sandra come on don't leave me now!

(Machine beeps)
Chris: No... No! No! No! (Sobs) She was such a good friend!

Kacey: Hey Jenna did you take Lucky out for a walk?
Jenna: Yeah to take my mind of things we ran for about a half an hour.
Kacey: Jen! He looks knackered!
Jenna: Oh some running never hurt anyone especially a dog.
Kacey: I suppose...
Jenna: Kace I need to tell you something.

Eddie: Hey your back, so how was the house?
Karina: It was great. It had a hot tub and everything. It was really great!
Eddie: So when are you moving out?
Karina: I'm not.
Eddie: And why not?
Karina: Because I cant afford it.
Cindy: Eddie a word please...

Cindy: Eddie I really do think we should pay for Karina to have her own place.
Eddie: What? The house you saw was really expensive, so why should I give her money for a house, which costs more than ours anyway?
Cindy: I suppose.
Eddie: Look, I will go out and find Karina a nice place ok?
Cindy: Yeah ok.

Karina: Where did he go?
Cindy: Out to buy you a new place.
Karina: Really? I guess he does like me then.

Kayleigh: Chris what are you doing?
Chris: Kay?
Kayleigh: I followed you… who is she?
Chris: She was my soul mate!

Kayleigh: You can explain to me and mum later lets go home.
Chris: I need to wipe my fingerprints from this house first.
Kayleigh: Ok. I’ll help you.

Kacey: Ok thanks for telling me that sis.
Jenna: Are you going to tell dad or the police?
Kacey: No way would I tell the police. I would have shot the cow myself if I had the gun and dads hurt enough. He can do without this.
Jenna: Yeah.
(Phone rings)
Jenna: I’ll get it.

Jenna: Hello. Yes this is Jenna. Ok... thank you…

Kacey: What was that about?
Jenna: Its Sandra… she’s died.

Kacey: Fantastic!
Jenna: Yeah, we may be finally be able to get over all of this…

Eddie: Here you go Karina, your new home!
Cindy: She cant live here! This place is a dump, Ed.
Karina: No really... I have to be out of your way. I suppose this ain't so bad.
Eddie: Well see ya! I’ll drop your things off tomorrow!

Kayleigh: Come on lets go home.
Karina: Chris?
Chris: Karina? Are you moving in?
Karina: Yeah right next door!

Karina: I guess this wont be such a bad place to live after all.

Tina: Oh my god Ariel!
Ariel: Hey Tina! Aaron and me need a place to stay…

Doctor Cortez: Honestly Officer when I got back her body was there. She was dead.
Officer Sammy: Ok, well are we going to work on this case as soon as possible.
Doctor Cortez: Officer I must insist you deal with it and investigate it immediately. My patient could have been killed!
Officer Sammy: We would normally Doctor Cortez, but we have come to suspicion that Sandra never shot herself!