Crystal Town - Episode 6 - To Make Things Worse...

Tina: Ariel now really isn’t a good time. David just found out his cousin died.
Ariel: Which one?
Tina: Jeffery.
Ariel: Oh him, he was a bore!
Aaron: Mum!
Tina: I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that Ariel.
Ariel: Look I am sorry but Aaron and me have nowhere to go.

Tina: I suppose you could stay until you get back on your feet.
Ariel: Thanks Tin Tin.
Tina: For the hundredth time don’t call me that!

Megan: Its our wedding tomorrow babe.
Ryan: I know, I can’t wait.
Megan: Have a nice night tonight with the boys.
Ryan: You too… with the girls.
Megan: Lets celebrate our last whole day as a non-married couple.
Ryan: Ok (Laughs).

Robert: Hey Melissa are you coming round later?
Melissa: Sorry Robert, I think we should see other people.
Robert: What? Why?
Melissa: It just isn’t there for me anymore. I’m sorry. Good luck at university.
Robert: Melissa wait!
(Melissa hangs up)

Aaron: Hey dude who’s Melissa?
Robert: No one.
Aaron: Ah I get it, she dumped you. Sorry dude.
Robert: Its fine. But don’t tell my mum she doesn’t want me seeing anyone.
Aaron: Why not?
Robert: She thinks I should concentrate on my studies.
Aaron: My mum wouldn’t care about that. She advices me to go out partying. You’re lucky.
Robert: No, sometimes, I don’t think I am.

Jenna: Kacey, where’s Rusty?
Kacey: Lying down. Since you took him out yesterday he’s been knackered.
Jenna: Really? He used to be so energetic.
Kacey: Yeah well he’s an old dog remember.
Jenna: I’ll do the run without him. Bye!
Kacey: Bye!

Jenna: Officer!
Officer Sammy: Hello Jenna, can we have a quick word?

Cindy: I feel guilty.
Eddie: Why honey?
Cindy: We left Karina in that crappy place.
Eddie: Where she belongs, if you ask me!

Cindy: Right that does it! My sister is a good person! Yeah she was in jail a while ago, but she was innocent! I helped to prove that! Now stop criticising her!
Eddie: Cindy! I…

Cindy: Get lost! Just enjoy the party tonight. I’ll see you tomorrow!

Jenna: Honestly I’ve told you everything that happened!
Bruce: Look you have no evidence against my daughter, now please leave. I have guests arriving soon!

Later that night

Cindy: Wow Karina you look hot love! You’re a bit early!
Karina: Yeah, just thought I’d help my sister out hosting the girl’s party.
Cindy: Thanks but all I have to do is put some lights up.
Karina: Oh ok (Laughs)

Megan: Hi!
Cindy: Hi Megan love. Married tomorrow!
Megan: I know I’m so excited. Thanks for holding this party Cindy.
Cindy: Don’t mention it!

Tina: Hi! I brought my cousin who’s staying with me. Ariel.
Cindy: No problem. Hi Ariel I’m…

Ariel: Whoa! Nice pad! Whoa nice sofa. Oh my god, Tina, why can’t your house be more like this, rather than some old dump!
Tina: Thanks Ariel!

Bruce: Oh Ryan you didn’t organise a stripper did you?
Ryan: Yeah, oh come on Bruce… what’s a good party without a stripper?
Bruce: Well you lads have fun.
David: Aren’t you going to join us?
Bruce: I’d rather not Ryan. Not my scene. Help yourselves to drinks.
Ryan: But it will just be me, David and Eddie. Maybe Chris but we’re not sure if he’ll turn up.
Bruce: Ok but I’m leaving the room for the stripper. You need to have respect for women.

Tina: Ariel shut up! Just shut up!
Ariel: Why do you always moan about everything I do?
Tina: Because you’re an embarrassment. You’ve been with me not even a day and you make me want to put a gun to my head.
Ariel: Yeah, let me be the one to pull the trigger!

Tina: Go on! Get lost! Your lucky I’m not chucking you out.
(woman’s voice from house)
Tina: Huh? Megan’s at Cindy’s who’s that?

Tina: OH MY GOD! Ryan's kissing the stripper!