Crystal Town - Episode 7 - No Good Deed

Tina: It’s a good job Megan gave me a key.
Ryan: Oh my god! Tina!
Stripper: Who’s she?
Ryan: Leave!
Stripper: But…
Ryan: LEAVE!
Stripper: Have a nice wedding.

Ryan: Are you going to tell Megan?

Ryan: Ouch!

Tina: It’s your wedding day tomorrow!
Ryan: I know, what was I thinking?
Tina: You obviously weren’t thinking at all! I’m going to have to tell Megan.
Ryan: No Tina please don’t!

Tina: She’s my best friend. I’m not going to lie to her!
Ryan: Fine. But do you think she will forgive you?
Tina: Excuse me?

Aaron: Mum where have you been?
Ariel: I went for a nap. Did you get the phone? Robert what’s wrong?
Aaron: Mum he…
Ariel: Got an F on a science project? What? Come on tell me.

Aaron: David’s gone. He’s left Tina.
Ariel: What?
Aaron: Mum go and call Tina.
Ariel: Ok! Ok! I will.

Megan: Well tonight has been fun. Thank you Cindy.
Cindy: No problem! Well you better get to bed. You have a big day tomorrow… well today (Laughs).
Megan: Yeah. By the way I don’t mind sleeping on the sofa.
Cindy: Don’t be stupid. Our bedrooms free and I like these sofas anyway. I changed the sheets and made the room all fresh for you.
Megan: (Laughs) Thanks Cindy.

Tina: What?
Ryan: She will never look at you the same way again. You were the one that told her, her marriage was over? Tina. Can you deal with not being liked?
Tina: Megan’s my friend… she deserves the truth!
Ryan: Well then tell her. Or do you hate to be the cause of bad news? The doors open use it.

The Next Day

Robert: Mum you haven’t got to go to the wedding later… they’ll understand.
Tina: What? And let your father think its bothered me? No. I am going to that wedding!
Ariel: Shame. I cant crash it now.
Tina: Ariel!
Ariel: Jeez take a joke!
Robert: I’m going upstairs. I’ll be back in a bit.

Karina: Hi!
Cindy: Hi Karina! I can’t wait to see Megan in her wedding dress.
Karina: I bet she looks lovely.
Megan: Well let’s find out…

Megan: What do you think?
Cindy: Oh Megan, you look gorgeous!
Megan: Thank you. Karina are you coming to do my hair?
Karina: Yeah come on. Your going to look great girl!
Megan: (Laughs)

Eddie: Can we talk?
Cindy: About what?
Eddie: It’s just… I’m sorry about yesterday.

Cindy: Ok is that it?

Eddie: Don’t walk away from me Cindy! Karina is a good person I know that I just like teasing her.
Cindy: Well don’t. I’m her big sister that’s meant to be my job. (Laughs) Now go. Go on.
Eddie: Ok love you.
Cindy: You too.

Vicar: We are gathered here today to celebrate the love of Megan and Ryan. If anyone wishes to tell why these two shall not be married, speak now or forever hold your peace.

Vicar: Megan speak after me. I Megan.
Megan: I Megan.
Vicar: Take the Ryan.
Megan: Take the Ryan.
Vicar: To be my lawfully wedded husband.
Megan: To be my lawfully wedded husband.
Vicar: In sickness and in health.
Megan: In sickness and in health.
Vicar: Until death parts us.
Megan: Until death parts us.

Later that night

Megan: Wow Tina this place is amazing! Thanks for hiring it all night for us!
Tina: No… worries consider it my gift.
Ryan: Cheers Tina.
Tina: Don’t mention it.

Ariel: What's with you?
Tina: None of your business.
Ariel: Come on… tell me Tin Tin.
Tina: Stop calling me that!
Ariel: Ok tell me.
Tina: Its Ryan he had an affair with the Stripper.
Ariel: Oh that dirty man. Do you think I have a chance with him?
Tina: Ariel!
Ariel: Calm down jeez take a joke.
Tina: Sorry. What should I do?

Ariel: Well I’m not exactly friends with Megan in fact I find her duller than you but she deserves to know the truth.
Tina: So if someone who you was dating had an affair, would you want me to tell you?
Ariel: Hell yeah. If someone did that to me I’d grab them by the head and shove it in a fish tank and drown the dirty cheater to death. Yeah tell her.
Tina: I suppose I should. Thanks Ariel.
Ariel: Bah! That's what cousins are for.

Later that night...