Crystal Town - Episode 8 - For My Family

Officer Sammy: Doctor Cortez I am a busy woman. I wish you would stop calling me!
Doctor Cortez: I have found the tapes on the day Sandra’s body was taken.
Officer Sammy: Great. Let me see it.
Doctor Cortez: Of course come in please!

Officer Sammy: What did you find?
Doctor Cortez: Nothing.
Officer Sammy: What? That tape was on her 24/7 and you found nothing?
Doctor Cortez: Have a look at this tape.
Officer Sammy: Yes she’s in bed.
Doctor Cortez: Notice the time…

Officer Sammy: Ok…
Doctor Cortez: Now look just five seconds later.

Officer Sammy: They’ve cut it out.
Doctor Cortez: But Kacey was visiting at the time…
Officer Sammy: Looks like I got to go pay the Wellingtons another visit.

Aaron: Hey you’re up.
Robert: Aaron? Your hair!
Aaron: I know, don’t I look great!?
Robert: I suppose.
Aaron: I’m going out later. Want to come?
Robert: Sure, where are you going?
Aaron: My friends eighteenth.
Robert: Oh I’m not too sure.
Aaron: You’re coming… come on and lets go into town and see what we can find.

Megan: Aw babe its beautiful!
Ryan: Anything for my darling wife.
Megan: Well it was a long plane journey.
Ryan: Babe it was a few hours long and we got changed on the plane. Isn’t first class great?
Megan: Yeah I’m so grateful your parents paid for the whole thing but you know I feel all stuffy after flying. I’m gonna take a shower.
Ryan: Ok I’ll go down to the bar and see if they can make us some lunch.
Megan: Ok!

Megan: Oh a message from Tina.
Tina’s voice: (Sobbing) Megan… I’m so sorry… I need to tell you… Ryan had an affair with the stripper… I’m so so sorry… I didn’t want to ruin your wedding… I’m sorry… call me…

Later that day...

James: Hello room service.
Voice: About time.

James: Here you are mam. our finest quality of cham… huh?

Megan: Oops, didn’t get a chance to cover myself up.

Ariel: Man you look like crap.
Tina: Well thanks very much.
Ariel: Lets go out tonight!
Tina: What?
Ariel: Lets go out… make it look like you’re over David. He’s a loser Tina. Come on, lets go out and you can find someone better! I’ll invite your friends if you like. The one with the really nice place.
Tina: Ok… I don’t see why not.

Aaron: Wow man you look great!
Robert: Are you serious? I look like a proper idiot.
Aaron: Hey I have them jeans! You’re wearing it!
Woman from till: Are you going to purchase them?
Aaron: Yes please.
Woman from till: About time I was meant to shut down ten minutes ago!

Megan: I would give you a tip. But it looks like I already gave you it.
James: That was… great!
Megan: Ok you got to go now. Get dressed come on!
James: But…
Megan: Come on, get out!
James: I’ll see you again though right?
Megan: Maybe.

James: Afternoon sir.
Ryan: Afternoon.

Ryan: Babe come on, I got a good seat by the sea.
Megan from bathroom: Ok honey I’ll be down in a second!

Kacey: Tina just called.
Jenna: What did she want?
Kacey: She invited us out tonight, and I said yes.
Jenna: But Kace, I’m not ready.
Kacey: Look put it behind you Jen. She’s dead, its over don’t worry.
(Doorbell rings)
Kacey: We don’t open till nine. What is with some people!?
(Doorbell rings)
Kacey: Can’t people bloody wait to get a drink?

Kacey: Not you again!
Officer Sammy: Kacey I need to have a word with you and your sister.

Kayleigh: Mum!
Hilary: Yes honey.
Kayleigh: We’ve been invited out tonight.
Hilary: Really? Where?
Kayleigh: Tina’s invited us out to a club.
Hilary: Fantastic. I wanna get my groove thang on!

Kayleigh: (Laughing) Mum if you dance like that… you’ll be kicked out! Where’s Chris?
Hilary: I don’t know.

Karina: I love you Chris.
Chris: I love you too.

Later on...

Cindy: Its nice to have all us girls together.
Kayleigh: Yeah we should do this more often.
Hilary: Damn, there's no old guys around here.
Cindy: Well it wouldn’t normally be old peoples thing Hilary.
Tina: Well girls it looks like Kacey and Jenna cant make it.
Ariel: Oh well. Wow cute boy excuse me!
(Cindy laughs)

Hilary: Thank you for inviting me Tina. It feels so good to know I have friends.
Tina: We are a community we’re all friends.
Hilary: Thank you dear.
Karina: Come on girls lets go get drunk.
Hilary: Yeah come on!
Tina: (Laughs) She’s eager.
Kayleigh: Yeah she hasn’t had a night out in a while.

Officer Sammy: Hello.
Man: Officer Sammy we have the test results back.
Officer Sammy: Great.
Man: It looks like Jenna did kill Sandra according to the prints found on the gun.
Officer Sammy: Ok I’m off to arrest her.
Man: Need backup?
Officer Sammy: No she’ll come quietly.

Kacey: Jen its not too late to go out and join the girls.
Jenna: No I want a quiet night in.
Bruce: Err Kace, James is crying, poor lad is teething and he wants you.
Kacey: Ok dad. I’ll be back soon Jen.

Kacey: What, he’s sound asleep! Dad! Let me out! Hey! Don’t lock me in! Dad what is the meaning of this? What are you doing?
Bruce: I’m doing what I have to do…

Bruce: …to protect my family!
Kacey: Dad! Let me out!

Bruce: Jenna open the door.
Jenna: What? Why?
Bruce: Do it!

Officer Sammy: Jenna I’m arresting you for the murder of Sandra Warrants you do not have to say anything…
Bruce: She wont!
Jenna: Oh my god! Dad!

Jenna: Dad what have you done?
Bruce: Get outta here soon this place will be crawling with police officers.
Jenna: Dad I…
Bruce: I’m going to shoot myself in the shoulder and say you did it so you can escape!

Jenna: No Dad don’t!

Jenna: DAD!
Bruce: Take the gun and run.
Jenna: But I’ll get arrested for her murder!
Bruce: If you get caught I’ll confess to shooting her I promise. GO!
Jenna: Dad I cant live without my family!